All Art Bell, All Romance, All the Time

I'm surprised the mainstream media has no interest in the love life of radio host Art Bell, which has become a lot more interesting than you'd expect of a 60-year-old man. In the last three days, more than 3,000 people have hit Workbench from search engines looking for information on Bell and wife, posting more than 480 comments.

I covered the news because people were showing up here Sunday looking for it, thanks to this blog's top placement in Google for the term Art Bell's wife.

There's something deeply wrong about letting incoming traffic dictate the topics you cover, but I enjoy the idea of feeding the news jones of the world about any random subject that brings them here in great number.

I can't find a link to back it up, but I read about a newspaper in Mexico that makes editorial decisions based on the hit counts of stories when they go online. The most-read stories go on the front page and reporters receive bonuses based on traffic. The end result is a paper that favors attention-grabbing fluff and tabloid-style sensation over real news, which naturally caused subscriptions to skyrocket along with profits.

I've attached the audio of Bell telling his Coast to Coast listeners about his marriage Saturday night, which is every bit as weird as people are making it sound:

Airyn and I began having two- or three-hour videoconferences virtually every day. This is pretty personal stuff. In fact, after you have talked to someone for two or three hours and seen their picture in a videoconference, which can be done across the world, every single day, you get to know more about them than I think the average couple -- which usually jumps in bed with each other and then tries to find out about the other person afterwards -- will ever know. Still, you know, I still had not physically met Airyn but I was quickly falling in love. There's simply no question about it.

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I've heard his radio show off and on and listen to it to get a good laugh. Art Bell sounds like the flakiest person I've ever listened to both on air and in his private life. How can you be madly in love with someone one minute and then the person dies and in little over 3 months you've met and "fallen deeply in love" again and have remarried!! What a flake!! Good riddance...may he stay in the Phillipines - we've had enough of him here in the U.S. where we have more than our share of flakes!!

I was glad to see this audio link posted, because I missed the the first hour of the show. I also missed the show when Art returned after the loss of Ramona. I would like to hear that too. I am sure he was broken up at the time as he explained what happened to his soul mate. I wonder if he was already 'in love' with this new girl at that point.

nice going my friend, good website, thanks a billion for the Mp3, however a zillion people must be downloading it, because its slow as all hell...

"There's something deeply wrong about letting incoming traffic dictate the topics you cover"

Someone's gonna turn that idea into a million dollars...

Imagine a wordpress or MT plugin that inserted "People are coming to your blog looking for x, y and z-- Maybe you should write more about that stuff" at the top of the posting form.

Art Bell should be more discreet. I was really upset that he married a farm college girl half his size and actually began the romance 30 days after the love of his life died suddenly. Did someone put a chip in his head? I think it is in very poor taste, I don't care how happy he is. It's like Katie Couric announcing her husband died and two months later marrying a little Amazonian indian and running off to do the news in the Amazon. He should have kept it to himself

Did Art Bell say he was giving up "Coast to Coast" just because he's moving to the Philippines? I find it hard to believe--he loves radio too much to give it up. Why could he not do streaming audio from there?

I really felt crushed when I heard his broadcast after Ramona died. But as time went on, he seemed to not want anyone to express condolences or talk about her. Little did we know that he was already in contact with Airyn. I can't believe that he grieved very much about Ramona -- sure it's painful, but it needed to be processed. To suddenly marry & gush the way he did on Saturday, it really sickened me & cheapened Ramona's memory. So if he comes back in awhile, saying the new marriage didn't work out, I won't get suckered into feeling sorry for him next time.


If anybody wants to post them on higher bandwidth, give us a hand will ya?

Crushed already!

Here's what you didn't get to see, email me at
if you have a better bandwidth

1. "Damn You Wife of Air" - This could refer to Ramona, as she was on the air many times, his 'on air wife.' It could also be interpreted as
referring to his 'radio show' / "wife of the air/on air/radio" but who knows. It may also be "Airyn" as he described on the announcement
that he calls his new wife "air-in" and not "IRENE" as it is supposed to be pronounced.

2."I am Full of Shit There is No Way Out" this is self explainitory I think.

3."She Went Very Slowly At the Very End" - Could he be referring to his wife's death? Or perhaps his wedding night, either way its distrubing.

4."Evade the Law" - This sounds like "evade the law" to me, who knows.

5."Yeah I'm Uncertain" - Pretty clear on this one.

6."Hurt My Wife" Once again, is he talking about Ramona's emotions or something else?

7."Fell Down Now I'm A Wolf That Eats It Up" - This is what this line sounds like to me, you decide.

8."I'm Free" - The reversal is obvious.


10. "Get Out" - Is his wedding an 'escape'?

11."Fell Down Snakes" - just plain creepy, this one comes up again! Only this time its snakes not a wolf.

I felt sick to my stomach when I heard Art make his announcement. I have been listening since 1994 and love the show. I had great respect for him. Not anymore - this is absolutely sick! He seems to be such a bright person, doesn't he realize he is getting dangerously close to child molestor status?

I'm in full agreement with all the other people posting here who wonder if Ramona's death could have been suspicious. Yes, she had asthma, but it would have been easy to hide her breather. Even if she did die on her own, without his help, there is no way to look at his marrying a teenage golddigger as anything but gross. And so soon after the loss of the supposed love of his life. I'm sure there is huge financial gain for Airyn and her family in this deal, otherwise it would never ever happen.


Are the comments sections closed in the other two posts regarding Art Bell???


Except that the previous entry to yours is timestamped 2006-4-20 02:01 PM and your post is timestamped 2006-04-21 04:42AM

I was reading the recent posts (LOTS of posts) from today when the server apparently crashed and now here we are - all that is lost.

The original thread 'CSI Pahrump on Art Bell Remarries, Will Leave U.S.' is truncated mid-post on an entry from 4-18-2006 and no new comments can be added... that's the "main" thread for this subject, the one with all the speculation regarding this situation... did a buffer overflow somewhere, or is this something.... unexplained?

Check out this weird picture of Art from a Vegas newspaper today:

Is that a guilty grin or a lecherous one? Hard to say...

The 'thumbs up' sign (something he does quite often) reminds me of the Abu Graib photos...

Looks like someone is trying to censor the post..Maybe Arts lawyers are making some calls??

Right after the old story of Art's son going on a rampage in April 2000 and 'Inspector CLUE-So' posted his theory of Art's indiscretions leading to Ramona's untimely death... maybe hitting too close to the truth?

I was wondering what was going on. How does Rogers feel about everyone posting on here?

"I was wondering what was going on. How does Rogers feel about everyone posting on here?"

Since he's the moderator/host, and he's getting massive traffic, I'd guess he must be OK with it... if he wanted to take it down, he'd take it down altogether.

I think there are 2 things going on with Art. One is that he wants a companion and wife who will be very domestically servile and take care of his every need. This doesn't mean she can't express herself, but I think he missed having the servant aspect of a wife. Secondly, I think he has been hysterical since Ramona died. This move he is pulling is an emotionally dangerous one, however he is 60 and maybe it will work out.

I think Art Bell has flipped his lid.The man is just running away from his grief,trying to forget about the things that he had loved in the past.How could he just abandon his cats????I give this so-called marriage a few months at most.Then ,hopefully,Mr.Bell will come to his senses and agree that this union with a super young girl was all rebound stuff.

Art Bell is the king of conspiracy theories. Well... what does one think about the "sudden" death of his long-time wife, only to be followed by the fairly quick (3 months)remarriage to a young Filipina? And then quickly relocating to the Phillippines? Usually those girls want to come to the states. Seems a little fishy. Hmmm ... I think we may need to reinvestigate the "natural causes" death a little bit. Maybe he doesn't want to remain in a place where he can be investigated. Is "Monk" around? (lol)
Oh, for the record, he plans to continue his radio show after he relocates to the Phillippines.

Art is the guy who believed the official story on 911..what a flake!

"Fell down snakes" sounds like "fell down steps" to me which he did awhile ago, remember?

When I first heard about Art's wife and listened to the grief expressed on his show, I was truly saddened for him. A few weeks later he was interviewing a woman and told her how attractive she was (he was looking at her book jacket photo). I was startled at the comment, as it was not only sexist and unnecessary, but given the fact Art had just lost his wife, it was incredribly inappropriate. It was at this time that I realized Art was in the O ZONE.
He is making decisions that he will come to regret.

I remember thinking the same thing. That was a female physicist - I think she was from Harvard. He went on and on about how good looking she was. "You are one attractive woman," he kept saying. I am surprised he didn't add "Honey" to the end of it.

everyone deserves to be happy, however a little discretion certainly can't hurt. why set yourself up for ridicule as a love sick puppy!!! Some people just can't be alone......

Looking at Art's comments on the fabulousforum website, he keeps saying "life is short" over and over. And his latest photos he looks really thin. Maybe he is ill and this is really is his last shot at life. I hope not, but just a thought.

Art has been sick with the Flu, or so George Noory has reported, and unable to do the show the weekend of April 22-23.

If Ramona was in the Philippines, she'd be on the next plane to come to his bedside and care for him.....but where is Airyn????

Funny, Art said he and Ramona were never apart, not even for a day. Now he marries a woman that won't even come with him to help him pack up his things!!! He is clearly making ALL the sacrifices for this relationship.
It's clear by his new brides attitude, that she will not do anything she is not comfortable with, no matter how it may hurt her husband.

Art is in love with the youth of this woman and her sexual favors. This is NOT love, BUT LUSH. To have a wife who was so devoted to him, as Ramona was, then marry this one who is clearly selfish, is the sign of an old fool. He is going to have a major heartbreak when he realizes this. Then what? More talk of suicide? The man is not stable.

I was a long time Fan of Arts, but no more. He has allowed his emotions to over rule his head, like a irresponsible teenager. And he has lowered himself to the point of losing all my respect, and the respect also, of millions of other people. Had he just waited and gone the course, it would not be so bad to have him marry this woman, after say one year. That's not to say he couldn't have seen her, even lived with her.
But one can not, and should not, expect to air their personal lives to the public and get no flack.

Even if he had announced his marriage with more respect to Ramona, would have been nice. But to call his new bride the "most beautiful woman I have ever seen", then top that off with dedicating a song to his new wife....the same song he had played just weeks before and dedicated to Ramona? This is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard!!!!

I think Ed Dames. Gordon Michael Scallion, Sylvia Browne, and Sean David Morton should get together and remote view Ramona Bell's death. Then we'll absoutely get to the bottom of this for sure! They will exonerate Art Bell, and Art could then get on with his life with his child bride.

Like everyone else, I was shocked to hear Art say he had remarried. Clearly, the man is unstable at this point in time. This marriage and relocation is his way of running from the grief and loneliness. He needed a support group where he could talk it out with others who are in the same boat. I'm afraid he will soon regret this decision and return to the US within 2 years, alone and with much less money.

Act in Haste, Repent in Leisure.

My daughter is a Gemini and this is typical behavior for that sign, they are fickle it's just their nature, and they can say they are deeply in love but get over it quickly it doesn't run very deep for them.


You're interest in people who are different has gotten you into trouble before.

I was hoping you'd learn some lessons from recent events. Avoid the tabloids and people with obvious mental instabilities.

You won't be able to help and the extra traffic is NOT coming from segments you'd like to hang with.

Maybe Art would like to join the RSS board... could RSS be used to monitor extra-terrestial communications or connect to the "other side"? Frankly, I don't see any thing in the spec preventing such uses.

Keep scanning the skies for great news.

There's something deeply wrong about letting incoming traffic dictate the topics you cover, but I enjoy the idea of feeding the news jones of the world about any random subject that brings them here in great number.

Papal Whore.

YETI, are you there? You seem to know what's going on. Why was the "Art Bell Remarries" Workbench site closed for comments and where have you all gone?

Morons. Did you really think that you could post all the crap you posted without Cadenhead shutting you off? Good lord, the only thing I can think to say is, about damn time. I mean keeripes man, how many 10 year olds does it take to ruin a good site? Poor Tam, looks like youll have to go off and find your beloved Yeti the hairy PUSSY on another site. WAHHH piss and moan...LMAO. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morons. Did you really think that you could post all the crap you posted without Cadenhead shutting you off?

Cadenhead didn't shut anything off ... there were simply TOO MANY comments for those with ancient modems to download in a reasonable period of time.

Thus ... THAT page is closed.

Rogers Cadenhead is my kind of guy!!
Thank you Rogers.

Wasn't it great to hear Art on C2C tonight?

Oh yeah, about as good to hear Art Bell as it is to hear George Bush.

Same old thing, blah, blah, blah.

Face it Art Bell Fans, he's made a fool of himself and is heading out of Dodge.

Art has a lot of great new ideas for broadcasting from the Phillipines!

