Art Bell Threatens Lawsuit Over Weblog Comments

Talk radio host Art Bell is threatening to sue me over comments posted by readers on Workbench.

At first I thought it was a hoax, but the emails check out. Writing from the Philippines with an email address at KNYE, the radio station he founded while living in Pahrump, Nev., Bell suggested several times he'd pursue a lawsuit in an email exchange that began Wednesday (full transcript):

I am the real Art Bell and your column and the responses to it have just been called to my attention.

I am contacting my Atty to determine what Legal action can be taken against those that have made actionable statements. ...

I would begin by taking the site down right away. I am a reasonable person but I can assure you as I tried in my email that what is contained in that thread goes way beyond the bar in even the case of a PUBLIC PERSON. I am shocked that as a media person you would not be well aware of this. Accusations of Child Molestation and Murder are actionable. Please review what you have allowed to be posted. What at the very least I expect is a written apology as well as the entire disgusting mess to be taken down right away. ...

If you are unable to eliminate the obvious Libel, it can be done at a far greater cost to us both. I am not talking about your article, I am talking about the comment's made and carried by your page. Please review it. I will not contact you again, my Lawyer will.

I've written about Bell three times in the last year, drawing more than 2,300 reader comments:

When Bell shared details about his wife's death and subsequent remarriage with his radio audience, which numbers in the millions, a bunch of his listeners found this blog in Google searches and commented on the subject. Some of the speculation was pretty savage, and no one familiar with his show would be surprised at the number of conspiracy theories offered in explanation. I've never engaged in any of that speculation.

Though I give readers wide latitude in the comments they post, I remove libelous comments when they're called to my attention, as I told him in our email exchange. But I'm under no legal obligation to do so, thanks to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act:

No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

I'd prefer not to get sued, but if he wants to test Section 230 in court, I think it's a principle worth fighting for. The blogging medium thrives on its receptivity to reader feedback. I've taken 13,000 comments on Workbench and more than 300,000 on my other sites. If a blogger was treated as the author of every statement made by a reader, there would be no way to accept comments without reviewing each one prior to publication, turning a medium for boisterous public discussion into something as controversy-averse and excessively careful as a newspaper's letters to the editor section.


That is just incredible.

He isn't even listening. And too damn busy or lazy to even do a copy/paste it appears.

I think Rogers should ban anyone who used the term "Art Bell". Outing the guys real name like that is something he bans people for.

Ah, I fondly recall getting banned at for using the name of a poster... who's login ID was his own name... when Rogers said he was banning me for "outing" the guy's name, I thought he was either joking or insane! Turns out he is just stupid.

Tell Art to Go Fuck Himself!

I have to agree with Art, however: Rogers really should shut his sites down.

His most popular "site" is only so because he has to piggyback on Matt Drudge's success. So pathetic.

Wow, justsomeguy appears to still be crying over his internet punishments. Why don't you get a life and stop being such a baby?

Not to mention he's obviously got something against the constitutional right to free speech.

Justsome guy: "just pathetic."

yes, and here YOU are.

First thought...

The idea that Art Bell is mad at Rogers cos of a thread that was rife with unfounded speculation when the man himself built a freakin' career on unfounded speculation, sketchy theories and wildly implausible guests (always selling a book or a tape or tour or a teeshirt or sommat) is not only ironic to the nth degree but also begins to approach "hypocritical mass".

Second thought...

If Art Bell thinks that any part of wot he is undertaking with this proposed lawsuit will in any way shape or form decrease the amount of speculation surrounding his admittedly tacky and unthoughtful behaviours, then he is wrong.

May as well take out an whole page ad in the Enquirer.

Short of releasing a sex tape of himself, his new wife, and Paris Hilton, Spud can't imagine a better way fer Art to recieve even more unwanted attention on this subject.

Hopefully Art will figure this out before too long.

Be Well

I really highly doubt someone would pursue filing a lawsuit on such feeble grounds. At any rate, as the article states, the one who runs the site that has the comment can't possibly be held responsible... cause if he is, then does that mean that the ISP providing the website now becomes liable? That the makers of blogging script are now liable? That the rest of the blog-commenting community now becomes responsible?

This is really an example of someone who can't take what's coming to him.

I wonder if the U.S. has an extradition treaty with The Philippines.


Glad to see I can still provoke a reaction out of a mouthbreather like Mike Speigle. Hey Speigle, I'm still waiting for my broom order.

Kind of funny that you chime in, however, since it was YOUR name I was banned for "outing". Kind of amazing how I can "out" the name of someone who uses his real name on a message board... but that must have been the exact kind of warped logic RCade put on display to get him ostracized from Pajamas Media, huh?

Can't blame those guys: I wouldn't want to be associated with a loser like Rogers, either. That's why Realpolitik does not, and never will, work: the end never justifies the means. Morality will always win, so be careful who you are friends with.

I'm not made about being banned, I'm amused. And since RCade wanted to delete any reference to the incident, I'm amused to keep bringing up the embarassing incident and seeing how many posts of mine he feels like deleting.

Free speech is a bitch, especially when you don't want people knowing about your actions, isn't it?

That's why it's important for progressives to weed out people like Speigle, Cadenhead, and others who want to be "Democrat" flavored liars and propagandists. Things don't improve if you keep the same KIND of people in charge. Filter out the low class people, and empower those with respect for truth, honesty, and morality.

Rogers might delete this post, but seeing as how less than twenty people visit this site, it doesn't really matter either way.

Rogers: I'm serious- this blog will never take off unless you can work Drudge's name into this one, too.

"ostracized from Pajamas Media"

Holy crap... I'm in tears laughing. Keep them coming, "justsomeguy"... you're an unintentional comedy goldmine.

"it doesn't really matter either way."

SHUUUURRE it doesn't matter... it doesn't matter to you at all, does it, as you come back to post your pathetic, rambling manifestoes ("LOVE ME DADDY!! LOVE ME DADDY!!)

Waaa? Don't you love me?

justsomeguy -

So... you're saying RCade is a loser because he has a site that hardly anyone reads...

But you're reading it - and more, you're actually taking the time to post to it.

So... what does that make you?

You're a guy who's reading and posting to a website run by someone you think is a loser.

Nice going.

Via my sources deep inside the Majestik 13 operation, Major Ed Dames has informed me via Remote Viewing via Dr. Johnson Jameson's Saskatchewan bunker that Art is probably pissed over something else, specifically the fake email dissing Filipinos that has been making the rounds again.


Wow... can I stir up the Fundie pants pissers or what?

It's great being able to just log in and rile you sissies up. Works like a charm. Amazing how some people keep trying to kick that football, every... single... time! No wonder they keep voting for Republicans: they are just not able to fight the compulsion to keep repeating their mistakes!

Come on, make more justifications for your loseritude. Keep em coming, people!

Ah... I think it was "BlogAds" which told Rogers to cram his homage to Matt Drudge up his wazzoo, not Pajamas. Either way, Rogers is just some dude on the outside looking in, sniffing around the edge of the real progressive blogosphere.

I actually thanked him for banning me, since now I'm contributing my time on blogs which, you know, actually matter in the grand scheme of things. Drudge is a fun distraction where I could log in and throw down and piss off a lot of people then laugh at them when I make them look like morons. But as far as doing anything meaningful, that was about the last place on these internets where that would happen.

So, when I feel like making stupid people angry, I just post a few comments here and watch the losers get their panties in a wad. Always good for a few laughs! And then, later, I just go do something which actually has some relevance.

JSG: This is around the fourth or fifth time you've told me that I'm insignificant. If you keep this up, I'm going to start feeling important. Go sniff the progressive blogosphere.

Art Bell.....Go Fuck nasty old pervert!!!!!!!

C2C, I am sick of hearing this man go into his long renditions of screwing his wife...I want to go back to hearing about paranormal

I don't even think he's the father. He is too damn old and diseased.

Get this Bum off the air.

Where is Doctor Evil and Yeti?

oooohhh.....this coulda been fun .

I wrote a series of 4 posts about Rcade and got 1800 posts....He didn't sue, he banned.....I guess there is a little Art Bell in Rcade....

P.S. Haven't seen many giant threads for a awhile Rogers....good business move, old salt......


Care to let us know how many hits you get per hour?

I don't have to make you feel insignificant: your own statistics can do.

Workbench serves around 8,000 pageviews a weekday, which is 10 percent of the total pageviews all of my sites pull.

That's JUSTSOMEGUY's 6th post folks. He's now posted 6 times on a site that he says no one reads and that only loser go to. Six times.

Every time he posts, that's more hits and thus ad revenue for Cadenhead, isn't it? I'm beginning to think that JUSTSOMEGUY is actually Cadenhead trying to make himself more money. Nice try, Cadenhead, but we're on to you!

JSG has never been known for his towering intellect.....ahahahahahha.....Just kidding Jizzy, come on over to the PWZ....we will train you up real quick.......I will have you saying Demofundie and Secularfacist right quick.....

Full marks to Rogers for having the cojones to be a public persona, and consistently standing up for something worth standing up for, namely providing a public forum for the exercise known as freedom of speech. That his services are abused isn't where Art Bell needs to direct his ire.

It's those who insulted you Art, if anyone at all.

You too are a public persona Art. From that flow the benefits and the negatives thereby. You enjoy earning a living by being Art Bell, public personality. You don't care to participate in the darker side of that money maker, otherwise known as our freedom to be slack-jawed moronic mouth-breathers, pontificating like idiots on your publicity? Funny, I got the impression you liked the way you made your living.

Get a life Art. You pander to nutbars yet demand folks like Rogers shield you from them when they gravitate towards you. Here's a thought don't become a target. Too late? Then live with it. You earned every link you forged, all these long years.


Regards, is that you? where the hell you been old friend?

Alive and well my friend. How's the market been taking care of you? I'll bet you've been riding that bull to millionaire status at this point.

What's up with this real estate market thing too by the way? I've been waiting for news of folks starting the feedback loop of getting their debt pulled because of the loss in equity, having to sell and thereby depressing prices yet further. Have you been seeing much of that in the northwest?


