Most People are Above Average

There's some interesting math in a commentary by Hal Becker, a motivational speaker and salesman who sounds like the Xerox Corporation's Bill Brasky:

Here's a scary statistic: There are approximately 14 million salespeople in the U.S. today, and studies show that 98 percent are average or below.


I read that as saying that most salespeople are below average. But 98% seems a bit high -- there must be some really outstanding salesmen out there.

Hal doesn't say what's being scored. Income? It's easy to believe that 98% are below the average income for the group. Few in sales get to sell the really big ticket stuff.

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I suspect that EGGBERT is part of the 98% ;-)

Perhaps they're working that Lake Woebegone sales territory?

Approximately 98% of people in the world have an above-average number of fingers and/or toes...

It's all about mean, median, or mode. The three things I remember from my University Stats classes. :)


20-60-20 thats the golden rule of thumb....

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