Great Moments in Journalism with Michael Errington

Yesterday, Michael Arrington reported on TechCrunch that BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen is definitely on his way out at the company of the same name. He then bragged about how he and blogger Om Malik had scooped CNET:

While CNET writers were all cozy in bed last night, Om and I were competing to break the Bittorent story. That's why blogs will win, and CNET will lose.

Today, Arrington posted a correction:

In a very tense conversation with Bram Cohen and BitTorrent's Director of Communications, Lily Lin, today, the company made it clear that Bram is with the company for the long haul. They would not comment on the CEO search.

Cohen told P2PNet, "I'm still happily on board at BitTorrent, and not going anywhere."


So, Michael Arrington, why does it have to be about winning or losing?
Co-operative societies do well in the evolutionary struggle.

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