It is right on the cusp of being a real problem.....people forget about 1994 and the stock/real estate market.....Where loan defaults and bankrupcy were the can happen again if Bernenke doesn't ease up and lower rates by about 2 basis points.....I was real estate 'repo man', I know how easy it is to lose your home in a down market....

After my big google/msft/apple beating, I was out of the market for the decline......I got in on some MSFT at 22 and Apple at 54.....I sold them both, I couldn't take the pressure of day trading anymore, I am learning a whole new method....

Hows the IT business treating you?

>> Workbench serves around 8,000 pageviews a weekday, which is 10 percent of the total pageviews all of my sites pull.

Ok, so lets see... that means Drudge, which probably provides almost all of the "all my other sites", is mainly repeated hits from the same people.

Any stats on, say, UNIQUE users? Or are you just playing pufferfish with your numbers, crying that you aren't Kos or Atrios (or even Patriotboy)?

Big "howyadoin" to Rex and TPS. Always nice to bump into my fellow people who are so smart they don't post at Roger's "I wish I were Matt Drudge" website anymore. If Matt wants to decimate Rogers, he should put in a comments section.

Way WAY too busy. I'd rather not be drinking from the fire hose so to speak. I'll drop by for a visit sometime. Thanks for the links.

JSG? post at Roger's other "I'm glad I'm not Matt Drudge" site then?!

Good to see you.




Hey Flawless Tempest!
Howzitgoing already?!

Waaaaaay long time no see, so to speak.

Last time we spoke Spud remembers you as defending Harpers new regime and saying sommat about how they weren't gonna suck ass. Spud has soooo wanted to bust yer ballz about Bush-lite since ya disappeared cos Stevie Harpersbizzarre & Co do, in Spuds considered opinion, actually suck out loud. Spud sed the man was a neo-clown in conservatives clothing and wot do ya know Spud was right.

Defense of Religion Act?
Three Strikes yer out?
Calling out Ignatieff and the entire liberal party as anti-semites?

Ya gotta admit it's all starting to sound a li'l "deja vu all over agin", eh?

On Topic?

Has Bell backed down yet?

Has someone explained to Bellbottom about blogworld and such?
Perhaps Ted Stevens gave his enlightening "series of tubes" speech!
Maybe Richard Hoagland remote viewed Art losing the suit?
Maybe the Viagra kicked in and Art no longer has the cranial bloodflow neccesary to contemplate such a suit.

In any case, Art don't have a case and to try and make a federal case out of it (so to speak) Art would have to be a headcase.

So sez Spud!

Be Well.

> JSG? post at Roger's other "I'm glad I'm not Matt Drudge"
> site then?!

>Good to see you.


No, I got suspended for "outing" the name of a Drudge user who's user name... is his real name. THEN after the suspension was over, I was banned for telling people the reason Rogers suspended me. Seems Rogers, like Bush, believes there are limits to free speech, especially when they find the truth personally embarrassing.

After my suspension, I basically told Rogers via email I was done being his liberal whipping boy so he can score "Fair and Balanced" points with the Bob Novak crowd. I also thanked him for making me realize I was wasting my time on his site, since in the grand scheme of the progressive blogosphere, Rogers truly doesn't matter (which is why BlogAds could care less about him and his Matt-Drudge-wannabe site).

The funny thing is Rogers has deleted some of my posts over here saying what happened, so every so often when I feel like getting a laugh I drop by and give him something else to delete. Ticking people off is the only thing I miss about The Retort, and it's amusing to watch Rogers get in touch with his inner Republifundie by demonstrating his pro-censorship feelings.

Take care Spud. Tell Lisa she will always be the cutest little bovine in the trailer park.

Oh - hello again, "justsomeguy" - I mean ROGERS CADENHEAD! Come on, Cadenhead! Give it up! We all know that you're justsomeguy!

Yawn. One of my internet stalkers. So who are you, 101-got-pwned-by-JSG? Or maybe Mike Spectacle, aka OzarkLiar?

It's pretty funny to see you stalking my posts. It must have been pretty boring for you these past few days, clicking refresh and praying for me to post something.

Have fun, and keep clicking that refresh button. Who knows? Maybe I'll post something... maybe I won't...

Or maybe I will! Muahahahahaha!!!!

Ooops, addressed the reply (in my 2:07 post) to Spud and not TPS. Doh!

Hi to you both, and take care.

Your grasp on facts isn't what it could be, JustSomeGuy. First you claimed I was ostracized from Pajamas Media, which is incorrect because I've never been a member. Now you say I'm on the outs with BlogAds, which is the current ad server on the Retort.

To get this taunt right, read the post about how I was kicked out of the Liberal Blog Advertising Network.

I corrected myself, Rogers ( 2006-10-24 04:06 PM ). See? Even YOU don't read your crappy blog.

But whatever. As I said, there are a great many people who could care less about both YOU and your site(s).

BTW, any insight into those uniqueness stats I asked about? Or are you too embarrassed to admit that all your traffic comes from the same 50 computers?

I mean damn, I've been half the traffic on Workbench this week.

Cadenhead, this is getting super boring, dude! Can't you liven this thread up? Conservatives are the sexy ones now - sex scandals and all that. Make your Conservative guy funnier!

hmmm, wonder if someone's private opinion, made public, can be litigated???

Can someone be taken to court for believing and stating that they believe, that someone is a 'murderer'?

Methinks artie protests far too much (isn't there a saying like that?).

At any rate, u can read about his shortwave radio antics at

btw, Artie has threatened many a HAM with litigation of one sort or another over the years.

Art Bell just keeps proving what an infantile jerk he is. I still think he is has narcissistic tendencies. What a sue-happy creep, hiding behind his lawyers all of the time! I plan on letting my Streamlink subscription lapse. I see no reason to help someone pay for his lawyers to deny us of the freedom of speech he enjoys.

I can see both sides of this. Accusations of murder and child molestation are certainly a bit over the top but public figures who make public statements about their very public actions might want to expect to hear negative comments. Mark Foley was called everything but a child of God, too.

Personally, I couldn't care less what Art Bell does. It's his business. The only thing I question is how someone his age could possibly find anything in common with a 21-yr-old. Even a hot piece of tail gets old eventually.

WTG!! Art thinks everyone has to do as they are told. PLEASE!!!..Lay off the pain meds Art!! get a grip the world does not revolve around you. Art this is my opinion..You are one sick puppy...

I don't see what the problem is. RCade has proven he has no problem with deleting posts. It's not like Rogers has any respect for free speech.

RC doesn't have "respect for free speech"?

This is RC's personal website, not the government's - why can't he delete any posts he wants?

I'm a Republican, and we believe that people can do whatever they want with their private property. This blog is RC's property, and he can choose to keep or delete whatever posts he cares to. What don't you people get about that - especially the angry so-called "Conservative" dude?

You act like you should be able to post any sign you want on RC's front lawn. You can't. It's his lawn. This blog is RC's lawn, and he'll keep or burn whatever signs he wants.

I don't blame Art Bell for being alarmed. All kinds of stuff goes on in Manila, and there are all kinds of characters there with strange personalities and hidden agendas. Art probably just wants himself and his wife to be safe. Perhaps the comments should be removed, as courtesy. On the other hand, as a blogger myself, I understand and empathize with your reluctance to remove material. It's an ethical dilemma, of sorts, but the final decision is YOURS!



Art Bell will not win. He should give up and relax...

I don't agree, Dave. If this was the first time that he had threatened to sue someone, it would be different. If that was his concern, he could have written to RC and explained how some of the comments would have impacted him and Airyn in Manila. Instead, he comes out RIGHT AWAY with the threats.

Bell has been quoted as saying things like "sometimes you have to slit a few throats," and "I'm the kind of guy who moves in next to someone and forces them to move". (Paraphrased - I don't remember the comments verbatim.)

Bell has a reputation of threatening people who disagree with him. He is little better than a schoolyard bully and I am glad RC is standing up to him!!!

My spirt guide says this will go all the way to the suprme court. And we knopw I am always right well 90%..err..85%..well around 50%..well anyway...S.B.

All the post on Hamfanz are total BS. They are lies and fabrications from the mind of a delusional old manically depressed woman.

It appears that my comments on Mike Fox's faked palsy were inadvertenly was erased by a wrong key movement here. So here goes again.

My comments are based on a fair amount of experience observing people afflicted with palsy or seizures. They are not quite the same thing. But close enough for normal non-medical discussions.

So, a family member worked with palsied people and another associate worked with them. So I can spot someone how is faking it. And the real thing.

Thus Mike Fox is FAKING IT because he can speak clearly and rock back and forth in rhythm at the same time. These two events do NOT happen at the same time. People with very heavy disfunction in certain brain lobes can either speak with minor evidence of palsy or just simply rock back and forth for long periods of time in which they do not utter cohesive language. They moan or shriek.

In conclusion, Rush L was RIGHT about Mike Fox faking it. In fact, I think any person with normal intelligence could spot that Mike Fox was ACTING.

BTW, I'm an old radio guy and somewhat a fan of Rush L. It's like hearing a radio guy off the air at a bar. However he does go on and on and on with topics, which is the affliction of those in talk radio. Then I can use two knobs on my radio. The on/off knob. Or the station selection knob. And that affliction is gone for me. :)

Thank You!
Hal Evans

"It is better to light just one little candle than to curse the darkness."

Dear Art,

I just channeled Edgar Caycee concerning your situation. He told me to tell you you are a filthy old boinker and if you don't act decent you will fall into a huge hole in the earth and dwell in eternity with a horrible pooka.

I appreciate the open forum for people to discuss and speculate on items of interest. Is Art suggesting that we shouldn't be interested in the weirdness surrounding his life and his wive(s)? We have to be!!! It's just all too weird!!! It's may be a little far out to suggest that he had something to do with Ramona's death but the facts surrounding his lightning quick mourning period and remarriage, they stand on their own. And again, it's just all too weird.

So, Art's personal life is definitely a three ring circus. I'm going to guess it has been for years. But I suppose that's what makes him Art Bell. King of weirdnss and strangeness. I think the odds are against a storybook life with 21 year old Airyn in America but I wish them well, especially with their baby on the way.

