Hoosgot: The Return of the LazyWeb

Hoosgot a web application for creating a hierarchical Dmoz-style link directory in a browser?

The term "hoosgot" is newly coined by Dave Sifry, a founder of Technorati and one of my former homies on the RSS Advisory Board. He's launched the web site Hoosgot (as in "who's got?") for lazy people who have technical requests for help. Just use the word "hoosgot" as a verb in a request on your blog (or @hoosgot on Twitter) and it'll end up on his site, where it's hoped someone more industrious can help you with a solution.

I really do need that software, preferably open source, PHP and MySQL. The board had an RSS resource directory created with Radio UserLand, but I'd prefer something lightweight and server-based.


Why not just make a delicious directory with tags in place of hierarchy. I'm sure there are a zillion scripts for displaying a delicious directory as a web page.

I hadn't thought of that, but every Delicious account has an RSS feed for each tag you use. So that would definitely work.

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