RSS Board Supports Common Feed Icon

The RSS Advisory Board proposal to support the common feed icon has passed 5-0.

In an effort to make the concept of syndication easier for mainstream users, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera will all identify RSS and Atom feeds with the same icon:

The board has adopted the symbol on its site and encourages its use on web sites, browsers, and syndication software.

Additionally, the board encourage web publishers to use the icon on any feed, regardless of whether it employs Atom or the two formats that call themselves RSS: RDF Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication.

If you've added the icon to a site published with Movable Type, WordPress or another weblog publishing system, your tips on implementing the icon are welcomed on the RSS-Public mailing list.


As the co-founder of a site that provides RSS and syndication tools I think it is a very good thing to have a common feed icon. The good thing with RSS is that it allows you to receive the content you like directly into your rss reader but people tend to forget that it alo lets you republish content on your site. One of our services, called the StepWebz button, enables visitors to your site to easily and effortlessly syndicate and publish your RSS feeds on their own website or blog. I think it would be a very good thing to have a common feed button that says: "Display my feed on your blog or site". Don't you think?
Rodolp S

I think no matter what icons will be for rss feed. Today all modern browsers can pickup feed automaticly, without clicking on rss feed icon.

Rogers: It's good to see some progress with RSS. I'm hoping the Board continues to function.

Your leadership has been a stablizing force through some rough win(t)er storms.

Please keep moving towards some "Best Practices" to document RSS in ways that encourage Apple and MS to avoid attempting patents on standardized RSS Practices and Application Behaviors.

What took so long?

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