George had better watch out! Art might steal the show back and it will be just like the old days !!!

Maybe Airyn can be on the show like Ramona used to be and we can learn all about her !!!

Carl Richardson is a high-level computer consultant. Maybe he can have a segment on the show for computer geeks !!!!

I am SOOOO excited by the possibilities !!!!!

Let's all help make this a real success for this new adventure in Art's life!

I could say a lot about the ideas he may's just so hard not to!!!!
I mean, talk about an opening for all kinds of nasty things one could say!!!!

But, I have more class than that, so I won't. Too bad Art hasn't got as much class.
The news has it that Art will only be doing two weekends per month, after he's in the Philippines. THAT is 4 days LESS than he was doing. As I see it, he's getting LESS of the shows, rather than more or even the same as he had.

Art Bell fans better get ready to say Bye, Bye to Art Bell. He's flying really high, and really fast for an old fart, who smokes too much and has a young wife to keep him up late, night after night. When I was in my "Twenty Something" age, I liked to go to the night clubs, dance and get drunk. After I got married at the young age of Twenty-Five,I wanted to go even more often. The thing about being married and tied down made me
rebellious, because it seemed so final. I have a feeling that looking at Art's old face, day after day, night after night, may take it's toll on Airyn, and make her feel like she is
getting old before her time.....thus, she will strike out and want freedom once again.

"Get me out of this apartment and away from this OLD MAN! If I have to listen to one more of his stories, about the GOOD OLD DAYS, I'm going to JUMP out of this 12th floor window!!!!

Give Art a break! He just lost his soul mate Ramona. He needs time to adjust and come to enjoy life again.

Lets cheer him on and get him out of the dumps he's been in ever since Ramona's tragic passing.

I have a feeling that looking at Art's old face, day after day, night after night, may take it's toll on Airyn, and make her feel like she is
getting old before her time

I wouldn't worry about that. Filipino women come from a different culture.

In the Phillipines, men are accepted as equal to women. There is no matriarchal hierarchy, as in the United States, where men exist to be slaves to women ... to be used as their own personal burros and then cast aside when they are no longer wanted or needed.

That's one of the MANY reasons that Filipino women are better than their American counterparts.

Future Headlines............

The Philippine Times

Last night the police visited the apartment building that the famous Talk Radio Host, Art Bell lives in with his young bride Airyn. There they found his wife dead, face down on the pavement and it was obvious she had jumped from the window of their apartment.

Art Bell was questioned about what had happened that night and if he was home when his wife jumped.
He said she had been upset, but then felt better after a time, so they went to bed. A short time later, he said, he awoke to find she was not in the bed with him, so he went to find her to see if she was OK. At that time he found she had jumped out of the window and fallen to her death.

Police released Mr. Bell and said there was no evidence of foul play. Mr. Bell said she had been his "Soul Mate # 2, and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen."

One Week Later.......On the Radio.....Art Bell......

Folks, I've always been honest with you and I'm not going to change now. I've been getting to know this very lovely young lady, Airyn's little sister, and I am IN LOVE! She is ALMOST twenty something and Folks, you have no idea how happy I am to say, I'm married!!!!! The pictures are up on the web page if you'd like to see her.....she is the most beautiful woman I've EVER SEEN! WE are SOOOO in LOVE!!!! SOOOO IN LOVE

Are they soulmates too?


Large Wind-Moving Device

The hole in your mouth?

Your rectal orifice?


Large Wind-Moving Device

The hole in your mouth?

Your rectal orifice?


You should get more computer savvy, big fan, because when you post your comment, you have to wait for a browser to upload it to the webpage. That way you avoid posting your shit all over and all over again. Or maybe you should upgrate you connection from a pre-historic dialup to something faster.

Bad mouse, booby.

It happens.

I'll get another just to make you happy.

Got anything meaningful to say?

Guess not.

Anyone else notice a LOUD DRONING sound coming from this place when a certain individual of the FAN-boy persuasion posts?

As for bodily orifices, the least said the better. Why advertise?

He left. He said on the other page that we were making him laugh himself to death.

What a freakazoid.

He was spoiling our pARTy.

Nutty Host=Nutty Fans

Makes sense to me! Ha!

Art Bell can't attract anyone now except for those who don't want to make comment on National Radio or those who are as nuts as he is.

OR.....those you are interested in getting a free airplane ticket to the Philippines to meet a wife.

In regards to the comment above by Big Fan, about American women dumping their
husbands when they get tired of them or they get old.......or some nonsense

I've been married to my American wife for 30 years. Unlike some of my other service
buddies who married Asian women after we were in Vietnam, I am the only one who's
marriage hasn't ended in divorce!

Culture differences are a bigger problem than most would think. And the problem didn't
exist with Art's first wife, Ramona. If think it's fair to say Ramona was about as
American as one could get. Here's why........

1) Ramona did not send for all her relatives to come over here to live.

2) Ramona didn't have 5-6 kids.

3) Ramona didn't have an accent and spoke beautiful English. So much so, that she was once a radio host.

4) Ramona did not leave Art after a few years of marriage!!!!!

Not to make too much of this--and I swear, I won't mention it again--but has anyone noticed that Big Fan's writing style fluctuates wildly? Some of his posts consist entirely of high-pitched, heavily punctuated drivel...and in other comments, he invokes the DSM and uses phrases like "matriarchal hierarchy" and "rectal orifice."

Pretty sneaky, Art. You should have stuck with the deliberately dumbed-down fanatic persona. But your ego always wins out, doesn't it?

There is a disease process going on ... in all of us.

Every time anyone posts lies re: Art Bell and his current situation ... their personal disease process is worsened.

Don't bother responding because I don't care what your response to this is ... kill yourself over time for all I care.

If you die of cancer 5 years sooner, it's your doing, not mine.

My own personal opinion is that the AB/Airyn situation seems suspicious in very many ways.

I think that a very thorough investigation needs to be done and let the chips fall where they may.

Until that has been done, no one here knows what the hell they're talking about.

Hey, Mob! Who wants to live five more years, when the Earth's magnetic poles are going to reverse themselves, destroying the world as we know it (according to C2C)? The cancer that you say is forming in our bodies will scarcely have time to metastasize by then.

I bet you're a buzzkill at parties, man.

I used to think Art's farts were stinky, but Ham Hock's are the worst. Meeooowww!!

Not to make too much of this--and I swear, I won't mention it again--but has anyone noticed that Big Fan's writing style fluctuates wildly?

Bell's Hell | 2006-04-26 08:03 PM

Anyone ever think he may not always be the same person?

Guess not.

Why do you think I always wear black?



You and I both know that I am the only one posting.

The last 5 years are the worst anyway.

Art Bell is a jerk. Ham Bone is a fatty.

P.S. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, so we all have only 6 years left anyway. Party Hardy!

Hey, Mob! Who wants to live five more years, when the Earth's magnetic poles are going to reverse themselves, destroying the world as we know it (according to C2C)? The cancer that you say is forming in our bodies will scarcely have time to metastasize by then.

So, people like you really do believe all that garbage then?


Unfortunately for you, that trash IS trash.

What I say is true.

Go ahead, disbeliever.

I really DO NOT CARE what you do to yourself.

I am remote viewing Mob, and he is whacking it while looking at the link posted by Face Cancer. Sick, Dude.

I am remote viewing Mob, and he is whacking it while looking at the link posted by Face Cancer. Sick, Dude.

Ed Dames | 2006-04-26 09:13 PM | link

But if you think he is sick ... you have no idea the sick things that I can teach him.

BRAY, Okla. -- A man is causing an uproar in his rural southwestern
Oklahoma town by advertising that he'd like to pay for a young
virgin to be his bride.

Michael Theleman, 45, said he doesn't understand the problem and
thinks he just has some wicked neighbors.

Theleman has caused an uproar in the southwestern Oklahoma town of
Bray with his search for a bride. He put a sign in his yard Sunday
saying he'll pay $1,000 for a virgin bride between the ages of 12
and 24.

One of his neighbors said she feels like she's living near a
pedophile. As of Wednesday, there were no offers.

Theleman said he doesn't understand. He said his grandmother
married "a much older man" at age 14.

After complaints, he put up a new sign Wednesday without the ages.
The new sign said he's not interested in a "pig-worshipping,
heathen, white-supremacist wife."

Stephens County District Attorney Gene Christian said Theleman's
sign likely is legal.

"All who say they are "Light Workers" are engaged in the battle against God on Lucifer's behalf."

What's the name of GN's new book?

Bell's Hell, Oh, I think you hit the nail on the head. Art being his own Big Fan that is. Narcissists are always their own best fans and I'm sure he would be happy to argue on his own behalf in the persona as his #1 Fan. Big Fan, just get a big mirror and talk to yourself.

Ed Dames, Oh Ed....Between your mail order bride and the end of the world happening again this week for the 5000th consecutive week, where do you find the time?

Has anyone considered that, since are is the King of Conspiracy Radio, that maybe, just maybe, you're all being bamboozled?

Carl Richardson's statement to the public

I see he does not deny being Art's new bro-inlaw

Ahhh, what's that smell?

Hmmmmm, the burning flesh of liars in Hell.


See you all there!

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor ... ~

Texas, yes, I thought this is a great publicity stunt. The controversy, however, has caused the reporting of past events he would rather no one knew about. He is cast in a very unfavorable light.

Satan get lost!


Hey, lady, don't complain to me!

It is YOUR God that makes up the rules ... I just carry out the punishments.


See you in Hell !!!


Texas, yes, I thought this is a great publicity stunt.

Ramona and Andy Kaufman are both still alive ... living in a 7-11 with Elvis.

Anyone seen Hitler lately? Is he still living in Argentina?

Sorry, didn't mean to imply R was still living. Bet the ratings have gone through-the-roof though. Still think he should be hung by his thumbs.

Did Art get a prenup?

Carl Richardson's statement to the public I see he does not deny being Art's new bro-inlaw

I can't say I feel sorry for the guy. It's great to be linked to the famous when you gain by it. But when one gets with the big shots, they have to plan on being linked to the crap
they do as well. "Birds of a feather" so to speak.

He should just be glad that Art wasn't smuggling drugs! Then his ass would REALLY be in trouble!

Was a long time fan of Art Bell. I called in the show more than once to ask questions I enjoyed him for endless entertianment. I often enjoyed chatting about him in the aol chat rooms. His website was the first I even visited.

I am shocked at this news. You have to wonder about the whole thing. It's just too sensational to believe.

Well, I too met a younger woman and married and moved out of the country. But the age difference is not 30 years. IT's 3.

Jeesh. Art Bell always was great at making sensational stories. Even in retirement, he is entertaining.

Art announced on Wednesday night's show, that about 3% of his audience didn't understand his marriage to Airyn and they just weren't happy, unless HE was UNHAPPY.
( I thought that was pretty stupid to say.) He said he just couldn't see living in the same place he and Ramona did, and slowly die, and he was going to choose life. He also said he wasn't going to sell the house or his radio program, and that someone was handling that for him. So you see, he just HAD to go get married right away, or he'd JUST DIE!!!
How dramatic! Does HGH do that to you??? WOW!

He's not going to believe the space issues when living in a condo! The noises from other condo's, the space issues and there is no outside area to have for yourself. After having so much room to himself, to shoot his gun, play around or just glaze at the stars, he's going to be miserable after that, in a condo. He'll be moving very soon, I'll bet. Then all
that set up expense to do his radio show in the condo, will be down the toilet. I wonder how long the Clear Channel boss is going to go with Art's every whim.

Art just isn't dealing with anything that is not part of his fantasy. And of course George was his all kissy self to Art....thanking him over and over for his choosing him to Host the
Show when he retired.

One thing Art said that made me think was, "Well, I'm giving the dice a toss!"
Boy, THAT is an understatement if I ever heard one. I imagine that while he was home trying to get things packed and set up, he began to realize just what a big move he was making. And I think he's going to try to move his new bride back here after a while.
That is why he's keeping the house and property, I'll bet.

I'm getting a very weird feeling about all this more and more. I can't put my finger on it, but something is for sure.......none of this is going to work out for him. I can just feel it.
And I'm the type that when I feel something, it's time to set up and take notice.
At least, that's what my husband says.

Art's Horoscope for Thursday April 27th

Maybe you need to clear a quiet space for yourself to be aware of what really is beginning now. Maybe it will just be an insight into the past or yourself, which gives you the key on how to change the future. Mars in Cancer can make you unusually intense and rather sensual, so pleasure will be high on your priority list at the moment. Just do not be too impulsive or reckless about taking on new commitments just to impress other people.

Interesting, Huh????

[quote]that about 3% of his audience didn't understand his marriage to Airyn [/quote}
Only 3%??? Seems kinda low, considering the poll on the streamlink forum was 80% against.

