Mexican Flag Raised Over U.S. Post Office

Mexican flag raised over U.S. post officeLos Angeles blogger Lone Wacko reported an incident this weekend that should be entering heavy rotation any minute now in the mainstream media: Hispanic pro-immigration demonstrators raised a Mexican flag over a U.S. post office in Maywood, Calif., Saturday as part of a counterdemonstration against Save Our State, an anti-immigration group that claims California is becoming a "third-world cesspool."

Maywood became a flashpoint in the escalating immigration debate when elected officials in the Los Angeles-area city of 25,000, which is 96 percent Hispanic, declared it a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and took steps to make enforcement more difficult.

The Los Angeles Times covered the competing Maywood protests but did not report the flag-raising, which was witnessed by commentator Bridget Johnson of the Los Angeles Daily News:

... after the local post office took down the American flag at closing time, pro-immigration demonstrators promptly ran the Mexican flag up the flagpole. Eventually, police officers surrounded the flagpole and tried to get the Mexican flag down, but the cords got twisted and they could only lower it to half-staff.

Reporting this event makes me sound like a Minuteman, but I share her position on immigration. I'd like to see work become a path to citizenship for thousands of immigrants living illegally in this country, who wouldn't be here if employers didn't need them badly enough to risk breaking our laws. If there's too much immigration the place to get tough is with the Americans who hire workers illegally, not by demonizing desperate people yearning to improve their lives. I sympathize with these folks as the child of poor Irish a couple generations off the boat.

But raising a Mexican flag over a U.S. government building is a flagrantly offensive gesture against a country that has celebrated immigration, supported bilingualism and teaches schoolchildren to believe the melting pot's one of our strengths. This stunt's as ugly as the Mexifornia rhetoric coming from groups like Save Our State, and you have to marvel at the stupidity that would inspire activists to be so damaging to their own cause.


The U.S. Government is to blame for the immigration problem. When will we Americans stand up to our Goverment and tell them, "enough is enough?" STOP giving out 'freebies' and you will see Mexicans going home. What a sucker our government thinks we are! Remember: somebody is paying to 'give' to our so-called friends. It isn't the U.S. Government. IT'S THE AMERICAN PEOPLE..AND THEY ARE GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF GIVING....


Expecting the government to do anything is wishful thinking. We have the worst government we've ever had and the problem is there's no good way to get rid of the entrenched politicians. Trying to vote them out doesn't work; the voting itself is rigged. And Americans are just too complacent to realize that what we have here is "bread and circuses" meant to once again distract the unruly mob from the real issues. It's time for some real change, change that I'm afraid America doesn't have the guts for anymore. A shame ... We'll go down in history as another failed democracy.

BUILD THE WALL NOW!! It worked in Berlin for the Nazis. It worked for the Communist Russians. And ... wait - are we no better then Nazis and Commies? I guess not. :-(

OPIE, that is the stupidest analogy i have ever seen. The Berlin wall was to trap people in. The communists held people captive and ruled their lives with an iron fist. This is a free nation of the people for the people and those people are US citizens who live under the rules of a constitution republic. Illegal is just that illegal. This country was born and has prospered because of legal immigration. We need to keep this argument right there. All illegal immigrants need to be held accountable for their actions as do the people that help them continue to break the law such as employeers. They may work but the money doesn't go back into our economy, they don't pay taxes and they are draining our resource at a much faster rate than they are putting back. You may not believe this but I am charitable but only to the point that it doesn't hurt my family.

The comparison of the Berlin wall to the MEXICAN BARRIER is very poor. Do some reasearch people - Germany was ONE country - MEXICO and TEXAS are 2 seperate territories.. and we are not trying to oppress them.. just keep them the hell out. And force them to come in legally.

It would be much easier and cheaper to build a big pen in Wyoming for all the hopeless retards who believe a wall is even feasible, much less effective.

I would have burned the Mexican flag if it would not have come down all the way. What a flagrant insult to the American people, to heck with the anyones opinion on burning their flag. If you want us to respect you as a potential citizen of our, note OUR COUNTRY, then respect us, respect where you are and then maybe, just maybe, we will respect you.

Perhaps it is time to elect new officials in Maywood, CA.

I agree that it was a counterproductive stunt that will not advance their cause, but I applaud the symbolism. Many citizens of the United States (we are not America, the Americas include two continents) are appallingly ignorant of their own history. California once WAS northern Mexico, and the U.S. stole it from them.

I've talked to graduates of colleges in this country who don't know where Mexico is located. I'd bet that every Mexican over the age of three knows where El Norte is. I hope I live to see the day that Hispanics in this country outnumber the rest of us, and take the reins of power in the government. Maybe then we'll finally see social justice in the United States of America.

It's already too late. These people are part of the political machine and will rig the legislation to favor people of their kind.
It's just a matter of time before our entire political system becomes 3rd world.

Vince Williams, YOU ARE AN IDIOT....!!!! You are the kindof anarchist that will destroy this country. I am somewhat liberal myself, but that is the most irresponsible statement I have ever heard, from a US citizen....

MJR, you seem to be unaware that there are millions of Hispanics in this country who are citizens, and at the rate they are reproducing, they will outnumber non-Hispanics within 50 years.

I suggest you look up the word anarchist in Merriam-Webster's. To say that I hope Hispanics take the reins of government here certainly doesn't make me an anarchist, it makes me a realist. If this nation is still a democratic republic in 50 years (looking ever more doubtful), then I would hope that the majority ethnic group would have proportionate representation in our government.

you, Vince Williams, are clearly UN-American, as you cheer along the illegals who invade against the law. My parents are LEGAL citizens, who came here from war torn Europe. I am first generation, and we are AMERICANs first, English first (and my native language came second).

Keep it LEGAL. Don't CUT in line, and BUILD that border fence: for security, and country, and control.

Let them come they'll be digging there own grave in 50 yrs how long do they think the money will hold up not forever. if it wheren't for american this place would look like there home country!!!!!!!!!!!

Politicians have been bought out by corporate interests who enjoy having underpaid labor afraid to complain.

You will only see a change when there are limits on corporate contributions to politicians.

Otherwise you will never see enforcement of immigration laws, especially enforcement of laws against hiring illegal immigrants.

One more thing, for Sven: Your aloof comment that so easily dismisses all of us who believe in 1) a WALL as stupid....but you give no real argument that it CANNOT be done....where is YOUR defense, besides namecalling? Tell me, honestly: do you really believe that we can't build a fence? Like many less advanced countries, formal borders, FENCES, etc. CAN be effectively performed. Heck, the freeway noise barriers are tall, and fencing the entire border with double rows of that could be done cheaper than a few months of our defense budgets. 2) proof it works: San Diego's 70 mile fence WORKS (thanks to Republican push during Clinton's time...

Just wondering if anyone else out there felt this whole flag situation was pretty much a declaration of war. I mean they've already taken over the town and tried to make it a "sanctuary" and defy state and federal laws - this whole flag incident just feels like a straw that's breaking my back... I try and keep space for articles and posts against illegal immigration on my blog to raise awareness whenever possible.

Mexico Declaring War on U.S.??

Illegal Immigrants: RIGHT OVER THERE!

Operation Wetback 2: Electric Boogaloo

A lady wrote the best letter in the Editorials in ages!! It explains things better than all the balderdash you hear on TV.

"Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests.

Let's say I break into your house. Let's say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, "I've made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors. I've done all the things you don't like to do. I'm hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house)."

