Pope Benedict's New Hat

Pope Benedict XVI donned a new hat for his address at St. Peter's Square today:

Pope Benedict's bitchin' new hat, a saturno

My mother remembers seeing this hat, which is called a saturno, on pictures of past popes at the Catholic school she attended in her youth.

With the addition of a leopard stripe band, that would be a bitchin' pimp hat.


It makes him look a bit too much like the Quaker Oats dude if you ask me.

Pimpin' yes, but not very slimming.

Hey look its woody!

Dude, the pope is totally gay

the pope turns into a fashionista :)

Yes, this hat would like very nice in a gay pride parade. I love it!!!!

Where can I get one?

I dont like this man. He have a snake face

Get a life guys !!! It's the Holy Father you're talking about. Have a little respect you morons !

Guys get a life !!! The Holy Father is the respected leader of the largest single group of people on the planet.

He should sell it on E-bay and give the proceeds to the poor...

It is called a saturno because it is reminiscent of the planet saturn.
To be hoped he wont take to wearing a pluto.

how do you make pope benedicts hat?

Pick up your Saturno at Gamarelli Bros. in Rome. :)

Pope Benedict Is Satan Masquerading As A Spiritual Preacher Of Benediction. And To Comment On That Lady's Remark.......Yes He Does Have A Snake Face Because He Is Satan (Serpentine Appearance, Etc)
The Roman Catholic Church Is Evil. None Of The Popes Are The Holy Father.......The Only Holy Father Is God & The Only Representative Of The Holy Father On Earth Is Christ Not The Roman Catholic Church Or The Any Of The Popes!!!

Kenneth, your anti-Catholic remark about calling the Vicar of Christ "satan" only proves that you are the one influenced and/or possessed by Satan. The Catholic Church was founded by Christ 2000 years ago, and the fact that you are part of some fake, satanic sect, daring to call yourself Christian, is pathetic. You will know the truth some day, that I can promise you....down deep you know that the Catholic CHurch is the one, true Church...you just can't admit it, so you continue to sput out your heresy and hatred...Good luck at your judgement...It is truly Satan who inspires hatred toward the Catholic Church, the Blessed Mother, and Christ's reprsentative on Earth, the Pope (yes, the Holy Father)....and you have fallen right into it...there is nothing more that pleases Satan than to have someone speak evil against Christ's Church...you are truly pathetic...

You Kenneth are a jerk

God bless good pope Benedict


He is totally gay.

Your remarks Kenneth were very disturbing and I can only say to you that in a place deep with in your heart you care for him. Do not discard that! You must understand that God is real and that God does not like the negativity that you seem to embrace. Rather open up to the Church and its "True" meanings, not these satanic remarks. You do not at this moment understand the way and life of a Christian. You must work on it!!! The Pope is a simple yet humble worker. You must also see that The Catholic Church does nothing wrong to hurt you. You must open your eyes and heart. Do not act as though you know everything because you don't! You are not evil, because there is good in everyone! Take sometime to go into a church or a place you like and pray and recall what you say and feel toward the Catholic Church. Do not attack the Church by saying that it is evil. The Church is a haveness place and for you to say that the Church is evil makes you a disturbance in the true meaning of Faith!!!

You guys are silly, condemning each other to hell based on ones choice of church. Ever ever the south park on denominations? Bunch of people get to hell and say, "i was a good Lutheran" or "i was a faithful catholic, why am i here?" and they are told "sorry, but you picked the wrong religion. the correct answer was the mormons, yes mormons was correct.' In other words, do you expect god to send to hell good people in the 'wrong' religion or denomination? do you think this is a tough quiz-show question, and god has tied your eternal soul to it? especially considering that your faith is largely, almost entirely determined by your birth-place? c'mon. As far as being 'good,' whatever you guys are, you fall short. you can believe in christ but if you are jerks, it shows... when you call each other pathetic and denounce each other as hellbound. thankfully, you are not in charge of fate or even your repective denominations. you turn people off of religion by your hateful attitude punctuated ith the importance of love.

anyway, man you could really see benedict turning out to be satan. whoa. you got to admit it. him and bush in a room... much is unspoken much is understood. but that being said, maybe hes just an intellectual, old man. or jesus incarnate. or some italian guy. or maybe hes actually russian!

What your remarks were about Benedict and the Church are disgracefull and you should be ashamed!!! Think Positive not negative!!! you are not on the right path!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Everything is going to plan...

