God Hates Blogs, Journals, Spaces and Some Photo Sharing

Bloggers are going to hell one entry at a time, according to Kevin D. Denee of the Restored Church of God's Ambassador Youth magazine:

Should teenagers and others in the Church express themselves to the world through blogs? Because of the obvious dangers; the clear biblical principles that apply; the fact that it gives one a voice; that it is almost always idle words; that teens often do not think before they do; that it is acting out of boredom; and it is filled with appearances of evil -- blogging is simply not to be done in the Church. It should be clear that it is unnecessary and in fact dangerous on many levels.

Let me emphasize that no one -- including adults -- should have a blog or personal website (unless it is for legitimate business purposes).

Photo sharing is acceptable to the Lord in some circumstances:

Some questions naturally arise: "Can I have a photo gallery?" For example, maybe you visited an exotic country and want to share your photos with close friends. This can be done, but certain guidelines apply. Of course, there should never be any inappropriate pictures (again, be careful of the appearance of evil); it should be private and password protected, and only shown to family and closest friends.


By selecting those few paragraphs to sum this guy up, you did a real disservice to the really stupid things he actually says in the article.

There's a lot of comedy gold there, and you just picked out a couple of the smaller nuggets...

I always find it hilarious how Republifundies view themselves as God, and are privy to speak with his voice.

Pederasty, lying, sending people off to die, and other Republican Values do not displease The Lord, it seems, but voting Democrat, beleiving in evil reality, facts, and science, and communicating with people outside your cult are very high on The Lord's shitlist.

"Blogging has become a socially accepted practice--just as are dating seriously too young, underage drinking and general misbehaving. But just because someone else "jumps off the cliff" does not mean you should do the same"

Ah, the ole "jumps offa cliff" argument, eh?

Hard to argue with logic like that.

Wot next?... "Wait till God yer Father gets home"?

Close minded, hidebound, moribund religious control freaks will always fear and work against the dissemination of opinions other than those they believe in.

Somebody wanna tell this guy that the cat is outta the bag? That the can o' worms is opened fer good?

Fer too many years the national debate was framed and given parameters by a very tiny number of folk.

Today blogworld has broken down the door into that vital debate and opened it up to all and sundry.

We done gone and "bum rushed the show"

We aint leaving anytime soon.

So folk like this guy from the Church of the Kidnapped Jesus had better get used to the idea pronto like.

So sez Spud!

Be Well.

All us republifundies as you call us are not in the least against blogs. There are tons and tons of conservative Christian blogs out there (like mine). You're kind of ignoring the obvious. Whoever wrote that silly (unBiblical) opinion piece hardly speaks for all of Christendom.

I agree with Marie. This guy ruins it for other Christians and has absolutely no Biblical basis for what he is saying. And btw political offiliations have nothing to do with it.

I agree with marie and katie, but I have to ask them this....if these people do, in fact, "...hardly speak for all of Christendom.", then why is this guy being published and quoted in major media, and you two are relegated to tiny little 'comments' at the bottom of the page? Do you not care that these animals are doing more to destroy your religion than 'harry potter' readers and gays who want to enjoy a recognised, monogamous marriage? Since all I see are articles like the above, and little to refute it in the mainstream media...what does that say about 'Christendon'?

(and, btw, politics has everything to do with it, since the 'christians' were one of the biggest supporters of Emperor Bush and his policies of torture and destruction of our founding governmental charter.)

Can you provide reference for "this guy being published and quoted in major media"?

(All respect to Rogers, Workbench doesn't count ;)

then why is this guy being published and quoted in major media

The name "Kevin D. Denee" gets 17 hits on Google, 11 of which are from one site (the one quoted above).

When I look up my own name, I get over 500 hits.

When I look up my fairly-unknown web site (weirdorlando), I get almost 1800 hits.

This guy isn't being quoted anywhere.

What's really sad is when someone picks a really-fringe nobody and pretends he's a significant part of a social movement they don't like...

Because morons like him are louder, or at least pretend to be.

Oboy! Now we Xians can have our very own Pharisees! Now we can get answers to the really important questions like

How far can I walk on the sabbath?
How far can I walk after looking at a photograph?
How far can I walk after looking at a photograph on a blog?

