Rush Limbaugh: 'I Feel Liberated'

I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh today, an experience that has been 140 minutes of unadulterated delight. I had forgotten how enjoyable his show becomes when his party has suffered a crushing defeat from one coast to the other.

A few minutes ago, Limbaugh declared that he wouldn't carry President Bush's water any more, tearing into him so harshly that Matt Drudge brought out the siren:


I've attached the audio from part of his rant. Limbaugh, who said he was tired of coming in day after day defending Republicans for this campaign, predicted that Bush will spend the next two years conceding ground to his new Democratic overlords in the hopes it will make him more popular.

Update: Here's six more minutes of Limbaugh beginning the president's lame duck status with a bang.

Other Republican partisans are now claiming they only defended Republicans to help the team win. On Hugh Hewitt's blog today, Dean Barnett made this admission:

In the closing weeks of the campaign season, I felt like I was a lawyer who had a bad client while writing this blog. That client was the Republican Party which had broken its Contract with America from 1994 and had become unmoored from its conservative principles. As its advocate, I couldn't make a more compelling case for Republicans staying in power than the fact that the Democrats would be worse. I believed in that case, but when that's all the party gave its advocates to work with, you can honestly conclude that Republicans got this drubbing the old fashioned way -- we earned it.

If Limbaugh's being honest today, he helped seal the GOP's fate by setting aside his doubts and picking up pom-poms. Before the election, if he had told his audience of millions that Bush and the Republican Congress were going the wrong direction, the toughlove might have prevented the rout.

But I'm not complaining. I'm so happy about this turn of events that I have warm feelings for Markos Moulitsas.


Nice of you to jump ship now you perverted fat bastard.

Now wipe all that brown off of your nose, stand up and take it like a man cuz there are no more hall passes or get out of jail free cards available for the likes of you or your corrupt Republikanistan comrads.

I'd be willing to bet that you will spend the next two or more years conceding ground to your new Democratic overlords in the hope it will make you more popular.

I guess Rush will look a little better now that all that water weight is gone.

See Rush you can do it all natural.

But eating all that crow could put the weight back on.

Rush didn't have to carry anyone's water for the last six years. Had he any integrity, he'd have crapped on Bush long ago.


Hmmm sounds a lot like that time he said he changed parties and sided with Clinton. I wouldn't start hugging each other in tenderness just yet, Fellas.

Poor guy just realized what everybody else knew Bush is an IDIOT.

Next time you want to comment on a subject that you think would help your party, please feel free to speak clearly you were a big help, Thanks Big Guy, MEGA DITTO's To You!!!

I guess your hearing will be going next.

Maybe Bush will let you go also since he needs a new direction for his party.

No better yet please stay you are a breath of fresh air. as I sit back and enjoy my hand rolled stogie. You Know what I mean.

Yes he is a drug addled gas-bag

You people sound like a bunch of kids.

Dragon - what the "f" does Rush sound like, then? When he's not outright lying he's saying things that don't make any sense. I know Oxycotin is strong but jeez, man, if you can't handle your drugs don't take 'em before you go on the air - what does he mean, "liberated"?? That's pretty darn close to "Liberal". Next thing you know he'll be knocking on Air America for a job. Wow! Who knew victory would be this sweet???? And Sanctorum is gone too! Yeah baby!

Maybe now he and Curtis will go off the air together and forever.

YoMama, uninformed idiot, you sound so mature, maybe you should try to listen and shut up, it helps, try it!

Maybe now abc radio will move him to the overnights slong with that other nitwit Curtis.

Limbaugh's shtick is ridiculing Democrats and liberals, while giving not only a free pass to the Republicans but rationalizing their worst gaffs.

His commentary on Michael J Fox aptly demonstrated his ignorance and malicious intents. He has marginalized himself through partisanship, and now he is trying excuse himself.

Do you hear the ME, ME, ME, in all of this?

you scumbags just wish you had the listeners rush has, he makes more sense than you scumbags. air america cant even get 2 stations viet nam vet

I agree with radford58 - I am a scumbag.

Do you hear the ME, ME, ME, in all of this?

Yeah, you'd think he were a solo talk radio act or something.

Y'all don't pick on radford58, now. He took a bullet in the head for me once.

I haven't listened to the audio links yet, but I'm looking forward to savoring them.

Just because Rush is saying this about the present Administration does not necessarily mean he's going to dump on the GOP at large, though, does it? Certainly he'll continue riding the "liberal=bad" hobbyhorse; that's what he's paid to do, after all.

I listened to Limbaugh. I didn't get the sense he was eating crow or anything like that. He is way too arrogant. I sensed that he was trying to rationalize (and justify) his behavior before his audience.

We may have been sliding down hill with the republicans but not the down hill slide will pick up speed. I feel sorry for us cause the Dem's will not stand up for this country. They will just give away what little power we do have.

You gave away your influence when you
thought you had the right to have
power over the world.

