Niall Kennedy Gets Microsoft's Goat

When former Windows Live RSS developer Niall Kennedy saw that one of his Flickr photos was displayed in a Microsoft Team RSS blog post without the required attribution, he swapped it out with one of the web's most infamous pornographic photos, incorporating the Creative Commons logo to preserve what's left of the subject's dignity.

I'm not going to show the soul-scarring original photo, because people would have to bleach their web browsers and RSS aggregators, but Matt Haughey's spoof MasterCard logo should make clear what Kennedy did with the huge opening left by his old employer.

Spoof MasterCard Logo by Matt Haughey

Today's security tip for web publishers: If you display an image hosted on somebody else's site, you're asking to get reamed.

Update: In 1,400 words, Kennedy addresses the critics who are chewing his ass out over the picture, which he's republished on his site.


He showed goatse? Wow, that was a career breaker. I can't believe anyone would do something that stupid.

I didn't see what Kennedy published, but the comments on Scoble's blog explain that it was the goat man with a Creative Commons logo preserving his dignity.

Kennedy used that photo without permission. I imagine that man feels pretty violated right now.


Dear sir,

Enough already. "Huge opening"? "Reamed"? "Chewed his ass out"?

How far will you carry this? We all have our sophomoric, or even bi-polar, moments, but there comes a time...

And then the coup de gras:

"I imagine that man feels pretty violated right now."


It was a Freudian slip, obviously.

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