Mr. Hasselhoff, Tear Down That Wall

ABC News:

[David] Hasselhoff enjoys cult status across Europe. This is most marked in Germany, where his 1989 album, Looking for Freedom, topped the charts for three months. Two years ago, Hasselhoff expressed disappointment that he was not recognized as having helped end the Cold War through his music.


Let's get Hasselhoff to number one!<>

Who knows, maybe in some weird unknown way, his music really did help. After all, making music has got to help more than does the constant nattering of those spent dinosaurs, the disengaged commentators.

RCADE here is the video on youtube. Why not make a few posts on our blog.

Your kidding me right Mr. Baywatch and a hit record, do you remeber the song Take a ride in my car ? What a horrible record and song.

rogers can you link to us if we link to you?

And if there was any doubt how serious he takes this...

"do you remember the song "Take a ride in my car"?"

Wasn't that a duet with Kit the talking car from Night Rider?

Ich bin ein Hasselhoffer!

Be Well.

Who knows he will arrive with concerts to Russia? Very much it would be desirable to visit at a concert!

For all I know, David Hasselhoff may be one of the most powerful people on the planet. But judging by the press he's been getting lately, it sounds more like he's having some emotional problems, or else it's just a Tom Cruise publicity stunt.

I can't seriously picture Hasselhoff being as influential as he sees himself, but I always thought there were people of great power and influence walking around unobtrusively, inconspicuous in their habits, and wielding their power in subtle moves barely perceptible to the unobservant.

Sometimes if you look really hard, you can catch them at it. Identifying them is the challenge.

As any prestidigitator knows, the hand is quicker than the eye. Let's remember, though, that vision happens as much in the mind as it does in the eye.

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