This is the age of subtlety, and your
power won't help you here, American friends.
We all work together here on planet Earth.

No matter how good the news, I couldn't listen to that P.T. Barnum/W.C. Fields voice for six minutes, much less 140 minutes.

Come on, this has to be good news for Rush Limbaugh, Inc. His status with rednecks, racists, and reactionaries can only be enhanced as he rises from the ooze to anoint himself the Voice of the inarticulate multitude, the Lone pill-poppin' Ranger who rages against the perfidy of his one-time allies. And he always has us Liberals to besmirch.

Limbaugh is a professional clown, and his stock just went up. Did I mention that all his male fans (most ditto-heads are male) have little dicks?

I, too, was enjoying the prevarications of the Oxycontin'd One today. Great rationalizations and double speak - as usual - but with a distinct neutered flavor; to wit, his assertion that we don't see Republicans going around claiming voter fraud and holding recounts and then, fifteen minutes later, saying that some "union-backed group" (as if that is inherently a bad thing? As if Conservative groups aren't corporate-backed manyfold more?) needs to be investigated for fraudulently registering voters because "Democrats can't win elections on their own".

Oh boy! Santa came early this year!

Rush is right. Dem's still do not no how to loose! Remember they had 8000 layers waiting if they lost? They would be looking today for hanging chads? Come on ther must be some out there someware? Plus dead voters voteing , plus a lot of people who did not show any ID. And voted offten.

I am also tiered in hearing how many troops die every day! Lets talk about how many die in this country each day being murderd? Detroit, LA, Orlando , Jacksonvill FL. and so on. 13865 per year! 47000 plus in car accidents. Over 7500 young people between 16 and 18 years old.So we are at War here and do not even see it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present the Rush Limbaugh Boogie

Old Possum;

Was the little dick thing a survey you took personally? You seem well informed

Limbaugh is a ignorant blowhard.....He must be out of Oxycontin.....Next he will be getting 'massages' from male prosititutes and smoking meth in the radio booth.....

P.S. Why is Sizzle always yelling? Get some shoe insoles Mike.....

Its incredible how many rats on the right jumped ship......Amazing how they can turn on their former frieeds......Well, maybe not that incredible........

At least we don't have to put up with Chris Mattews and his faux conservatives, Andrew 'Bathhouse' Sullivan and Patrick 'jew hater' Buchanan, pretending to be part of a 'balanced' panel for a few days..........

Rush is happy cuz now he can bash dems now instead of defending the failed repub policys. Ples the Methadone makes him forget what he said the day before, Have mercy on the nations drug addicts just like Rush does!

I do not like Rush and I am a Republican...He was good years ago, but that time has long since passed.

Ruch has no integrity. The Republican Party lost bigtime on Tuesday for the very same reason: NO INTEGRITY.

Rush and his like are the REASON the GOP has taken this beating. Let him rant away, we'll take the whole shebang in '08 as well...


Have you ever heard the old cowboy saying, "the bigger the belt buckle, the smaller the dick?"

The waters are muddied now because big buckles are stylish with rock stars and skinny pasty-skinned hipsters, but a random survey of my female friends who still sleep around reveals that every man they've slept with who is known to be a ditto-head has a remarkably small cock.

I won't even shake hands with a ditto-head, so I can't say I know this from personal experience.

Sounds like Rush needs to untie the other half of his brain, you know the one behind his back ,all that oxycontin and viagra it's easy to see what brain he has been using so far mega dildos to you Rush

The Limbaugh Boogie is great, may be he didnt take his medacation or he is faking it. If I'm wrong I will say so again and again, but as you know when the drive bye media hears my appoligy they wont print it.. CRY CRY CRY you Big Blob

The Great E I B



Yea and had Bush won Limpballs would have done the opposite and continued his garbage about how great this silver spoon cocaine alcohol Nam dodger zigzagger chickenchit addict was as Daddy comes once again to the rescue with the Baker bastard who got Dubya moron selected in 2000 and now Gates as Rumsfeld replacement.

Was Rumsfeld the "decide"? Please.... Bush doing all he can now to try to keep from getting impeached and held responsible for his horrible war crimes that have murdered and maimed millions and devastated Iraq and Americas reputation.

Bush will pass the buck as far as he can but in the end we hope he is impeached, tried, convicted and jailed and then turned over to the Muslims who could amputate his arms and legs and return him to Crawford to live the rest of life with a small payback of what this TYRANT caused to millions.

The whole Bush Crime Family needs to be arrested from top to bottom and outlawed from America so one will never slip through again using the billions from dealing with bin Ladens and neocons.

Rumsfeld took the axe for now. Bush wont escape as he is so desperately trying to do.