Here is how the story goes.
Ramona at 47 was getting old, ugly and fat, so Art caused her death so he could get a slim cute younger version.
He fled to the Philippines in case he might be charged with the crime.
After he was confident that he had gotten away with it, he returner to Pahrump with his new wife.

Art Bell is known for crying lawsuit when someone says or posts something about him.

I would imagine by the sudden marriage to this girl that Bell had been waxing his carrot to her for quite some time. She has got it made now. A small time celebrity with a decent income and pregnant by the small time celebrity. She is set for life when she decides to leave him and gets permant residence status. Payback is a bitch and the people Bell has wronged will see the "what goes around...comes around" in action.

Art Bell and all of those panty wasters cryin n whining bout what someone said or wrote about me...waaa.....waaa....Im goona sue you.....waaa...
Gues in Arts worlds there is no freedom to speak your mind......Corps cant sue living breathing people....if ya know what I mean....

I think that Art doth protesteth too much, if you know what I mean.

First, my comments in no way shape or form are the opinion of the company I work for..they are mine & mine alone. (I am e-mailing from company).
I really do not believe that there was any foul play in the death of Ramona..I like Art Bell very much, but I did think he kind of 'rushed' into another marriage. Every person is different, however, and maybe at his age he just decided he did not want to wait around and feel sorrow indefinetly. I think you start to look at life differently after a certain age. Still, I think his new wife is a little young for him, and age does matter, no matter what you hear. If only 10-15 years, maybe that is workable, but this something like 40 years age difference??? Anyway, that is his choice. Maybe he and Ramona had discussed together how they would handle each other's respective death(s), and maybe she had told him that she would not want him to be alone, so who can say?
As for the comments posted, I think you can defend freedom of far as slander to someone's reputation, I am not sure how it will stand up in court.


I love the way you wallow in your selfimportance and grand texting.

Funny stuff, keep up the bad work.

I just found about about Ramona, and the re-marry. Art has lost it.

Art Bell has NO GROUNDS for a legal suit, based upon the post
from someone he is referring to, in his email complaint to the
web-site owner.

From the info provided, no 'accusations' of fact were made.
What was stated, our mere 'speculations' a person or persons
have in regards to Mr. Bell's questionable actions and behaviors
of late.

A public figure is a public figure, and paid handsom for it.
Audiences have EVERY right to use their thinking caps, which often

Does Mr. Bell really believe he has the legal right to silence
anothers ponderings?

The person who posted the questions Mr. Bell is angry about, was
merely asking a plausible question, not stating fact or fiction.
It only becomes libel and slander, if the person is stating something to be true about another, yet it is really false.

A person is also allowed 'legally' to state any personal and truthful experiences
they have had with another person, even if it is ugly truth...just
as long as they can back up their experiences to be valid.



Seems to me, Art is just being pissy, because he can't hack
anyone talking negatively about him. Perhaps he is even fearful that if too many people read such comments, they too may begin to think and ponder over such possibilities, which could lead someone to investigate further. If he has nothing to hide, then he should have nothing to worry about, and he would just blow if off, and pay no mind to what others say. Hollywood stars do it all the time, in regards to BS they read about themselves in the toilet tabloids.

If he cannot tolerate
criticism, then he should not volunteer to be a paid public figure, making the big bucks!

Libel is a written lie about someone and slander is a verbally stated
lie, while the person claiming such lies about another, reports it
as fact, when it is not.

All I read, are people asking valid questions, and venting
frustrations against Art Bell, because obviously, from what I read, Art has
let his fans down.

Well, when Art's new wife starts breast feeding the baby, maybe she
will share some with Art.... whaa whaa...after all, he is crying
over split milk! LOL

Why do those who make all their personal business public, get so ticked off when others make negative remarks about them????

Hey Art, if you really are bothered by the public making negative remarks about you and your new wife, back off from telling us every little thing you and her do! It's NOT that interesting and most of us don't give a crap about your personal business anyway!

While I'm at it.....Art, your vision must be really bad, because your new wife don't hold a candle to the beauty of Ramona. In fact, I think she's a dog! I sure wouldn't be bragging about how beautiful she is, if I were you. It makes you seem as dumb as shit!
Don't you think the rest of us can see????


Because there is only ONE CREATOR of 'a l l' things (JN.1.3;PROVS.16.4;ISA.45.7;ROMS.9.13-26;11.8,22,23;JN.6.29;
16.7-15;LK.1.35;JER.31.22;1 JN.5.7,8;ISA.9.6,7;51.5;MT.28.18-20) whose IMAGE...and...after whose L I K E N E S S 'the born
again man' is (a work in in) 'becoming (JN.1.12;3.3-8;
HEBRS.5.8-14;MT.5.8,37,43-48;1 COR.3.19;4.5;ISA.51.5;JN.12.48;LK.14.
26-35;19.27;EZK.18.32;REV.2.23;DT.18.15-19;30.19;1PET 4.12,17;ECCLES
.12.13,14;MT.18.3;LK.22.31,32;JN.8.31;1 COR.15.50-58;JER.31.22,33,34;
ZECH.4;5;PSS.2;110;118;122;126;127;REV.22.2)'...,one needs to FIRST
find out if the human entity (himself, or another) is or is not
going in the ONE WAY (JN.14.6) THAT his MAKER "THE ONE GOD OF
-LADY ELIJAH""(JER.31.22;2JN.;ZECH.4.5;REV.5;10;11;12;ISA.9.6,7;
42.13,14;66;JN.1.21;3.31;2 KGS.2.11;MAL.3;4;JN.16.7-15;MT.17.11;1 JN.5.7,8;GAL.3.21,28;4.26,akjv) says is 'lawful' for a man to go 'in' to come by ALL TRUTH "HIM" (JN.1.1-14;10.1,7,9;17.17.21;MT.
5.8;37,43-48;1 COR.3.19;4.5)---JN.21.19-23.

With THAT said---received---understood, the QUESTION here then...
regarding Clear Channel Communications' Premiere Radio Networks
affilate Coast to Coast A M 'WEEKEND" host 'Art Bell' & Art's
'Kingdom of NYE (thing)', aka, Art's "WORKS/WORKINGS (to include
who/what Art, as a man, husband, father, and fellow human being
is being...privately...and...publicly)",it should be, JUST WHERE IS
ART BELL AT IN HIS 'receiving & serving' TRUTH "GOD",per se (JN.1.
1-14;17.17,21), as opposed to Art's receiving what consists of
SATAN "THE LIAR & THE MURDERER (JN.8.44;REV.2.9;3.9;12.4;PS.2.1-3;
2 THESS.2.1-4;2 COR.11.13-15;JUDE 9;DAN.12.1;REV.12.7;EPHS.6.12-20;
LK.17.21;PS.127.5;GEN.28.17;MT.11.12;ISA.14;JOB 41;2 PET.2.4;REV.9;
MT.27.1-10,25;1 JN.5.7,8;EX.32.34), aka, "GOD'S OPPOSITION"?

Remember, ART BELL 'himself'...did often...and he still does...present himself to be a supporter (therefore a participator)
in the sorcerers sorceries/WITCHCRAFT...with his wife 'Witch Ramona
Bell' and Ramona's friend "Witch Evelyn Pagalini"...among the
thousands of millions of others whose WORKS so say of them to
(in one way or one degree or another) involved
(heart and soul...mind and body)...engaged doing the same EVIL/
UNRIGHTEOUSNESS...,as it so is that GOD "THE CREATOR" of all things so calls the WORKS which same sorcerers do: yes, to include the
membership of Satan's Synagogue (REV.2.9;3.9) & Satan's Church (Rev
.12.4;17;18;2 COR.11.13-15;PS.2.1-3;MAL.3.6-10;REV.9.20,21;GEN.28.20-22;MT.4.1-10;6.18-20,24,33;PS.8.4;LK.11.29; 14.26-35;19.27;JN.15.14,15
;MT.12.40,50;GAL.1.8,9;2 JN.10-11;ISA.5.20;ZECH.4;5;1 PETER 4.12,17;

same said mentioned SATANISTS are only THAT because they serve
'Satan' whose been a LIAR & A MURDERER since the beginning (JN.8.44;REV.2.9;3.9;2 THESS.2.1-4;2 COR.11.13-15;LK.11.29;MT.5.37;
1 COR.3.19;4.5;1 PETER 4.12,17;JN.12.48;EZK.18.32;DT.18.15-19;30.19;
32.39;EX.20.3,5;34.14;S of SOL.8.6;ISA.13.13;42.13,14;66.4;PS.2.4,5;
15;MT.12.50). As it was by you 'The People' so The
People vs. Stevens (case)---"THE COURT RULED THAT YOU CAN S H O W
OTHER"....which was brought up---and was by you 'The People' used
to convict CHARLES MANSON and certain others of his all that "YOUR JUDGEMENT" is so recorded of you---in the prosecuting
attorney "Vincent Bugliosi (with Curt Gentry)'s book, "HELTER SKELTER
". Therefore, in accordance to your 'The People's' own makings---
your own 'social rules/laws'...IT IS "OBVIOUS" to one and to all that
C 2 C AM (weekend host) "Art Bell"'s acknowledged support of his
own family's sorcery/WITCHCRAFT...that he is (heart and soul...mind
and body) the servant of (who is to GOD "THE LAWGIVER",) "THE LIAR &
THE MURDERER (JN.8.44;2 COR.11.13-14;REV.2.9;3.9;12.4;2 THESS.2.3,4;
JOB 41;ISA.14;JUDE 9;DAN.12.1;REV.12.7,9,12;EPHS.6.12-20;HAB.1.5;3.13
;JN.12.48;ISA.51.5;1 PETER 4.12,17;PSS.2;50;94;149;1 COR.4.5;1 COR.6.
2,3;LK.14.26-35;19..27;GAL.1.8,9;2 JN.10-11;JN.14.21,23,24;MT.11.27;
2;3;ZECH.4;5;HOS.6.2;REV.22.2). YUP! According to your 'The People's
' own made 'laws/social rules'...Art Bell's WORKS say of him to all---to be THE LIAR & THE MURDERER's SERVANT---as much a practicing WARLOCK as his WITCH WIFE Ramona practiced the same SOCERY/WITCHCRAFT
---likened to that which The Roman Catholic Religion's House has
been 'practicing' ever since certain GOD-OPPOSERS changed JESUS
CHRIST's DOCTRINE-TEACHING-PREACHING to mean what has become of The
House of Organized-External Religion (to this day (May 31, 2007).