Another antichristos - "in place of Christ" - vicar of christ. This political institution doesn't have anything to do with Christ and/or Christianity.

Of course the Pope is Satanic & Luciferian. Red is the devil's color
and represents the fire of hell, sin and lust. That is why catholic
"priests" wear black and red, black for death of the spirit and
red for hellish fire. Pedophiles, homos, and false preachers they
are and will burn in hell. The Pope wears white because he fakes purity, he is a wolf in lamb's clothes. You retarded catholic blind
sheep following a blind shepherd, read The Bible idiots, it doesn't
teach about wearing stupid hats, Christ our Lord never wore those
ridiculous hats.

He's just a man. That's all. Although he's a pretty silly man, who has caused a lot of damage and pain in his life, in his job as head of the inquisition, and now as pope.

You People Are Brainwashed By The Roman Catholic Church. The Reason Why I Know That Pope Benedict Is Satan Is Because I Am The Christ!!! Hehehe......The Gaelics Say That Ken Means To Know...Why Dont You People Check Out This Website Hehehehe.....Hehehehehe Its Funny How You Roman Catholics Accuse Christ Of Being Off The "Path" Heheehe....Just Check Out This Site:

I also go by other names you false Roman Catholics, Neptune, Poseidon, Mercury, Hermes, Prometheus, Odin, Lugus, Messiah, Lord, Enkil, Krishna, Buddha

Stop Waisting You Time You Roman Catholic Heretics Accusing Christ Of Being A Heretic Because The True Church Of Christ Is Everywhere & Not Centralized In The Vatican In Italy.

You People Made Me Laugh Though.

Or Hit Me Up At Christ Myspace Page: www.myspace.com/chariotwaters

Read This Website About Neptune And How It Relates To Christ

and Pope Benedict Wears a Saturno Hat? Saturn Is The Planet That Relates To Satan


Why Does Satan Want To Devour All Of The Worlds Souls; Why Does Satan Want To Devour All Of The Worlds Children.

Why Does The Roman Catholic Church Molest Boys and Girls Destroying Their Innocence?

The Roman Catholic Church Is Not The Church Of Christ And This Statement Is Coming Out Of The Mouth Of The REAL LORD


Its funny how much Charlatans are in the world right now. The Truth Is That I Am Not Even White!!! Europeans (Romans and Greeks Twisted My TRUE IDENTITY AND MADE LOOK NOTHING LIKE A TRUE EGYPTIAN OR MIDDLE EASTERN JEW OF MY FIRST HISTORICAL EXISTENCE ON EARTH INCARNATED AS AN ORDINARY MAN IN THE FLESH!!!)

Heres Another Website That Can Help You Understand The Relationship Between Saturn (Satan) And Neptune (Christ)



I can't find any popes,nuns,cardinals,or gray smoke in the structure of the church as outlined by GOD in (1 cor 12:28) the typical RC has been hoodwinked, they serve two master, and one of them is not of GOD,if you test a RC to defend his or her faith and asked them where can us real christians find fairy tales like sinless mary,purgatory,andpraying to dead saints in the bible they will always give you the answer "not all is written in the bible" roflol!!! What a cop out, they need more outside of the word of GOD to have salvation, well I say if they wish to do good work to earn their way into heaven then come clean my house,sheeesh wake up ppl the RCC isn't the true church, the greatest trick satan played on humans was the RCC!!!!!!

in conclusion he is a satanic pope who is gay

he he heh, you guys are funny.

The pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church! We're all behind you!

wake up people.. read revelations 17:4-11 which clearly explains the catholic church in detail which is obvious.. Rev.17:11 The beast that once was and now is not, is an eighth king that belongs to the seven which are the seven hills of rome ..Benedict is the eighth king and belongs to the roman catholic churh..he wears the hat that will represent his lucifer beacon next year when saturn ignites into a new sun caused by the lucifer project in which he will make you worship before giving you the microchip that marks his name after being led into all the fema camps that are over eight hundred set up in america which represent the beast before him which was hitler..dont be foolish.. all the puzzle pieces set in plain sight before you that match and correspond to the revelation prophecies.. seek and you shall find.. next year the fifth seal will open and the in 2011 the sixth seal will open. use wisdom.The prophets were sent to not only warn us but to prepare us.

I think that you are all blashphemous sons of the devil. The pope is the closest thing we have to a living God on this earth and to make fun of his hat is to ridicule our lord. You will be punished for your sin.

