Si Se Puede, Kumar Patel

Andres Useche has released Si Se Puede, a Spanish response to's "Yes We Can" music video for Barack Obama. If you're in the camp that's inspired by Obama's campaign, as, you'll probably like this one too. It's a nice though politically barbed call for Latinos to rally behind Obama in the Texas primary March 4.

There's an unexpected guest star at the 3:44 mark.

Kal Penn at Obama rally

That's the actor Kal Penn, an American of Gujarati Indian descent. This is the first time the star of the Harold & Kumar films and House, M.D has portrayed a Latino.


There has been a lot of talk about the "Change" platform of Obama. Perhaps as a university graduate in journalism, you could describe what "change" it is that is so needed by the nation? Please don't mention the war, okay? It is only representative of needed "change" if Clinton's wars are included as "conservative" values or policy.

What "change" exactly is needed, and how to pay for it?

BTW, I really like the term "immigrant's rights"! In this case, the de rigor liberal misdirection avoids that they are actually trying to gain "illegal immigrant's rights"!

What are those? How can I apply them by illegally immigrating to Mexico, for instance?

Marching in the street makes them "US citizens" in the consideration of mob rule liberals, that's for sure!

"Let's support their criminal activity and maybe they'll vote for our gang leader ..."

That's is seemingly the rule of law preferred by Leftists and, or Democratics, except when they are in the Whitehouse ... then it is toe-the-line or we'll sick the IRS on you ... maybe the FBI ...

The purpose of the war is clear. And, by the way, compare the murder rate of Bagdad and LA. Or Mexico City. Which is the war zone?
Clinton's war was great - the one time in history where someone did something about genocide before everyone was dead! The Darfur killing will stop soon.... While Kofi was lining his pockets, no one is left to butcher. (Don't forget to rape them first. How anyone could get an erection in those circumstances of horror is really a mystery to me. Sick bastards)

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