It's Not the Size of the Blog in the Fight ...

Wired News has declared Dave Winer vs. me as one of the top blogfights of 2006.

Back in early 2005, blogger and RSS guru Dave Winer hired programmer Rogers Cadenhead to port Winer's popular site to a more robust platform. The project was a success -- Winer sold to VeriSign for more than $2 million later that year -- and Winer struck a verbal agreement with Cadenhead to perform the same magic on another of Winer's web properties, Share My OPML. Winer paid Cadenhead $5,000 but the project fizzled when they couldn't agree on a formal contract. Then, in March 2006, Winer filed a lawsuit against Cadenhead demanding he delete the Share My OPML code and return the money. Cadenhead took it public, posting a letter he received from Winer's lawyer and calling Dave out. Winer responded with his own blog post slamming Cadenhead's ethics. The case was settled out of court; Cadenhead kept the money but deleted the code.

Winner: Cadenhead, who gets points for his innovative use of blogs to sway the court of public opinion. "I decided the best way to avoid court was to show Winer what it would be like to sue a blogger," he wrote.

I appreciate the victory, but I have a sneaking suspicion this honor is like being crowned king of the dipshits.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to avoid getting on this list again for 2007.


Damn... they didn't even mention you're attempted coup to become the "Lord of RSS". Winer proved that RSS is worth Millions! Maybe Billions! and if you aggregate (and place some clever side bets) over the course of a century... even more! (Discounting legal entanglements) YMMV.

Keep up the insidiously clever power plays.
It makes for great blog-spasms.

Rogers...don't sell yourself short. You're an EXCEPTIONAL dipshit! :)

They better hurry before he moves to NJ and makes them look dumb getting to bowl games up there.

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