I would also like to add that the above 'Benny Hamah' is incorrect. Benedict is the 12th king and there are most definitely 6 hills of rome. Rise up and conquer my children. Spread the truth. You will be rewarded in another life.

thats awesome i want one of those!

The gentleman earlier on had it pretty much right, although I think I would like to impart a little more tact. Listen, I grew up a "hard core" Catholic, but a long time ago I was presented with undisputable facts. Growing up Catholic there is one undesputable fact. My Catholic church and none of the others ever had a Holy Bible in the pews. This is because the church doesn't want any more Martin Luthers. You see, when you actually study and pray upon the Holy Bible more and more truths come to light. There have been many lies that have been presented as truth to us for centuries. For instense: The worship of Mary and calling Sunday the Holy Sabbath Day (FYI in almost every language in the world Saturday has grammerical relation to Sabbath i.e. spanish:Sabbado)These teachings are not biblical. As a matter of fact all you have to do is read the REAL/TRUE ten commandments of God and you will find flaw in the Catholic faith-see Exodus 20:1-17 You should also do a study on the state of the dead..."For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun."-Ecclesiastes9:5-6 And by the way it is unbiblical to call any man on earth "Father" much less "Holy Father",see Matthew 23:9 (if you catholics can find a Bible)Be careful though, the "Catholic Bible" has been doctored up to hide certain truths. The widely excepted and proven King James or New King James versions of the Holy Bible which are from the "Textus Receptus" are the closest translations to the original scriptures, and have been proven to also go word for word with the Dead Sea Scrolls written over 2000 years ago. Actually I would read the whole 23rd chapter of Matthew if I were you. I don't know any Catholic that can out-quote a devoted Bible reader. Maybe that's the challenge you need to get your hearts and minds into the word of God. Please take my advice if you do consider yourself a Christian and want to live in Heaven for eternity. If you do believe in the Holy Trinity (not a phrase found in the Bible, but accurate)then please see for yourselves. It's not about some silly human man whith a rediculous insugnifficant hat. It is about your souls. You don't have to take my word for it, but the Catholic church is representative of the Anti-Christ. May God be with you all and may His Holy Spirit show you the one truth. My last scripture to you is: Jeremiah 29:13-14, Look this one up for yourself. Thank you and I love you all.

One question for the catholics now the BIBLE tells us that Jesus is the HEAD of the church and that ppl are the body, but I also hear that the Pope claims he is the HEAD of the chiurch as well, if this is true when and where does the BIBLE teach that we have two HEADS, for not even ONE apostle ever made this claim like the false popes of the RCC, this is another example of the RCC reiventing the word of GOD for their so called sacred traiditions which by the way aren't even GOD breathed, Pope PIUS Xl stated that " I am the way, the truth" didn't Jesus say this about himself?? This proves from countless sources that even Popes think they are truly GOD(sad!!!!!!!!)

Firstly, you need to read "The Great Apostasy" which details how and why the Catholic church came into being. It most certainly was not by an apostle of God - all powers of the priesthood were removed from the earth when the last apostle was murdered.
Second of all there is no scriptural basis for the practices of the RCC: vows of celebacy, vows of poverty, nuns being married to the church, crossing themselves, all the elaborate garb that they wear, confessing sins to, and receiving forgiveness from a priest, the electing of a new pope - black and white smoke etc.
Isn't it interesting to you that the same people who profess to love Christ are the ones who actually killed Christ - the Romans.
The Lord chose to live a simple life and to dress simply; why does the Pope wear a robe and crown like a King and demand that people bow before him and kiss his ring? Surely that is behavior reserved only for a true king - Christ?
But catholics don't ask these questions, because they don't read scripture, (in fact it was forbidden for the longest time) and they accept everything that their priests teach them.
And lastly, after all the scandals and abuse that have comes from this church - the crusades, the dark ages, the sex scandals etc etc etc, how can you still believe that it is God's church.
A majority of the mafia are catholics for crying out loud! Isn't that enough? The RCC is the single most evil organization on earth masquerading as a religion and a church. How can you not see that?
Your current pope is a former Nazi for crying out loud. There's an old saying "Trusting the serpent will not stop it from biting you."

15 And the LORD said to me, "Next, take for yourself the implements of a foolish shepherd. 16 For indeed I will raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for those who are cut off, nor seek the young, nor heal those that are broken, nor feed those that still stand. But he will eat the flesh of the fat and tear their hooves in pieces.
17 " Woe to the worthless shepherd,
Who leaves the flock!
A sword shall be against his arm
And against his right eye;
His arm shall completely wither,
And his right eye shall be totally blinded."

