The Politicians and the Possums

Katherine Harris scares a possumIn Florida, we're subdeveloping the rural parts of the state out of existence as fast as we can, but there's still a significant rural vote that requires pandering in the panhandle.

Every election year, national and statewide candidates in Florida must prove they are good country folk by mistreating a possum at the Wausau Possum Festival.

Candidates bid for a possum, taking it out of a holding area by its tail and giving it a shake to terrify the creature into going limp so it won't claw them. They're later fed and released into the wild (the possums, not the politicians). Katherine Harris bid $400 for hers.

"That gal knows how to shake a possum," the auctioneer drawled.

Gubernatorials candidate Tom Gallagher and Rod Smith paid $475 and $250, respectively, for their possums. Smith dangled his limp possum on his campaign site. Gallagher taunted Charlie Crist, the GOP rival he outbid.

"He didn't look like he wanted to touch it," Gallagher said.


Which one is the Possum?

She looks scared to death

Question: Which one of the creatures in this photo has been described as "too stupid to bribe?"

careful possum. balloons pop.

What's the deal with that shirt!

That was a baby 'til she kissed it....

Someone should pick her up by her nether regions and shake her until she goes limp. Then take her back to the woods.

I can't tell if she's grimacing or smiling.

I think the ugly little rat wants to mate with her. She's a hottie by rat standards!

I never could tell if she was smiling or grimacing.

TPS, notice how proud Rogers must be in his efforts to pander to partisan bias and promoting political bigotry?

Pander, pander, pander... a political pimp's job is never ending ...

i want to date her! Is she single?


... and I'm the problem...

I wonder how many of the cat fanciers who are enraged by the Bonsai Kitten spoof are enraged by this? Or do possums rate in their book?

This is how you win the rural vote in Florida? What a bizarrely primitive ritual. Do they eat possum at this cruelty fest? I can just see Granny Clampett stirrin' up a pot of vittles. Where's Jethro?

I can't believe Lawton Chiles or Bob Graham would do this. And that fist of steel on Harris makes me think she'd be good at arm wrestling--it's all in the wrist, you know.

Someone should pick her up by her nether regions and shake her until she goes limp

Stop reading Rogers' dream journal.

I'll bet my pussy has more teeth than you.....

Mistreating a possum !?!?!?
Just for fun !?!?!?
What an unworthy spectacle for candidates in public authority in a country whith the claim to be civilized cultivated!

Stop reading Rogers' dream journal.

Hee. I still think Harris has the naughty wizened debutante thing going for her.

TPS, notice how proud Rogers must be in his efforts to pander

I'm not sure Tad. I don't seem to exist!


I'd hit it. Hell, I'd do both at the same time if the possum would promise to not just lay there.

debutante thing

Must be culture - what the {bleep} is a debutant "thing"?! As artificial as debs are, how is that attractive?


I hate it when republicans do country, cornholing stunts like this to try and prove something, I don't know what....

Shit, scrap the two party system, America, so I can have an option


Disgruntled 2000 voter fights back!

No more election fraud this time around.

how dare u hert a poor lil pssum that dose n harm

This is disgusting. I cannot BELIEVE these idiots actually do this for fun and attention. The animal belongs in the wild, living its life, and Katherine Harris needs to take a long hard look at herself in a mirror. What happened to compassion and having common freakin' sense? This photos is a perfect example of what is WRONG with this country-- stupidity and heartlessness run wild.

Thats just sick and disgraceful. It makes you look stupid.

And these people want to represent society, haha. Can't expect anything more from some politicians these days.

fukking cruel

Nice rack!

Katherine Harris is hot, I'd probably hit that if I felt like wallowing in evil. As far as this absurd display of country bumpkinism, I can't see how this would gain here an ounce of respect amongst redneck voters, but and then again I'm no redneck.


THIS is why I love America!

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Is this yet another example of why the USA is going down the gurgler & i hope we dont end up the same way? SORRY, we,re just as bad if not worse, don't be surprised if Mother Nature cracks it & decides to end our small insignificant episode in the history of this planet Earth.

Cannot believe what I saw...............
Sad but true this is so third world country-like - aren´t there any animal protectors out there in the USA who can stop this???
It is so disgusting.
And she is laughing - or what ever her face is still able to express....
What does she want to do for "FLORIDA" except making big money by being selfish?
She does not respect nature that is for sure and she does not have any connection to nature - obviously - and again very, very sad and shallow.
I hope nobody voted for her

it's funny that anytime there is a woman of power in an image, everyone feels the need to talk about dating or sexual topics.

nice way to show your emasculation fearz.

$400.00 for each one? Boy, I can a lot of money! We caught and released 5 this summer in New York. They must be coming from down south. South Brooklyn?

To all of you who are saying how harmless possums are obviously have never had them eat your livestock's feed so quit complaining about them hurting the stupid thing and get over it.

God Bless (middle)America!

Fucking disgusting excuse for humanity

This is sad :-( I just can't wrap my head around hurting something that can't fight back. It just goes to show how shallow we can be as people. In summation...PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE! :+(

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