Using GoDaddy's Domain Back Order Service

I recently got the domain name in a drop when the previous owner let it expire. Since Watching the Watchers has been published at the same name in .org since 2004, we've been losing traffic from people who mistakenly tried the .com and ended up at a parked domain.

To get the domain, I set up an account on GoDaddy and used its domain monitoring and back order service. You can monitor 100 domains for $5.99 and receive email when they're put on hold for non-payment or their status changes in other ways.

You can backorder a specific domain for $18.99 or five domains for $94.95. This doesn't guarantee you'll get them, because GoDaddy's competing with other domain-drop services and registrars, but if it fails you can reassign your order to another domain at no cost. Based on a few times I tried it out, it appears that GoDaddy loses more often than it wins when the domain's hotly contested. For this particular domain, I felt like I had a good chance because the old owner used GoDaddy as his registrar.

GoDaddy only will sell a backorder for a domain to one customer, so if you wait for the monitoring service to tell you its on hold, you might be too late.

The only disadvantage to using the service is that it increases the likelihood you'll accumulate more dumb domains you had no rational reason to register, which has been an issue for me. I also got using GoDaddy's drop service, but all of the decent ecommerce possibilities for that domain are illegal in the U.S. outside of a few counties in Nevada.


There is a type of mutual-fund which does "antisocial investing", which is the inverse of "social investing". I am not making this up - see .

The domain name would be great for a newsletter covering that sort of investment area.

You can monitor domain names for free at

I've only got 24 on there, so I don't know if there is a limit to the number you get for free. DomainTools does have some other offerings that cost.

I recently released a domain to an acquaintance and when the authorization arrived yesterday, I had the presence of mind to ask, "What's your favorite fap mag?"

His email was -almost- perfectly spoofed but the penny dropped when the answer I solicited was nowhere near "National Geographic".

You've made some nasty friends, rcade. Please come get your domain.

And if you're feeling real charitable, please unblock my cruel posting privilege.


So yer still trying for the .org on WTW?

And then wot?

You'll be the master of yer domain?

Sorry, couldna resist.

Be Well.

i have heard there are "insider advantages" that help different registrars win back orders over others

best advice use multiple registrar backordering services and choose them wisely (do some research) if you really want it do it through 2-3 of the top registrars not just godaddy. GoDaddy doesn't stand a chance against NSI for backordering.

is there any service for back ordering domains for free??

Just wondering how you went with the backorder because I'm looking to do something similar with a domain (that looks like it's hosted by godaddy).

I backordered a domain with GoDaddy - expires in 3 days, keep my fingers crossed. This is a 5 years old domain ))) Hope noone will buy it before GoDaddy is in...

With GoDaddy's current backorder service, multiple people can backorder the same domain. They attempt to acquire the domain for you when it becomes available for registration, or, if it's listed for auction, they provide you with instructions on how to participate in the auction.

I got a 5 year old domain SMS Dude just before a month without using any back order service just by keeping my eyes on ;)

What happens to the $18.99 fee paid to godaddy if unsuccessful in securing the expired domain?

is there any service for back ordering domains for free??

What happens to the $18.99 fee paid to godaddy if unsuccessful in securing the expired domain
I have domain SMS

If you are unsuccessful at catching an expired domain with Godaddy, you can choose to transfer the backorder to a different domain. You can do this as often as you want to until you successfully register a domain using your backorder credit.

I got a 7 years old domain without backorder by just setting alert in my mobile.

if you want to backorder an .it ( italian ) domain you can usa

Remembere you must have an european contact to register a dot it domain names

Sorry for little spam.

The problem I want to point out is that with goDaddy backordering system, multiple goDaddy users are backordering the same domain name. If a domain is already backorderd by a user, Godaddy should let all other backordering users know that this particular domain is already backed ordered by a godaddy user.

By not letting know, goDaddy is earing money from multiple users, even though godaddy know they can't accrue the domain to all of their users ;)

Back ordering is a great way to get access to a competitor's incoming email. Emails that are still going to that domain will get to you with catch all. The drawback is, you will also get spam and any bad association so be sure to check on a domain you see.

I backordered a domain but unfortunately it failed to perform well in SERP because of black hat seo of previous owner

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