Also, did anyone notice, that even with all the ass-kissing the last two nights, George still hasn't congratulated him on the marriage.

George must HATE Art for doing this. He is a moral man. The show must go on though.
There are just some things an that show that the public needs to hear, forgetaboutthealiens.......


If I could find an Airyn I would be on a plane today, but I think I would get tired of everyone telling me what a pretty daughter I have.

It's weird but just let him be happy and don't worry about it. Live your own life right and don't judge.

Cat, I remember Art whining about suicidal thoughts briefly after Ramona died. I have a feeling you're right about this new marriage swirling down the bowl. He will be back in America before we know it, just like a stubborn cockroach that nothing can kill.

Note to Mob Mentality: I doubt anyone here would be discussing Art Bell if Art Bell hadn't done it so much himself.

Did anyone else get the feeling we were having a Leona Helmsley moment? The rules only apply to the little people.

Note to Mob Mentality: I doubt anyone here would be discussing Art Bell if Art Bell hadn't done it so much himself.

Bell's Hell | 2006-04-27 10:18 AM | link

Well, it's all about Art, isn't it?

For some reason he needed to poke his personal life (as he always has) right into the public eye, once again.

Perhaps he bit off a bit more than he could chew, this time.

He is so used to the adulation of his sychophants that he thought he could do no wrong.

He does seem to be a bit of a sociopath ... guilty of wackiness ... but I am not willing to accuse him of any kind of criminality (even though I may tend towards believing it) until I see some sort of better proof. There certainly was motive, means, and opportunity ... and many signs point to it.

I DO hope that there is an investigation going on ... but Captain James T Kirk and Little Beaver Blake are still walking around free ... and O.J. is still scouring golf courses all over the world trying to find Nicole's REAL killers.

If Art had simply kept his mouth shut about himself, he could have avoided all this ... but Art will NEVER keep his mouth shut about himself.

It's weird but just let him be happy and don't worry about it. Live your own life right and don't judge.

David Krueger | 2006-04-27 10:03 AM | link

I agree.

Deep down, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao were all good people.

I hope they were happy and "I" certainly was never one to judge them.

After all, if you judge someone, then you must be willing to be judged, yourself, at some point in time.

Even though I feel I could pass the scrutiny, I know that many effete white liberal bleeding-heart, hate-your-own-race, know-better-than everyone-else, do-gooders who use the Bible to support their points of view (but don't believe in it) ... are made very uncomfortable by thoughts of personal responsibility.

Therefore, predicated on not wanting them to be made unduly uncomfortable by the realities of life ... I decided never to judge others.

Let them do as they will and be happy.

Nite, Adolph. Nite, Joseph. Nite, Mousey Tongue.

Now, what young Filipina could resist a guy with hooters like Art's?

Bell's Hell, are you Dr. Evil's cousin? LMAO

Thank you, Visitor! That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. I only wish I WERE Dr. Evil's cousin. Where has that rascal gotten off to?

He is closer than you think.

"Also, did anyone notice, that even with all the ass-kissing the last two nights, George still hasn't congratulated him on the marriage."

Yes, I noticed that. I also noticed that Wed. night, when Art said he's always been honest with his listeners, George commented, "Maybe a little TOO honest!"

Also, George asked Art if he knew how lucky he was to find two women in his life, that loved him so much. Art said it had to do with the Man upstairs. I guess Art has found
religion now.

What those who say we "should just mind our own business" and "live and let live", fail to understand is, the nature of a celebrity and his fans. True fans really care about Art.
Unlike the little kids who swoon over a Rock Star, we are adults who have kids and live in America just like he does. WE relate to Art on a personal level.

Art has taken us on several "Rides" that he didn't have to. He seems to delight in sharing all the details of his life with his audience, but then whines when we don't like what he does. I personally would have been happy with just listening to his program and him keeping his business to himself. But it seems he wants it both ways, and that is NOT a mature attitude to have.

Who cares about what old leather schlong Art Bell is doing. He is just trying to live his life, be happy, and fulfill his personal needs. It's none of our business at all. An neither was Jeffrey Dahlmer's.

Art is like a part of our families and when your family gets a raw deal, it upsets you. He didn't have time to get out and meet anyone else until this Airyn swooped down and picked him up like a hawk does a baby chick. Lacking the good sense to react
appropriately, he fell for the bait.

Nobody can tell me that a "twenty something" woman would be interested in a 60 year old man, if she didn't know about his wealth. Keep in mind, Art didn't even get a foot out the door to meet anyone until this Airyn,
e-mails him and "continues to e-mail" him, as he stated himself on the radio. This indicates she was after him, and I won't believe anything else!

HE WAS VULNERABLE!!! Now, those who think it's cool to get a sweet young thing when at the age of 60, are the same types that surf the Internet for Porn and the younger the better! These are not the type of people I want to know and I dare say, most people don't want to live next door!

We've seen the seedy underbelly of Art Bell and it hurts because we were taken for a cruel ride for years. It is not wrong to expect a grown man of 60 to act like a grown man of 60! The Art we thought we knew, is not that Art in reality.

My Gawd! Many Grandparents are younger than he is! How would you explain to your kids, how Grandpa went off and married, just 3 months after Grandma died, AND their new Grandma is only twenty something and a Philippino????? Further, how would you
explain that he MUST move to the Philippines now?????

To those who say don't judge, I say GROW UP!!! Morals and values are all ABOUT judging. I tell my teenager he'd BETTER judge! Because if he is out with the wrong crowd and gets picked up by the police, they will sure as Hell judge him!!!!!

You seem to have all the answers ... what more can be said?

"My Gawd! Many Grandparents are younger than he is! How would you explain to your kids, how Grandpa went off and married, just 3 months after Grandma died, AND their new Grandma is only twenty something and a Philippino?????"

As a 60 year old man ... why would you need to explain your life decisions to ANYONE?

You Americans are all f*cking crazy!

Political correctness is going to destroy your country and you are allowing and abetting it.

You deserve what you get!

Well, I think "Political Correctness" is when someone says only what will not offend those who are acting or behaving badly. You should get your verbiage correct before posting
on an American Forum.

Frankly, I think that those who toss aside all common sense to pursue a fantasy, are the ones who are crazy. I can not imagine that a 60 year old man could find much else besides sex with a twenty one year old woman. The life experiences that they have to share are going to be minimal, and there will be, no doubt, a sense of loss to the young woman, as she sees the years pass, and her elderly man needing more and more care as he gets frail.

Oh, I suppose one can talk about the shortness of life and the rare occurrence of true love. But I think that is the stuff of playwrights and movies, of where everything is solved in an hour and a half, and there is always a happy ending. In the real world things are far more complex. And usually, far more complex than the simple minded can or will cope with.
That is why there are such high divorce rates today, in every country.

I found Art's marriage announcement to be very troubling, in that he seemed to be overly romantic and dramatic, even mantic. My heart went out to him, as I knew he was not his self and would be regretful of his actions before the year is out.

I am 58, so Art's and my ages are close. I would have to tell a young woman, who was speaking of love or marriage to me........My dear, you are lovely and had we met in another time or world, I would marry you in a heartbeat. But, I would not, and could not ask that you make that sacrifice. You have many years ahead of you and hopefully will meet another, marry and raise a family with your beloved. Please understand, it is my love for you that calls me to seek your best interest, above my own. Anything less, would be
selfish on my part. To me, that is true love.

Frank, your ideal of love and Art Bell's are two different things. I believe that Bell loves only himself, which is the reason why so many people here feel sickened by his abrupt nuptials. You, on the other hand, seem really to care about the feelings of others.

Therefore, I think any woman of any age would be lucky to know you, to love you, and to spend the rest of her life with you. You're only 58, for God's sake--you're hardly Methuselah!!! Clearly you have much to give in the way of love, life experience, and wisdom. Don't sell yourself short.

Goodnight, all.

"Well, I think "Political Correctness" is when someone says only what will not offend those who are acting or behaving badly."

Obviously, you don't think, because political correctness also applies to how YOU behave, not only how you speak.

And don't lecture me on American forums, you maggot. My family, including me, has fought hard, ever since the Revolutionary War to secure your American freedoms ... but some people, apparently, believe in pissing those freedoms away.

If it were my business ... I, too, would consider Art's decisions to be, at least, questionable, if not troubling.

But, unless Art has committed a crime, it IS none of my business.

And to think that my 86 year old father owes me an explanation about what choices he might pursue for his own happiness (unless he was mentally incompetent) ... is entirely ludicrous!

People like you are really arrogant bastards who want to control others ... and are simply posing as people who care.

If anyone had any doubt as to Bell's character, you should have tuned into him on shortwave. He has a roundtable gab session with a bunch of adoring ham clowns. Everything revolves around him big time and he is as arrogant as can be. Long before the child bride, I tuned into him on shortwave and was disgusted by him and his buddies. He can't take criticism at all, and he must always be running everything. If he thinks you're "boring" he'll just ignore or talk over you.

I also think Ramona is the reason behind his success in radio. Before her, he was a complete nobody, some loser DJ somewhere. I have a feeling he'll once again sink into obscurity, if Manila doesn't do him in first.

I do seem to recall on a russian or an asian one..can't remember..mail order bride website that they at this time do not allow people from the united states to place "orders" due to a bill that in currently in the house and may become law.


"Obviously, you don't think, because political correctness also applies to how YOU behave, not only how you speak.
And don't lecture me on American forums, you maggot. My family, including me, has fought hard, ever since the Revolutionary War to secure your American freedoms ... but some people, apparently, believe in pissing those freedoms away."

Excuse me, but you said, "You Americans" so I naturally assumed you were NOT an American. Or are you one of those "Special Americans" we so often hear about?

I have the right to speak my opinion, just as you do, granted under the Constitution of the United States. If you don't like my opinion, that's fair, because I don't like yours or your attitude.
But no matter how I may disagree with you, I would never lower myself to call you names. I think you should review your manners.

By the sound of your rant, I think you have some very deep emotional problems, which you should seek help with. I don't feel you should engage in these kinds of discussions if
you are going to be so upset by them.

Seriously, take a deep breath and step away from your key board. It's for your own good.

Bell's Hell,

Thank you for the kind comments, however, I am not the kind of man that could marry a woman so young. It's very distasteful to me to think some older men would like to marry my 20 year old niece. And I'm sure many would. But, none the less, it tends to upset my stomach to think about it.

I have found that other countries do indeed have different ways than we do in America.
But, I don't feel that is reason enough to throw off our values, in order to have a young wife in bed with us. It has been my understanding that many American men go to different
countries for the soul purpose of finding very young wives. I feel this should be against the law. Children should not marry and there are many reasons why. Maturity should not
be taken lightly, when it comes to being able to handle a relationship. The many divorces prove this.

I did not marry until I was thirty and had the means and the maturity to give a wife the relationship and life she deserved. My wife was twenty-five when we married and we have had a very good relationship and two beautiful children. It was the first and only
marriage for both of us, and we found we had much to learn about being married, and learn we did.

We both feel that anything worth having, is worth waiting for. My son thought he wanted to quit college and get married until we sat him down and asked him some very important questions. He didn't do well in answering them, so changed his mind and we were relieved. He and his gal decided to have a long engagement, which we feel is wise.

There is just no way one can learn all they need to know, to marry someone, in hundreds of hours over the Internet. Interaction with each other over a years time, would be more in line for those who really want to make good decisions in regards to marriage. As often is the case, it's the children of these hasty marriages that suffer. I feel this is the biggest
cause of the decay we are seeing in our country. The millions of angry children in our country is very disturbing. I just hope Mr. Bell has some birth control ready. Children
should not be made to suffer the bad choices of adults.

It's ALL so sad. Ramona's passing - Art's issues - and all these people here judging, guessing, wondering, fanaticizing. The only truth is simply that which none of us can know but Art himself, and it is enough that we deal with knowledge of our own personal lives. Right now, with all that is wasted on pure speculations one way or the other, let us hope we can ALL DO BETTER and live and let live with loving discernment as our guide, myself included! It's just all so sad.

Yes, it IS all so sad. But life in general, is sad many times, but we must go on. Putting a bullet in one's head is the coward's way out.

I think Art's hermit type life style is what got to him after Ramona's death. People who suffer the loss of a spouse usually have a fuller life than Art had. They have lives with
friends, belonged to clubs and had interaction with people who shared hobbies with them.
Also, they have family in their lives, which I'm not sure Art has had, even with his own son. But for all we know, Art's family has throw up their hands at his behavior and is done with him.

