Hey, Kids! Comics!

During a recent road trip the kids and I stormed two geek stores: Lone Star Comics in Dallas and Cosmic Cat Comics in Tallahassee. This is a foolish thing to do, because I have poor impulse control and my sons have a serious Yu-Gi-Oh jones.

The clerk at Lone Star was exceptionally friendly, digging up free comics for the kids and teaching them how to slam Pogs, which are undergoing an attempted revival.

We did $80 damage at Lone Star on cards, comics, manga and a $13 box that contained three pieces of laminated cardboard and two plastic Slammers.

The clerk at Cosmic Cat couldn't have been less friendly if he was channeling Jack Black in High Fidelity.

My son Eli believes that stores that don't stock Yu-Gi-Oh cards are secretly holding out on him, so he interrogates clerks like Mike Wallace working somebody over on 60 Minutes. His favorite technique is to ask a series of similar questions to see if the story changes. Some clerks actually begin to sweat under this fusillade, which always reminds me of his mother.

In a store with no other customers that's part of a run-down shopping center hurting for business, the clerk copped so much attitude that we left without spending a cent.

Thank you, Cosmic Cat Comics!


I'd like to know how much you're going to have to pay for that crack "...this fusillade, which always reminds me of his mother."

Some clerks actually begin to sweat under this fusillade, which always reminds me of his mother.

Having at least once been on the receiving end of such a fusillade from his mother, I can sympathize. Mary is the kind of journalistic badass Katie Couric can only dream of being.

Fiona Apple sucks.

I have been in there quite often. Knowing the employees there, the one you are referring to probably picked up on your son's little game and decided to give him some of his own medicine. I guess you wouldn't spend anything, because they did not stock what you wanted and I guess they Thanked You as you left the store!

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