Girl Scout Robbers Angry Over Arrest

A couple of teen girls in Boynton Beach, Fl., may be the worst criminals in the world. They allegedly mugged a pair of Girl Scouts on Wednesday for $167 in cookie money, drove off, then returned to the scene later to taunt the scout and talk to a TV reporter.

Meet the teens:

Alleged Girl Scout muggers in Boynton Beach, Florida

"We went through all that effort to get it, we got all these charges and we had to give the money back," one of the teens told TV station WPBF. "I'm kind of pissed." As if this story weren't already surreal enough, WPBF's web site runs video and a picture of the accused muggers, but then explains that "names are not being released because they are minors."


I don't know what's more appalling, the stupidity or the shamelessness. Death penalty, please

These girls shouldn't be "pissed" they should be ashamed. They are disgusting and spoiled. They are the poster children for this country going to hell in a hand basket. It's always disappointing when "daddy" has to come and cover for someone who needs to be disciplined. Just disgusting.

"I'm not sorry, I'm just pissed that I got caught," the girl said.

Well, on the plus side they did get to spend the 167 bucks.

I think they've been watching too many reruns of Paris and Nichole on The Simple Life. Oy. Sad.

In a perfect world, this would be a case where natural selection would take over, and these girl's stupidity would bring about an early demise. However, their looks make it likely that they will pro-create, and another brain-dead generation will be spawned. REALLY let us down this time.

Ah, modern American wimmin.

"Ah, modern American wimmin."

Yeah, in the old days they would have just got their boyfriends to steal the money so they wouldn't get in trouble.

They probably needed to get money to go there nails done.LOL

They weren't charged because they didn't use force or take the money from the girl's hands. Unbelievable! I'm totally against the use of water-boarding, but this one case where it should be performed.


this is the one of the sadest things i have ever seen, why do these girls even desrve to live. death penelty please

Two future prostitutes in the making.

where are he parents?! Why wasn't there charges agianst the parents?
The parents are responsible for their children if they are minors.

this just proves that too much indulgence creates no concience at all those 2 teenagers parents should be charged with their crime why did the police not go after the parents????? if they were caught with beer the parents would have been charged, robbery is just as bad. i'm pissed that they aren't being held accountable for their rotton girls actions. not cool.

They look like a couple of preps or something. I don't advocate child abuse but they need to be smacked in the back of the heads and asked what there problem is robbing a 9 year old girl then coming back to make fun of the kid. Sounds like those teens have some serious problems

Okay, there is no way of saying that to make it sound right. They "needed" the money, ummm sure yeah right. They "went through all that trouble". Check 'em for drugs. Not joking. And their all mad b/c they had to give it back and cause they got caught. Who the heck do they think they are? Book 'em.

Looks like the blonde one already committed a more serious crime - she was on parole for battery and after admitting on television that she robbed the girl scout she got arrested for breach of parole - dumb dumb.

you know what im sick of? people trying to blame parents for the actions of teenagers. these girls are old enough to know they were being a couple of bitches, and im sure the parents taught (or at least tried to teach) these girls basic morality. the blame falls on them personally, not on the parents. did the parents mug a girl scout? no. the girls did. a little bit of humiliation and pain would cure them quick. send em off to germany for one of their famous naked spankings. id like to watch ;P


What the F ??? If this were my kid I'd slap the taste out of her mouth. just another product of a hold no one responsible, don't grade, every one will pass, time out givingin instead of physical punishiment, lazy irresponsibility on all levels starting with the parens, the girls and society as a whole. Disgusting.

They could make more stripping or hookin'. With their attitude, that would be a step forward.

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