Art said he chose life, and thus is going to his love to live in the Philippines. He made it sound like he'd die if not for this young woman. I'd hate to think any of my close family members would not consider their family worth living for. Art made it sound like a Romeo and Juliet play or something! Honestly, he sounded and still sounds, like a man

I was sad to hear Art had been in the Philippines, instead of visiting family and trying to get himself together. There are millions of beautiful women his age in the United States, that wouldn't expect him to move to a different country and endanger his career, to be with them.
Some are so willing to fool themselves and keep reality at a distance, that what is most wanted, is argued for against any conscience that may try to bring them to their senses. A man may consider himself forever young, and able to do as he once did, but it's a fool's game, that wise men won't play. And it goes for women as well.

There's a time to every purpose. I think Art has had a great life and one most would envy. But he is not satisfied and wants more, but not in the manner that most men his age
have. George seems much more stable and has the family ties and his career, that seems to make him happy. I'm sure George has women in his personal life, and that has been
enough for him. It's too bad Art couldn't take a clue from George and get back on his feet before rushing into marriage with this young woman. I look for George to carry the Radio Show in his steady stance, and Art will go out like a fading flame. He has been anyway, for quite some time now. Yes, I think it's over for Art Bell.

"I have the right to speak my opinion, just as you do, granted under the Constitution of the United States."

You need more education, son. The Constitution is a contract between the government and the people ... not the people and the people.

For example, if I were running this forum, I could censor you anyway I chose to.

I would not censor you, but I could if I wanted to.

As far as thinking is concerned, I think that you think too much about things that aren't meant to be thought about by thinking people such as you.

Lighten up ... I don't take this nonsense seriously ... especially in a forum like this.

If you think I was on a rant, you are very mistaken.

Nobody on this board is any better than Ham Hocks, including me ... that includes you, too. I was pulling your chain to see who you really are.

Laugh a little, stop taking life (and yourself) so seriously. If you have ever killed children who were running at you with hand grenades tied to their bodies (I have), you would know the difference between what is serious and what is not. I came back from Nam physically whole and mentally intact ... unfortunately many of my friends did not and many did not come back at all.

We will all reach the same destination in many different ways. It's not a big choice. As a matter of fact, you have no more choice about it than you have about paying your income taxes.

I apologize if I offended you. Peace out, brother. You're a good man.

Where have all the judges gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the judges gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the judges gone?
On this forum every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

They won't. They are still right here in Salem, drowning witches and burning them at the stake.

"There are millions of beautiful women his age in the United States, that wouldn't expect him to move to a different country and endanger his career, to be with them."

I will say it again for the 1000th time ... no man in his right mind wants an American woman, if he can help it, for obvious reasons.

As far as Art's career is concerned, he has 170 million dollars ... he does not NEED a career.

Beat a donkey in the head with a 2 by 4 and he still will never understand ...

quote from Visitor: "I will say it again for the 1000th time ... no man in his right mind wants an American woman, if he can help it, for obvious reasons."

Why? Because the American women I have known and loved are beautiful, sexy, independent, empowered, intelligent, well-educated, health-conscious, powerhouses of everything a female should be. I think Visitor doesn't feel comfortable with a real woman and would prefer an uneducated, impovershed, totally dependant, boot-licking slave.

I'm sure Visitor has a whole lot to offer.(wink,wink) Because if he were a real man, he would be attracted to someone on equal footing as himself. Visitor has a self-esteem issue probably for the obvious reasons.


I'm sure you can figure out what I mean by SMALL GUN.

"I'm sure Visitor has a whole lot to offer.(wink,wink) Because if he were a real man, he would be attracted to someone on equal footing as himself. Visitor has a self-esteem issue probably for the obvious reasons.


I'm sure you can figure out what I mean by SMALL GUN. "

Yeah, right.

Oh, your clever and scathing comments hurt me soooooo much. Please stop. I give up.

Audio of Art Bell announcing Ramona's death

Audio of Art Bell announcing his marriage

Audio of Art Bell announcing something "really wild unfolding" 3 weeks after Ramona's death, later confirmed by Art to be his upcoming marriage

Bell's Hell, you don't sound like the same Bell's Hell that was posting here yesterday.

I am beginning to think that Bell's Hell has a real identity crisis going on ... possibly a schizophrenic.

In my early 20s, I worked for 2 years in a "nuthouse," mainly taking care of mobility-limited patients. You would be absolutely AMAZED at how rational someone could seem at one moment and then incredibly irrational the next.


possibly Bell's Hell is some female who simply has her panties in a bunch about this whole sordid affair. Believe me, I fully understand how she might react this way.

At any rate, it's becoming clearly impossible to consider any of his/her/it's maniacal raving posts as having any crediblity.

I am particularly offended by the post that suggests that the VietNam vet (if he had any brains) should have gone to Canada.

PS - the B.H. post I referred to is on the other board.

A despicable posted reply to a VietNam vet.

2-cents, do you work for Premier?

"2-cents, do you work for Premier?

visitor | 2006-04-28 10:43 PM | link"

No, I am a fraud investigator for the I.R.S., why do you ask?

You work for the Internal Revenue Service?

Honeymoon over so fast, Art? Got some time on your hands?

I know your writing style, and anyone here with brains knows mine, and never the twain shall meet. You wrote the post by the alleged Vietnam vet, because you spelled "Vietnam" the same way in both of these threads, in all the posts in which you mention it. There are other aspects about your writing that I recognize, but I won't point them out. Better to let you wonder what they are.

Just TRY to fix your writing to read anything like mine. You will never succeed, because you are not a trained writer, and thus you have no idea of what you're doing.

Now, go away, little girl, and don't bother us anymore.

Methinks that thou protest a bit too much.

You sound as nutty as Art, to me.

"Methinks that thou protest a bit too much"???

Did you even graduate high school?

"Did you even graduate high school?

The Ghost of Shakespeare "

I did ... but Shakespeare didn't.

Fool! LOL

Ooooh...looks like I hit a grand-slam home run all the way to Manila!

I honestly don't believe that many men fall that deeply in love with a woman, especially the one they end up marrying. That may sound absurd, but think about it. They usually marry someone they are comfortable with and aren't jeopardized by. While I'm not here to judge the situation, it does not seem normal to me for a woman who is probably more than half Art Bell's age to be with a 60 year old man. The statement, that men who lose their wive's end up marrying again quickly, is an excuse, and I guess that statement has been said over and over by society to do exactly that...give a man an excuse. Why can't a man just say, I'm lonely, I need to have SOMEONE there regardless of whether I love her or not? I need someone to cook and clean and take care of me, and want sex with an attractive woman.

I have enjoyed Art's shows over the years and unfortunately someone in the spotlight has to guard their personal life very carefully. I'm sure Mr. Bell's emotions change from day to day, and perhaps the pain is so intense that he can't deal with everyday life as it was. He may or may not regret this decision down the line - time will tell for him and on him. If it's good, it's good, but if it's bad, it can turn out horribly. He may have found a girl whose motivations are genuine, or one who needs to be taken care of monitarily. Put all of that aside and it comes down to this - we are all accountable and in the end have to live with our decisions. I sure would have drawn up a pre-nup and hope he did that prior to the marriage. I think prenups should be mandatory for everyone who marries. I hope this turns out well for Mr. Bell, because there is enough bad in the world. I just hate to see people leap and make risky, hasty decisions in their grief. Again, we all have to live with our choices.

Art Bell has talked the owners of into taking the articles down. I was told that after having an e-mail conversation with david oates, that Mr. Oates told them not to fight with art.

LOL, that's funny.

If anyone would know, it would be David Oates, wouldn't it?

Art has gone to the Philippines to retire.
In order to do it lawfully, he had to do a lot of paperwork and come up with $50,000 US plus. Here are the steps required:

Accomplished Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) Application form.
Valid passport
Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Medical Examination Form #11 accomplished by a licensed physician from the applicant place of origin, duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy Consulate or PRA Medical Certificate (RSSC Form #002) accomplished by a licensed physician in the Philippines.
Certification by a PRA shortlisted bank of the requisite deposit amount of US$1,500.00, US$50,000 or US$75,000.00 whichever is applicable.
Police Clearance issued abroad and duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate, or National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in the Philippines.
Photographs, 1x1 and 2x2, six (6) pieces each.
If the spouse is joining the applicant, original copy of Marriage Contract if the applicant's marriage was solemnized in the Philippines or original copy of Marriage Certificate duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate nearest to the applicant's residence abroad if the marriage was contracted abroad.
If dependent/s is/are joining the applicant, original copy of Birth Certificate/s of dependent/s born in the Philippines or Birth Certificate/s or Household Register duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate nearest the applicant's residence abroad.
Payment of a total of US$2,000.00 (for 35 to 49 years of age) of US$1,500.00 (for 50 years and above) as service and processing fees and US$1,500.00 for former and overseas Filipinos.

As you can see this is all government red tape. I'm sure it took a couple of months for it to go through. That means that Art decided to leave and had the ball rolling by January 29th when he said "ask me in a year".
In less than 3 weeks since his "Soulmate's" death, he had looked up all the info, and had his lawyers start the paperwork for him to move to the Philippines today (april 29th).

Also the reason he garage saled all his stuff is this:
"Exemption from customs duties and taxes for one time importation of personal effects, appliances, and household furniture worth US$7,000.00 which should not be of commercial quantity and must be availed of within 90 days upon issuance of SRR"

He couldn't take much more than some personal items and a suitcase of Cialis for his "desert limp".

Also he announced on April 16th (after 3 weeks in the Philippines), he had bought a condo. BUT, he already had to be an approved retire:

"Resident retirees may avail of the following investment opportunities:
Purchase of a condominium unit."

Once all the paperwork is in, it takes another 5 days after you arrive to get your SRRV passport. I am assuming Art got this when he went for his 3 week mail order bride honeymoon.

Here's the link:

"Yahoo! for Good: Read a child bride's story, and make a difference through Global Giving." This banner asking for donations is on Yahoo's home page.

Supposedly, there is a bill in Congress making it illegal for citizens to purchase brides from other countries.

When is media going to lift the gag order?

A brilliant post (by "Psyche") was left on Art Bell's marriage site:

Essentially, the diagnosis is that Art Bell is Narcisisstic:

Diagnostic criteria for 301.81, Narcisisstic Personaliy Disorder:
A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior) hypersensitivity to the evaluation of others, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by at least five of the following:
(1) Reacts to criticism with feelings of rage, shame, or humiliation (even if not expressed)
(2) Is interpersonally exploitive: takes advantage of others to acheive his or her own ends.
(3) Has a grandiose sense of self-importance, e.g., exaggerates acheivements and talents, expects to be noticed as "special" without appropriate achievement
(4) Believes that his or her problems are unique and can be understood only by other special people.
(5) Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, beauty, or ideal love. (6) has a sense of entitlement: unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment, e.g, assumes that he or she does not have to wait in line when others must do so
(7) Requires constant attention and admiration, e.g., keeps fishing for compliments.
(8) Lack of empathy: inability to recognize and experperience how others feel, e.g, annoyance and surprise when a friend who is seriously ill cancels a date.
(9) Is preoccupied with feelings of envy.

Brilliant, it hits the nail on the head.

"Thanks, Rog, from all of us who hate bigotry."

LOL, you mean that as a joke, right?

What a stretch! After everything you people have said about Filipinos?

They love bigotry, Rog, they absolutely LOVE it ... as long as it's their own!

"In order to do it lawfully, he had to do a lot of paperwork and come up with $50,000 US plus. Here are the steps required:"

When you work for the NSC ... you are above the law, and money is no object.

"My comment hit a nerve and may have resulted in the N&F posts seen on this set of blogs.

Cicero | 2006-04-29 03:04 PM | link"

Cicero, you WAY overrate your influence here.

"Essentially, the diagnosis is that Art Bell is Narcisisstic: ...

Diagnostic criteria for 301.81, Narcisisstic Personaliy Disorder: ...

Brilliant, it hits the nail on the head.

Cicero | 2006-04-29 03:26 PM | link?"

No professional ever makes a diagnosis without first meeting with a client.

You, sir, are a f*cking fool ... and I don't have to meet with you to make that assessment.

Guess that destroys my first sentence, doesn't it?

Somebody brought up that Bell didn't bring his mail order bride back home to Pahrump with him before returning to the Phillipines. I wonder why he didn't. Something funny about this.

"["My comment hit a nerve and may have resulted in the N&F posts seen on this set of blogs.
Cicero | 2006-04-29 03:04 PM | link"]"
"Cicero, you WAY overrate your influence here.
visitor | 2006-04-29 04:43 PM | link"

!!!Believe it or not!!!, it's up to you, don't you think so, visitor?
Cicero doesn't force anybody to fall for it....and even if he does, it's still up to you to be influenced by him.

"!!!Believe it or not!!!, it's up to you, don't you think so, visitor?
Cicero doesn't force anybody to fall for it....and even if he does, it's still up to you to be influenced by him.

Jeane | 2006-04-29 06:33 PM | link"

I agree with you.