According to the protesters, not only must you let me stay, you must add me to your family's insurance plan and provide other benefits to me and to my family (my husband will do your yard work because he, too, is hard-working and honest, except for that breaking in part).

If you try to call the police or force me out, I will call my friends who will picket your house carrying signs that proclaim my right to be there. It's only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do, and I'm just trying to better myself. I'm hard-working and, except for well, you know.

And what a deal it is for me!! I live in your house, contributing only a fraction of the cost of my keep, and there is nothing you can do about it without being accused of selfishness, prejudice and being anti-housebreaker.

Oh yeah, and I want you to learn my language so you can communicate with me.

Why can't people see how ridiculous this is?!

Only in America....if you agree, pass it on (in English)

Great comments, I will pass it along - this is Mexico declaring war on us, with the duping of several 'useful idiots' who empower them to trample across our hard-earned (formerly valuable) US citizenship credentials.

Well, I don't want the Dems, Liberals, and also 'liberal acting' minority of Republicans to so cheaply sell of my citizenship.

"no mas".

Stop it! Stop it! Your intellectual brilliance is blinding me!

On second thought...maybe it's just the reflection from the shiny baubles some GOP hack gave you in exchange for your vote.

OK, I was kidding to see who would notice. Nazis did not build the Berlin wall - that was done in 1961 between TWO countries East Germany and West Germany, well after Nazi rule ended in the 1940s with WW2.

My real point is - conceptually, is there any difference between a wall that keeps people out and one that keeps people in?

A few stats for you to think about. Undocumented immigrants actually do pay taxes, about $100B per year, counting federal, state, and local taxes. About $20B is in income tax that is never accounted for since without an SSN, you can't file a tax return nor get any refund. And each year, undocumented immigrants use about $5B in social sevices. A second research found about a $20B or $30B surplus of money spent to services used. Either way, it is profit for the USA.

And what do you think groceries would cost without undocumented workers to pick everything at below minimum wage with no benefits?

I'm actually not anti-wall nearly as much as I believe we should fix the system to get workers into this country FIRST, and then see if we even have a problem after that.

Oh, and raising a Mexican flag on a US Post Office is NOT an act of war. It is just a protest. And one that I happen to not agree with. It was kind of a dumb protest.

Why aren't the Mexican people fighting for their rights in Mexico from the corrupt Mexican government?

American corporate executives getting rich, buying more yachts and Lear jets, eroding the middle class and the dumb migrant workers can't even see how stupid they are to get used.

This is Mexico. We are taking over. First by picking your lettuce. Then your cucumbers. Then by working in the laundry room at your better hotels. Then when you are fat and asleep we will fly our glorious flag of the Maywood, Calif. post office and declare victory.

Enclosed is a SASE for your nuclear launch codes.

Gracias --


If anyone can explain to me if or how they personally have lost a job due to competition from an illegal immigrant, that would be useful information here. Personally means you or a member of your immediate family. And it has to be real, like the boss had to pick from you or the illegal alien sitting next to you in the waiting room and they picked him instead of you.

A post like this from Rogers was bound to bring out the xenophobes (if you don't know what that means, you can tune out now).

The Mexican immigrants who come to the U.S. without proper documentation are not members of the ruling class of Mexico, obviously. They are almost exclusively mestizos or Native AMERICANS indigenous to this continent for at least 12,000 years, who are disenfranchised socially in their own homeland, just as Native Americans have been historically in the U.S. Unfortunately for them, they don't have tribal homelands in Mexico with legal status to set up gambling casinos to exploit the gluttonous bourgeoisie, such as those who spend hundreds of millions of dollars gambling on U.S. soil.

The Bush administration is clearly not serious about border control to protect us from terrorism, because so few resources have been allocated to surveil the east and west coasts. Its rhetoric is all smoke and mirrors.

There's no use in trying to convert the racists who post their bilious comments here, because they don't reason--they simply respond with blind hatred. They enjoy spewing their noxious folderol anyplace they can find on the web to do so.

I hope and pray that someday they'll be cleaning the toilets of those ambitious workers who come to this country in search of jobs.

Problems from illegal immigration isn't always as simple as your brother can't get a job. You have to consider lots more:
- All the hospitals along the border that have gone bankrupt because of illegals not paying for services.
- All the hospital employees who lost their jobs because of that. And business related to that field.
- The increase in my auto insurance (no fault) because of all the illegals on the road without insurance.
- Throw in the taxes wasted on social services for illegal immigrants.
- Lets not forget the wonderful gangs and criminals exported from Mexico, Russia, etc.
- Nor all the aid money we send that country which ends up in the bank accounts of "honest" Mexican politicians.
- All the extra tax money spent on catering to those too lazy to learn English (as is required by law to become a US citizen).
- And the list can easily go MUCH further than this!

As for all the "big man" talk about taking the land "back" from the United States, I'm for the US just heading south and annexing the damn place. If we had just finished the job in in the Mexican-American War, it would be a much better place and its inhabitants would want to remain there.
And if you want to sit around on the corner talking tough about re-conquering North America, feel FREE to in this country. But at some point, even the cowardly liberals will finally get fed up. Wanna see something "tough?" Just piss off this country. Germany, Italy, and Japan learned that lesson.

Ah, the Dumbo Brigade parade continues...

But seeing things you know that ain't can certainly give you an awful fright

What a sight!
Chase 'em away! Chase 'em away!

Pink elephants. Heh. Works on manylevels.

If we had implemented our immigration laws that have been in place long ago we would not be in this position today. Why should we grant ILLEGAL immigrants citizenship? What gives them the same rights to citizenship as those who chose to obey our laws and went through the legal process? What hypocricy to allow Illegals to have rights as well as access to our social services which are currently overtaxed. Quit trying to be politically correct and start being legally correct and implement our laws.

Rogers, you keep making sense like that and they'll take away your liberal pin. Or is it a nipple ring? Anyway, your point is solid: disrespecting a nation's laws and flag is no way to create sympathy for your difficult situation.

Walls seem to work rather well in Korea, some South American countries, and yes, Israel, despite what we're often told. And whether or not people were kept in or out, you can't deny the Berlin Wall's performance. Doesn't another country in the Middle East have a wall to keep Iraqis out? Maybe it's Jordan and they're keeping Palestinians out. Or do their borders even touch? If only I had a way to find out ...

I was wondering the other day whose jobs, as American citizens, are actually being taken by illegal immigrants, and it occurred to me that what you don't see much of these days (in Austin, anyway) is high school and college kids doing construction during the summer, which used to be fairly commonplace. I'm not at all sure the kids mind, frankly.

Of course other Americans are affected, but there's an easy way to not to lose your job: do it so well that you make yourself indispensible. Certainly some illegal immigrants are so good at what they do that it's unbearably tempting to employ them. When I bought my first home, I didn't have much to pay for painting, so when the illegal immigrant my friend referred to me offered to paint the whole place with a spray rig for $300, I didn't have to think about it for long. Plus he did a great job, and still does if I'm not mistaken. Shoot, I should call him right now and see if he's got a friend who can do plumbing.

Finally, Vince, you're fine fellow but you worry me when you hope for Hispanic government in the US. You've been to Mexico, right?

Why aren't the Mexican people fighting for their rights in Mexico from the corrupt Mexican government?

Indeed. I'll say it again: If I had risked death for myself and my family to get in this country because my own didn't provide an opportunity to feed said family but did hand out lovely "How to Sneak in to el Norte" pamphlets, I know whose flag I wouldn't be holding at a protest: Mexico's.