One of my visions of hell is a reality in which every single verbalizing person on earth has a blog and the ensuant cacophony drowns out all real communication.

The one trait that distinguishes religious fundamentalists of all stripes is the pretension to know God's will. I believe in God, but I imagine a Deity disengaged from involvement in the operation of the universe, once the Big Bang set it all off.

I rather like the idea of the whole affair impoding--time will run backward, and eventually existence will arrive once again at the Point of the whole thing--SHEBANG!

On the other hand, I think of the wistful attitude of someone I knew who didn't believe Jesus Christ was the Son of God, but he thought that a Second Coming would be very entertaining (and wouldn't it, though?)--well, minus all the scourges of a wrathful Jehovah. But really, as far as I'm concerned, the Tribulation is here and now.

Too bad, ye fundamentalists, you'll never get to see all us apostates writhe in the agony of divine retribution--George W. Bush is doing the "Lord's" dirty work before our very eyes.

Yet, we shall abide. I see Zion shimmering...

This is the most retarded article I've ever read. You are a complete dumbass, I've never read in the bible that "God hates blogs, myspaces, or picture gallerys" in any variation of words. Please, NEVER write an article again in your life because everybody just laughs at you.

Ah, typical Joe. I mean heck... never mind reading the article... you can at least read THE FIRST FRICKEN LINE:

Bloggers are going to hell one entry at a time, according to Kevin D. Denee of the Restored Church of God's Ambassador Youth magazine:

Maybe the "according to" is some secret code, known only to us slaves trapped by the evil, reality based community.

If you follow this line of thinking, then TV, telephones, snail mail, and books are also evil. All are just tools. What you use them for is up to you. There are a lot of serious Christian blogs out there, all over the spectrum. But its the hardline fundamentalists that give us all a bad name.

What is that old saying? "It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch"?

I am a Christian. Born again, Spirit filled at that. I am a writer of sorts, therefore I have a blog (or two). I am an Independent as far as voting preferences go, therefore I can go either way when it comes to voting. I do not put all of my hope in one party because like I said before -- it only takes one to spoil the whole bunch! I don't particularly trust any of our politicians, but because it is right to vote for someone, I try to pick the lesser of evils when I do..... not all of them are Republican... Democrat.... or whatever. That is the cool thing about America! I can vote for whoever I want and I don't have to tell anyone in which way I have voted!

Anyone who plays God and tells anyone they are going to hell is a nut case!

And you're in the right place to get all those answers, Sorrell. After all, it claims to be "the only website on earth that explains the truth of virtually every biblical doctrine - and in extraordinary detail".


Yeah - I gave him publicity by blogging about it too :-/

What would Jesus do? Probably shake his head and think "wow, that article is fucked up."

Why is it so difficult for all of these off-shoots of the WCG to grasp that Christianity is the ability to live amongst as sinful world while providing God with the love that is due to Him and demonstrating our love for others who may one day become brothers/sisters with us in the kingdom of God? To treat others the way we wish to be treated means not being forced to adopt the ethics, morals or lifestyles dictated by others. God never once told mankind what he absolutely had to do in order to become a part of this kingdom, other than to love God and to do our best to love our fellow man. We are to show God how we, as free-thinking individuals, choose to demonstrate this love. God never told us how to show this love. That is up to each of us individually. All of these rules about clothing, attendance, obedience, make-up, proper rules and rituals, were made up and forced upon the congregations. This is 100% against the 10 Commandments (which rarely tell us how to do what is being asked) given to us by God, and the "golden rule" given to us by Jesus, which simply condenses these commandments. The coming Tribulation is due to the rise of MILITANT Islam, MILITANT "Christianity" and MILITANT Communism (atheism). God does not use force in His kingdom. Individuality is a desired human trait and it is why we were placed upon this earth. Being forced to accept the rules, regulations, guidelines, laws and restrictions of any other person is detrimental to our own eternal life. God wants us to show Him how well we live by the moral and ethical code that we set for ourselves, not how well we obey the confusing "stumbling blocks" that have been placed before us by others.

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