My comment means that Cicero actually thinks that he has a high degree of influence here.

He does not ... a testament to the intelligence of many posters on this forum.

"Somebody brought up that Bell didn't bring his mail order bride back home to Pahrump with him before returning to the Phillipines. I wonder why he didn't. Something funny about this.

Jack Bauer | 2006-04-29 06:24 PM | link"

Jack, you miserable slut ... are you really THAT stupid?

Do you think any foreigner can enter and leave this country any time they want to, whenever they want to, whereever they want to, and stay or go at their own whim???

Jack, you are ... ooops, sorry Jack.

I apologize.

I forgot about the Mexican border.

Do not compare ugly Filipino mail order whore brides to the not for sale Mexican women. Mexicans come here to work, asshole. So go lick an ass.

Sounds like you are one of those who came across the border, spread her legs and popped out a litter.

Now they are all "American citizens" ... so, you got your anchor babies, didn't you?

If Mehico is so God-damned great why don't you all stay there?

If it's not ... stay there anyway, and fix it.

Don't come over here and spit in the eyes of America while trying to keep your fucking flags, language, and traditions while you steal the anthem of this country.

Yes, I am a naturalized, American citizen and, if there is any hyphen in my heritage ... "American" always comes first!

It took me 11 years to get in the LEGAL way, while fucking illegal whores like you continue to infest this country (like rats and other vermin) and live off the largesse of the American taxpayer.

As far as asses are concerned, there are too many on this board to make a choice. If I really had to, I suppose I would choose yours ... since it is obviously the biggest.

Art can do what he wants.

You ROCK Jasmine!

Losers like Visitor don't realize that hard working people pay taxes when ever they spend money. Even those he calls "illegals". Every dollar made and spent is taxed, with direct sales taxes or hidden taxes. These dollars go to fund everything from roads and the military to public welfare programs that "bad back" losers like Visitor defrauds just to sit at home on their doughy white asses, watch Fox News and berate everyone but their mothers of being Jewish, Black, Gay, or evil.
Feel pity for poor Visitor, he is a dying breed. The lazy ugly American who rips off health insurance and thinks everyone else owes him. Also pity Art Bell, who took his millions overseas to a poor country, and the only reason he's there is becasue it's the only place on the planet with women desperate enough to fondle his sagging old-man balls for cold hard cash.

Poor ugly American.

Well said, Bimbo.

Poor Cicero.

"Do not compare ugly Filipino mail order whore brides to the not for sale Mexican women."
Jasmine | 2006-04-30 12:04 AM |

But the Mehicans (illegal ones)ARE selling themselves here, don't you know mamacita Jasmine?

Art Bell Blames The World Again...06/17/99
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Art Bell announced last night on his radio talk show, that those who disagree with him personally, or who disagree with his supporters such as Keith Rowland, are responsible for causing heart trouble.

Mr. Bell has stated his web master Keith Rowland has suffered some type of heart trouble most likely related to stress. He went on to refer millions of his audience to go to a web link that outlines a slanderous and defaming lawsuit against Robert AM Stephens and David John Oats. Ironically, this is the very thing Bell is suing for (slander and defamation). Go figure.

Haven't we heard this before. It seems every time people challenge his perspective, he charges them with what amounts to attempted murder. Once again Art Bell has gone too far. It has been stated by Art himself that people are leaving his show by the thousands, most likely due to his flippant and arrogant style. Which includes this ongoing venomous attack on others.

Not surprising, Art Bell has been quoted as saying:

" I go after someone until there is nothing left of them"

" I am vengeful, I am filled with revenge"

" I am the type of person who moves right next to someone and drive them out of town"

"One of my favorite quotes - Sometimes you have to spit in your hands and SLIT SOME THROATS"

Art Bell is often referred to as "The Bully On The Playground." Anytime someone upsets him, he waves his "law suite" threatening all who will listen. He often tells us of the ten "John Does" yet to be announced. It has been speculated by many, that Mr. Bell uses this to ward off those who disagree with his slat on life.

In March of this year, another Art Bell supporter, Richard Hoagland, suffered a heart problem. Below is an exert of an article written March 10th.

"Response to Art Bell's comments directing shame to those who have been critical of Mr. Hoagland and holding them responsible for their actions, I say this...Art Bell, you should be ashamed of yourself for using this time to lash out with spite and vindictiveness, when compassion and stillness are needed. Your comments tell more of your true essence, than any other. It is you who so often reflect statements such as " I am filled with revenge, I go after someone until there is nothing left of them, I am vengence"....One needs only to reflect what you did to Courtney Brown and Robert Stephens among others. You appear to always gang up on people. I've noticed two your favorites are Whitley Strieber and Richard Hoagland when you selectively strike out and "attack"....Sorry Mr. Bell, I will not follow your lead."

I think it's time to call the principal out to the school grounds and have this bully taken away. Anyone who supports this type of irresponsible proclaiming of victimization, may need to change schools as well.

Oh, the bell just rung. Time to go back to reality.

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

Bred and born in America, thank you. How about you, 'visitor'? Grand daddy fought in World war 2, thank you. How about yours, Visitor? I fly the American flag proudly, English is my first language, what's yours? People ask me my nationality I tell them, 'American'. Go back to your country, fool. Don't invade ours. I thought we were supposed to be discussing Art and his child bride, Stupid.

This is to fucking visitor, what the fuck is your problem with Mexicans? son of the bitch I know you are one of those filipinos that are so ugly it makes people vomit when they see you! and yes it took you 11 fucking years to get your permit to be legal because there is nobody to buy you so that you can be legal.You aliens have no say in this the great United States of America you repulsive bug! go back to your filipino partners and die there in a pile of SHIT!

Why are you people commenting on politics? Go to another website to sound off!!
Art Bell is a big dummy if he thinks she would have looked twice at him had he been a 60 year old Filipino.

"This is to fucking visitor, what the fuck is your problem with Mexicans? son of the bitch ...

Anastacia | 2006-04-30 06:16 PM | link"

Chill out, take a pill, have your doctor prescribe much stronger meds for you.

I have no problems with legal Mexicans or legal anyone else.

I am married to a formerly Mexican woman ... she is now an American of Mexican heritage.

If you don't want to be a real American citizen (most of you don't) then drop your shit-litter of little rats and vermin on the Mexican side of the border ... and not over here.

I love legal Mexico. I love legal Mexicans. I am an American of Mexican heritage ... but I am NOT a Mexi-American!

By the way, don't you think that Vicente should take that thing out of George's butt so that George could stand up straight once in a while and act like a real American too?

Okay visitor, I apologize. I see where you're coming from now.

I have heard that Islam (Muslims) are financing much of the border crossing activity from Mexico.

They know that this is a big security issue (a nation with no borders) and they want to continue to exploit this weakness so that they can get more small nukes into the country before the next attack.

And, yes, I still hate filipinos and many other races!

A nation without borders is not a nation ~ Thomas Jefferson

"Bred and born in America, thank you. How about you, 'visitor'? Grand daddy fought in World war 2, thank you. How about yours, Visitor? I fly the American flag proudly, English is my first language, what's yours? People ask me my nationality I tell them, 'American'. Go back to your country, fool. Don't invade ours. I thought we were supposed to be discussing Art and his child bride, Stupid.

Jasmine | 2006-04-30 05:49 PM | link"

I see you never said that YOU fought in the war, asshole ... let them men die, not us women, right?

Just because you are born in this country does not make you a good American.

You epitomize why no man in his right mind should marry an American woman.

My family has been in America since 1632 and we have fought in all American wars up to the present one. Guess what, I fought too!

Sounds to me as if visitor is a much better American than take-my-freedom-for-granted American you.

Oh, I forgot, I married a Filipino woman 35 years ago and we are still "happily" married. She has been an Amercan citizen for 24 of those years. She uses her American freedoms but does not abuse them or feel that others are entitled to have them without exchanging something of value in return, such as ... loyalty to the country and the Constitution?

And, yes, she would die in defense of this country if she had to. You, on the other hand, would be running towards Mexico to get the hell out!

"We are taging yore cundry, gringo, and you cand stop us!" LOL

People like Jasmine are the reason why. I am sure her granddaddy would be rightfully ashamed of her.

Right on, visitor, you are a good American.

We need more like you.

Who the fuck are you to use my name, asshole? Get your own balls and use your own name, Fucko.
Formerly Mexican? Did you remove the nopal from your forehead? I still have mine. I am Mexican. I came here legally 35 years ago. You are a shame to your people. You are probably one of those wetbacks who claims to have forgotten their Spanish. You come here wearing leather sandals and as soon as you put on a pair of Nikes, you are American. Get real, loser.
And to the fucko using my name in the comment before this, use your own name and your own words, not my name and not Jefferson's words.


Don't bring it over here !!!!!

That last post from the so-called REAL anastacia was not from me.

Why can't we just all get along?

REAL anastacia ... you need some kind of anger management. You really do need help. There are also good medications on the market these days. Much better than even 5 years ago.

If you want my private e-mail, let me know and a can send you some resources.


Please let me help you.

"Why can't we just all get along?

I love you | 2006-04-30 07:31 PM | link"

LOL. Rodney King, is that you?

How's that PCP doin ya, bro.

I bet those millions you got from LA taxpayers bought a lot more, didn't they.

Peace, bro.

Good smoke, coke, and horse.

Re: visitor | 2006-04-30 07:33 PM | link

Agree. And I also think that she needs a big bar of antivulgar soap to wash her mouth and brain.
Hey, vulgar Real Anasta, your barking is not even funny, so why don't you you know what......

"You are probably one of those wetbacks who claims to have forgotten their Spanish. You come here wearing leather sandals ...

The real Anastacia | 2006-04-30 07:27 PM | link"

Actually, I speak 7 languages but am only fluent in five ... one, of course, being Spanish (including 3 dialects).

I also have a post-doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL.

And I have never worn sandals or any other kind of open-toed shoes.

Please tell me more about some of YOUR accomplishments.

Oh, and what does "FUCKO" mean?

It's not a word in common usage ... at least not within my particular circle of friends.

Waiting for your answer with bated breath ...

I'm sorry; I do need therapy and medication.

Fake Anastacia, you know that you are a weak loser of a man. If I knew who you were I would wring your tukey neck. Yes, I am psyco and you're lucky to never meet me in person.
Figure out what fucko means yourself. I'm not here to teach you.

Ok, I have my controls on now. Please forgive my outburst. Sorry.

oh, i forgot ...

A nation without borders is not a nation ~ Thomas Jefferson

I have fought not due to the simple fact that I am a woman. Why would I put myself in the position to get raped by the enemy? They would invade every hole that I have. There is nothing worse.
Being born in this country makes me better than those not, including Art Bell's Filipino wife.
I am an awesome wife, thank you.
If it's true that you did fight in a war, I thank you for that. Truly.
If I were called to duty, I would go, why would I run to Mexico? There is nothing for me there. I wouldn't mind shooting in that direction to tell the truth. No skin off my back.
As for your Filipina wife, I could care less how happy your life is with her and your stinking mud kids. Ha.

I am sorry for my rude comment. Let's talk about Art.

Whoever is using my name to be so fuckingly nice better knock it off before I knock your head off. I never say that I'm sorry so stop trying to make me look normal and nice. You're ruining my rep. For that veteran who is married to a fucking Filipina and doesn't even know what fucko means, what kind of American are you? You don't even know our slang. Go feed your half dozen ugly skinny Filipino bugs.

So Anastacia is not the only one with a clone. I never say sorry either.

I just got my GED. Ha Ha.

We need to go somewhere else to post. We are not smart enough for this subject. Bye.

Late Night Radio Storm As Art Bell
Draws Fire For Guest-Bashing
Trouble In Dreamland
By Michael Goodspeed

On April 17th of 2001, national talk show host Art
Bell posted on his web site a letter from his
syndicator, Premier Radio Networks, to National
UFO Reporting Center founder and president Peter
Davenport. In this letter, PRN Vice President Alan
Corbeth asserts that Davenport did not wish to
appear on Coast to Coast AM with Bell replacement
Mike Siegel unless he was compensated financially,
and that Davenport repeated this request to Art
when Art scheduled him for a guest appearance on
February 5th of 2000. Corbeth stated categorically
that this is not the policy of PRN, and criticized
Davenport for appearing on other talk shows
without financial reward.

The decision of Bell to go public with this allegedly
true information has left many in the UFO
community flummoxed, because Peter Davenport
has been one of the most respected independent
researchers in the field of UFOlogy, as well as a
valued guest on Art's show, since the early 1990s.

