Launching 16 Weblog Communities with WordPress MU

I installed 16 copies of WordPress MU, the multiuser version of WordPress, to begin free weblog hosting communities: Autobiography.Com, Buzzword.Com, Cowtown.Com, Dumb.Name, EatThePress.Com, Gaze.Com, GladYouAsked.Com, GodHatesBlogs.Com, KarmaWhore.Com, Pundit.Info, Sleigh.Com, Technique.Com, Weblog.Name, Weblog.Us, WorldWideWeblog.Com and Yuletide.Com.

I enjoyed running Buzzword.Com when it hosted 3,000 free Manila weblogs from 2004-06, but Manila couldn't handle that many blogs on a single Windows 2000 server and I found that Frontier and UserTalk were too idiosyncratic for my tastes. I couldn't be a good UserTalk programmer unless I worked in it exclusively. I do most of my work these days in Java and LAMP.

WordPress MU, which runs on LAMP, has the easiest installation process of any blogging platform I've ever seen:

  1. Create a new MySQL database user with access to a new database.
  2. Create the database.
  3. Unpack WordPressMU in a web directory.
  4. Load an installation URL in a browser.

In 10 minutes, I had the thing up and running and was working on the server's first blog.


Very cool, glad to hear MU worked out well for you, and I'm interested to see what kind of communities these various domains attract.

Rogers, nice domain names - especially Just couldn't resist signing up for one.

... I'm interested to see what kind of communities these various domains attract.

Me too. I'm going to look for ways to tie them together so bloggers on the same domain learn about each other. So far, all I've done is use the List All plugin to note the newest blogs.

A shame how the younger generation has become so coddled. Why in our day we pounded out messages with a stone hammer and the hip bone of a stegosaurous. Then we stood at a crossroads holding it aloft and waited to see if anyone would come by with a reply until we nearly fainted from dehydration (global warming was trendy back then).

And we liked it.

etc. is a most excellent domain name. That will go places, I think.

You had a stone hammer? We could only DREAM of such things. (But I do remember using a 300 baud acoustic coupler)

The new MU blog systems look great. I'd sign up but already have three blogs...

I think you are the only other person I know that collect domain names by the bucketfulls the way I do. I have over 500 domain names of which at least 100 would be fun to develop.

My question about your install :

(1) You're using just one install for all the domains? So you're telling me each domain will generate subdomains from the one install?

(2) You'll forever be more of a geek than me but, didn't you have to configure Apache for the subdomaining?

If you are indeed using just one install, I'm jumping on this one. Seriously, WordPress has gotten 100x sexier in the last year.

I soOoOooo wish the Drupal crew were more inclined to steal their UI ideas more. Especially when it comes to multi-site installations.

Decided to take a look at Autobiography.Com.
You have a real spam problem there -- all but 1 of the "recently created" blogs was clearly spam (and that 1 was just an empty blog).

You need a HIP (or a CAPTCHA), or sumpin.

Thanks ... I cleared out the first wave of splogs last night on that domain and the others, but I do need a captcha or something similar.

Hi everyone,

frst of all allow me to say I am a complete newbie in WordPress MU so my question may easilly not be the best one in the whole internet history, but i will try my best.

I will explain my situation.

I am working in a J2EE-Struts Application with an Oracle Database. The aim is to use Wordpress MU so users from the current system (stored in the Oracle Database) can create their own blogs.

In some way I need to integrate my application login with users from MySQL WordPress MU database. For example, when a new user gets registered in my system I will need to add this user to Wordpress. Another difficulty would be to control permissions, as no all users from my system will have access to all blogs.

Anyone has tried anything similar?Any clue on how to get started?


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