The simple REALITY here cannot be SERVING "GOD" and that
same said mentioned GOD's "OPPOSITION (The EVIL ONE/Satan-The Devil-The Old Serpent...and...who/what is of him 'LEGION', EPHS.6.12)",
and at the same time be serving GOD "THE LAWGIVER"/"TRUTH" (JN.1.1-
LK.14.26-35;19.27;JN.12.48;1 PETER4.12,17;ECCLES.12.13,14;REV.17.17

Re. Your "The American People" Federal---states---counties---cities---towns---villages---reservations---territories (own made law) 'social
rules'which in-effect,Art Bell is said to threaten"WORKBENCH-ROGERS
CAPENHEAD" that he's going to to sue him at: THAT IS A BELLY FULL OF
HOWLS (PS.2.4,5;PROVS.1.26;ISA.9.6,7;13.13;42.13,14;66.4;REV.2.23;
ISA.51.5;JN.12.48;Ps.2.10-12;EZK.18.32;ECCLES.12.13,14): for, what
consists of "LAW (EX.20;MAL.4.4;MT.5.17,18;JN.15.14,15;MT.12.50;
GAL.3.21,28;ECCLES.12.13,14;1 TIM.1.8;JN.4.22,24;GEN.49.10;ROMS.11.
8,22,23,32) "NOT" being recognized by you 'the Earthlings'
as 'worthy' of your serving & obeying (ISA.9.6,7;42.13,14;66.4;
1 TIM.1.8;MAL.4.2,4,5,6;JN.16.7-15;1 PETER 4.12,17;ECCLES.12.13,14).
Summed up---and---simply put, what your "the Earthlings (give or take
), six and a half BILLION people)" BABEL/BABBLING (GEN.11.1-9)...
whether called by you your own made law/talk---,or otherwise talk/
speech-language---words, other than you all laboring diligently 24/7
---"THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK (thing------you behave as said
of the dog and of the sow in 2 PETER 2.22. Art Bell's (so called
.30;32.39;MT.25.31-46;REV.20) going to use your 'the people's'
BABEL/2 PETER 2.22;GEN.11.1-9;1 COR.3.19;4.5;6.2,3;LK.19.27;PS.149;
JUDE 9;DAN.12.1;LK.17.21;GEN.28.17;REV.12.7,9,12;MT.24.21;REV.1-22;
ZECH.4;5;PSS.2;110;118;122;126;127;GAL.3.21,28;4.26) in court, WE
(ISA.51.5;JN.16.13;MAL.3.1;4.2,4,5,6;1 JN.5.7;MT.28.18,19;ROMS.1.20;
COL.2.9) liken to BOZO THE CLOWN going to The Barney & Baily Circus side show to behold there that side show's main attraction AN HALF
SNAKE-HALF MAN (creature) of your 'the Earthlings' MAD SCIENTISTS
own creation.

Had Clear Channel Communications' Premeire Radio Networks' Affiliate
Coast To Coast A M "WEEKDAYS HOST" George Noory...of been "RIGHT" in his LOVING & SERVING YOU "ALL HUMANKIND (equally)" a MAN OF GOD
pleasing HIM "JEALOUS (EX.20.3,5;34.14;ZECH.1.14;MAL.3.1-3;ROMS.9.13
;ISA.62.1,5), then, George would of TAKEN TO YOU "ROGERS CAPENHEAD"
fathers begetting evil children (nations consist of men-people...the fathers and the children,Mal.4.5,6) who all have the same "ONE
GOVERNOR" who be HIM-IN-ME (PS.22.28))...sums up your 'The Earthlings" 24/7 laboring...THE DEATH & CURSING SEEKERS (DT.30.19;32


In all ACTUALITY, when I speak to you of GOD's "OPPOSITION",that
only intends to refer one CREATOR's FORCES OF EVIL (SATAN & who/what's of Satan, REV.2.9;3.9;12.4;2 THESS.2.3,4;JN.8.44;JOB 41;
ISA.14;2 COR.11.13-15;MT.25.31-46;REV.20)...who are "OPPOSING"

Art Bell needs to go to the "LOOK-IN GLASS (THE MIRROR)" look into his own SOUL (into his own EYES)--so to 'there/his soul's mirror
-in that place(LK.17.21;MT.11.12;EPHS.6.12;GEN.28.17;PS.126;1 COR. 6.
9;2 JN.10-11;16.7-15;17.17.21;18.36,37;21.19-23) "TELL IT LIKE IT
(JN.4.24) IS BEING IN-SPIRIT...and...IN-TRUTH...,so to be "REALLY"
a man "UPHOLDING" TRUTH/GOD, per se (JN.1.1-14;5.3-;6.63;15.14,15;
ECCLES.12.13,14;JER.31.22,33,34): afterall, should not Art's 'words'
crediting him to be being so 'law upholding' match his that that same ART BELL is not beheld by the Planet Earth's (give or take) six and a half BILLION people as Art being what is to GOD
"THE LAWGIVER", but a 'HYPORCRITE"? Besides, now that WITCH RAMONA
BELL is in & with her husband Art Bell and Art's new wife Airyn Bell's baby girl 'ASIA' being ASIA's GUIDE (in The PARENTAL
sense of the way...),whatsoever is thought to be 'UNFINISHED BUNINESS
'between and among them/you-the earthlings and those who have passed
on'shall continue on...and...on...and on: inotherwords, IT (MT.25.31-
46;LK.14.26-35;19.27;DT.18.15-19;30.19;32.39) AIN'T OVER TIL IT'S
OVER (ECCLES.12.13-14;REV.20-22)...and just becaise one departs
their earthy vessel (regardless of the reason or the cause why,)
IT their entity's existing...continues on. THE WICKED TAKE NOTICE!
(ISA.66.24;2 PETER 2.17;JUDE 13;REV.20;ZECH.4,5;ISA.5.20;LK.11.52,

You and C2C A M's host George Noory labor 24/7, doing as you do,
with your sincere INTENTION being to come by the KNOWING OF TRUTH/
GOD, per se, (JN.1.1-14;14.6,9;10.1,7,9;14,21,23,24;MT.11.27;DAN.2.
28,34,35,44,45;JN.5.30;17.21;HOS.6.2;ZECH.4;5): therefore, for now,
in behalf of"bringing forth"THE TRUTH-THE MAN-CHILD(REV.12.5;ISA.66; 1Sam.1.11;8.7;JN.1.11;19.19;21.19-23) to both of you 'your HEART's
desire' I've gifted you the herein testimony.(REV.10.11;MAL.3.1;4.2,
4,5,6;JN.16.7-15;2 Jn.;ZECH.4;5).

BEHAVE WISELY (PS.2.10-12;1 COR.3.19;4.5;JN.16.7-15;MAL.3.1;4.2,4,5,6


I like Art Bell. He should not be affected by any comments made on your or anyone elses site. The world is full of Idiots.
Let them say what they will. Art you know the truth and your fans like myself take this BS with a grain of salt.

Calling his wife a dog. Preaching to him. Wow what is up with these people. The inside makes a person beautiful. This is lesson 1
And as for Mr. Religeon Let me ask you a simple question.
It is obvious angels and such are Angelic. Satan was an angel. God knows everything right?
Then why did he throw Lucifer to the earth and give him dominion over it.Knowing he had powers we in no way could defeat.
Then he put man here in what he knew was a no win situation.
I believe in god. But do not believe 100% in the bible.
Let me let you in on a fact of life. Name 1 thing man has put his hands on he has not corrupted? YOU CANT. We murder rape lie cheat and steal. Books were left out of the bible and it was put together by man for brain washing. I believe in god. But I also believe we have no clue as to anything outside that. We have been programed to believe mans version.
Well bud. Take a good look around. As Humans we are pathetic. We certinly to this point have dropped the ball.

Sir you are the lowest piece of dog shit that ever walked on earth. Making money by just being crue to people is cruel. I have alerted the Drudge Report as you using his site. You are the afterbirth of a gang bang

"LORD OF HOSTS ELIJAH(Mal.3;4;Mt.17.11,akjv) | 2007-05-31 02:37 PM | link"

This guy is obviously heavily invested in scroll button manufacturing.

Devious SOB.

Is this thread still open?

Yer waiting till Art dies to shut it down aren't ya?

Speakin' o' devious...

Be Well.

I think that Art Bell talks too much and should be shut. He is just a smart guy wannabe. He talked about a lot of nasty things against Filipinos which I think is not right. Hope this reaches him, Mr. Art Bell, please REST IN PEACE.

If Art Bell and his new wife are happy, then let them be. Asian women come from a different culture and look for security and mutual affection more than good looks or romance like westerners do.

If Art is really angry or threatening to sue about people's comments, he shouldn't be. It goes with the territory. At least, noone broadcasted he carried Vicodin like Rush.

At least, noone broadcasted he carried Vicodin like Rush.

Sorry, meant Viagra

I think it's very hard when you have a talk show host, or any celebrity, whom you think is strong and wise, then do something off the wall with their lives.

Art fell apart when Ramona died, even though he always knew she could someday die of her illness. With him talking about killing himself, many felt he wasn't the same person he had made himself out to be, for years on the radio. They felt he had not been honest and had presented a totally made up person to put on the air for show.

Then when Art ran off and got married to a mere girl, young enough to be his grand daughter, it was too much for many. In our own family we would not condone this type of behavior and wonder if the man was mentally ill. It certainly doesn't show integrity, and can be seen as childish behavior by many. What if your Dad went and married a girl young enough to be your sister? Wouldn't you think he was out of his mind?