I don't get the passion for the government of Mexico either. I can see why they'd keep rooting for their soccer team -- joga bonita -- but how badly does your country have to suck before you'll risk baking your internal organs in a desert crossing?

Why should we grant ILLEGAL immigrants citizenship?

In many cases, because we need them. The U.S. needs a lot of younger workers to support Social Security and other programs for the retiring Baby Boom.

The communists see a way to destroy the United State, their life long dream. Unlimited immigration of scumbags and retards, destroy the economy and bring unending civil trife to the United States. Mexicans who have already come here and became citizens know that unlimited immigration from Mexico is not a good thing, not even for them, but they're afraid to speak out. If they only get blamed as heartless SOBs for not wanting aunt Gabriel live with them, they're lucky. Like Islem, violence is part of the pressure.

I have heard all the lies, and that's what they are LIES! If "hard-working" illiterates were so valuable, Mexico would be paradise. If illegals were going to save Social Security wouldn't they would already done so, they're already like white on rice here. Social Security won't last another ten years dispite all the Democratic lies. If California is collecting so much money from taxes on illegals, why is it closing hospitals all over the state, and reducing state service. Communists long ago learned that PC and white guilt were powerful weapons, and they use them well.

Hey Vince,

With high schools graduation rates around 44% Hispanics won't be taking over the country any time soon. While they may be taking over in sheer numbers thanks to irresponsible family planning, they will not be taking over in government or business. And less educated people are less likely to vote. You are incredibly naive to think Hispanics taking over would be a good thing. I urge you drive into any neighborhood in the US that is mainly Latino. They are cesspools. You need to get out more.

I am appalled at the MISUSE of the U.S. flag, and I hope any patriotic veteran would be, too. A bunch of zealots drag their flags out of their attics and haul them off to some U.S. town they've never been to. Then they march around tthat town trying to overthrow the town's democratic government, they insult and threaten the people and their families, they deliberately attempt to bankrupt the town, and then they leave, all the while claiming they're more patriotic than the town's residents. Most U.S. citizens now understand that attempting terrorism, extortion, and overthrowing elected governments under the U.S. flag only diminishes that flag. There's your PR for you.

If any of you think that's what the U.S. flag is for, then I suggest you enlist. The U.S. has a couple of wars of aggression for you--full-blown wars, not just little attack and retreat forays with the police protecting you--and you get to wear the flag on your sleeve.

Mexicans are standing up against vote fraud, against government land grabs, and I don't see Mexico taking over the middle east country by country. U.S. citizens are cowering in their middle class homes with their martinis, taking out their frustrations on their neighbors (like Maywood). If a flag stands for the people (and not the government), then I know which people I admire more.

Mexico is a corrupt pig sty. The government doesn't provide enough for a large chunk of it's population to sustain itself, therefore, Mexicans flee north by the millions.

And I don't know who is more stupid. Our government for doing nothing about it or the Mexicans who feel loyalty to a country of origin that is responsible for their current or former poverty.

First, in response to Jim, the best thing that can happen to a country is to lose a war to the United States. After we bomb them and destroy their infrastructure, we'll come in with a massive aid program and rebuild it (does anybody remember the Marshall Plan?), provide the wherewithal to retool their industries with the latest technology, as in West Germany and Japan after World War II, so that they can compete with us in the world markets and beat us at our own game. This won't be true in Iraq, because the Bush administration has reneged on so many of its promises there.

Second, in response to Fedup, I'll bet I get out more than you--I'm going to Argentina next month (God willing and the creek don't rise) to dance some salsa, drink some good wine, and survey the devastation wreaked on the economy of a great nation by its government, similar in that way to the one we presently have here. You obviously don't know that Hispanic and Latino are not the same thing--ask any Cubano, or Spaniard, for that matter.

And in response to Uncle Mikey and others here, one of the reasons Mexico is the way it is because U.S. companies have been busily raping the resources of Mexico (it's so conveniently close), in collusion with its corrupt, undemocratic governments for the last 150 years.

Walls seem to work rather well in Korea, some South American countries, and yes, Israel, despite what we're often told. And whether or not people were kept in or out, you can't deny the Berlin Wall's performance.

Right. I'll put aside the obvious fact that none of those examples (or any other, for that matter) is 2,000 miles long, because you're getting closer to the real issue.

What component does a "successful" barrier have that an unsuccessful one does not?

America never stole anything from Mexico.
Texas wished to be part of the US. Mexico said that if the US let Texas become part of America, they would declare war. Texas left Mexico for America of their own free will. The war started on April 24, 1846 when Mexican soldiers killed 11 American soldiers north of the Rio Grande. While fighting continued in Texas and Northern Mexico, Scott landed with an army and marched on Mexico City where he forced a surrender. Despite this, the US still paid 18.25 million to the Mexicans for the territories the US claimed as a result of winning a defensive war against Mexico. Bullshit that the US stole any land form Mexico. If the Mexicans had actually wanted it, they could've fought harder.

We must fight now to do whatever we can to save America as we know it. I don't give this country another 20 years before it will be un-recognizable as the safe, prosperous, and strong nation our ancestries felt was important enough to lay their lives on the line for. I don't mind limited legal immigration, but we can't afford the flood of users pouring into the US. A freind of mine works with HV Power lines, and though he makes a decent income, he literally lays his life on the line everday at work. It sickens me to know that his and my hard earned pay goes to support healthcare, education and other social services for those who broke the law to enter the US, and that don't give a damn about this country or it's traditions that made it the greatest country in the world. Also, they are keeping all of our pay down, while corporations prosper, as they can hire the illegal instead of the Citizen at a minimal cost.
Is another bloody American Revolution soon approaching?? Not if we act NOW and secure our country and the people who believe in the USA! Please unite with your fellow countrymen who also share your views of what truly made this country strong and see to it we don't forfeit what our fathers, grandfathers, and so on died for!!

Though many illegals have already demonstrated acts of war on US soil, there is still time for us to WIN in a reletively peaceful manner!!

Please help keep America for AMERICANS, not the users who want to exploit our hard work and that of our forefathers and mothers!

Thank you -

Right. I'll put aside the obvious fact that none of those examples (or any other, for that matter) is 2,000 miles long, because you're getting closer to the real issue.

What component does a "successful" barrier have that an unsuccessful one does not?

Well, the Great Wall of China comes to mind, if scale is a problem for you. The Berlin wall was 96 miles long, with watchtowers and what have you.

The only component needed for success is will. If your response on any of this is "it can't be done" I will never agree with you. Shouldn't be, maybe. Too expensive, possibly. But can't? Never.

The only component needed for success is will.

Bzzzt. Thanks for playing.

The correct answer is: the credible threat of lethal force. Despite the delusional dreams of the drips upthread, that just ain't going to happen.

There's no doubt the wall/barrier/fence could be built. But unless there's the "will" exists to start gunning down defenseless Mexican peasants or blowing them up with landmines, it will be nothing more than another $10, $20, $30 billion - who knows? - boondoggle (the barrier in San Diego the goons love to drool over cost $3.5 million per mile at the beginning, increasing to $10 million per mile halfway through. And that's without landmines).

This barrier may be effective in slowing down the migration. But it will also be effective in making the crossing more difficult and expensive, ensuring those who have made/will make it across stay longer, if not indefinitely. That's exactly what happened after the last big, $20 billion border crackdown.

