Katherine Harris Clowns Around in Sarasota

An AP photo taken Tuesday at Sarasota-Bradenton Airport combines two of my favorite things -- Katherine Harris and sad clowns:

Katherine Harris makes clown sad at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

One of the best things about Harris is that she keeps firing staffers, reducing the chances that someone will might tell her things like "don't do a photo op in front of a suicidal clown."

But as much as I love this photo, I have to question the decision to place a giant mural of a sad clown at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.

Is that really what you want to see when you're getting ready to climb aboard a 23,000-gallon aluminum gas tank with wings?


HA! Hilarious. BTW, the airport has clowns because Sarasota is the hometown of Ringling Bros. ANd now they have one more to add to the group!

Katherine Harris IS a clown. If the voters in Florida are dumb enough to elect her - we should sever the State from the mainland USA and let the landmass of idiots float out to sea.

She is an elected
official. Let her
be as she is.
Florida will decide
her fate.
Grow up.

She is also a hoochie. At least she is a little lighter on the electric-blue eyeliner.

She committed treason against this country and it's people by helping the current criminals who slither in-n-out of Washington, steal the 2000 election. Don't even comment that isn't true, it has been documented in full. Just this week a Princeton professor, along with a group of his students, not only successfully hacked a voting machine, but did it with absolute ease. We have a (p)resident in hte white house that proclaims he can do what he wants when he wants no matter what our judiciary branch rules what is lawful and what is not. We have a (p)resident that has broken 750 laws since being in office. A flawless model of dictatorship is in every Americans face, but since most the population knows who Britney 'Who Cares' Spears husband is and not the Secretary of State, I concede that bringing in tyranny won't be a huge challenge for the CFR, Trilateral Commision and the Bilderberg Group. See ya in the gulags!!


Good Lord man how many paranoid delusional statements can one human being put into a paragraph. I think you just won. Now take some Prozac and go to bed.

Guzo... Oh I get it! Your from Venezuela. Right?

Who cares?????????????????

Hey Sanford, are you following your right wing leaders by trying to be insulting to anyone that views things differently than your narrow mind?

Did Katherine Harris get her position through the Make A Wish Foundation?

I think she is a gorgeous, smart and wonderful woman. She is graceful and her body is outstanding. My kinda woman! She can come to my house any day! I believe she will win because men like me will vote for her and not tell our liberal friends.

I like her looks and grace too. She is what a real MILF looks and smells like.

Thanks REPCON, unless one is gay, she rocks guys world huh! I get excited just thinking about her. There are far more flattering pictures of her on the net, check them out for a thrill!

I believe Katherine Harris has integrity, and is a honest senator and I believe she will win again.
She is also very pretty.

Yep...nice chicken neck. I vote she ends up on the same cell block as all of her "mentors" in DC. Isn't she out of money yet?

Rogers, aren't you from the South? Don't you feel that part of the venim against Katherine Harris comes from a certain anti-Southern bigotry?

The way she dresses, makes herself up, poses, and talks is the way a lot of Southern women do. My parents moved away from Georgia/Tennessee before I was born (in Los Angeles), so it seems a bit foreign to me, but I recognize a lot of my small town Southern relatives in Katherine Harris.

I feel that there're just some cultural differences here that should be respected. It particularly bugs me that when people want to prove someone is stupid, they affect a Southern drawl, because they think yoiu must have brain damage if you talk that way.

This usually comes from left wing people, not because of any particularly greater tendency to bigotry among the liberal, but rather because the South tends to be more conservative than the rest of the country. It think it's unseemly, and people should be called on it.

At least we know how the clown feels. I still can't tell if she's smiling or grimacing.

Emmett Kelly used to be a very famous clown, the sad irony is that he isn't now. His tragi-comedy face, "Weary Willy," was loved because although repressed "horribly," he never gave up and came out triumphant in the end.

Ironically, and although young enough to have an excuse not to know this famous, albeit sad clown, I'm sure he does. However, he probably doesn't realize that his attempt to discredit Harris is an allegory for the abuse Weary Willy endured, but still remained loved and triumphant?

Florida voters are on average a bit older than Rogers, and will appreciate the association because they loved Emmett Kelly. Despite the calumny to the contrary, this public relations person did a GOOD JOB!

I never wanted to run away and join the circus, but I did leave home when I was 16, and had a a brief career as a hippie hobo. I hopped freight trains from Nevada to Nebraska, so I claim some cred with scruffy hobos and dirty hippies. Emmett Kelly, Sr. was a great artist, and I loved him.

Nobody was better at sweeping the spotlight than Emmett, I just wish someone would sweep Katherine Harris OUT of the spotlight.


The hostility directed towards Kathleen Harris is primarily due to the fact that she's Dubya's bootlicking toadie, which manifested itself in her unethical, partisan, conflict-of-interest-laden behavior during the 2000 election. Her policies haven't won her many friends outside of the usual circle of Bushbots, i.e, she claims that the separation of church and state "is a lie we have been told" and "God is the one who chooses our rulers," her opposition to stem cell research, support of the credit card industry's Bankruptcy Bill (a.k.a. the "Moral Bankruptcy" bill), the Patriot Act, the Flag Desecration Amendment, the Federal Marriage Amendment and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, etc. She has also been dogged by the MZM campaign donation scandal.

And no, she hasn't helped herself with her freakshow make-up and inappropriate attire (which has drawn criticism from Conservatives and Liberals alike). But as far as your allegations of "anti-southernism" at work, you might want to explain how your analysis can account for the animosity her own party holds for her (she won the Republican primary against the wishes of Republican leadership, and current polls indicate she will be trounced in November).

Personally, I didn't see much anti-southern bias when "Libruls" elected Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. But I have seen a lot of "anti-northern" animosity in the other direction towards Hilary Clinton, John Kerry, etc in the time since.

As far as the southern drawl thang, well... can't help you there. I cringe when my southern friends and relatives speak that way, and frankly, I don't have any sympathy for the "cultural differences" argument. I know a lot of Southerners that *don't* talk like that (and a lot of Midwesterners and Northerners that do!!) Let's be honest -- when someone speaks like that (or like a Wisconsinite, or a Minnesotan, or Ebonics, or an "1337 hax0r," or a totally rad surfer dude, or WHATEVER) they DO sound like they're brain damaged. And if I spoke like that (or wore a diaper to work, or ate paste, or married a couch, etc.) I would expect to be treated like someone who was brain damaged.

Don't you feel that part of the venim against Katherine Harris comes from a certain anti-Southern bigotry?

Maybe, but I think Harris was the object of national scorn before many people knew she was a sister of the South.

As a native Texan, I like big-haired ass-kicking Southern belles. It's one of the things that made Ann Richards' public persona so entertaining.

But some of them have a mean streak, like Kay Bailey Hutchison -- who allegedly beat John Connally's daughter with a binder at a staff meeting -- and Harris, and this isn't quite as endearing. One of the reasons Harris has done so badly is that she keeps pissing off staffers so much they spill to the press.

listen people. as a resident of sarasota for the last 27 yrs. all i can say is that rep. katherine harris is a complete and utter douchbag. she is also an amazing hypocrite (so unheard of in her circles!) anyone who gets a chance should ask her about the "bumble-bee" club pin she wears on her lapel.

Zero chance of victory for this idiot...

She is an example of how much the Republican party has changed.

Goldwater is rolling in his grave.

All the comments made me smile!you americans have a great sense of humour!

The sad clown is most likely Emmett Kelly. I met him when I was very young. Sarasota has always been a circus town, at least I wish the circus was still here!

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