Joe Trippi on Jerome Armstrong

In today's New York Post, former Howard Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi throws Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas under the bus:

Some Dems suspect [Mark] Warner fears ditching Armstrong would spark rage from his ex-business partner, Markos Moulitsas-Zuniga of the Daily Kos Web site, who's had nice things to say about Warner so far.

Armstrong and Kos are often touted as Internet wunderkinds in the 2004 Howard Dean campaign -- but Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi and top aide Kate O'Connor say it ain't so.

Trippi said Armstrong's role was "mostly to help placing our blog ads for $3,000 a month" and "Markos had almost nothing to do with the campaign."

Both Trippi and O'Connor -- while often at odds in the Dean campaign -- agreed that contrary to the Kos myth, Dean's real Internet stars were Nicco Malley, Mat Gross and Zephyr Teachout.

Trippi also said that Armstrong never disclosed his SEC woes when he was hired in June 2003 -- when the SEC probe was well under way, saying: "It was never disclosed to me."

Trippi, who has not discussed this situation on his blog, doesn't sound thrilled about being kept in the dark about Armstrong's SEC problems.

Update: I can't reconcile these quotes with Trippi's lavish praise for Armstrong and Moulitsas on MyDD this afternoon unless he has an evil simulacrum.


Post article comes out slamming Jerome, with Trippi saying Armstrong & Kos were basically nothing, Jerome takes a call from Trippi same morning the story comes out, Jerome then waxes poetic for about a million words on his own site about Dean and Trippi, then Trippi comes and comments and blows smoke up his ass.

these guys are some kinda professionals. at what, i'm not sure yet.

"Update: I can't reconcile these quotes with Trippi's lavish praise for Armstrong and Moulitsas on MyDD this afternoon unless he has an evil simulacrum."

No incompatibility.

Trippi's saying that Markos and Jerome played only a minor part in the Dean campaign is consistent with everything that's been said before.

And if Trippi didn't know about the SEC stuff at the time, it's not throwing Jerome under the bus to say so.

I'd suggest Trippi has never deviated from being an ally of Markos and Jerome.


Actually, Markos' lack of role in the Dean campaign was the original episode of "Kosola". Zephyr Teachout hired Markos and Jerome specifically to keep them away from Clark, not for any actual work.

And Markos' psychotic over-reaction to Teachout when she spoke out foreshadowed the recent psychotic over-reaction to Zengerle.

Wasn't Trippi also formerly a frequent Raging Bull poster?

I wonder if anyone has looked into the nature of his stock board posting history.

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