San Bernardino City Schools in California now has 18,000 Native Spanish speaking students they are educating out of a total of 49,000 students. The logical assumption is that they are immigrants from Mexico. The Superintendent is Hispanic and intent on making the district bilingual and biliterate. The director of classified personnel is Hispanic and hires Hispanics over those that are not yet have more merit. Check out the district website at www.sbcusd and read "the plan". It states that the district will hire bilingual personnel,they will get paid stipends, that the state pay for Spanish textbooks and libraries, while preserving the culture of Mexico.The district is even working with the Mexican Consulate on curriculum and in marketing! It is working because now one of every three students is Spanish speaking. The motto is 50/50 by 20/20. Read it! It is hard to believe this bilingual biliterate action plan is funded by the American taxpayers!
My point is that all of the anchor babies grow up and will organize and overwhelm the rest of the Americans whose parents have worked so hard to build up America. There is no need or interest in learning American history; America is here to help them achieve their needs. The anchor babies (and there are many) turn their noses up at working like their poor parents had to. They have no roots or history or family in America. They feel entitled and will grab all they can. The school board president stated in the press that the district is fortunate to have a Hispanic Supt. If he would have said a White Supt., there would have been an uproar and cries of racism. Is our political correctness going to be the end of America?

Sven is right, it's the guards with their guns on the Berlin Wall that made it successful in its purpose. Imagine the media firestorm that would ensue if a U.S. politician made such an inflammatory proposal. I daresay that no politico would venture something so harebrained, not if he valued his career. But let's pretend such a boondoggle wall were actually built between the U.S and Mexico in the next two years, who do you think would get the contract? Halliburton, no doubt.

No one who advocates such a wall (sorry, Uncle Mikey) should be taken seriously on the subject. It's patently offensive to human decency, common sense, and the spirit of cooperation between two neighbors.

"This stunt's as ugly as the Mexifornia rhetoric coming from groups like Save Our State, and you have to marvel at the stupidity that would inspire activists to be so damaging to their own cause."

This is who they are. They don't want to assimilate and become true American citizens. Why do liberals defend them in the face of disrespect to our flag and our country and blatant allegiance to their own country? It seems like this journalist is telling them to put up a front. Stop doing what they truly believe and start "acting" like they love this country. Who's side are you on?

Their actions speak loud and clear. Even if they change because it looks better, it's too late. We have seen the Mexican flags in the rallies, the racist signs telling All Europeans to go back to Europe. Raising the Mexican flag is just another example of who they really are.


america is doomed. i really don't care. i will be dead before 2050. in the meantime i will spend my money with white businesses.

"I'd like to see work become a path to citizenship for thousands of immigrants living illegally in this country, who wouldn't be here if employers didn't need them badly enough to risk breaking our laws. If there's too much immigration the place to get tough is with the Americans who hire workers illegally, not by demonizing desperate people yearning to improve their lives."

1. It's not "thousands" of illegal aliens, it is 20 to 30 million. Also, they are not "immigrants". Real immigrants enter legally.

2. "A path to citizenship" is racist. It rewards Latino illegal aliens and discriminates against non-Latino legal immigrants. See for more info.

3. Employers don't need them "badly", they just want to drive down Americans wages, which they have suceeded in doing. So then why hasn't the government gotten "tough with the Americans who hire workers illegally"? Ask Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi why not.

4. These are not "desperate people", most had jobs before they came here. Plus four billion people in the world are poorer than the average Mexican. Do you think we should let all these "really, really desperate" people into the US?

...and if you think it has been bad so far what with the undeclared war going on against us by the leftists within who want to turn the USA into the USSR with them as Dar Commissar and the La ReConquista (not to mention all of the Hizb'allah cells around the country), wait 'til the Obrador Revolution gets into full swing.

Imagine the MeCHA activists backed up by Cuban and Venezuelan commando's running around the Southwest murdering people and terrorizing the non-latino's.

The Federal gov't is going to be too busy with our lefty moonbats trying to impeach Bush to pay attention to any of this.

Our demoralized military is going to be in the process of crawling home from Iraq thanks to Congress and they certainly won't be interested in defending a country that has betrayed them...again. Resignations by the boatload.

The next few years are going to be sooo much fun.

In reply to "Wayne":

The Bush administration sent our military into Iraq with too few troops against the counsel of top brass (active and retired) at the Pentagon, and without a coherent plan for the occupation. Our soldiers have been betrayed by an arrogant, swaggering administration which left them with inadequate gear and armour in Iraq and whose policies further betray them by the shabby treatment they get from the VA.

Bush is a former delinquent playboy who disgraced his National Guard uniform by going AWOL while John Kerry was fighting in Vietnam. Neither John Cheney nor Karl Rove served, so their bravado rings hollow.

Osama Bin Laden would most likely be in U.S custody now if Cheney/Bush hadn't diverted us into Iraq, which made the country a magnet for Al-Quaeda and jihadists from all over the Middle East. Bush's talk of freedom and democracy-building is a lot of malarkey--he still holds hands, literally, with royal Saudi despots who have financed terrorists.

All of which is a reason to do what, exactly? Hey, you hit all the silly liberal talking points in one comment. What do we have for him, Shecky?

I happen to know John Cheney served as an NBA basketball coach. Or do I mean Don Chaney?

More proof that our government has sold us out and abandoned us. It's time for an effective competent government. Abolish the democratic and republican partys. No more politicians.Politician=criminal.Clinton and both Bushes sold us out and are rsponsible for both WTC attacks. They should all be swinging from ropes. It's time for americans to march on the capital armed to the teeth and force congress out.

To Uncle Mikey:

Hey Brae, I'd hold hands with you, but not with a 'royal' Saudi dictator. Wait a minute--that's what Bush wants to be. Well, that explains everything.

Why, Georgie told us just the other day that he read three "Shakespeares". What an intellect. And Cheney is a porcine screwface. By the way--notice it's 'Che'-ney. Hmm...must be a closet communist.

Has anyone forwarded this article and the following blog to a non corruptive, hoping to get re elected politician yet?
They need to see the ordinary citizens comments. We are supposed to be governed by a voice of many, not the few.

To Vince Williams:

You can't be AWOL while being in the National Guard dildo. Please save the propaganda rants for your liberal circle jerks.

When I first saw the words that stand out in your comment, I thought you must be talking about that Trashpunk band from Texas.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment. You're a real, anonymous Giant man.

Raising the Mexican flag over a US Post office was an act of WAR. A war that has been largely undeclared for over 2 decades.

I have nothing against those that come here LEGALLY to have a better life for themselves and their loved ones. I Thank God every day that some of my ancestors came here as Immigrants.

ILLEGAL Immigration is a misnomer, It is an Invasion by those that wish to assimilate the US rather than be assimilated by the US. Yes, there is a difference.

Some here will be 'thrilled' when the Native born are out numbered by Illegals. If they feel that way, move south of the border.

I am a native American. I have no american indian in my blood. I was born in the United States and my family has been here at least 5 generations. A lot of immigrants (legal, that is) have contributed a great deal to this country and it's citizens. Those that are here through a manner that is not legal (hence illegal) are criminals, not protestors, immigrants, heroes, or activists. They are no different than a thief, a vandal, or anyone else outside the law. I am entitled to defend my home, property and family from those who are outside the law. The same applies to my country and there are those who are first generation immigrants to this country who paid the ultimate price in defending this, their adopted homeland. I don't think a wall is the right thing. Bring our military home and put them on the border.

Hey, I want to be in the National Guard Dildo. I'm assuming it's like the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, and will only ride in it if it's been up-armored.

