Anna Badkhen's coverage of the East African drought has taken her from Kenya to Somalia, where she filed a report marking 15 years of anarchy and the shooting of a local radio journalist as he traveled to a seminar. The topic of the event: "reducing violence in Somalia."


Hello, ick comes from Austria, today has I again time around English sprachige Blogs to read. I will form over your topic an opinion and you by post office will write.

I wish you kind regards from Austria in the Wachau


Without some real commentary, it is difficult to know what the import of this set of articles might be!?

Are you suggesting that the Left, with your tacit support, is interested in liberating some people who are under the heel of some dictator(s)? That these "evil" persons should be handled in ways other than diplomatic... ?

What kind of blind hypocrites are you, on the Left?

You whine and moan about freeing millions of Iraqis from a dictatorial madman, but turn around and weep crocadile tears for poor Somalians!?

You anti-patriot jerks are nothing if not UNBELIEVABLE!?

We should allow these warlords ready access to San Francisco, in order to reduce the hypocrite population to absolute ZERO! what should be done!


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