Some find it a bit too coincidental that this
accusation has been posted just days after the
Seattle Chat Club removed the name "Art Bell" from
their moniker, because of their investigation into the infamous Jonathan Reed/Robert Raith "alien
burrito" tale. It's been known for some time that a
number of UFOlogists in Washington (where the
NUFORC is based) were doing legwork into the
claims of Reed and Raith. The Seattle Chat Club's
investigation found that Robert Raith and one "Dr."
Chacon, a reported microbiologist who claimed to
have done DNA analysis on Reed's physical
"evidence", are actually co-workers at a gas station
and mini-mart, and that Mr. Chacon is certainly not
a doctor, nor did he "flee the country in fear for his
life," as has been asserted by both Reed and Raith.

It's also worth noting that the UFO Watchdog web
site, which has published numerous exposes on
popular Bell guests, recently posted an email from
Peter Davenport where Davenport states
categorically that Jonathan Reed is a liar and has
confabulated his tale.

So the question is worth asking: Is Art Bell
attempting to damage the credibility of Peter
Davenport, simply because Davenport is not willing
to support apparent hoaxes like the Jonathan Reed

Did Art really believe that his audience needed to
know about Davenport's alleged desire to be
compensated financially? What was the news
worthiness of this information? Why not keep it "in
house" and resolve the matter privately? Is Peter
Davenport not worthy of the most perfunctory
professional courtesy?

I know of no instances when Davenport has
intentionally "dissed" the Bell show, for obvious
reasons. He has always been one of Art's most
loyal, popular, and CREDIBLE quests, which makes
this situation even more perplexing.

Davenport is not the only former Bell guest who has
recently come under fire. Last week on C2C,
Richard Hoagland claimed that Tom Van Flandren
has allegedly doctored a Mars photograph for his
Meta Research presentation. This is especially
shocking, because Van Flandren has long been
Hoagland's most credible ally and supporter. And
like Davenport, Van Flandren is an almost
UNIVERSALLY respected researcher whose ethics
are viewed as above reproach. I personally know
many long time friends and colleagues of Tom's
who are nothing less than appalled by Hoagland's
accusation, which has not been supported by
anything resembling fact.

What gives here? Is Hoagland worried that Van
Flandren might be "stealing his thunder" as the
world's leading proponent of artificial structures on
Mars? Is Davenport being damaged because he
has the audacity to stand on principal and not
support people and agendas he knows to be
fraudulent? Are Art and his compadres sending a
warning shot to all independent researchers, that
they must NOT challenge the Bell agenda, lest they
suffer the most dire consequences to their careers
and reputations?

Consider the fact that Davenport and Van Flandren
are not the first Bell guests to have their characters
assassinated on national radio. Take a look at the
long list of popular "alternative" personalities who
are either banished from C2C or have been actively

Dr. Richard Sauder, author of Kundalini Tales.
When Sauder contacted Whitley Strieber about
appearing on Dreamland, Sauder was told that his
book Kundalini Tales and the theories within were
"too conspiratorial" to be presented on the air. This
was very perplexing, because it was WHITLEY
STRIEBER who wrote a positively glowing forward
to Sauder's book.

David Icke, author of numerous books on the NWO,
CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, and
one-world conspiracies. To my knowledge, Bell has
never publicly addressed why Icke is no longer
allowed on his show. Like Sauder, Icke has stated
on other talk shows that he believes C2C to be a
promoter of disinformation.

Courtney Brown, PhD, remote viewer. Remember
the Hale-Bopp fiasco of 1998? Brown refused to
give the name of the man responsible for doctoring
the photo of the infamous Hale-Bopp "companion,"
and was subsequently reamed by Strieber and Bell
in an on air tag team match. Never mind that it was
Bell who mercilessly promoted the photo on his
show for weeks, ignoring public opinion that the
photo was a fake. Did Bell need a fall guy to take
the blame for his own lack of judgment and

There are numerous other researchers, journalists,
remote viewers, and UFOlogists who have been
overlooked by C2C, while the usual suspects
named Scallion, Dames, Reed, Hoagland, and
Morton continue to thrive. This strikes many people
as just a tad incongruent, as Art continues to feature blatant frauds and hoaxers while simultaneously slamming anyone who either challenges him or gets too close to the truth.


Art really makes me sad. He sounds too happy to be with a girl young enough to be his grandchild.

We steel sell oar leetle gorls to American gringo peegs for beeg dollarz.



I'm thinking that dumb old Art is going to be slithering back to the states like the snake he is when his so-called idylic life with Philippina Child comes to an end.That is if he doesn't have something to hide and he feels safe returning.Will he still have fans to welcome him back? I'm sure he'll blame it all on his crazed grief over Ramona,how he was trying to "replace" the wonderful woman he had lost but now he sees the folly of his ways,blah blah,blah.Are we going to buy that crap?

The shock of Ramona dying and then Art taking it so hard, only to have him jump up 3 months later and announce he had been married, was too much for us all to digest.
I actually felt sick to my stomach when I heard him on the radio, talking about how the "twenty something" Philippine woman he married was, quote, "the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life".

That is when, Art had become a monster I did not know. A man with no heart, unable to realize he had just insulted the wonderful woman he had been married to for 15 years. His jubilance and gigginess was almost more than I could take. I wondered, what on earth had become of Art? Was this a joke? Was I going to hear 'The Twilight Zone' music any minute? I was shocked, stunned for days, whenever I thought about it. It was like I had heard my good friend had committed murder, and I had just had dinner with him the night before!

I think also, the reason many are reacting the way they are ( including myself) is due to the world we currently live in. Since 911 there hasn't been much we can count on. Our borders are not protected, and there is no reason why not. Our jobs are not secure at all, and there is no reason to believe we will have them tomorrow. A terrible hurricane hits New Orleans and the government and Fema fail the people there miserably. Day by day our civil rights are being taken from us. Basically our country is going down the drain. And it seems that everyday we hear another little bit of news, that proves it.

That is why the wild posts on this page. That is why the outrage, the anger and the contempt spoken here.
WE are beginning to get very tired of it all and want it to stop. Enough of the crap! Enough of the indecency! Enough of the lying, and back stabbing, cheating, and taking the easy way! WE want to strike out at something, or somebody, so we strike out at each other.

I could not remain friends with a person who has behaved like Art has, and I don't think many could.
There's a message that Art has given us that tells us about his true self....his soul. And it's not a bit pretty.

He has proven that he is a coward, willing to take a quick fix for his grief, no matter what the cost.
I simply can not bare to hear Art on the Radio again, and plan to turn it off if he is on again.
I'm becoming more and more of a cynic. I can't place my faith in much anymore. And certainly not in people I don't really know. And we really didn't know Art Bell.

Ramona was a Witch, and we all know that. I can't help but wonder how many fellow witches out there have cast a very bad curse on Art Bell. I can't help but wonder what is going to happen to him. But I have a feeling he will pay, and pay dearly, for his cowardice and his ill chosen words and actions. He has angered thousands of people and many are Witches. But even if not one curse is cast against him, all this negative thinking of him can't be good for his health. (smile)

This from yahoo groups art and airyn

All The Ham Radio Operators Are So Happy That Art Is Leaving The
by "Fred" Apr 29, 2006 at 07:32 AM

Last night on the 75-meter ham band, all the hams were celebrating
joyously about Art's leaving the country today. They are apparently
all really sick of Art getting on the air and acting like "King Shit".
They were making all kinds of fun of him and ridiculing all the stupid
mistakes he has been making ever since Ramona died. They all seem to
believe that Ramona was the person responsible for his radio success,
and that without her he will collapse into the dung heap that he is
because he is such an inveterate fuck-up. Art was conspicuously
absent from the conversations, but he was obviously listening because
he did telephone several people (who he thought were his friends!) to
complain about what was being said about him. Those so-called
"friends" then got on the air immediately and told everyone everything
Art said because they can't stand him, either. He seems to have very
few, if any, friends left. And I must say that I agree with the hams
who dislike Art. He makes me sick. What a disingenuous hypocrite he
is. I hope he goes away and never comes back to disgrace the shores
this wonderful country again, and I hope Premier Radio now understands
what a complete pain in the ass he is and lets Noory, et al, take over
his show. What was really funny, though, was how Art decided he was
going to "clean up" the ham bands (by which Art means, get rid of
anyone who ever criticizes him) singlehandedly, and he called Chief
Enforcer Riley Hollingsworth every day to make false charges against
his fellow hams until he had completely ruined his reputation and
credibility with Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth even had to write a
letter to one ham that Art had falsely accused of jamming, saying that
the charges levelled against him by Art were "fake". I'll bet Art
loved that! Hey, and how about that really cool haircut and hair dye
job he got after Ramona died, to try to make himself look younger?
That was really funny, too. It made him look like the old fart that
is, only one with brown shoe polish applied to his hair. I'm telling
you, this guy is a complete fuck-up!!

Does Art's mail order child bride come with a money back guarantee?

No, but you can sell her to someone else.

Thanks to "Cat" for her 4:47 AM post today. Those are EXACTLY my thoughts. (I guess great minds DO think alike.)

I'm not surprised if hams are pissed with Art. His style is very conceited, he always seems "above" everyone.

I wonder what he'll do for an antenna in Manila? Kinda hard to erect a monster loop antenna hundreds of feet high from inside a condo!

What the hell does yesterday's demonstration have to do with Art Bell?

You want to discuss Mexico, go here:

There are, I'm sure, a million other places where they would welcome your comments as well.

Art is going to the Phillipines, we are coming to America!

Same thing.

Wonder if Mr.Bell will ever broadcast again? Also wonder if the Filipino people will accept and trust him? I predict that when all the commotion dies down he will hightail back to the states with or without his baby bride.

Who in their right mind would trust that speckly sleaze? I don't often wish cancer on people, but in Bell's case I'll make an exception.

She is a far cry from Heidi Klum. But then again Art Bell isn't exactly Seal. Ha.

Seal is quite ugly! Ha.

Seal makes beautiful music. The only music Art makes comes out of his ass.

i just listened to that audio again.

art bell was as giddy as a school girl
and twice as ditzy.

after a self-described blind man calls
to congratulate him on his marriage, art continues to insist that he LOOK at the
web-pix of his beautiful young wife. lol!!!

then there was the old perv that promised to send him lots of "little
blue pills"(viagra)!

dirty ol'dogs can be as foul as they wanna be in a third world country,...
good riddance.

It's absurd.

Art Bell has not only lost hs mind, he has called into question the death of his wife, which was seen at the time as related to a 'medical condition'. Whether or not any investigation comes out of this, or questions ever get asked, his reputation will forever be blackened, and those that did their best to stomach him in the media will be unable to from here out.

I'm actually a bit sickened to think that shortly after the death of his wife, Bell jumped on a plane bound to Manila and enjoyed a 3 week sex trip with an underage girl. It's disgusting to say the least, if not premeditated.

After listening to the audio, I also feel like many others, the Bell comes of Narcissistic and sociopathic. On the coast to coast website other audio is available that is just downright creepy.

But ... was there ever any other outcome for Art Bell than this?

Freak. Just stay off the air. I don't even listen anymore when i know he will be on the show. And you know George can't think much of it either...but hey, what can he say.

Great going Art! Isn't it great that Asian women have a thing for older more experienced men over the waxed hairless Guns and Roses junkie types or the Brad Pittless types. You go guy! A lot of Americans are sick of our own uptight culture so why not get out before it all goes down the s*itter. You were a great neighbor just down frequency from the Possum Lodge on 3843kHz for years (except for that crazy over driven redneck chick who was barely qualified to operate a toaster, of course). Give use a holler if you get back to the states.
aka Headley O. Possum

Art Bell, Noory, Streiber, and the whacked-out ex-NASA Mars obsessed guy - these people are all getting rich on the gullibility of rednecks and seniors who have slipped towards senility. they disgust me!

This is sad... Sounds like a very latent mid-life crisis to me. How can ANYONE fall in love so FAST, especially 2-3 months after losing a soulmate in life. Yep, sounds like his little submissive fillipino asian concubine is a security blanket and trophy for Art's aging ego. What could possibly be in it for her, an eventual citezenship and free ride to America, once Art realizes the mistake he made by moving there?

I used to listen to Art Bell back when he still had his senses and Romana. I'd have a bit more respect for him if he spent a little more time to grieve and get in touch with himself.


Just a thought, maybe Art did in his last wife. She died from a acute asthma attack. Don't you think that he would have reacted since he was in the same room that night. Now he lives in another country and his new wife does not care to live in the U.S., and we have individuals from various countries trying to sneak in to this country.

... there sure seems to be a lot of anger and hatred in these comments that are posted ... i am not very familiar with art bell's history, past or more current ... just wanted to get an update on art since i used to hear his radio show years ago ... 2006 has been active ...

i get the impression that most of the people here who are critical of art are either fat, ugly, broke, angry, or all of the above. i'm 26, but if i were art's age and had the opportunity to marry a beautiful 20-something flower from the philippines, i'd be crazy not to do so. those of you who have taken this whole thing so personally should go develop a facial cancer. and to the idiot who said george is better at hosing coast to coast than art ever was... what can i say? you probably only started listening in the last 2 or 3 years and now you consider yourself quite the expert. please close the gaping hole in your face until you can come up with something you're capable of speaking about with some authority... like glory-holes and hamsters. wanker.