All you need is a saturno hat, and you'll really be pimpin'. Unfortunately, YOU have to pay for the armour upgrade.

immigrants may not be the wiesest people in the u.s. but wht about the agricultural growth through out california and other places...immigrants have carried the u.s. to its highest place in power without mass production in food of all sorts the u.s. wouldnt have much $$$. We may be low in society class(poor, broght down do to bad pay)but damn be bring alot of benefits to the u.s.
Fuck the fisrt two white guys Dont be eating any vegetables that us immigrants put in your damn refridgerator!!!
proud to be mexican!

I am a member of Save Our State, a multi-ethnic group of people dedicated to border security.

I was at Maywood. I was thrown into the crowd of illegal aliens and their supporters by a man who was twice my size and used his bulk and his Mexican flag to separate me from my group.

They grabbed me by my long blonde hair and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of me, a woman, as two policeman stood idly by, watching the entire incident. I was so severely punched in my lower back that I have suffered nerve damage and likely at least one ruptured disc. No one has been arrested, not even the man who threw me into the crowd. He has been identified, but the police have no interest in arresting him even though I have said that I want to press charges. Why you may ask? Because Maywood California is a sanctuary city, a refuge for illegal aliens and the man who threw me into the crowd is a Hispanic illegal alien activist.

The racism is there all right, but it isn't on the part of the Minutemen, nor Save Our State. It is within the reconquista movement, in the communities which are slowly being taken over, and Americans driven out. It is in the police force and in the elected representation of places such as Maywood, and in the person of Antonio Villaragosa, mayor of Los Angeles, another sanctuary city.

What happened to me is not isolated. It's coming to the rest of America as well unless Americans work together to hold their elected representation accountable for securing our borders and stopping this invasion. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security, it is an invasion.

And the term Mexifornia? Unless you live here in Southern California, you can't understand.

First off if it woren't for all the immigrants from whereever it may be to take advantage of the us wouldnt be what it is now. From taking advantage of the indigenous people, black slaves, chinese, mexican etc, most of the caucasian antiimmigrant people wouldnt have half of what they have. Most judge but wouldnt get to work in any of the conditions that many immigrants do or live in the living conditions. If the borders were so important against terrorism why not focus on canada too. It's way to easy to get to the us from canada which could allow terrorists to get through. This issue is more about racism fear of other cultures in this so called multicultural nation. Lots of caucasians throughout history have allways oppressed people with different cultures and ideahs. I also think it is ok to carry a mexican flag or whatever flag around. One needs to be proud of their origins and culture, it seems that the people that don't understand that are just jealous or are ashamed of their own culture. I am a firm beleiver that everyone should be respected and treated equal. So respect your fellow peers whatever their origins may be don't try to change them completely, promote their origins. Don't tell them SPEAK ENGLISH, DON'T CARRY THAT FLAG, YOUR COUNTRIES CUSTOMS ARE REDICULOUS, etc. Instead promote it but also promote the american thing too. Give them an american flag to hold side by side with the other flag, help them speak your language and you learn their language, show them your culture and have them show you theirs. A true american would not just try to totally dominate someone and make them a carbon copy of you acting the same having the same beliefs holding just that one flag, it goes against the original ideah of the united states. It was created to stop the opression the discrimination of ones beliefs origins etc. so be a true american and stand by your mexican, guatemalen, chinese, indian, french, etc. brothers and sisters and live in harmony. And again if this is all to keep bad people and terrorists out why not extend strong measures like that is trying to be done on mexican border with canada border and all the port areas in east and west coast as well.

Repy to:
"To say that I hope Hispanics take the reins of government here certainly doesn't make me an anarchist, it makes me a realist."

It makes you clueless: Hispanics need to take the reins of their own government. They must make their own country a better place to live. That way they would not have to leave it, to make a better life.

Its amusing how many people can read printed words and see only what they want to see, ignoring everything else. Mexicans are not the only Hispanics. Besides, as I made clear to all but the willfully blind, I was talking about the Hispanics who are already citizens of this country. People of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Central American, South American, and yes, Spanish descent are Hispanic, too, entiendes? And there are African-American, Asian, and Pacific Islander Hispanics, boludo, not to forget that the indigenous inhabitants of North and South America are the original Americans. Its timely to remember this on the day after Columbus Day.

And as someone who has Cherokee blood may I remind all you racists out there that Columbus is no hero to the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere.

We are at war with these people. It is too disgusting for most American to even contemplate.
We have imported this mess and only have ourselves to blame. We have laid the groundwork for a massive clash some few dacades from now. Will we see the end of America? It is quite possible and quite sad. The liberals who believe in equality are to blame. Nations are not equal because people are not equal. Mexico is a disaster because the people have never changed their circumstances on their own land. This massive immigration from Mexico that we have allowed has only decreased the chances of real change in Mexico. Instead of changing their government, they simply come here. I cna only wonder what kind of real change would have taken place had we never allowed this exodus to the USA by these people.

Aaron: Extremely well said...

With respect to all of you, as long as there is an opportunity to get a job in the US; immigrants will come. I know a lot and I mean a lot of white people that hate to loose their tomatoes, peaches, cherries, strawberries and all kinds of fruits and vegetables you can think of being waisted. They are loosing money here in California and Oregon as far as I know. Those whites wanting to have a wall (just like the one we distroyed in Berlin) as a border are I think those with no education and fearful to be a minority because they are full of hate; they think they're superior but their own ignorance and lack of education makes them upset because being a minority (which they will be) would make them feel inferior.

It is imperative to educate yourselves about history, western civilization and early settlers in the North American Continent to really understand its people and the real immigrants to this Country. Like it or not, hispanics,latins,Mexicans,Chicanos or whatever term you have learned to use because of your college educated background are here for the longrun. They(we)great grandparents,grandparents,mothers,fathers,sons and daughthers are and were here before the U.S even had a constitution( I believe your forefathers were not even on the Mayflower yet)rather they were still building it...not all were outcast by the Anglo-European societies yet. I believe If I am not mistaken your forefathers were actually criminals,theifs,peons,slaves,and other third class citizens...I dont understand why you seem to have such negativity on Mestizos.

Culturaly and geographically this country is changing...and well the white race could be extinct very soon.(But of course we do not want that). We really are genuine,intelligent,friendly and hard working individuals. Perhaps it has been the false promises after the U.S invasion of these territories that have made our gestures, less than friedly to you.

For all those who just plainly dont undertand...think about it...Mexicans are not going back to Mexico... this is Mexico, and or New Spain...reality is that this land belongs to the Native Americans,Mexicans(Mestizo Race)its in their blood. READ YOUR HISTORY!!!!! After the credit was given to Christopher Columbus for discovering the Americas...a new race was born with the mixing of Indians and white Europeans called Mestizo.

Read the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo". It is obvious, I can get into detail...but please,feel free to chant,and express yourselves with ignorance, arrogance,superiority and idiotic remarks that really do not have substance. You really should go on to High School and College to find some truth. Next time you see a latin individual...look deep because we are in our back yards.