Art has stated that many just don't understand he actions and his love for Ayrin....Oh, I think we do. We also understood Anna Nicole Smith and her marriage to that rich old goat. Trouble is, we understand all too well.

To top that off, he had a baby with this girl. So many these days don't think about the child they are bringing into the world. By the time Art's child is 10, he will be 72, if he lives that long, which I doubt. That means this child will not have her father in her life for the better part of her growing up years. Years which are very important to anyone. Worse, she will have to stand by the grave side of her father and watch as they lower his casket into the ground....nice, huh? What a horrible thing to have a child go through.

If you have ever known a person who's parent died when they were very young, you will notice the inner sadness they always carry with them. It's like a piece of them is missing. They mourn for that lost parent their whole live through and they feel cheated.

Art has played hard and fast with the lives of those he says he cares for. Does he really care for them, or does he only care for himself? Many think it's the latter. He has stated his retirement, to share all the time he has left with his new family, but that is for his benefit. What about after he is gone? Most likely his wife will remarry and have more children. Art's child will have only pictures and maybe some memories of her father, to comfort her in times of need.

It was lust, and lust alone which powered this marriage and resulted in this child being born, Art's lust. Not true love, for how can one truly love another, in the very short time Art knew this girl? He had no time to even truly get to know her, before they embarked on a trip down marriage lane. She, no doubt had dollar signs in her eyes, as he had dreams of sexual positions to try out and long nights of lust come true.

This was none other than an old man's lustful folly, all dressed up in romance and called love.
It's a very sickening thing to see, and even sicker to have pointed out on the radio show, everytime one turns around. Frankly, I'm very glad he has decided to retire.

The true advocates of the paranormal do not want someone whom the world is laughing at, to do a show on something we all want to be taken seriously. We want a host with enough integrity to present the show and the subject matter, in an intelligent way. The way in which Art has presented his personal life and the choices he has made in it, has dishonored his position as a serious talk show host.

Art has stated that many just don't understand his love for Ayrin...Oh, I think we do, Art. We also understood Anna Nicole Smith and her love for that rich old goat she married. Trouble is, we understand all too well.

I'm still thinking about Art's announced retirement (for the billionth time)that he made last night on his Sunday night show. I am reluctant to criticize his decision to marry a Filipina as I am dating one myself that I met a year ago, also in Manila, PI. Nonetheless, I can't see anyone running off to Manila to rush into a half-baked, rushed marrige, right after his wife passed away!

I defended him for a long time: when he was hyping up Y2K, peddling "human growth hormone" pills, the stupid "sounds from hell" tape, pitched as psuedofact, all of Richard Hoagland's lame ranting about that "face" on Mars, etc. His slaphappy decision to marry a girl he hardly knew (over 50 years his junior) was *it* for me. It felt like a slap in the face to the memory of poor Ramona (RIP).

I'd like to say this to the Art Bell defenders: blame Art. He was the one who spent all that time on air, justifying what he did, even posting those bizarre pictures of him and his child-wife. Revolting.

Art, if you're reading this: thank you for your shows on the paranormal, time travel (John Titor), and EVP's; they were truly incredible. I guess Ramona's passing was so hideously painful that you were willing to do anything, no matter how rash and weird, to erase that pain. Enjoy your retirement, but please, don't "unretire" this time. Nothing personal, Art, but: I'm done defending you.

It's very common for widowers to quickly remarry. They just can't live alone. Nothing weird about it.

Section 230 is irrelevent. Are you Section 8?

I gotta say you guys post some really mean and hateful remarks. You're cowards hiding behind web posts. It's no wonder sites have started shutting them down, it seems to be the only way to keep the stalkers from trolling them.

Isn't it Art Bell's life anyway? Why do any of you even care what he's said or done or married for that matter? Geez...Get a life people.

Art retired from Coast to Coast Radio Show, good for him.
Art's first wife Ramona was Philipino.
Art's taken a new wife who happens to be Philipino, good for him again. Why get your panties in a wad about it? What's wrong folks? Did he dis you when you called in east or west of the rockies?

Coast to Coast is one of the most listened to shows on the air. Art should be laughing all the way to bank because he is the one who actually did something with his life and he seems to be very happy.

I don't blame Art one bit for wanting this taken down from the website because it's disgusting. I hope he takes legal action against each person here who has made defaming statements against him, his wife, and his deceased wife Ramona.

Have I ticked you guys off? Good, now you have something else to attack.

Art Bell is not what he wants the public to think he is. He has spoon fed the public tid bits of his life, giving us the impression that he is a descent man with good intentions, when that is far from the case. He has left out the parts of his life that cast a bad light on him. His last marriage was his FOURTH!

He has grown children from a marriage when he was twenty. Those children are Lisa Minei, 38 and Vincent Pontius 41. Their mother is Sachiko Toguchi, an Japanese woman. She met Art Bell in Okinawa.

Art Bell left this wife and these children and didn't look back. If one wants to read more, do a Google search with the name "Vincent Pontius." That will bring up the article and all the details of what kind of relationship these children now have with Art....and it's not very pretty.

These are his marriages as listed on Wikipedia....

*Sachiko Toguchi, divorced. Children: Vincent Pontius, Lisa Minei. These children were not acknowledged publicly until July 2007.
*Sukiyaki Sakamoto Kyo Bell, divorced. Children: Art "Scooter" Bell IV.
*Ramona Bell, 1990 January 5, 2006
*Airyn Ruiz, April 11, 2006 present. Children: Asia

So Mr. Bell has four children to date. Two of which he never acknowledged until July 2007.

And THAT is why, folks, he retired so quickly! He put his tail between his legs, in shame, and ran like the dog he is.

More unbelievable garbage and filth being broadcast by this worthless cadenhead web site. It should be called #!%$heads because that's the audience that feeds on it.

Art Bell did not write those hatred-filled comments, you morons! Just because some #@#hole writes "Hey you, my name is Art Bell, and I hate Filipinos. Look, here's what I think..."

Unbelievable!!! You people are complete morons!!! How did you manage to turn on your computer let alone get your underwear on straight this morning?

Go crawl back under your rocks where you belong and shut the %*(@# up. Un freaking believable. ART, sue the freaking CRAP out of this place.

Rogers Cadenhead? What the hell kind of name is "Rogers"? Is that supposed to be "Roger's Cadenhead", like, Cadenhead is a THING, or it's the name of the web site, and it belongs to Roger, or Rogers is your real name? Pfft.


Pfft!! Hah hah hah!

Hi, my name is Johns.

Hey, Johns, nice to meet you, I'm Daves.

Huh? Dave's what?

No, that's my name, I'm Daves.

Daves? WTF do you mean?

Hey guys, Rogers here. Be nice to each other.


Hmm, I wonder if anyone has thought of digging up some crap on Rogers Cadenhead and then post it all over the freaking web, and sell advertising on it. one gives a damn about someone named Rogers anyway. Never mind.

You sorry Art Bell fans, catch a clue! Art Bell is horse shit on a hot day! He has proved this and deserves to have his name ruined and go hide his head in shame. Which, by the way, is why he retired!

Some of you dumb ass's love George Bush too. Even though the guy has put this country in the garbage with the war in Iraq, left our borders wide open for every criminal alive to cross, and is trying to continue to screw this country by secretly pushing the North American Super Highway, you morons still think he's the best thing since sliced bread. What's your IQ? Something like 10? maybe? DUH! Think maybe old George cares a crap about you or this country? Think again.

Art has made his bed and now has to face the consequences of his actions. NO body made him go nuts over a young girl. NO body made him go off and marry her. And NO body made him knock her up and have his kid. HE did all that of his own freaking will. AND, just a few months after " the love of his life" died! So you shit heads want to give him an award? Go suck on it!!!!

Hey, Arts wife wanted to go back and live in the Philippines! He knew there would be a problem with him doing the show from there, so the only thing to do was retire.

That's what happens when men get pussy whipped! She probably told him she was going back home, with him, or without him! HA!
Art doesn't know it, but he's got two kids to raise...his very young wife and his new baby!!!

That tribute show was so obnoxious...I asked 20 people if they knew him;was told they never heard of him. The show was would think a saint was being canonized. There is nothing wrong with people reminiscing over an old friend..but we don;t want to hear it? You would think funeral arrangements were going to be announced? Where do we send the flowers? Have these people had their lessons in how to curtsey and bow? Had to shut it off!

That was no garbage about Art having two kids that he did not acknowledge until this month. They are now 41 and 38 and have kids of their own. That is truth....period.

I think that tribute to Art was to close the door, so to speak, so he wouldn't come back. He never had a tribute given to him before and he always came back to the show again. So maybe it was felt that if they gave him a send off tribute, he wouldn't feel like the door was open for him to come back. At least I've got my fingers crossed that he won't.

Then again, maybe he has no choice this time. Maybe the radio station said "Enough", and gave him the boot. I think too many listeners got tired of hearing about Art's personal life and just couldn't take it any more. After the news of his two grown children, which he didn't acknowledge until this month, I think it was like the straw that broke the camels back. It's not very nice to walk off and leave your kids and not try to see them for forty years. As a matter of fact, they looked him up, not the other way around. What does that tell you about Art?

I didn't even bother to listen to the show Wednesday night because I knew I wouldn't be able to take the mushy type tribute to him. But I have to say, George has taken the high road in giving Art such praise and the tribute show. However, I think even some of Art's closest friends have been taken aback by this last bit of news with his two unknown children. I mean, how many people can turn their backs on their children for forty years? Even if his ex-wife did tell him it may be better if he didn't contact them, I sure would have after they became of age and could decide for themselves, if they wanted to have a relationship with me or not, had I been Art.
But Art just didn't care, so he didn't even try to contact them.

I've lost respect for Art, and I imagine a lot of other people have too. Radio hosts have to have an audience that likes them, not one that can barely stand them. I, for one, have enjoyed the show much more since George has been hosting it. Art had been having only people on the show, which HE found interesting. I was getting very bored with him. I'm glad he's gone too!