Have you noticed that Art is now focusing on how everyone must trust the government and approve of the new spying measures aimed at US citizens, all the while he ran off to another country? He had an expert who laid out the new NSA protocols to datamine and record phonecalls, and Art just dumped on him. Why the government is hunting terrorists! Art the former libertarian is now Art the blind republican. But what could have brought on this fear spawned transformation?
The reason of course Art is so pro government clampdown is because Art is paranoid about that Philipines letter that has resurfaced. You know, the one that states his supposed hatred for Filipinos. Each show has Art's plea to forgive and forget the letter in the first 2 minutes. Art said he didn't do it, that the FBI is looking into the matter (and therefore not hunting the terrorists). He says he can't give much info about where he is because of daily death threats, but he tells everyone that he walks to a local Pancake House before every show. He posts pictures of his building and his neigborhood. I guess the murderous stalkers aren't fans of the show. I think he is still trying to deflect public scorn and questions about his latest transition and recent behaviour. Someone must have struck a nerve.
Art is getting old and wierd. It's time he retired again and came out to do the odd special from time to time. He has no love for the show, he pontificates about the county he abandoned and chastises guests and callers for doubting the government's ability to track the bad guys who are all out to get us (and presumably Art who is walled in his 19th floor condo). Too bad Art didn't have a tracking device implanted a few months back, then the cops could have backtracked and traced his whereabouts when Ramona died. But back then Art was an American libertarian, now he's an American on the lamb.

Now Airyn is pregnant. We will have to listen, ad nauseum, to the old geezer brag about his prowess (September 13 - he/she is "made in China").

Then he talks and talks about the pregnancy test, as though there are no pregnancy tests outside the Philippines.

Oops, he had to take her to the hospital for a small problem, but she is "taking it easy now." Art seemed to be more concerned with impressing on his followers "what date could it be?", just to drive home the point he is getting some action.

He brags about how he is going to be a daddy. Art, honey, you already are a daddy, or did you forget Art III. You never mention him any more.

She'll have non-stop diapers from now on. First the kids, then the dad's

Jimeny crickets! Give Art a break already will ya? I lost my finance to a seizure when I was 28. It hurt like hell for the next 10 years and I DID love her dearly. However, that did not stop me from going on dates almost every weekend soon afterwards. It took my mind off the pain.

You know what soothes severe pain? A pretty girl! Should he have married her? It's his life, who cares!

I do have to say that I was torked by the way he treated his guest Roger Tolces last week myself, it was pretty bad. I had to turn it off. Had I been the guest I would have walked off.

I'm chalking it all up to the pain from losing Ramona. I have listened to Art since 94 and that is saying something, both about the man's talent and humanity. He deserves the benefit of the doubt, besides, no one is perfect. I hope he finds happiness.

Art's becoming a daddy! He never talks about his son, interesting. By the time his kid is twenty-one he'll be an eighty-two year old geezer if lung cancer doesn't do him in beforehand. Things are different in the Phillipines not only does his child bride now owns him, so does the rest of her family. Enjoy the ride Art!

OH Sick! Art bell is sooo old and grody. He smells like provolone cheese.

Maybe Coast to Coast should do a program on this topic?

I'd like to hear Art Bell 'splaining to George Noory how this one went down, without sounding like a "kook".

ahaha good luck art bell! HAHAHAHA

i dona no what da big deel is bout fart smell, ah mean arte belle, so he maybe pillow head da furst wifey and find a new pussy cat to play wid, who cares. a good pussy cat is worth da riske of what he done,

I believe it's human nature to think that Art's falling in love shortly after Ramona died is wrong. If he's happy with his new love then he shouldn't let mourning stand in the way. It's better to get through the mourning process as fast as possible, carry on with your life and remember the good times.

I personally think that Art Bell is an asshole in disguise. He has no morals or feelings of any sort, the only person Art Bell loves is Art Bell. I have listened to his bullshit for several years now on the air and on amateur radio and I have never run across such horseshit in all my life as Art Bell. He moved to Manilla huh? Good riddence to the loser!

" Get off it already! My god people. Both of them are adults. All you goody two shoes out there shove it up your back side. Love is something that happens unexpectedly and regardless of your silly attempts to controll fate we are all just pawns! Sheep following blindly to the wolfs den. when someone takes life in there own hands everyone else sits back and nit picks with jealousy GET OVER IT AN CHANGE YOUR OWN LIFE. Quit worrying about everyone else. DEATH TO THE HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Disgusted Art Bell non-fan, I don't think there is any "in disguise" about it.

that old fart making a baby? HOPEFULLY HIS BTYCH WIFE HAS INSURANCE ON HIS OLD ASS. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I am so sure we will get to hear about this pregnant bytch for the next 6 friggin months. DISGUSTING. No more C2C for me on weekends. I think the King of Conspiracy did his own lil conspiracy on Ramona.

Art may just be a weak man who feels intolerably lonely in the world and is in desperate need of company, whatever the age or race.
Lets not judge the man, he has commited no crimes we are aware of.

Art Bell is back in the KINGDOM OF NYE! Oh geesh! That's what he announced earlier this a.m. Pregnant child-bride and pussycats in tow. Wonder how the 3rd asian Mrs. Bell will enjoy life in the desert of Nevada? LOL!

I thought I heard him say that it took to a year to a year and a half get "this" wife processed into the U.S. Gheeee, I didn't think Ramona had been deceased that long.

I woke up in the middle of the night and turned on Coast to Coast hoping against hope that Art Bell was not on. The first word out of his mouth was "Erin". Disappointment immediately set in when he started going on and on and on about the fascinating topic of her amazement and love of the American baked potato. zzzzzzzzzzzz Btw when did he get call screeners?

i clicked on th webcam and wanted to puke...

at first, second and third glance the picture looks like a sweet fostergranddaughter to an old, pathetic, brown-shoe-polish-haired old fogeyman...

it's just creepy, plain creepy.

And a happy happy new year to you and I love American baked potato and we make them tonight for dinner and so thank you and happy happy new year to you......GUESS HER EDUCATION WASN'T A DECIDING FACTOR IN THE MARRIAGE, EH?

.....maybe she was just fascinated by the sound of her own voice?

Ariyn is 4ft./8in. Art is way over 6ft. But then love has a way of filling in all the gaps quite nicely.

Are those Filipinas really that desperate for a man?

Wish there was a way to get sugardaddy taken off the radio ,

Has it ever occurred to anyone here, that Mr. Bell may be part of a globalist plan to create one world government? By so publically presenting his Asian child-wife to the world at a time when the powers are promoting/pushing integration between Asia and North America, Mr. Bell kind of helps break down divisions between borders. And for all his fans who like to copy-cat, this makes a lot of them want to run out and marry Asians. Anyone ever thought Mr. Bell may have a pivotal role in all this globalization? Everything he's doing seems to be promoting this. It is also entirely possible that Ramona is still alive.

hmmmm... i had a paragraph and a half long bit of screed against art and his revolting personal life and it's disappeared right off the board... wonder why?

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Art has gone (more) nuts.

Art bell is smarter than 99% of all you people posting on this site.

i never said that the man wasn't smart - but being smart doesn't have anything to do with being a megalomaniacal narcissistic pedophile who makes me feel queasy and itchy because he can't stop puking up his personal life all over coast...

i'm sure he's brilliant - nobody is arguing that fact...

keep up, steve... you're showing your ignorance...

And a happy happy new year to you and I love American baked potato and we make them tonight for dinner and so thank you and happy happy new year to you!

I always had great respect for Art Bell, but he lost that pretty fast when I heard about his new wife...which he married just a few weeks after his wife's mysterious death... I'm all for moving on, but give me a break. A few weeks??

Oh my God! Bless her heart. The man has an ego and an attitude. What more can be said?

Well, I for one was not surprised to hear that old Art and his new bride are in the U.S. Duh! Doesn't everyone know that every single Filipino is born with one goal in life: to immigrate to the U.S. Filipino women will marry anybody they can get their hooks on in order to come to this country. Just wait, in a few months, you'll hear about how Aryn has brought her mother, siblings, and who knows who else to live in the states. That was a no-brainer so when Art said he was going to live indefinitely in his adopted country, I figured it would just be a matter of months before he came back, dragging his child bride with him. I got to hand it to her, though, she must have a steel stomach to wake up to his face every morning. Ugh! I don't listen to his diatribe anymore. And George Noori is no better. He has turned the show into a boring nightly waste of time talking about politics, healthcare, and other mundane topics. The only reason I tuned in in the first place was because of the ghost stories, shadow people, dopplegangers, ufos, etc. Those are few and far between. Well, so long for now. Would love to read your responses.

I notice everytime someone puts negitave things about mr bell they take it freedom to express your self

i'm glad somebody else notices this...

it's bullshit

I notice everytime someone puts negitave things about mr bell they take it freedom to express your self

I'm not interested in hosting anonymous or pseudonymous comments accusing Art Bell of crimes.

The clock is ticking Art until you are a daddy. The clock is ticking on your marriage to your child bride. When she gives birth, that's when the fun is going to really start. Enjoy whatever money you have while you still have it. It'll be gone before you know it!

Oh Art's in trouble and he doesn't even know it. Too sad.

I was a long time listener of C2C, starting back in around '93 or so when all he did was news and current events and Dreamland only on Sunday's. I always enjoyed him, but stopped listening when Striber and Sigel took over (the content was boring, and there were WAY too many commercials).

That being said, I haven't listened or thought of the show much since.

I was sad to hear that Ramona passed, and was even sadder to find out he married an asian child bride. My ex-husband did the same and paid dearly for it.

He was having a "video/IM relationship" with a Thai girl, roughly 21 years old and when I found out I threw him out and divorced him (we were married 14 years--he was 40 years old). The divorce took 90 days to complete and he was married to the Thai babe no more than 7 days after that--in Thailand (like Art, they'd never actually met). Now, 5 years later, he's raising their 3 children (which he didn't want) and 4 days after she got her citizenship she divorced him and moved to the opposite coast with money she'd syphoned off to an account he didn't know about. Which is ironic, because he did the same thing to me to save the money to go to Thailand and collect her, and he wonders where she got this idea.

Technically, Art's marriage to this woman in Manilla isn't legal in the US until they come back to the US and get a weddng certificate and have it notarized by a judge or other licenced clergy. So technically, this wedding isn't legal unless they've gone through the proper paperwork in the US. (they would have had I believe 90 days after entering the US together to complete this paper work)

As a big fan of Art Bell I must say he is a wonderful radio dude with awesome, crazy, interesting programing that is truly one of a kind. I don't however find his love life fabulously interesting. The dude wants to hook up with a cute young chick, who cares? Let him be emarassed by his baloney tits.

Poor Art Bell, his wrinkle is not wrinkled anymore cause he's so old but he still wants a woman?!

Nothing Art Bell suprises me anymore. What suprises me is that people still believe the garbage that his cronies spew. Coast to Coast may have bought him a Camaro or something of the like, but he is still a lowlife.

Hello everyone,

First this:

Then, this:

I have been in the media and on radio many times over the years, but watching this true sociopath in action was a crowning glory in verifying he was bought by his parent radio company at 'Psychos-R-Us'.

Incredible lifeform and hard to imagine he is part of the same DNA as the rest of us. Art, 'anal' probe that from all those aliens.

Hail, NASA.

Robert A.M. Stephens, LLC -
NASA Fine Art Documentation Program -
Vision Motion Dynamic-FX-FX

Oh, and yes, for all those that suspect that sites are being shut down, he does this and has for about 10 years now. Before he sued me for $60,000,000 he had 5 of my sites taken down till I had the FBI put a stop to HIM. He was a little pouty at me for defending NASA and showing that his favorite guest, Richard Hoagland, was a pathological liar. Told him so on air, verbatim, while I was on. He went 'psycho' as ever, and the rest was a nightmare. But, the goal of getting him off air and out of the country did work.

Now, he is back for a time.

"Hi Art, I'm baccccccccccccccccccccccck!"

Robert A.M. Stephens, LLC - NASA Fine Art Documentation Program - Vision Motion Dynamic-FX-FX

I think Art Bell is a lot smarter than people think. He is a multi millionaire with a smokin HOTT wife!!! I wish I could be so lucky!
I believe he truely loved his deceased wife and that her death was from natural causes. Otherwise Law Enforecement would have gotten involved.
As far as the age difference in him and the new wife. I say Go for IT! I think alot of people are simply jealous! I also believe that a middle aged woman has every right to marry a young man. As long as its legal, and Arts wife IS an adult!
ROck On Art.

