The Game Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Lady Showers

Michael Medved, the film critic who's become a right-wing radio host, is spending a lot of time thinking about naked athletes taking showers together:

Tim Hardaway (and most of his former NBA teammates) wouldn't welcome openly gay players into the locker room any more than they'd welcome profoundly unattractive, morbidly obese women. I specify unattractive females because if a young lady is attractive (or, even better, downright "hot") most guys, very much including the notorious love machines of the National Basketball Association, would probably welcome her joining their showers. The ill-favored, grossly overweight female is the right counterpart to a gay male because, like the homosexual, she causes discomfort due to the fact that attraction can only operate in one direction. She might well feel drawn to the straight guys with whom she's grouped, while they feel downright repulsed at the very idea of sex with her.

I would be uncomfortable taking a shower with Michael Medved.


Now Gene Shallit, on the other hand...there's a guy who could be an interesting bath time buddy. I imagine his large moustache would tickle, though.

You got that right. The great irony of this flap over homophobic comments is that there have always been bisexuals and 'gays' in sports locker rooms and in the showers, because there have always been bisexual and gay professional athletes (many of them married to persons of the opposite gender). It's the same in the military--they've always been there.

It's only this modern trend of acknowledging a fact that much of the world takes for granted that makes the phobic ones so uncomfortable. You would think that a man who boasts of having sex with hundreds of women would feel so supremely confident in his own sexuality that a teammate's orientation would be a non-issue.

thanks for pointing out Medved's phobic pholly.

"she causes discomfort due to the fact that attraction can only operate in one direction"

False. They wouldn't have a similar objection to attractive lesbians.

I guess Medved's never been to certain websites that disprove his theory about people being attracted to obese and/or unattractive women. Love may be blind, but lust is wearing magnifying goggles to take in every pimple, pock mark and ingrown hair.

Hey I did it! I never thought I'd be able to creep myself out, but GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!

Just as I suspected.

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