Being independant almost all of my 64 yrs,I am conservative,Not Republican--Not Democratzi-I dont like big government,Gay life styles,Abortion,cloning and political correctness!I do like small government-the right of people to live thier life as they want with out forcing me to recognise it-I believe,If you screw up,fix it!If we going to fight a war-fight it! -we had a hat full of shit in viet nam,we lost so many great young men trying to appease the libs here at home ,and now our kids are going thru it again!--pisses me off!-you guys should love Bush- he has brought you BIG government-Big entitlements-complete political correctness-even some corruption,ie Folley/Abramhoff and a host of others,all wrapped up with a pink bow!
If you think you won this election because you connected with the people-you are wrong-just my 2 cents worth
have a nice day
Viet Vet #2

To Old Possum,

You sound like you've personally had some good looks at what you refer to. What a stupid statement. Obviously you wouldn't listen to Rush or anyone else smarter than you..which is most probably 99.9% of all the straight guys in this world. You fag !!!


Possum Hater

Let's send Rush a bag of Repug shit, some vaseline, & a diary. He talks too "f"ing much bs!

What's a matter, Gary, you never had any baked possum or chitlins neither?.

That's one of the deficiencies of Rush Limbaugh and his ditto-heads--no real sense of humour. Methinks I hit a nerve, but that's just what I was trying to do.

Nobody should take what I said personally, not even a ditto-head--unless...

I love the smell of Limbaugh in the morning.

I have watched and listened with interest as Rush and FOX have fine tuned their message and point of view in the past several months. FOX realized their ad revenues were in serious trouble and they actually began to try and be "fair and balanced" in their reporting. It IS funny watching the Morning crew trying to figure out how to spin bad news about the elections. here's a piece of work. He has been so busy taking back and clearing up things that he said that it like listening to someone with a terrible stutter trying to explain themselves. As for his "drive by" media comments. Rush should redo his "SAFE" trip to Afghanistan YEARS ago. Thos time he should fly to Baghdad, take the Rhino over to the CPIC to get recredentialed (for a REAL war zone), then get embedded with a rifle company in Ramadi or Fallujah. Let him spend several weeks going on IED sweeps, dismounted "cordon and knocks", eating MRE's, taking a shower every 5 days, crapping in a "wag bag", getting shot at or attacked everyday. When he does that, then he can come back and tell everyone how "safe" things are and how much "progress" is being made and talk smack about the "drive by media". Until then he should shut his mouth about what is going on there. He should stop reading and reporting on emails that he gets from "POGS" at Camp Fallujah or TQ. He should get out of Florida and take a chance of dying (or just getting maimed or brain damaged) like the "Soldiers and Marines" that he is always talking about.

Now even the talk show host (Rush/Hannity/Levine) are busy attackinig each other and trying to put the blame on moderate Republicans, and the President. It is shocking to hear them talk about "carrying water" for "bad Republicans" and voice a laundry list of short comings that they dared NOT talk about as long as they (Republicans) were in control. Now I look forward to the "Fairness Doctrine" getting reinstituted (which should be easy since they have been busy dogging Republicans lately) and not have to listen to their endless blather.

Hey Republicans, enjoy what comes next. Should the Dems treat YOU any different than you treated them for the past decade? Should they treat you with contempt and be dismissive of your ideas and plans? Think about how the judicial nomination process would be NOW, had you changed the filibuster rules. The worm ALWAYS turns. Middle ground and moderation will always win the day.

Rush is old school. He has run his course. He will still rip everyone he does not like and he will still have an audiance. He should, however, be seen for what his is: A BLOW HARD.

I am a Rpublican who thinks Rush is a fool.

Limbaugh is clearly in need of a new prescription, because it seems like he has lost all coherence: up until the very last days before the election he was playing the role of Neocaon lackey by having Cheney, rumsfeld, et all on his show, and now he disavows them? And also, I wish more people would blog about the anal cyst that kept him out of 'nam. What a loveable guy. And how many millions of people listen to this blowhard daily? That's pretty scary and goes a long while in explaining why this country elected an incompetent like W not once, but twice...

I was hoping people would start using "methinks" on the internet. Next let's work on "heavens to murgatroid."

Methinks Uncle Mikey should know that the FBI had a case file on the gay icon, Snagglepuss. He started out as a sheep-stealing mountain lion. Got that? Sheep. Now...exit, stage left.

Isn't Murgatroid somewhere near the planet Martini?

Rush's sacred god of the Conservative movement Ronald Reagan (hello, I was there, and Reagan wasn't all that great) is the same President who made the FCC repeal the Fairness in Radio Doctrine, which forced stations to actually show opposing views and give real content when broadcasting news. No wonder he worships him.

Now that's flag waving American traditional values we can all follow......silence dissent, prop up the Party, stomp on the poor, trash our natural resources and make the rich richer. I must be one of those despicable Liberals if I'm not for all that...........

>>silence dissent, prop up the Party, stomp on the poor, trash our natural resources and make the rich richer. I must be one of those despicable Liberals if I'm not for all that>>>

Isn't that Communism? I'm confused. Somebody tell me who to hate.

Snagglepuss rocked, by the way............

Still no apology from him..


Ames Tiedeman

I am now conviced he will never apologize...


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