RSS Specification (Version 2.0.9) Published

The proposal to revise the RSS specification has passed 5-1 with RSS Advisory Board members Matthew Bookspan, Rogers Cadenhead, Christopher Finke, Randy Charles Morin and Paul Querna voting in favor, Eric Lunt voting against and members James Holderness, Meg Hourihan, Jenny Levine and Jason Shellen abstaining.

The Extending RSS section of the specification has been clarified with the addition of the words "and attributes" twice in the following sentence:

A RSS feed may contain elements and attributes not described on this page, only if those elements and attributes are defined in a namespace.

No other changes were made. All edits to the specification are logged. This revision of the document has the version number 2.0.9.


Have you seen Winer's new initiative? He's going to try to prevent you from modifying RSS 2.0 by asserting a copyright claim, based on the fact that he released the spec under a Creative Commons license.

But he's too cheap to hire an attorney for this, so he's fishing for volunteer legal help. Or maybe he's afraid any attorney he hires will end up suing him.

I've seen it, but I don't understand it.

The board's in full compliance with Creative Commons, since we're properly attributing the spec.

If there's an unforeseen copyright issue with the current spec, the board can consider adopting this one, which isn't based on any prior document.

RSS Specification (Version 2.0.9) Published

Ahhh... Spud's waiting fer the movie to come out.

Who's slated to play RSS?

Be Well.

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