I believe all of the Mexican Nationals are right. People who conquer a land have no right to that land and should return to their point of origin! Any person that carries the blood of a conqueror or in Spanish a conquistador should return to their original point of origin. This includes anyone including English, Spanish, Indian, African or Oriental blood. I believe all of us originally hail from Africa according to most scientists and should return to our motherland. I also believe that we should only enforce the immigration laws that Mexico currently enforces at its southern borders. Those of us who immigrated here legally or were born here should not have a say as to how the US should be administered or how many legal Hispanic children there should be in a class or what the educational or financial capabilities of immigrants should be. American's should have no say as to who should pay income taxes and who is allowed to do business in effectivo! The fact that people are upset about Bank of America's new program where people are allowed to use Mexico's matricula consular is ridiculous. If you do not allow an immigrant to obtain credit with unverified documents and a promise to pay you are a racist! Only Americans should have to get co-signers, after all they are conquistadores or carry the blood of conquistadores. The blue bloods in America are stupid and weak regardless of their color. They have been softened by the powerful dollar! You have no chance Americans almost every powerful and rich person in Los Angeles regardless of color has an immigrant working in there home. Most of the immigrants do not even speak your stupid weak language. The blue blood Republicans except for the racist want to exploit Mexico's poor to do the jobs that Americans will not do for minimum wage. The blue blood Democrats except for the racist want to exploit Mexico's poor for votes. If you do not support the National Council of La Raza (The RACE!) you are a RACIST pig!
I have more really I do!
Shame on you in this world that will stand up and fight to protect the legal Hispanic children in the United States and to those of you that want smaller class sizes for Hispanic children and less crowded roads for Hispanic Mothers and Fathers so that they can spend quality time with there children. Those of you that want everyone to abide by the laws of this great land your all a bunch of RACIST

VIVA USA keep up the fight my fellow Americans. Remember we cannot control the color of our skins unless we are Michael Jackson. We must enforce the laws of this country of ours. As an immigrant my family and I jumped through all of the hoops that America threw at us to become Americans. We wanted no part of the corruption that exist in Latin America. That very same corruption is being imported here to the US. If you haven't met an illegal immigrant who deals in cash (effectivo) and has a nicer car and a nicer home than you just wait. We all have tribal tendencies but we must unite as Americans.

Read this and other information regarding this issue at AdviseCenter

im a white american and even i think mexico is better USA needs to give mexico its land back so they can stop cryin about it and there all imigration problems are done.The USA has a lot more land so It wodent hurt us to give the southwest to Mexico.

USA-lazy make wars for stupid reasons, thinks it makes peace by war and it really helps countrys for its oil USA is just thirsty for more and more power
Mexico-hard working peace full even though its poor its still better

i know what ur all going to say go back to mexico then well as soon as i make enough money i will thats what all mexicans come here for MONEY not to live here MOney i fwe gather the MONEY we will go Back to Mexico No Problem

USA sucks Mexico is Way way way way Better

They disgrace our flag. They talk about how we are cruel but they bring it all on themselves. Shame on who ever raised that Mexican flag in our country. I think they need to check where they are at. And another thing "WE DID NOT STEAL TEXAS, TENNESSEE, ARIZONA,OKLAHOMA,and NEW MEXICO FROM YOU HISPANICS!"

Hey Mexico, Read all your comments. You think your going to steal our country while we are asleep. BRING IT ON!!! Your to stupid to even know how to speak English. Try to say English. I bet you can't because your to STUPID. BRING IT WE'RE READY. I say it would take about 5 min to send all of you Mexicans back to Mexico . You talked the talk now bring the walk.

They disgrace our flag. They talk about how we are cruel but they bring it all on themselves. Shame on who ever raised that Mexican flag in our country. I think they need to check where they are at. And another thing "WE DID NOT STEAL TEXAS, TENNESSEE, ARIZONA,OKLAHOMA,and NEW MEXICO FROM YOU HISPANICS!"

Hey Mexican. You want to stomp on THE UNITED STATES flag. You think your going to steal my family's country. Like to see you try. I think I will go and buy one of your flags and, well, that remains to be seen. I was in favor of giving citizenship to you, but now NEVER. In the end you'll be the ones that will pay. So you can keep reproducing but remember something so will we.

VISITOR, I think that the governments looking for you. And Francisco,White people are racist. I wasn't until I read your stupid book. It sounds like your racist.
VISITORS, Have they found you yet? In due time. In due time. By the way you can keep your whole dollar. Don't forget it when you are on your way back to the deep south,hell, I mean Mexico. One more thing VISITOR before you go back home I want to say thank you for paving my roads, and planting my flowers. For just giving me a better life:} Vos de la razon que viva la humanidad, So I guess it would be o.k. if I went over to Mexico. Took down your flag burn it, stomp it, and marched in the street saying Mexico is really America.I didn't thank so. So try to thank of something that makes sense next time.

While I agree it was wrong to raise the Mexican Flag on American soil, I do know that this type of extreme and latent racism has on both sides.

Below are links of the various anti-immigration groups calling for a civil war and shooting of Mexicans.

Alipac's President states the suggestion of putting a $5,000 bounty on a Mexican head is "humorous". What an irresponsible answer from a President. Unless, he wants to encourage shooting Mexicans. I believe if it were the President of Alipac's head, he may not find that suggestion as humorous.

Then you have the Minuteman calling for a civil war and government uprising

The sentiments of shooting illegals are posted in the links.
Two wrongs don't make a right and this is getting out of hand.

Hey all you idiots before you all decide to open your mouths remember that your ancestors came from another country and plus the Mexicans build your houses and your roads and clean your gardens so if you all want to live in card board boxes and drive on dirt roads I suggest that you just shut the #@%^ up yall are a buch of ignorant white people and sadly there are others that are hispanic and dont want to accept there own race and side with whites, because with out the Mexicans this country would fall apart also all you white people this land belongs to the Indian (Native americans) yall just came with guns and stole thier land.

People have been coming to this country illegally since 1492. The current events are made greater by people who dont understand history. In the beginning God created the Earth. So it belongs to Him and not to any group of people. If anyone calls him or her self a Christian this fact should be obvious. Any hatred that exists is plain evil. This country considers itself Christian, then it should show it. Everyone complains of the muslim terrorists. This country has christian terrorists also. These people are not christians. Jesus Christ said either you are with me of against me. So any terrorist acts commited by christians is pur evil. Jesus said the first law is love God with all your strngth and the second law is love your neighbor. Show your love America!

look ya people imagrents are the people who do most of the work in this country. You never see an american getting durty working on contruction. All you see is imagrents working there butts off. So they should have a chance and just leave them alone. They are regular people just tryin to make a better life.

I have an idea. Break into this country illegally and get caught, you get your arm cut off. That should end illegal immigration. Do it legally and pay taxes and it is okay. Just read an article this morning where an illegal alien killed two people in a car wreck and left his injured wife in the vehicle while he took off running. Kinda pissed me off. Or here is a really good idea. How about we all buy Cadillac Escalades with spinning rims and claim to be poor so that the government can take care of us. Then we can not mow our yards and litter everywhere. That would be sweet

It's time to leave California. The Mexicans are highly intent on taking it back. Leave the liberals like Streisand, Redford, Moore and all the other Hollywood "intellectuals" to deal with a race hell-bent on perfecting the arts of landscaping and housecleaning.

I don't give a rip.

I'm taking my money and getting the hell out of this dump. Good job Liberals. I never understood the concept of self-deprecation, self-blame, and Do As I Say and Not As I Do. All the Hollywood Democrats want YOU to pay the taxes and live amongst the Brown Scum. Yeah, that's right...I said the Brown Scum. We are Vicente Fox's TOILET. All the decent people with half a brain stay in Mexico. We get the shit.

With all due respect,

Mark M.D.

