Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

Today's tip from computer book author and technology expert Rogers Cadenhead (i.e. me): When signing up for a social networking service such as Facebook, pay careful attention to questions involving gender when setting up your personal profile.

I just discovered, in my own Facebook profile, that I'm interested in men:

Rogers Cadenhead Facebook profile

Apparently, when I joined Facebook in May I got confused over a question involving gender, thinking it was asking for my own. Because I had no takers, I didn't realize the mistake for months. I have corrected the error, but I'd like to take a moment to thank Steve Kirks, Frank Paynter, Rick Scully and my other 12 Facebook friends, who accepted me for who I am -- even though I'm not.


I guess it gets really interesting combined with the other mistake people often make, marking "we dated" for the type of relationship :-)

So how wide is your stance, Rogers?

Do you have to state your political views on Facebook? Jeez.

Hmmm, Rogers likes the dick, aye?

So what's the news here? This is an old story.

Something like this almost happened to me. I had to read the Facebook signup text real carefully to make sure I was giving the appropriate vitals. It probably doesn't matter so much for a guy like you, but when you're in college and you're friending all of these people in Facebook you just met -- it could get ugly.

Am I the only one who thought, when Craig was talking about having a wide stance in a public restroom stall, "Hey, I do that too"? Who wants any part of their nice dress pants to touch a bathroom floor? When you're on the hopper, you either take them off and hang them on a hook (which I'm not about to do) or make your stance as wide as possible so they don't drag on the floor.

I can't be the only other person who does this, can I?

I knew it!

GayPorn.Com was right!

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