Zechariah 11 (verse 15 to 17)

Very interesting passages for our times. The worthless shepherds are our politicians, some preachers, some priests, and some Popes.

Pope Benedict preaches Heresy. Saturno = Satan

Watch and learn: video.google.ca

Most of the comments read on this site are true like the unbiblical practices of popes and pagan tradition of the catholics. Please read the book entitled: The Dark Side of Catholicism to have more understanding how popes twisted the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Good morning John:

I like you to know that the Catholic Church was NOT FOUNDED by Jesus christ 2000 years ago as you shared your ideas. Actually the Catholic church do not exist during the time of Jesus nor the Apostles. The Catholic church was founded by a pagan emperor Constantine in 312A.D. in Rome and not in Jerusalen and for almost 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ. Even the parents of Jesus Christ were not Catholics and so with his followers. Please search deeper to understand your belief and religion. Bye

He's looking like the oldest queen at the Fire Island parade in that hat. Quite becoming, in its way. Too bad the dude wearing it is a chauvinist witch doctor who is personally responsible for every preventable AIDS death in Africa that was caused by the church's anticondom doctrine (not all AIDS deaths, mind you, just the ones where condoms were foregone because of church doctrine). Best of luck explaining that one to St. Peter, Maat or whomever meets one on the first day of forever.

this guy thinks his sauron and the ring(hat)of power

From what I have observed the pope has a pagan hat collection.( None of which are very flattering,I've seen better on the queen)
Look up a photo of the pope doning his fish hat,miter.
It's pagan roots go back to the fish god daggon that Jonah
warned the ruler of nineveh about.(a.k.a.nimrod)

One of the titles the pope officially gives to himself is"god on earth". For those of us that understand the warnings and read the bible, we know that it's satan that sits on the throne and calls himself god.

If Jesus taught us that in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven that the material world is what we must leave, sell what wealth we have, give to those in need, love one another.Then could someone explain why it is that the vatican accumulates storehouses,treasurehouses of material wealth in the multi billions while the needy on Gods earth do without. Does the True God need to be doned in richly arrayed garments,fashion hats,gold jewells,and live in lavishly decorated condos? Or..does it sound like a mockery to our heavenly Abba, that desires only your heart.
Read the bible for yourself.His Word is the Living Word. Pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit
Seek His heart and He will always answer His children.

Kenneth Rosado: President, Future Cult Leaders of America. Dude, have you ever thought about some xanax? Maybe some electro-convulsive therapy?

As a heathen, I can't be totally sure, but... aren't you people all supposed to, I don't know, be nice to one another? Some kind of loving of the neighbors thing? I think I read that.

Elisabeth Seacott

Oh my. Sigh

"The Holy Father"! He's just a man, no more Holy than anyone in the planet! Stop worshipping people! Ya fricken weirdo's!

There is One God. Jehovah is the Lord Hunter God. His Consort is the Birth Mother Goddess Wisdom (Sophia) of Proverbs 8. They are ONE in Marriage, as Adam and Eve are ONE in Marriage. Jesus Christ is Their Son. The Goddess Wisdom Possessed Christ. She was Possessed by the Lord Before the Foundation of the Earth. Christ Claims to be Her when He said in John 17:24, "Father...... You loved Me Before the Foundation of the Earth." Wisdom said this in Proverbs 8. Every Church Pastor, Priest, Minister, Etc., knows of the Goddess Wisdom, but deny Her existence. Solomon Worshiped Her as well as King David. Wicca Means the Craft of the Wise. One cannot be Wise without the Consort of Jehovah, Wisdom. She is the Goddess of Alchemy. The Jewish Star is an Alchemical symbol. The Wiccan Pope of WiccanPope.com serves Israel. Christ is the King of the Jews. The first Pope was Peter a Jew!!! The 12 disciples or Coven (Church) consisted of Jews. Rome Stole Israel's Church. Judaic Christianity is the true Religion of Christ and His children. The Wiccan Pope believes a Jew needs to be Pope of the Christian Church, not a Previous Nazi Roman. Peter had a Wife. She was his Popess. The belief that the Pope and his so called Priests not being able to marry is against the original Judaic Christian Law. Peter said, "Don't Christians have a right to marry a sister of the faith, like Peter?" Hail Israel, and her King Christ who is Mother Wisdom incarnate. Wiccan Pope

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