Humility Equals History Plus Time

An e-mail received by the Drudge Retort:

How long did it take for your Jewish handlers to force you to remove the Charlie Sheen/9-11 story the other day?

A comment on Workbench:

Two people witness an event (Jews and Palestinians) and you decide that Jews are simply not credible. You don't want credible, you want to continue to be a racist, Jew hating, angry young man.

When I was young, I can recall studying some of the more horrific moments in history and thinking myself fortunate to live in more rational and enlightened times.


I hope you still think the same? ;)

How long did it take for your Jewish handlers to force you to remove the Charlie Sheen/9-11 story the other day?

Sorry about that - I was trying to access the link at four A.M. EST.

I had a feeling that link might have been an "assha ... repost (Where in the hell am I anyway?) when I posted it the other day. I'd threaten your newspaper and roses in regards to removing the "search" function, but then it occurred to me that you'd just end up knocking another two months out of our archives to accommodate the traffic.

A comment on Workbench: {You anti-semitic© fuck! Why do you hate Israel?}

You act as though GZLives were the first "Israel Can Do No Wrong" propagandist whom you've ever come across. You need to stay inside more. Personally, I've found him to be an entertaining little diversion.

"The Israelis aren't interested in Arab land ... ~ LividZionist

So, why do they keep grabbing up so much of it?

Security {Ba-dump-dump} ~ LividZionist

Or, my own personal favorite:

I suppose it better suits todays Lefties to replace Israel with an Islamist government that would then hunt down and murder homosexuals, relegate women back to the veil and the property of men, and needless to say kill all non believers which means most of us. ~ Livid Zionist

Didn't we just do the same with the previously secular Iraq? I'll tell you this much, the U.S. invasion sure as hell chased the Jews out of that little part of the world.

Sorry but perhaps you haven't formulated an opinion yet or don't know much about the subject or region. Last time I looked the Jews were still pretty much there .... ~ LividZionist

In Iraq - Really? Well, far be it from me to question your base-less claim here, and risk being labeled an "anti-Semite." I can only assume at this point that the Iraqi Jews interviewed for CNN's special report in 2003 were lying when they claimed that it saddened them to have to vacate their home-land (With the exception of the one old blind man who declared that he had lived in Iraq for his entire life and refused to abandon it now). Lying bastards! Don't they realize that you know more about their home-land and lives than they do?

As he seems to hang on every message, I can't help but to wonder how he managed to miss that one.

<JimBelushi>Keep that sense of humor. It's pertinent</JimBelushi>

Rogers brags, "... thinking myself fortunate to live in more rational and enlightened times."

You must consider yourself "rational" in order to define the "times" as being such, Rogers. Yet, here you are promoting literal lies and irrational considerations on your various blogs!

You enable ersatz "liberals," in the form of Sheens of this world, to spread their virtual lies ... and for what? POLITICAL aggrandizement!

This isn't about any objective reality, or rational consideration of events -- NO! It is a concerted effort to pander to the public's fear and ignorance; in order to advance party over country.

The ends-justify-the-means you use to promote your anti-patriotic party of puling hypocrites over the best interests of the enitre nation. I just don't have words enough to describe how disgusting and despicable I consider your actions, and the actions of your party, to be ...

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