Weblog Mover For Hire

Cyndi Greening blogs about a programming job I did for her this month -- moving her filmmaking weblog from Radio UserLand to Movable Type:

I have been complaining, whining and kvetching for over two years about how much I dislike using Radio UserLand as a blogging tool. When I started blogging in 2003, Radio was inexpensive and seemed easy to use. It had an automatic picture uploading tool. It had RSS features I liked.

But then ... I started traveling more and wanted to blog from film festivals like Sundance and SXSW and Tribeca but it was nearly impossible and totally frustrating. ...

Imagine my joy when Cadenhead (an author, consultant, teacher and total tech-head (I mean that in the nicest way possible) quickly and efficiently converted my 991 entries for transfer into IndieWIRE for a very reasonable fee. (My friends were so happy to hear I wouldn't be complaining about that anymore.) He even found a way to preserve the image links (refer to the screen snap for the nasty snarl of the deeply nested and separate folders that Radio creates). I wanted to get it done before Tribeca (which starts in six days) and he accomplished in record time.

I've written books on two blogging tools and used a half-dozen others on publishing projects. Moving from one blogging tool to another is a pain in the ass, whether you've outgrown Radio, Blogger, Movable Type, Manila or something else.

Greening's project revealed a thorny problem with how Radio encodes some characters in XML.

If anyone else needs a weblog mover enough to pay for the work, I'm available.


That's one happy client you have there - good job! There's nothing like delivering to an appreciative client.

Thanks. But when a client is this happy, I start to think that I should have charged more. ;-).

Hello, has straight time and looks around into English speaking Blogs in such a way. To arrange Holle me suggestions around also German Blogs. Unfortunately there is not as clasp-rich Blogs in Europe as English until soon and tschuess Manuel

Thats it, Manuel. I wish there were more good german blogs too... But maybe this way my english becomes a little better... :)

Hey Manuel, maybe it would be a good idea to proof the raw machine translation output before you post it in public.

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Do you move the entire weblog to another service provider? Wow, that's awesome. I'm sure you can actually get a lot more customers who need that sort of thing. Moving it manually is next to impossible. If you've found a way to do it quickly, you're most certainly a legend.
Interesting business you've got going here-- I'm quite fascinated how much of a business blogging has become. It's really a new and exciting world we're on the brink of, if you ask me. There's really so much potential with the net.

You have had such an interesting job. Why did you have to give it up? Is this position still open?

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