I agree with Mary 100%. The reality is Art came to treat all of us, the Coast to Coast listeners, as well as George and Ian, like we were his two unknown adult children. He couldn't care less about us. And like his unknown children, we have lost interest in having any further connection with Art. Best wishes to both George and Ian on continuing the franchise. Both of these guys are gentlemen and loving fathers to their own children. Coast to Coast will continue just fine...

It's really telling of what kind of man Art is, when you consider he told his audience supposedly, "everything" and proclaimed he was always, "honest" with us. When in fact he was not being honest with us or the two kids he fathered in his first marriage.

His daughter of 38, had to look her father, Art Bell, up. She found him and told her brother, Vincent Pontius, she had found their birth father. She made contact with her father, Art Bell, and this was TEN YEARS ago! So why didn't Art bring this up??? Was THAT being honest with us and telling us everything???? Think about this for a moment and allow it to sink in.
It happened TEN YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!

This story is all over the internet and all one has to do is search for the name Vincent Pontius to read it. It's not a "LIE" like Art claimed of the story he was supposed to have written about him hating Phippinos. This is TRUTH! Ugly as it is, it is the truth. Why do we know this?

Because Art Bell has not denied it!!!!! Funny, that now, when this story has come out, he decides to retire suddenly, to enjoy his child bride and their love child. But that should not be a surprise to us, because Art seems to have a habit of running from things.

What a joke this so called man (Art Bell) has turned out to be! And to think I used to admire him!!!!!

Ya know, it would only be fitting if Art's son Vincent, and his daughter, took over for Art and hosted the Coast to Coast program. I mean, those two have gotten nothing else from their "Sperm Donor" father.
I think Vincent and his sister should have a shot at fame and fortune! They'd probably do a much better job than Art EVER did! Maybe we should all write to the producer of Coast to Coast and demand Vincent and his sister Lisa, get a chance at hosting the show on Saturday night.
I know I'd enjoy them more than Ian. As a matter of fact, I think I'd enjoy anyone more than Ian!!!!! Sorry Ian. Hosting is just not your talent. Stick to religion.

I refuse to listen if Art Bell ever is on the radio again. AND, I have e-mailed the producers of Coast to Coast to tell them that.

I hope those who feel Art has disgraced himself and is not a decent person, do the same.

For those of you who feel he is worthy of listening to, I feel sorry for you.

If you all would do a little research(which I just did myself)I had no knowledge of the incident on to why Art Bell has kept it quiet about his older son...then you would all retract your statements here abut him so called "disgracing" himself. A terrible thing had happended to his older son. Something so horrific, I can understand and sympathize with his decision to leave the show.

"Robin", you are confused.

Art Bell the 4th, son of Art Bell and his Fourth wife, was a gay student who contracted HIV AIDS from a male substitute teacher.

The teacher was convicted of spreading AIDS knowingly, not of rape or kidnapping. Art and his lawyer pushed for those charges, but if you search the Nevada court records, the sex was consensual (cons). This was back in the 90's and a subject for Art to retire and run away yet again (his 5th I think). Art threatened a lot of people with lawsuits because he felt the whole issue of a gay son with AIDS was too much for him. Art was being called constantly on air about the matter, and he blocked out many calls. Also the nature of his bluster led some to falsely accuse Art Bell Sr. of impropriety with his son. Check out the Wikipedia entry.

The recent article in the Philadelphia Weekly revealed that Art Bell had married and had 2 kids with his first wife on Okinawa. Art abandoned them when the kids were small and never paid alimony or child support. The PW article is about the son who first saw Art on Larry King. Art was cold and doesn't want a relationship. It also came about that these kids were molested as well. Art panicked and quit amid molestation rumours for this the 7th time.

So who knows for sure? Art Bell is a mess in his life, and now at 62 has fathered a child with a twenty year old Filipina mail order bride, his 5th wife.

Google Vincent Pontius and see (that's his son's name in the PW article).

Okay St. Francis..maybe you are right about Art...but a STUDENT..and his TEACHER...there is no debate on this one!!! I don't care how gay the son is or not.. a minor with a TEACHER is one of the biggest NO NO's in this universe! The teacher is always at fault..always! Even if a 30 year old student has sex with his college's taboo..and you and everyone else knows this. I think anyone in this world who would go through the trauma of that happening to a child..would make them nuts..Unless they were not human! Right is right and wrong is wrong!

That tribute was a joke. They were acting like he was some kind of deity. I notice how they didn't bring up how he lied - Airyn is 26 and now it turns out she was probably 19 when he was pursuing her. As for her being a teacher, unless you can graduate from college at 17 or 18, I doubt if that is true. As for his timing, three weeks? And she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen? Right after his soul mate and love of his life died. His bleating, "Have you seen the picture?"

As for these kids from the first marriage, he is very cold!

The tribute show make me sick to my stomach. They were trying to make one feel we should all be on our knees worshipping this god who is coming down from Olympus. Please give me a break. As for the beauty, well, that is in the eye of the beholder. So we can't say too much on that. What I have read about the other children makes me skeptical about him now..but what happened to the boy is heart-wrenching to say the least. We shouldn't judge of course, but this honoring stuff is way off base.

Get a life or a wife like I did

Ok, first off, the bible quoting fanatic is just that, a fanatic. These posts are truly interesting because accusations of any kind are usually admissions of the accusor's own errors and guilts, which he or she displaces by reflecting them onto the accused.
Any child knows this, hence the saying repeated by them to their childish accusors: "It takes one to know one."

Wadaphuck is a "cadenhead", Rogers? M. Websters didn't help :-(

We all gotta make a buck...youse people outta leave the cadenhead alone.
Inna words of Rodney King; "Can't we all just get along?"

You go, Art my man, sensationalist extrodinaire, keep on keeping on with your sensational self..... it gives these punkin-heads, and lunk-heads, dunder-head and wanna-be-heads and cadenheads sumthun to do with their boring lives.
Me, i just had too long of an old geezer power nap and am up too late with too much energy....course i ain't got a young woman waiting for me betwix the covers either...incidently, good on you Art, nice work there at age 62 !!!

Ok, look people, you might think you somehow own these entertainment personalities, and can therefore dictate behavior for them but you would be full of excrete and kinda sick thinking like one owns any body, ever....wake up, all you've really got is yourself and times wasting while you should be making something out of it.
Sign me off "Stillcrazy".........Aloha

I certainly don't think I "own" anybody and sure as hell don't care what others do, usually.
But when I hear repeatedly, the details of another's life, by them, I sure as hell have a right to say what I feel. If that doesn't give one a right to state what they feel, what does?

If Art Bell didn't want any speculation about his actions, he should have kept his private life to himself. But Mr. Bell loves to brag about what he does and it was an EGO FEST for him when he got himself a child bride....or so HE thought. Then when she got knocked up, he went into another one of his announcements about how old he was to be able to father a child. Give me a break!

Art Bell is a sick old man and needs to stay off the air. Coast to Coast is supposed to be about the paranormal, not about Art Bell the ABNORMAL!

I feel sorry for his kids, who have to live with the fact that they came from his sick, low life loins. What a curse for those poor innocents to bare! His new baby will, no doubt, grow up hating her mother for making such a bad choice in men. But then, you can't hold the retarded responsible for their actions, I guess.

You could fairly say I was (am) a fan of the Art Bell show, though not rabidly so.

I am not that much a fan of Arts' personnal life - insofar as what I probably know about it that is probably true.

I've enjoyed his show for many years because I am interested in (most of) his topics and I appreciate that most of his guests seemed reasonably informed and intelligent.

I think Art is a good interviewer and consistently demonstrated both skill and talent at keeping his shows on topic and paced.

However, I will grant you that his personal life seems to be a mess. But, as has been said, fish swim and birds fly and a having a talent or ability in one field doesn't guarantee having it in all or even any other field.

Perhaps he is a bit of an 'idiot-savant' (sp?). Van Gogh, for example (and for whatever reason), painted well but couldnd't seem to handle his personal affairs.

I agree completely that it WAS 'strange' that Art repeatedly stressed his 'love' for his wife, seemed to fall so much apart when she died unexpectedly, and then a short few months later falls in 'love' again - this time with a young foreign girl close to only 1/3 his age (and a lot less money then he has), marries her practically overnight and then has a child with her. This whole scenario wouldn't have been concocted even by the writers of the worst grade B mid-day television drama of the 70's.

But then, it's pretty obvious Art is an above average creative talent and perhaps a good streak of craziness just comes with each does of creativity.

However, it is my personal opinion that Art stepped across to the wrong side of a line when he had a baby with his new wife. I can understand that at his age he might have been interested in cementing a legacy through a child; or perhaps he came to realize that he had made errors with his previous children which he now hoped to correct; or perhaps his new wife was the real instigator and just wanted to make sure that his millions stayed with her after Art was gone (a real good bet).

In any case, he now has a small child that will, unfortunately, probably grow up with few personal memories and virtually no functional interaction with her real father. Art is no spring chicken. His daughter will have only massive file cabinets of old radio show tapes, piles of photographs, and boxes of newspaper clippings. Not much there to hug before bedtime and get tucked in by at night, to run to when she's scared or joyful or to walk down the aisle with when she gets married. It's a bit sad really, the world already has too many Paris Hiltons.

I could live with his hasty remarriage but his bringing a child into the world who will probably grow up without a father just doesn't sit quite right with me. If anything, he could have adopted.

I hope Art is around, functioning, and active in his field - and his daughters life - for many years to come. Unfortunately, that's probably not overly likely; but I would bet my last two dollars that when Art does eventually pass, his young wife won't be letting moss grow as she beats a hasty path to the bank, fills her suitcases with cash and catches the first plane back to the Phillippines.

But all of this is just my opinion.

I think it is quite amusing how people assume that Art Bell is going to drop dead anyday now? How strange? You act as if he was Anna Nicole's husband, the 90 year old. This man I believe is in his early 60's. My God, he could live another 30 years. He has plenty of time to tuck in his little one at night, see her graduate from high school. Even walk her down the isle. People are living longer these days. 60 is now the new 45. I would not assume the man is dying next year. He may outlive us all. Nobody knows. I do agree the tributes and all that garbage is ridiculous and he is no major mega star. Half the people , I know and talk to never heard of him.
Wish him good luck and send him positive thoughts. Who cares what his does.

