A note on the home page of Planet Apache:

Planet Apache provides its aggregated feeds in RSS 2.0, RSS 1.0 and RSS 0.9, and its blogroll in FOAF and OPML (the most horrific abuse of XML known to man).

RSS 2.0 Specification


Let it lay, Rogers, let it lay...

I appreciate your concern for my emotional well-being, Don, but I must occasionally represent the viewpoint that OPML blows goats.

Are you insulting goatherds now?

Looks like that was lifted pretty much verbatim from Planet GNOME when Planet Apache was launched. So, that's mostly my snark - don't blame Thom! :-)

I realize it was created in the dark ages of XML, but really, there is not enough scorn in the universe to heap on OPML.

The next ATOM spec should be for a subscription-sharing format, so we can finally put OPML to rest. The other use case for OPML, storing hierarchical bits of information, is already covered by a spec called "XML".

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