Googlemilking: I Have a Small Penis

The talk of memes reminded me that it's been a long time since I milked Google.

Last year I created Googlemilking, a game where you choose a search phrase that lends itself to off-color or self-revealing results in Google. The game only got as far as one mention in the Scotsman, but it has made me the top result for the term totally straight. My parents must be proud.

So here's a new googlemilk.

I have a small penis, but ...

... my fiance doesnt seem to mind. 1

... I think size doesn't matter. 2

... I still get female attention. 3

... that can't be the problem, because I know how to use it! 4

... it has a big heart. 5

... normal-sized nuts. 6, nominated as one of the "worst pickup lines ever."

... I drive a Honda Civic 7

... my post count is high. 8

The search also reveals the existence of a Google Group called Rate My Size that has the following purpose:

I want to know if I have a small penis. My girlfriend thinks i have a small penis but i do not. I want to know if i really have a small one.

The group has six members.


I'm happy to hear that you're totally straight, imagine if you grew up crooked!

Cool Meme!

... it was a lot bigger before my ferret mistook it for a Hebrew National.

The Rate My Size group has six members...
If I'd been drinking milk, it would have blown out my nose!

wowwwww u have a dinky dick. hahaha

The important is not the size but the pleasure one gives to the lover , in other words , clitorial issue is great for me. I really enjoy the way my couple touches me down there. I do like big cocks but to be honest Id rather longer pleasure than a big stupid cock.
I like cumming a lot, I love it. I would die for cumming and clitoris rubbing. So dont worry man, if you know some good tips for having sex , do it dont hesitate, some girls like me would prefer a great pleasure instead of a big one.

I have been dealing with my big penis syndrome since i was 12, Many guys think they would like one but trully it just gets in the way alot of the times, sure i make girls scream and cum about 12 times a nite but in the end it is just a big annoyance.

Whatever, I'm very proud of having the smallest penis in Sacramento and the UC Davis campus. Small is nothing ashamed to be of and no one has ever complained to me!

I've been extremely insecure ever since middle school. I used to make excuses not to get intimate with girls until I lost my virginity. I've been with 5 girls in the 4 years I've been sexually active. I was with one for almost 3 year though so... give me a break lol. None of them ever complained because once I'm excited, I do everything in my power to keep em happy. It's really NOT all about size. Even though when the thought of sex first pops up it's the first thing that I worry about. Even a girl I'd been w/ who'd had over 20 partners (wear a condom!!) wanted to date me. She claimed she'd never had anyone make love to her rather than just fuck her. So be patient, confident, and compassionate. If she laughs at your dick (which won't happen if she's any kinda descent girl who wants more than just a fuck) punch her in the back of the head one her way out. If you're lucky she'll go down quick... then shes D.T.F ha ha... just kidding guys. Good luck, we all could use it.

i am 17 years old and i am not cercumsized i want do know if that could affect the size of my penis?

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