Its too late. This is the United Territories of Mexico. I cant beleive all these blacks that side with the rednecks thinking that they are somehow not victims anymore. Everywhere I go I stil hear the N word and then you seel all these blacks saying the b word to Mexicans becaus they are blind. If anything blacks, Mexicans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans should unite because even though our lands are seperated by a few miles, we are more alike than you think. And if you think that whites will do the jobs that requiere you to get dirty, think again. You are living in a fantasy if you believe. White people are the definition of lazy. Spoiled, racist, undeserbing rednecks who are afraid of change. Its change for the better and the seeds have been planted. Now watch them grow. In 50 years all the whites will have hispanic last names and even the whitest looking person will have hispanic blood or a last name. Its not okay when someone non white comes over but when its a white man killing or raping or anything else that is bad, then its okay right? Its okay for the US to have nuclear weapons, but Iran cant do the same right? Its okay for the US to drop bombs on the rest of the world right but no one else can even spit from an airplane without offending the pinknecks. The USA is that bully, that loser who picks on other people (in this case countries) because of his own insecurities and like all bullies he will get his as s beat. The USA has it coming and it is fate. The USA's history has led to this and its not new. Your downfall shall be your bigotry, ignorance and hatred views of anyone who isnt pink like a puss-e. Why do you think God made you that color anyways? Its appropriate.

Its too bad I dont have my own reality TV show becaus if I did you would see the truth. Every job I have had I have always outperformed anyone and everyone. Even people that have been there for years cant match my work ethic. Its not that I care about my job, its just how I am. This lazy as s pinkneck at my work who is a nightstocker just throws things whereever. He never puts things in the right location and he takes breaks every five minutes or is always complaining like a girl about how hard the job is. He doesnt even know the meaning or hard. If he's so tough then why doesnt he become a trucker or a construction worker in asphalt. My dad did it for 9 years and when he had a better opportunity he took it. He now works for another company who is headed by a guy who came here illegaly and is now legal. This guy is loaded! He has brand new f-150s and owns 29 trailers and trucks. He has nothing but mexicans working for him and driving those trucks and he makes so much money that he could get jacked for a few trucks and he will just buy more. Each of these drivers makes about 3-4 thousand a week! Why? They work hard and get dirty, but if your white these might seem like strange and new words to you so look away. My mom has been working 14 hour shifts since 1984 at the same job and she never complains and never gets in trouble. She is dedicated and she has outlasted everyone she has worked with (except her supervisor who is another hard working illegal). She is now a supervisor even though she never stepped foot inside a school. At all my jobs I show all those white boys up and they respect that. They ask me why I work the way I do. They say it doesnt matter because we all get paid the same. I do it for me though, not for the boss, not for profit, not for the customer. I feel a sense of accomplishment by working hard and doing things right the first time, every time. I never slack, I even go to work and school when Im sick and I dont take days off. I dont request days off and I always take on the overtime hours. If I had a camera at work you would see this. Not all immigrants work hard like me but I know tons that do. Being white is the same thing as being lazy and useless. So you may say that whites will be willing to do these dirty jobs. But I laught at your dreams and I want to see this happen just once. Every job I have had its the same thing. Lazy whites, hardworking hispanics (mostly Mexican) and we never complain. Most businesses in Denver and its nearby cities are owned by hispanics and you know why that is? Because they work hard and arent racist. They keep their mouths shut and keep working and the cash keeps flowing.

As a Maywood Police Officer, it makes us sick to have our hands tied behind our backs and kicked in the gut. I suggest to everyone come visit and see what this third world city has become due to anti-american illegals.

All you cracker men are homos that rape children and their own dogs. Go to hell. Immigrants work harder than your sorry asses and immigrants are the reason for this country's prosperity and high-living standards. And I how know how desperately you crackers want a Latina ass - go home to Europe where your ancestors came from. Just can't imagine the racism from redneck trailor trash like y'all out here.

As im reading these comments im just disgusted at what im reading.i just dont understand why these americans not understanding what is comming.
1 Is going to be a civil war against the american and the mexicans again.
2. the mexicans are not backing down and will try their best to take over america.and those yellow belly rich liberials are going to help them.
3 when we show compassion and cumb bi ya attitude to people who wants to kill us like akmed over there and they send a nuke over here and start killing people over here will the mexicans(illegals) will stand by us and help defeat the enemy...HELL NO!!!

well people how long will we wait till we get our country back?How many people will die until you do something about it?

Youre given plenty of chances to change things like voting but you do what? vote for a liberial so whos at fault here?

well im like this bottom line save america get certain laws passed like a right to carry law so you can protect the family ,because THEY ARE POOR some people give themselves rights to run in your house and take your things and steal things from your vehicles .they get arrested and let go hours later like they are above the law.

Im very sick of liberials,the ones in congress is like hitler to me there taking my rights away as a law abiding citizen there taking my gun rights away but of course they dont worry about it cause they have body guards with guns so they dont have to do it. if a nuke came over here and blew up a populated city .liberials will go into their little gopher holes and leave us out here to die so after the smoke and sulfur clears they can control the population of whos left with their anti american propaganda.(NEW WORLD ORDER).

Dont worry folks for those who are stupid continue to be. Those who love their country has to give your children the history lesson,cause the schools will teach your kids in spanish on how america belongs to hispanics and degrades your kids in their language, in their face and those who understand spanish will look at your kids like they are dog crap under a shoe.and will send your kids home in their country colors .not red white and blue..

you know what ?i want a president who is like a dictator .what i mean is he doesnt care what people think and feel if it is against the country intrests and security...
he uses the flip the bird finger alot and put in exeecutive orders (i.e shut down the border just make a minor slip of the nuke button and take iran off the map tehran too and north korea too f**k them!!!

as long we show weakness by those in washington the world watches the united states bacically implode slowly by liberials and repubs too. it will be hard to pull ourselves out AND STOP PAYING MONEY TO THOSE TERRORISTS IN THE U.N.AND PORK SPENDING AND EARMARKS AND HAVE A PRESIDENT WHO USES HIS MIDDLE FINGER AND CAN TELL A LIBERIAL F**K YOU ..we can pull our selves out of this if we have a hard core president that invest in this country.give the millitary all that it is needed and we drill our own oil and get rid of those tree hugging enviro wakos we can be free from forgein oil but people is way too stupid to understand that..

to the illegals if you raid my home steal my stuff crash my cars raising my insurance really high cause you cant follow directions i has something for you that you may not like.(TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT!!!)

im like this man the illegals who come here against the law of our land .we should have the rights by our land to put you out cause you broke our law OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN COME HERE STEAL OUR THINGS CRASH OUR CARS AND DEMAND RIGHTS FROM US!!! TO BE HONEST THESE ILLEGAL MEXICANS ARE CAUSING AMERICANS TO HATE MEXICANS
THAT BITCH PRESIDENT FOX IS YOUR ENEMY NOT US!!! He doesnt give a S**T about you why are you people coming over here and trying to ruin us i see youre ignoreing the fact that you "lost the war" and if i can understand history we paid you for that land didnt we? so what the hell is the problem? ITS NOT YOUR LAND!!!

and to my understanding it wasnt a regular mexican that came over here .its true a INDIAN

The Berlin Wall(BW)worked very well at keeping people in, and a similar wall would work just as well at keeping mexicans out.

The current 'wall', where it exists, does impede them to the degree that it takes some effort on the part of the illegals and their 'coyetes', co overcome it by digging or climbing over it.

A BW-type barrier works because it is backed by lethal force, like minefields/lethal-electric fences/attack dogs/gun towers/exclusion zones/tunnel detectors.

ONLY if we use such similar measures will we see a level of effectiveness similar to that of the BW in protecting our borders.

Remember, towards the end of the BW, less than a dozen people a year were getting over/under/through it.

