Filing a Mickey Mouse Lawsuit

Mickeyroni & Cheese macaroni boxMy seven-year-old son's a huge fan of Mickeyroni & Cheese, boxed Mickey Mouse pasta sold at Disney World that occasionally makes it to the local Disney outlet store. (The combination of rehydrated Vermont cheddar cheese, 1.5 tablespoons of milk and semolina pasta shaped like a rodent's head is pretty good.)

When he heard yesterday that Disney has discontinued the product, my son announced that he was going to sue the company to force them to continue making it.

My wife replied that "you should only sue somebody when you have no other choice."

His response: "Everybody sues dad."


Out of the mouths of babes, eh?

Happy New Year and since everybody is suing you anyway, you'll be hearing from my lawyers too! I haven't made up a reason yet.

Happy New Year rogers

Ha ha ha! You got served!

No seriously, you got served.

"Everybody sues dad."

"you should only sue somebody when you have no other choice."

One assumes you are availing yourself of your better half's line of defence?! Elbows up in the corners and keep your stick on the ice all that sort of thing?

Seriously though, torte law has reached its inevitable end-state. It's a business like any other where, as the bank robber once said "that's where the money is". The '49ers were the lawyers of their day, scrambling for gold in whatever slimy, dark, dank, and dangerous ways they deemed necessary. There was no morality invested by them in busting open rocks for the gold then, or by "lawyers" today in regards to busting open a fellow citizen's bank account. The lawsuit is as "legitimate" a tool today as the pickaxe was to the 49er then.

Ergo, back to your wife's point. They have not a whit of concern for the legitimacy of their complaint, just the profit therein. Connecting them to profit, or disconnecting them from a healthy portion of it, would seem to be the key. In other words, showing them other choices.

You legitimately had the site and will likely earn a legitimate dollar from it in time goofball movie or no. What of helping them connect themselves to profit, via said website and your good guidance thereof?

As for Art Bell, expose him for the ... .ahem ... .that he's turned himself into. It would be good for leverage against the movie mobsters when the time comes. Public executions always concentrates the mind.


Torte law mandates fruit toppings, and beware the scofflaw who ignores it.

That made me smile, because I have two small children and I could hear them saying something like that. Children listen more than us parents think.

I just saw the Mickeyroni at Disney World on Wednesday.
Revival of the mickey pasta.

I just bought home from Disney World 3 boxes of Mickey Mac and Cheese. This is in October 2007. They sell it on the Boardwalk in the store that sells milk and other products.

THEY'RE NOT MAKING MICKEYRONI AND CHEESE ANYMORE!!???? Oh no!!! I love that stuff. I bought 10 boxes my last trip to Disney World and now it's all gone! :(

They've started selling it again, as another commenter said. My wife found a bunch at a store this weekend in the Magic Kingdom.

Here is a Disney website that sells Mickeyroni. It is under their food section.

Saw this comment when it came up on a Google search, and you'll be happy to know that as of August 12th, 2008, they were still selling it. I purchased a box at the Downtown Disney shops in Florida while on a vacation there.

Yeah.. it's good stuff! But two years later, and they are still making it :-) You're son should be happy about that ;-)

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