Handle 'Scumbag' with Care

The original meaning of the slang term scumbag was a bit more specific than "despicable person" -- it meant "used condom." The New York Times once put a scumbag in its famous crossword puzzle and angered readers.

Former Rep. Dan Burton called President Clinton a scumbag in 1998, sparking press attention in the word's unsavory origins.

Now that I've told you this, please enjoy the following metaphor from Dennis Byrne's commentary about the Foley scandal in the conservative weekly Human Events Online:

... for Rush [Limbaugh], it appears to be just one more case of defending the castle against another onslaught from the left. In this, he's not doing Republicans and conservatives any favors. It just gives gleeful Democrats an example of Republican "hypocrisy." Of how Republicans keep talking about America losing its moral compass, while they've lost it themselves.

Democrats are making gains with it, because it is becoming increasingly true. Otherwise it wouldn't have taken Republicans so long to admit that they messed up by not smelling the scumbag in their midst.


Although it's not quoted directly in the Paul Keating insults archive,"scumbag" is best known in Australia as the iconic favourite insult of Paul Keating, Prime Minister of Australia from 1991 to 1996.


Pretty amazing how every time a member of the Bush family is in the White House, there is a pedophile scandal.

Nothing is more fundamentally Republican than pederasty.

Time fer beelzebublicans to stop their state of denial and wake up and "smell the scumbag"

Sing along with Frank Zappa and John Lennon and the irreplaceable Yoko Ono if ya like...


Be Well.

Every American should always show resepct for any and all Americna Presidents. Period!


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