Hanker for a Hunk o' Cheese

Game designer Kenneth Hite inflicts Stilton cheese on an unsuspecting friend:

Every year at DunDraCon, xomec and I go across to Whole Foods and lunch alfresco on the fruits of their prepared foods section, finishing up this exercise in yuppie Bohemia by splitting a wedge of Stilton. This year, Greg Stafford joined us, and took a tiny morsel of Stilton just to be sociable -- he didn't like blue cheese, or his doctor had given him some farcical warning about cholesterol, or whatever.

Greg eats the morsel ... "Oh. You don't often encounter something you taste quite that far up into your nose."

Greg tries another, somewhat larger morsel... "I think I can feel it behind my eyes, now. I'm going to try for my ears, next."

One delicate slab later ... "It worked! It's going up my Eustachian tubes! It'll be in the roots of my hair, next! No more ... this has to end here!


You and Uncle Mikey always equate food with sex.

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