Feed Autodiscovery Wiki Launched

Robert Sayre has created a Feed Autodiscovery reference that's growing more useful by the minute. He took the original document created by the RSS Advisory Board, placed it on a brand-new wiki, and is encouraging submissions from the public to cover autodiscovery for all syndication formats.

One way people can help is to add software they use to the supporting products section if it supports feed autodiscovery.

I like seeing a Creative Commons-licensed document I worked on put to use elsewhere, though over time it'll be weird to get credit for something that resembles our original less and less.

If I understand the attribution requirement correctly, FeedAutodiscovery.Org must credit the RSS Advisory Board. So if anyone uses their document to create something else, they'll have to credit both, creating the potential for absurd chains of credit: "This document created by Spacely Sprockets using a document published by Cogwell Cogs from a document offered by Slate Rock and Gravel Company based on the original drafted by Rockhead and Quarry Cave Construction Company."


You're mixing your metaphors. Allusions to the Jetsons and the Flintstones don't mix, even if both were by Hanna-Barbera. And since we're talking about the Flintstones, one of the eternal mysteries of the universe is what the hell did a whitebread cheerleader type like Wilma ever see in a loudmouth Jackie Gleason screw-up type like Fred, anyway?

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