However, given the already huge numbers of illegals in the US, plus the weakness of our legal population in wanting the border enforced to the degree necessary, such lethal force measures will never be used, and that is why any wall is doomed to fail.

Not because it can't work, but the lack of force to ensure that it does.

look people we love to have legal carefuly ....WE LOVE BEAUTIFUL LEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO COME HERE LEGALLY!!!.

we welcome all colors race and cultures ...that who the the united states of america is ,very diverse country and we thank you for coming here and sharing your cultures with us .

but what grates me is here you have people who 1. crosses the border illegally 2.blood suck our nations resources 3 run out in our streets and demand for us to bow down to them.3 some commit very bad crime and think that they should not go to jail,4 take other peoples jobs away 5.bringing illegal drugs and harming our people.6 killing our police officers and harming our population.

Can someone answer me this? whats the population there in entire mexico ? is it possible that if people put their time and energy to go down there and overthrow that goverment and put someone in there that will do right would they go back home? yes i think so ?

SO LETS DO THIS AMERICA.PUT THE WALL UP.CAUSE THE REVOLUTION IN MEXICO AND OVERTHROW THAT CORRUPTED GOVERMENT.HAVE THE PEOPLE OF THAT COUNTRY PUT A GOOD PRESIDENT IN THERE AND THEY WILL ALL GO BACK HOME .THOSE THAT WANT TO.if youre here legaly welcome as a fellow american lets stand togeather not as blacks whites mexicans asians and all else thats out there lets stand togeather and fight those fashist nazi anti-american terrorists that are trying their best to NUKE THE UNITED STATES.


This idiot sounds like he was educated by the CIA. Moronic piece of trash, Mexico was conquered by Germans, Spanish, there are no "mexican people". They are mutts with no real identity other than their links to indian peoples such as mayans and aztecs, which did not go as far as northern california.

It is a recent phenomenon that globalist interests have been funding LA RAZA movement and La Reconquista ideology, they fund the schools where they teach that California is northern Mexico. It is propaganda, Vince Williams.

Vince Williams sounds like some FOX news fanboy.

Intelligent piece of commentary, "RK".

Maybe we should go to mexico and raise our flag there. In mexico city, right in capital would have most affect.

I want to know what you are talking about when you say "jobs that Americans won't do". It cost me $364 to get my Electric Meter running properly because the illegal, non-English speaking group of useless, brown employees screwed it up. PGE paid them big bucks for their stupidity as well as their lack of intelligence. Why? You need to live in a butt-ugly rose garden, rather than sniffing and looking at roses. You are not the one who gets pricked by the thorns, and have to suffer from the allergies from the useless, ugly, stinking flowers! Get out there and get in it! Live in it! Breathe it and then come back to me and tell me how beautiful it really is!!! I dare you. Get involved!!! Or shut up!!!

we need to declare war on all latinos be they mexican,cuban,wetbacks,beaners etc. Our $ell out government is just in the way.They exploit them to make $. We need to mine the mexican border.
I'm SHon Deux and I approve this message

Vince you are wasting your time with this dumb people....
Hispanics come to this country to pick tomatoes, get an education, mow their lawns.... and FUCK their wives.... and there is nothing they can do... more an more hispanics are getting better education, and in the next 30 years they will RULE.... while the anglos are busy waxing their pickup trucks, and listening country music. History repeats, and there is nothing these dumb anglos can do. They are doomed!!!!!!!!!!!

Just look how good the European Union is doing while these stupid anglos do not even know where Spain is.... they are pathetic!!!!

Ahh BTW... just Look at China.... You guys just got screwed.

Does anyone want to cut the grass in my big yard for 5 dollars? I want to save money so I can buy bud-dumb-er...... You mario?, ok lets go... ............< It is thinking like this that has really made the country the way it is. Don't blame mexicans ignorants!!!

I can not believe so many of us have lost our sense on history. How we have forced our way into a country - slaughtered other cultures, Mexicans, and Native Americans, forced African Americans into slavery and now expect everyone to stay off our property like it was ever ours to begin with. Tell the wall builders to build it around their own homes. If those American men would work half as much as those who risk their lives to come and work for our benefit. They have taxes taken out of their checks too. Do they get a refund? No... so, stop crying over how you suffer directly because someone is desperate to make a living. Everyone of you came from an illegal - German, Swedish, Polish the list is endless and the SWIM was much longer. We can not help where we are born, the color of our skin; but we can remember our history and the bravery of the person who sacrificed for you to be here now. I am glad there are still men and women who make the decision to create a better life for their sons and daughters. We need to support reform not WALLS.

MEXICANS are taking over and they can bring diseases that are really bad and we don't want that so DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and i don't want to go somewhere with some Mexican who can't speak English serve me or whatever. DO SOMETHING.

fuck the mixies and all the other its ok to pick the laws we wish to up that case dose any body mind if i robb a bank today?im a little short.

i think opie ment mexies but in with him!

Here you go, Rex ...

These posts are pretty obviously intended to be satire, and meant to dehumanize anyone who doesn't agree with leftists/Democrats/liberals that it is a good thing that one political party welcomes and encourages criminal activity in order to gain political power. Even undermining the law and other political parties by ignoring the illegality of the votes these illegal immigrants are suborned into doing ...

For example, this is public insurrection and tacity permitted because Democrats are in-charge and want to continue to use the mohado's illegal status to enforce more political power for themselves, to increase the need for Welfare, Medicare, Foodstamps and other benefits that are used to suborn this illegal activity and to advance their goal to control the USA under socialism.

Watch, Rex ... now the ends-justify-the-means crowd, who mock valid concerns of some US citizens by pretending they are 'subhuman dolts' and 'dangerous animals,' will surely increase this sort of WWII-type propaganda ala Baby-Sacrificing-Juden.

It accommodates this sort of Goebbels-like dehumanization to NOT have name/password protection ... what do they care and just so the 'evil rightwingers' are the target for the camps ...



La Reconquista will not be stopped!

AMERICA will never get back on its feet till we get red of the 50 millon of ill. mexicans. HOW STUPED IS THE WHITE HOUSE. VERRY STUPED. STUPED STUPED STUPED STUPED STUPED STUPED. an don't give a dam about americans.america needs to get back on track.buc we have to clean out the white house. all in the white are trash sucken all our money living the good life wile we live on the streets. pick your own man or women to run for wite house. not who they pick to run.because if they pick we steel are fucked. thats why we pick who we know. that we can trust. do not vote for them . get togeather america stop voting for people in the white house. pick your own who you an we can trust. their is no one in the white house that we can trust. I pray that god will get rid of all the trash in the white house.

The mexican problem is a longstanding one but has been exacerbated in recent years by the war on drugs. Like the war on terror it cannot be won. The druglords will never surrender. The buyers and users in the US will not stop buying and using the product so it is an impasse.

If something is against the law it is against the law. All of the people that are breaking the law by being here illeagally should be arrested and sent back.No child should have citizenship because his parents were illeagal they are illeagle. No benefits or rights, no welfare, nothing. It is not fair they get benefits I can not even get and they are illegal. I think our politicians should be fired and people that can uphold the law put in office. This govenment is a joke and everone sits on their thumbs and says" we can't do anything about it". Thats crap, and we can do something about it if we stand together and don't take it.Term limits, the people voting there raises and fireing them if they don't work, no electorial college we decide how our money is spent and we control their spending.If they are caught doing things with our money that isn't right ,fire them and sell their property to get our money back Cut their salaries to normal for a working man with no perks and see who runs for office.

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