Excuse me, but Art is 62 years old, according to Wikipedia.

People are living longer, yes...those who have taken very good care of themselves. But for those who smoke, and have smoked for a very long time, a long life is very unlikely. Last time I checked, doctors could not do miracles.

Smokers can look forward to getting any one of the many lung diseases, at some time in their lives, if they don't get lung Cancer first. Then there is the damage that smoking does to the heart and blood vessels.
Stroke and heart attacks are also higher among those who smoke. Not to mention Cancer of the mouth or throat.
Also, second hand smoke has been proven to be even more harmful to the lungs an smoking. Art's last wife, Ramona, probably would have lived longer had she not been with a smoking partner. People who live with a smoker get ill from it just as much as the smoker himself.

Art has said many times that he loves beef and will never stop eating it. Beef is very high in cholesterol and most doctors will tell their patients to not eat beef, but instead eat chicken and fish. Art is not likely to listen to anybody about his bad habits. As we have seen, Art will do what he wants regardless of the consequences. Art seems like a man who cannot control his hungers or his lust for young women. And it's clear he has sex and love very confused.

The saddest thing about Art's life, is while he could be surrounded by his grown children now, and enjoying his grandchildren, he has separated himself from them, and will probably die without really knowing those grandchildren. So it could be said that the old man is doing what he has done from a very young age......he's fathering another child he is going to leave before she grows up. This last child makes number four (4).

I am shocked at Art. First off, he is very amusing on his show. His over the top border line racist, down right offensive behavior and diolect on air is hilarious when you are listening in the morning in front of your computer, especially when the day is going slow. However, let's keep in mind everyone that his show is for entertainment. He's like the Howard Stern of political talk radio. Let's not forget his station mate, nut bag, wack job Mike Savage with the Savage Nation bit. I am a black female in America who listens to them religiously for a good laugh. Oh, did I forget Niel Bortz!!! The people you should be mad at are the callers who call in to the show who really feel the way these idiots pretend to feel for a buck or two!!! Those people are real and some where out there like a loaded gun ready to do all kinds of criminal acts because of their beliefs such as hate crimes, the use of racial slurs which is a felonious offense if seriously pursued!! (Check the books)I think we should get real with our selves and address real issues like if their shows really bother you that much start taking action to get the off the air but insulting them and attcking their private lives, being slanderous, and abbrassive on blogs make you no better than them!!!

It is unbelievable how these people keep coming back with so much negativity! The comment was made that Art Bell is in his early 60's and he could live for many years yet. Then a comment is made that he is 62 as if saying early 60's was not accurate enough? The commenter goes on to say how he smokes, eats beef, etc. etc. All the negative comments will come back on you. You must have a sad life and sounds like envy? I am glad I don't have your nerve in my tooth!!! Nobody here can make a comment on how long a person will live.. If it is true and that is a big IF, that Art lives an unhealthy life, we still cannot judge him. I know 90 year old people who smoke. Not that one should smoke but why do you care so much about him not growing up with his child? As for lust for young women, what about men(of all ages) running around with young women in this day and age , use them for sex , have babies with them ; then go to the next one??? At least this one was made into an honest woman. He married her! She doesn't have to address him as "MY BABY'S DADDY" !

Sounds like you should file an action In Pro Se against Art for interstate harassment and get him to spend a few dollars in Federal Court explaining himself before a Federal Judge. Frankly I'm very disappointed in Art, he seems to like to "sue" everyone or threaten to sue them. Maybe he was picked on too much in school.

Art Bell, author of more than 40 books and a professor at The University of San Francisco, returns to the program to discuss another text he's penned. The book, McGraw Hill's Guide to Banishing Speaker's Nerves, tackles a subject that most people have a lot of trouble with and we were glad to talk to him about it. brings you live updates of NFL Football events, Free NFL picks, Football

I always thought it was strange that he said he thought about Ramona and wanted to take a bottle of Valium, but changed his mind. I also found how he described all the details of how she died a bit disturbing and somewhat rehearsed. And when within a couple of months, he'd run off and married a Phillipino the size of a child and barely of legal age and whom he professes undying and unequalled love for, I was suspicious that he killed Ramona so he could be with this girl. Did he have Ramona's body cremated?

Me thinks all is not well in Knye Land these days. Something is amiss. He sure took off awful fast. Maybe he'll resurface and his wife and baby will be gone! I can't believe she'd be faithful to an old geezer like him. Of course she married him for his money, forced herself to have sex with him and get pregnant so she could ensure the money stayed with her and her family. Or maybe they will resurface sans Art Bell! I always liked him a lot before this. After this, I lost respect.

I actually don't find any of this grounds for disliking Art, there is no proof of his having any wrong doing. Until there is proof that Art actually did something illegal or unethical it will not shake my opinion of the man. If he has however done something underhanded it will come out in time, though i highly doubt he is guilty of any crime. Saying that someone is merely forcing them self to be with someone is totally unfounded seeing as you not only don't know anything but the public face of Art, you know nothing about his new wife or her family either. "I can't believe she'd be faithful to an old geezer like him." judging by the previous quote you open yourself up to being borderline closed minded. There are plenty of couples that have a dramatic age difference, you can't put an age limit on true love, her age is totally legal. Well in closing i don't find any reason to lose respect for Art, as i have seen nothing but circumstantial evidence posted on this forum. I will admit; however, that it does look very strange.

Take the high road and do the right thing. Take down anything that is offensive and libelous. Actually, I was very taken back by the comments on those threads; they were obnoxious, slanderous and completely insensitive. It doesn't matter what article upholds your right to allow such libelous and hurtful remarks to be written. Just because a loophole in the system allows for unethical behavior to continue doesn't make it right.

Art Bell was forced out of his regular gig by Premier Radio. They were taken over by Clear Channel and they wanted to clean house. Art Bell and his main spokesman at Premier, Kraig Kitchins, were forced out. Management has decided to go with the safe alternative of George Noory and Ian Punnet.
Now Art Bell's rabid fans at the Fantastic Forum have started a libelous campaign to slander George Noory. All at the behest of Art Bell. Their slander campaign caused Premier to pull the plug on the Streamlink Forum at the Coast website. Some of their work can be seen at godlikeproductions and radioratingz. These are a handful of seriously disturbed individuals who are accusing George Noory of the very actions Art Bell got fired for, everything from nuisance lawsuits, questionable military history, and ex wives. So far George has taken the high road and said nothing, but I'm sure the old hags of the Fantastic Forum will accuse me of being George Noory himself. Just watch and see.

Wans't Art Bell in the Guiness book of records for a radio marathon? It was to raise money for "operation babylift" near the end of the Vietnam war. Art doesn't crow about this, but the Coast 2 Coast website does in his bio. They say he chartered a DC9 to fly 130 Vietnamese orphans to the US and Canada. hmmm. Oddly enough, just prior to this, a C-5 galaxy with 300 sponsored kids crashed on take off and all but 130 kids survived. 130. Art doesn't brag about this. Google and see. Art Bell, HARD on Asians. Ramona wasn't the first....

Art Bell is known for crying lawsuit when someone says or posts something about him.

I would imagine by the sudden marriage to this girl that Bell had been waxing his carrot to her for quite some time. She has got it made now. A small time celebrity with a decent income and pregnant by the small time celebrity. She is set for life when she decides to leave him and gets permant residence status. Payback is a bitch and the people Bell has wronged will see the "what goes around...comes around" in action.

seo yarismas

I disagree with your premise that you have no responsibility for the content of you blog site. You said, "I remove libelous comments when they're called to my attention", and I applaud you for doing this. Take it a step further and refuse to print any further comments on the objectionable subjects. As difficult as this would be, you would be setting a higher model of ethics in a area with few regulations.
What few readers are lost will be replaced be those who respect you for setting the line a little higher.

Take it a step further and refuse to print any further comments on the objectionable subjects

If I review comments prior to publication, I lose the legal protection of Section 230. I would be legally responsible for every comment I chose to publish.

That's not an option I could afford to take. If Section 230's protection ever goes away, I'd have to drop comments entirely.


I think all this has gone more than far enough. This site is
a discrace. People, even people in the public eye should be
allowed to live their lives as the wish without the kind of
low life comments seen on this site and supported by advertising
for profit.

If there is legal action taken because of things printed here
I would support it 1000%.


I personally think Art Bell is a pathetic waste of oxygen, and should be considered the lowest scum on the foodchain. He sets people off and sits back and watches the show, and to me that is just plain ignorant. I say BOYCOTT ART BELL..... Folks, this guy is a real piece of work, so-called know all of aliens, and a jack of all trades, master of none. This guy is so full of garbage (crap) that he can even make a dog barf on demand. So if you think you know the KING of KNYE, guess again. He is nothing more than a spectical wanna-be. Look at his life.... DISGUSTING if you ask me.... no morals, no nothing.... makes me want to go out to the airport and ask for dozen's of barf bags.......

principle. well, that's a fine word. no harm would have been done to anyone had the scurrilous comments quietly gone away. the cda would still have been in force. that would have been The Right Thing. politics have nothing to do with it, whether mr bell is a fool or scoundrel has nothing to do with it, whether he is a litigious lout has nothing to do with you anticipate, i could go on like that for paragraphs. principle. the comments could have been quietly stricken. note: not edited, but stricken. no announcement, no nothing. instead, you have a cause celebre. it's clear what principle is the motivation here. depressing, but not surprising.

Adam: Bell was taking the position that I must delete all discussion about him on my weblog. He wouldn't identify which comments he considered to be libelous. So the principle I stood up for was to err on the side of free discussion.

As I said in this weblog post, I have no desire to host libelous remarks and will review and potentially delete them if they are called to my attention. Bell eventually figured this out and identified the specific comments he objected to.

Sounds to me like Mr. Bell doesn't like media hype when it isn't making him money. Like all of these so-called "important people", he thinks he has a right to speak louder than we do.

