Google Works in Mysterious Ways

When things are slow on Workbench, activity on this weblog falls to the five subjects of enduring interest to visitors who make comments:

On the first subject, people who support secrecy for lottery winners will enjoy a story from Canada this morning: A guy was caught planning to kidnap, rob and murder a couple who won $27 million Canadian dollars (around $25 million U.S.). His plot was foiled because he was a Chatty Cathy:

The TVA television network, citing police sources, said Lima first began telling friends and acquaintances about his plans in the days after the winnings were awarded. ...

The lottery corporation's website states that "Loto-Quebec reserves the right to publish, for advertising purposes, the names, addresses and photos of winners."

I don't know how I've become one of Google's most trusted authorities on these subjects, but it's a continuing source of entertainment. Eighteen months after one unpleasant experience at Target, I'm still getting reviews of my parenting from people like Proud Target Team Member:

I am so sick and tired of guests coming up to team members and using the age old defense.." But I spend 1000s of dollars here. Which am I supposed to reply like some servant a 1000 dollars oooo boy I'm sorry! Your story is so whiny, your just another spoiled middle ager...your kids are probably little brats, and sorry but sometimes we are tired after an 8 hour shift to pick up after you. Target employees are harassed and a lot of times we take it just because people decide to be mean. We depend a lot on LODs to help us with disgruntled guests, and just because you think you are better then the "lowly target worker" who you describe her next job to be in the fast food are mistaken about the target employee. Most of us are going to college and go on to other things. Just because you think you made it big doesn't give you the right to take it out on a worker there. Perhaps she was just doing her job. Yes there are mistakes but there are two sides to every story. I am so sick and tired of people thinking we are lower class citizens i have been with target for 4 years since being in school because I like helping people, good flexible hours,and I love the store...sorry I didn't want to work in a cubicle or in the mall. For one person saying they will never shop at target, I have 20 guests that give me a huge smile, or say that I have made their day. Shame on you for making fun of her shirt and making a remark to her size, I sure hope your kids don't learn their morals from you.

I'm surprised that Proud hasn't climbed the ranks higher than Team Member. Anyone who can work in big box retail for four years without developing a deep hatred of humankind is Leader on Duty material.


Proud has a deep hatred of "guests" who complain.

"Proud" removes posts and bans selected individuals from their website, and then makes excuses for their censorship ...

"Kill the messenger," the angry King shouted!

Thanks for the laugh this morning, Rogers.

Even if I am one of the commenters on that first subject.

I'm almost sure Orlando Bloom would get it on with a Dwarf, is that not inclusive enough for some people?

Team Member?

Team Dick is more like.

"I am so sick and tired of guests coming up to team members and using the age old defense.." But I spend 1000s"

"$957 in 2005" is hardly bragging PTTM.

Also... "Guests"?!

When the hell did "Customer" become "Guest"?

Customers are always right.
Guests overstay welcomes.

There's yer problem right there.

Spud also thinks that maybe Proud Team Member is actually sweet on poor ole Team member Emily in her "non-slimming red polo" and is merely lashing out here due to an over-developed and under utilised sense of lustful chivalry.

Just a theory.

Here's Spud's alternate theory.

Anybody wearing a nametag in an any official capacity who offers either parenting advice or criticism is to be treated only with scornful derision if they are to be acknowledged openly at all.

Tends to save time.

Post Traumatic Team Member, fer example, is a waste of sed time.

...And bandwidth.

One more thing...

Anybody who steps out of a crowd at such times in order to berate anothers parenting skillset and declare that their kids were always perfect angels should always be challenged on that point. They should be asked to deliver non anecdotal proof forthwith or kindly STFU.

Be Well.

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