Great Political Blog: Washington Wire

If you're looking for a political blog that isn't just a bunch of bloviating and spin, the Wall Street Journal runs the excellent Washington Wire out of DC.

As the news broke yesterday of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer paying for sex during a DC trip, Washington Wire compiled a history of sex scandals in the nation's capitol that goes all the way back to Thomas Jefferson.

My favorite:

1976 -- Rep. Wayne L. Hayes, an Ohio Democrat and chairman of the House Administration Committee, resigned after a scandal broke involving his giving a raise to his mistress, secretary Elizabeth Ray. She later told reporters "I can't type. I can't file. I can't even answer the phone.”

She must have been good at taking dictation.


Rogers gets obvious, "She must have been good at taking dictation."

You are supposed to say, no matter the fact, that this pun was 'unintended' ... and even though your 'Boswell' has edited the comment ...

However, what is it that is new? The Left automatically mocks the attitude that sexual peccadillos detract from character and indicate a weakness in that individual; unless, of course, that person is a Republicn -- then all the stops on highhorse morality are removed from the hypocrites of the Left. Discipline and moral character are derided and defamed as "conservative" and therefore a "nazi/fascist" attitude.

Religious efforts to instill the building blocks, pedastals and columns of character are criticised for political advantage to support and include dengeneracy and other despicable attitudes in their political correctness spectrum of the party's "platform".

Meanwhile, honor, duty, country and patriotism is reviled as some sort of fascism and evil which balks the genocide and ultimate solution to the Jewish problem ...

... (expurgated for the fact that keeping it would result in removal) ...

Thank you. I never noticed there was a blog section at the WSJ! Good read too, i havent heard about alot of those stories!

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