Down to the bottom dollar: It sucks to be on radio making money, and realizing you don't have a universal say in someone else's speech.
It REALLY sucks to be Art and then realize someone doesn't like you, and finally decided to say so. It sucks to be on the OTHER side of that fence don't it now Art? YOU are not shy about running YOUR piehole, god forbid I do the same..........

Too bad his open lines which are closely monitored are not like real life, like here.

Easy enough. MY free speech, but unlike Art, I don't make a dime from it.

Suck it up Art, this is life. You don't have more of a right to the 1st Amendment than I do. Or anyone else.

the problem of free speech is that people tend to have no obligation towards what they say especially on the internet... all your reactions are based on what you've initially read about a person and most of the time you based your opinion on another person's opinion making your comments as gossips...

people are so keen on posting their rude comments against another person because there's no one to punch them immediately after you make your derogatory statement...

negative critics online are cowards...

why doesn't people just talk about cleaning the environment??

art bell,

learn the ART of silence, before your BELL rings.

very well said May Munoz. We, Filipinos have values not like you ART BELL.

This is in regards to any comment, not specifically regarding freedom of speech, or the main topic of "Art Bell": I'm really sorry for those that posted after "justsomeguy", because I could no longer read on. There needs to be some form of editing regarding TOPIC. When posts start to violently veer from the main topic, it's just plain "aggro" for those of us who don't have hours of free time to throw away. Don't get me wrong, I will die for your right to say anything, but please, can we just stay on topic. I'm sure there were great comments on the subject. (As I type, I can see "ART of silence", great 80's industrosynth dance band, being referenced. Wait, was that Art of Noise? Sorry, I digress.) Anyway, would be nice to edit out egomaniacal rants that have nothing to do about actual subject matter. P.S. Just scrolled up to make sure I got "justsomeguy" right and happened upon "LORD OF HOSTS ELIJAH". OMG! & WTF! ( I have never, in my life, been forced to use those two acronyms, together, in my life!) P.P.S. I like ,comma's, (parenthesis), and "quotations".Thank you.(psalm 69)

Wait, I forgot: "LOL". That would've been an hat trick. Damn!

Who is Art Bell again? I've never heard of him and whatever he says has no importance to me.

I really used to like Art Bell until he married that extremely young girl not very long after Ramona died. My opinion of him went way down.

I understand why he would be upset but this is a freedom of speech issue.

I used to like listening to Art Bell until the 9/11 disaster. After that he hung up a few times on callers who wanted to talk about Israel and Palestine, and wouldn't heed the suggestion that someone besides Arabs could have been responsible for the World Trade Center disaster. It seemed to me like he was being paid to promote only one viewpoint. I don't say he WAS being paid, only that at the time it seemed that way to me because of the information being withheld by his tirades against these anti-Israli callers, and hanging up on them. Up until that time I thought Coast to Coast AM was about free speech, and allowing callers to express their views. This is what originally turned me off to Art Bell's program. I have reservations about George Noory too but nothing so dramatic as what I felt about Art Bell keeping us from getting another side to the information about what might have caused 9/11.

This is coming from just an average housewife - not from anyone pursuing any political viewpoints. My issue was/is free speech and information control.

As for his marriage to a young woman only a few months after Ramona's death, this isn't such a terrible thing. He was lonely and met someone else. Good for them... and I wish them much happiness with their new daughter.

I stopped listening to his radio show when he didn't reply any of my fan mails. George Noory on the other hand is a real class act. He replied to my first fan mail and gave me an autograph photo of himself. You gooooo GEORGE!!!

How would you feel if the public took your comments about your life and twisted them like people have done to art bell. People are implying rediculous things about him. I know any of you people would absolutly hate it. I hope he gets all this slander taken care of.. The fact he is taking legal action should be reason enough for you strange people to think, maybe he is not doing any of these crazy things you think he is. He wants it to be brought to court. HELLO. Do you really think he is doing anything criminal?? Do you think he deserves all these things people are saying about him on the internet?? I think anyone who said anything negative and untrue about artbell should apologive to him. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.right?? wtf?? He shared some of his life with his listeners. He did not slander any of you people who are slandering him. That's just not cool. Don't you all know how it feels when someone you dont even know tells you that you have done something you have not?? Even if its a silly minor thing.. its wrong. But, In this poor mans case they are telling 1000s of people that they think he has done terrible things. Not one of you actually knowing. Not one.

Justin says, "Not one of you actually knowing. Not one."

It is very easy to discover the truth of the matter, it is on and any real journalist would research the issue, and before repeating the slander without investigation.

These comments will probably be removed, though, and even though they defend Bell against any casual reader's adoption of the slanderous propaganda they might see in the original (UNREMOVED) article. That's the neo-journalism of the internet for you.

God bless Art Bell.

The original post for this thread is nearly three years old......I wonder how Art Bell's lawsuit is going? Apparently he said "I will not contact you again, my Lawyer will." I wonder if his Lawyer ever did?

Art Bell and I met in the middle. He identified the comments he thought were libelous, and I reviewed them and deleted the ones where I agreed. I also have deleted a few comments where somebody passes along the false claim that he wrote a column bashing Filipinos.

someone should change art's wikipedia page then.

I used an effect like that like 9 months ago on a job i had

Now the truth begins

The Coast to Coast lie is coming to and end.

hey commenter, "outlanders," what happened to your lame website? George Noory may not cut it as host of Coast To Coast, but you guys suck even more! What a lame website you had up for all of 3 days...hahaha

I realize this is four years old, but damn.

How the hell did Art Bell ever piss anyone off enough to be called a child molester?

If you don't like the dude's show, that's cool -- don't listen to it.

Personally, I love it, even if I know more than half of it is BS. Sure, there are nutcases on the show. But for every guest talking about something ridiculous, there's a Michio Kaku (physicist) or a Graham Phillips (journalist) talking about strange -- but real -- stuff.

What other radio show is going to feature a long form, four-hour interview on things like string theory and brane theory? What other show will interview an archaeologist for three hours about the Antikythera Mechanism and its implications on ancient technology?

The show is known for its lunatics, but in truth I think it's only a very small percentage who actually believe the more outrageous stuff. The rest of us just like it for its entertainment value and not-infrequent episodes focusing on real science, archaeology and social issues.

So again, even if you hate the show and you don't like Art Bell as a radio host, it's going just a little bit too far to accuse the guy of child molestation or murder.

I see your point. I personally do not think you should be sued. I can't really blame Art either though. Especially after what happened when he was framed for making comments about Filipino's. It looks like theres actually still some people out there who think Art said those things about Filipinos.

I can't blame Art for getting mad from reading disgusting things. Theres alot of sick people with no lives out there. I do think the comments should be taken down out of common courtesy but I acknowledge its not your fault when others choose to make asses of themselves.

I love Art Bell and Coast to Coast.

Most comments that are posted on Blogs etc are moderated in an effort to stop such comments are they not? Apparently you have decided to allow the slanderous comments without moderation, this makes you complicit in the slander.
The freedom of speech card does not apply in the case of slander by following this tack you tell us a lot about yourself.
Not having the courage to attack Mr Bell face to face you've done it the cowardly way.
You are pathetic.

Most comments that are posted on Blogs etc are moderated in an effort to stop such comments are they not?

No. Most blogs have unmoderated comments.

I would take some comments down, not to avoid being sued, but because it is hurtful to Art Bell to be publicly talked about with reference to claims about child abuse or homicide. Sure, legally you can win, but why not show the man a little kindness?

After posting this blog entry, I deleted several comments at his request and have deleted a few new ones like the hoax about how he hates Filipinos.

Here is a breaking news that Art Bell (and George Noory) were waiting for in years about the elusive story of life on earth. It seems very serious and extremely logical. Check for yourself; the name of the website tells it all: Nice videos also and absolutely surprising theory (discovery).I hope someone will transmit it to Art Bell and George Noory.

so sad. his latest kid looks unhappy as hell. fake, pained smile. why wouldnt she be so severely sad? she's got an ancient dad who probably gave her faulty sperm (look at studies of old male sperm).

Kid's stuck with a great-grandpa for a bio-dad who has no clue and a mother who chose him and wants many others. they're all losers in the game of life.

he puts up pictures of his kid that make her look horrible. Faked, pained kid smile.

r those the best he's got? God, the whole house is suffering. Where's Ramona and the cats? Oh, she's dead. Now, that was a hppy home.

u believed all the good lies chip conned u with. Masturbated to chip before you conned her into marrying you or was it the other way around? After a few good whacks via email, Ramona was doomed.

Why did u run off to the Phillipines? No extradition? U Murdered Ramona for some puss that ain't got no hair, only open lips (and the door is open when u ain't home lol), but u already know that, but feel helpless to do anything about it.

Anyone who listened to ab's ramblings after the murder knows he did it. Question is, was chippy in on it?

LE knew he did it, just couldn't prove it. A few good email blow jobs, a kiss and a promise was all it took to murder Ramona, who was great person, not like shrimp chip, which dumbass ab is fakes finally int figuring rumpimg "amirha,")

Oh, yea, he respects the soul of all life. NOT! Everyone knows that ab and whore murdered Ramona. Everyone in the world knows it, but some can't feel normal emotins, at all...

my opionion only, all of this, yf, ab and whore. Good pre-game bj's, Gramps. How's tej afrlife? Ain't no way ur getting rid of this one so slick. byee, byeee, ab.

Chippy will dump him eventually if she can. Probably already screwed the "pool man" many times. And he is only one of the guys she's f'ed. Grandpa takes naps and she takes all the f.ks for relaxation. Watch your back, Grampa.

What a fool. They r both killers, & deserve each other. Both better watch their backs good. Match made in heaven. Evil creeps.

I miss you, Ramona. ab was the (fake) best, a good (fake) guy to me before he and gf murdered u. Now, he's just a non-arrested murderer...and so is his replacement "wife" who popped out a dough-baby.

hia kid is r, a, ug, and emotionally stnted.

gth, ab. gfys.

I had no idea who Art Bell was until today. I find it very curious that his wife died 'unexpectedly' while on vacation and within weeks the man was remarried to some women in the PI.

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