Top 10 Wargames of 2006

After hearing about the battle over Wargames.Com, the Los Angeles weblog LAist asked me for a list of the top 10 wargames of 2006. Since this could be the last year I'm legally allowed to use the word "wargames" in a sentence, I jumped at the opportunity.

10. Naruto CCG: Every time I play a seven-year-old kicks my ninja's ass and tells me I bring shame to my family.

9. Advanced Squad Leader Armies of Oblivion: Published by Curt Schilling, who spends his time between pitches calculating how to keep his supply lines open to the Sudetenland.

8. Army Men Sarge's War: You're either with the Green Army or you're with the terrorists.

Memoir 447. Call of Duty 3 (XBox 360): Makes you glad to live on the continent that's uptight about sex and comfortable about violence and not the other way around.

6. Confrontation (3rd Edition): Way more action than Negotiation or Capitulation.

5. Activision Remix Chopper Command: Back in my day we had one button on our joysticks and we liked it.

4. Memoir '44: Win the last well-liked American war in 60 minutes.

3. Gears of War (XBox 360): The chainsaw bayonet is wrong on so many levels.

2. Victory in Iraq: This isn't a real game, but the guy who comes up with it should be our next Secretary of Defense.

1. BattleLore: Huge medieval hordes fight like in Lord of the Rings, but without any hobbits holding back their homosexual yearning.


It's about time people got real about the Hobbits.

Of the ten listed, only one links to

Getting tabletop wargames companies to sell wholesale to online stores is tough. We first started approaching them two years ago.

Advanced Squad Leader Armies of Oblivion?

You really oughtn't haff pointed that one out to Spud.

Spud spent an inordinate amount of his time from 15-22 playing this game the old school way. The biggest problem of course was trying to not get yer pieces lost. Ever set up a scenario fer a whole day and then come back the next to discover that yer kid sister or dog or sommat had knocked everything over? Freaking heartbreaking is wot that is. But no longer apparently. Spud to date hasn't evolved past console gaming into any real PC titles but Spud is look forward to trying a couple out this year. Maybe not this one. Is too deep.

Chopper Command? Aw yeah! That sounds like the typa thing fer fixing Spuds old school jones.

Neato list, Rogers!

Be Well.

Getting tabletop wargames companies to sell wholesale to online stores is tough.

True enough, eh? All the small guys are up against volume volume volume.

This certainly takes me back however. I think I dreamed in hexagonal maps for a few years - little cardboard pieces morphing into a perch atop a Panzer, blazing through Tobruk on the way el Alamein (I coulda made it too....).

Now, before I start ordering like mad to try recapturing my mis-spent youth I need to know - have you personally played and can vouch for each and every one of these?!

Merry Chrismas Rogers!


How could you fail to include DEFCON, a game featuring both super-retro-cool vector displays and a soundtrack of people coughing and weeping as the fallout claims them? Come on! I am disgusted by this omission, will never read your publication again, etc. Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas rogers.

And Merry Christmas to you TPS....Although shame on you for not visiting....Where is the loyalty brother?

A friend of mine has Call of Duty 1 & 2 and was looking to get Call of Duty 3 for Xmas. He got a Civil War game instead and says it is pretty good but not nearly as realsitic as the Call of Duty series. I'll have to hook him up with this link.

Why is Army Men: Sarge's War on the list?

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