RSS 2.0 Enclosure Support

Sam Ruby has made a tentative change to the Feed Validator, rejecting an RSS 2.0 feed with multiple enclosures per item as invalid.

Aggregator developers are discussing the subject on the RSS-AggDev mailing list.

I'll use this entry to keep a running tally of how RSS 2.0 implementors deal with the enclosure tag.

Aggregators: FeedDemon, GigaDial, and RSS Bandit look for no more than one enclosure; BottomFeeder, FeederReader, and NewsGator support multiple items.

Publishers: DasBlog and Radio UserLand produce one enclosure per item; WordPress and Blogware support multiple enclosures.


PyDS only produces one enclosure at most and only expects one enclosure at most.

Tucows' Blogware supports multiple enclosures.

We also have several about to be released projects that implement the spec similarly.

Any conclusions?

FeederReader supports downloading and playing multiple enclosures, manually and automatically.

Greg Smith
Author, FeederReader - The Pocket PC RSS reader and podcatcher

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