I hate to think this way, but I can't help but to be suspicious about the way that Ramona died. I don't think I would have suspected foul play if it weren't for the fact that Art ran off and married so soon after her death. I too, was shocked and appalled by Art's declaration of true love over the airwaves so soon after his wife died! It just looks bad! I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but my gut feeling is that something is terribly wrong with Art! I don't think it is right to accuse him of any crime, (without proof) but he certainly made himself LOOK guilty by his actions!

I don't blame Airyn for latching onto the old coot! She did it for herself and her family! Art is her ticket out of poverty! She is young, probably uneducated, and she knows that she will be set for life! I can imagine I would have done the same thing If I were in her shoes, no matter how old and gross the guy is!

But it's Art's behavior that I don't get! Personally, I would not be able to stand being married to someone that much younger than myself! I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to try and have an intelligent conversation with someone that young and uneducated! The generation gap is so huge that you would be hard pressed to find something you have in common to talk about at all! I know that he married her for the sex, dah, but he's got to talk to her sometime! They can't have sex ALL the time! When the sex wears off Art will be bored and lonely again.

So she has her meal ticket and he has a trophy wife to lust after. Irregardless of the opinions expressed on this forum, Art is educated and worldly. The only thing they have in common is the baby they made together! For the kid's sake, I hope it will be enough!

NEWSFLASH!!! Art's now a daddy! His mail order bride just gave birth. If Art is a multi millionaire he won't be for long. She now has him by the.....

The best couple of hours in radio each week, so get over it !

"Art's now a daddy!"

Congrats. Good thing his mail order bride has so much practise already changing Arts diapers. Changing the baby's diapers will be much easier than Arts and prolly not as smelly.

Be Well.

Hey wonder how art would feel if some 60 year old married his daugther when she is 20 years old ,wouldnt that be neat,lol

Art Bell is a Great American and is not afraid to question things. This makes him a flake? I think not.

He's doing it again! "Leaving" his weekend stint on Coast...declined
to give details of why[always tries to be mysterious even in departure],
but it is 'for his family'. Probably figures he'd better spend his money
while he can since he's undoubtedly not quit smoking.

One thing I won't miss is his editorializing on his right-wing
allegiance to 'the war on terror'. Anytime a guest says anything
contrary to his opinion, he won't hesitate to quickly 'correct'
the guest's statement, God forbid we should be left with the
'wrong' idea.

His late wife Ramona was a moderating influence on him I think;
his new wife is likely the stereotype of the subservient Asian
spouse, and knows nothing of US politics. He's finally got his
geisha, Filipino-style.

Spud always wondered how you avoided these pimpbot programmes.

Spud's never actually seen one hereabouts.


Be Well.

You are all a bunch of psychopaths who have nothing better to do with your time than attack someone you don't even know, and then make jokes about his personal tragedies. Listening to someone on the radio does not give you any insight into their personal lives, you bunch of #@$holes.

I have an uncle who is 70 years old, who lost his wife to cancer after 5 years of battle, and he remarried in just three months. It wasn't a young girl, it was a woman close to his age. But it as very soon after his lost his wife. Some people are very insecure and get lonely, need companionship. Art's marriage is none of your %$*(@# business, any of you, stupid #*@#heads.

I hope Art does sue the crap out of this web site for allowing this garbage to remain. It should all be taken down because it's just a bunch of worthless filth wasting web space.

What if he really has no legal recourse on what people say over the internet, and the only way to get the speculation to die is to get off the air for awhile?

I don't know. It just bothered me so when Art supposedly fell in love, only months after Ramona died, then went off and got married like a silly kid. I mean, how well can you know someone after only a couple of months? But I guess many think it's OK, like, off with the old and on with the new!

I was a strong Art Bell fan, but then after Ramona died, was very ashamed of it when Art acted like he did. Now, with the news of the two children he never "Shared" with us, I feel he is a low life.
I say "shared", because when he told his audience about his "New" love Aryin, he said he had always been honest with us. Well, it's clear now that Art is a liar, or he would have shared his first two children with us as well. And from the article I read on the Internet, Art had been contacted by his 38 year old daughter Lisa, TEN YEARS AGO. So Art has kept this information tightly under wraps for ten long years. Talk about deceptive! If that is being honest with us, I'll eat my hat!

If you have never heard of these two kids he abandoned, just look on the internet for the name Vincent Pontius. But beware, it's a really sad story. Art should be hung for allowing these kids to go through what they did, by walking away from them and never even enquiring if they were dead or alive.

Some have tried to say that Art is just a guy who made mistakes, and everyone should understand and not judge him.
I'm sorry.......not all of us have made mistakes as parents, of this nature. Not even close!
But then of course, you have to BE THERE to make mistakes. Walking away from your kids and thinking they are better off without you, is just a lame excuse. I'm a parent, and there is no way I could just walk away from my kids forever. NO FREAKING WAY!

Art's heart is obviously in his Dick!

I think it is a real reflection of where Art Bell's head is at when he shared with C2C listeners the story of his latest child's birth.

{The mother Airyn Ruiz, who in early 2006 Art said was a "26 year old teacher" is now listed on all web correspondence as NOW being 21, so that that she was well under 20 when Art married and impregnated her.}

Airyn started having contractions so what does Art do? He jumps in the shower with her! heh heh heh, with that stupid sick dirty old man giggle of his.

Children to Bell are an impediment and potential competitors for his woman's attentions.


Well, for all who really detest Art Bell, and would like to NEVER hear him on C2C again, I hope you will take a few minutes to write to the producers of that show and tell them what you think.
Then, if he comes back to do a show, turn the damned radio off!

I doubt very much we have heard the last of him and as far as I'm concerned, him doing one more show is too much. Might as well toss that show down the toilet, for all that it's worth.

For those who defend Art and say it's none of our business what he does in his personal life......I would have loved NOT TO HEAR all about his personal life!!!!!!

But Mr. Bell insisted we all know what he was doing and went into details, (which many of us really did NOT care to know), when ever he talked about his personal life. What the F#&K!!!!! Just how does one STAY out of someone's personal life when that person shoves it down our throats!

I thought it was funny when after writing two books on how we were all doomed to see the end of the earth, "The Quickening" and "The Coming Global Super Storm", Art got an e-mail from somebody telling him he should be ashamed to bring a baby into a world which was about to end.

Funny, Art has been saying we are all on the way out, because of the way things are in the world, then, turns around and is so positive and happy when he hears he was to be a father.
What the &%#*????

I really don't think Art knows if he is coming or going. But my hope is, he is going and will stay gone. What a nut case!!!

" Tell the producers not to hire Art Bell back"

For one, he made the show, it was his making, no one elses. producers have nothing to say about it.

All of you posting these booklong manifestos have way too much time on your hands.

I definitely missed the memos. Boy, did i miss the memos!! Whoah!!!

I think Art takes the C2C program as entertainment, and not even half seriously. How could a person live with such bs and paranoia as comes on that progam? The good thing about it, the thing I like, is that you will hear things that you never will on 'straight' media, and some things filter through that are embarrasing to the various establishments and powerful pressure groups in this land.

I also think a person's private life should probably remain as such. A person's competance in his field does not always relate to competance in his personal life.

The problem of Art is that he kept mentioning Ramona and segments of his personal life, so that kind of opened the door for query and commentary by the rest of us.

I think Clinton was a pretty darned good President, but not an exceptional spouse. I think Art is good at what he does professionally, but perhaps has sacrificed personal and emotional development in his pursuit of his career.

What scares me are the probabilities. The probability that Ramona died in the next room while he lay sleeping, knowing that she was not well. THe probability that he just met that young girl so soon afterwards, and this first relationship after Ramona's death so quickly lead to marriage. The coincidence that Art would often, daily on his show, mention his beloved Ramona but for the months preceding her strange and sudden death, during which there was no mention of her at all on his show. I wondered at the time if she were ill and he was being heroic, stoic, about it. Or, perhaps they were no longer getting on so well. Why the silence right before her 'sudden' demise?

These things open the door to some scary speculation, but then again, it is easy to speculate about someone who I have never met, whose reality is akin, to me, as a character on South Park.

I am also wondering - if I had a show with some bona fide psychics on and had done something dastardly, perhaps I would find it wise to cut and run, too?

All I can say is, God bless you, Ramona, and I hope you are at peace on the other side, and that Art's new wife does not also meet your fate.

Art Bell retired to be with his new wife and baby but the other night, Jan. 4, 2008, he was talking as though his retirement wasn't permanent. The exact quote is on the Downtown Eastside Enquirer

Art Bell just thought "Barry" Obama was going to be the next JFK. Good luck all you coast to coast saps.

All the aliens are playing with Art's head. They have abducted his penis and implanted in a 21 year old. Good Job aliens

I was a late fan of listening to Coast-to-Coast, with Art Bell, in 2007 - I thought Art was a great talk show host. I was very sad for him when he lost his spouse, Ramona. He appeared very sad and hurt by Ramon's death. He was so hurt about her death, I though he (Art) was going to commit suiside himself. Then like a story tale, he was in love with someome else within a few months. My though was, how could he have found someone to replace Ramona so soon. Maybe he needed a cruch. He sound like someone who lost his mind. But anyway, I wish Art Luck. I could write a book about his fairy tale life.

My there is sure a lot of evil meanminded people out there. You people are just jealous that Art has found happiness. Instead of wasting your time being jealous, why not do something useful??

How sick and ignorant is it of people to refer to Art's new wife as "child bride"? Thats a slap in the face of anyone that really has been victimized by a pedophile. I imagine they might see a clear and very obvious difference between child and twentysomething, and between force and free choice.

Besides, you can enter military service, kill and die, at 18 or even younger; you can bet tried as an adult and executed as one if you're even younger than 18 in some especially humane states...

...but you arent old enough to chose whom you want to share your life and bed with in your 20's?

You nutjobs.

Stop bashing people for finding each other, already, whatever their motivation. They're both adults, and if it works for them, who the hell are you to judge?

Wishing you good luck getting your head out your ass,

Reverend Horton

wow, the guy obviously was completely wrecked by the loss of his wife. they were a tight couple. can you imagine being with someone that long and one day they're just gone, because of an asthma attack! he just could not take it in, he could either say yes to life or no at that point, and he found a way to console himself. no, it's not real healthy, but that's all he could do and i'm glad he went that route. it's amazing that he suddenly got married and left his cats even, but that just shows how unsettled he was by events. i hope it works out for the guy, i really do. at that age, men who lose their wives don't fare too well. have a little sympathy.

BTW my husband is 16 years my senior, and you know what, he's still more immature than I am. After a while you realize we're BOTH getting old, it's not a big deal. Inside every person is a young self that can't believe what they're seeing in the mirror. Even doubling those years would not make a substantial difference in how we relate to each other, because an adult is just an adult, we don't really grow up that much.

I heard Artsy bellow several times with glee that in the Philippines divorce is illegal.

That being the case, I truly wish Airyn a long life(may God protect her) and when the old (f)Art passes on, she can take his money and link up with someone that she TRULY loves, whoever he may be.

I feel that Art is as selfish and shallow as they come. But the Universe has a way of balancing things out, so I guess he should do whatever turns him on.

By the way, Ian and George(both of them) are light years better than he ever was.

Starting on Halloween of 2009, I am going to tell the truth about the bastards of Coast-To-Coast.

Art flipped his wig.

It's Obama's fault.

There is no bigger fool like an old fool. No one can tell me that he wasn't communicating with this little Phillipino sex kitten before Ramona passed away...the time line is way too short. She passes away; three months later,he fall in love and then he is married? Give me a break...please I don't like my intelligence insulted. Art Bell is going to find out that little Miss Phillipino hottie is a money hungry vamp with designs on his assets not his body and his support and money will include her family be assured. No one can tell me that a 20 year old girl can be attracted to an old man of 60..that is rediculous. She communicated with him; flattered his ego; told him what he wanted to hear; and when Ramona died suddenly; she saw a man, devistated by his wife's death; she saw an opening; she closed in and the old fool was a willing subject. She flattered him with things an old man would like to hear and he fell hook, line and sinker. Now not only does he give up his country; his radio program; his life in the U.S., and he goes to the filthiest hell hole in the world to live because he has the hots for a pubescent Phillipino hottie who knew a good thing when she saw it. She saw vonerability and dollar signs. Then to top it off she gets herself impregnated so he is hooked for life with a baby...this girl was very calculating. Notice he came back to the U.S. shortly; she came back too, and then she went back home and the old fool followed her to the filthy hell hole to get her back...Art Bell cannot comprehend what is in store for him..I predict he will come back to the U.S. a broken man.

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