Life Expectancy and Liver Cancer

My surname is uncommon enough that most Cadenheads in the U.S. are cousins, though to find a common ancestor, you often have to climb the tree until you reach a hardscrabble Civil War family in Georgia, Alabama or Texas that had umpteen children, most of which had strong biblical names like Isaiah and Levi.

While egosurfing to read opinions of the RSS Advisory Board, I found a plea posted last night by a Cadenhead who fears that her 67-year-old mother's fight with liver cancer may be nearing its end:

I want to have an idea of what to expect. Liver cancer is not supposed to spread, is it? How long do patients suffer? What is my family going to have to watch her go through? We're all really scared and upset, but I think it would help us if we had an idea of how long a patient actually suffers in the end.

If anyone has experience with circumstances like that, here's the Cancer Forums signup page.


hello, I wanted to know how long you are expected to live when you have liver cancer?

If you could get back to me as soon as possible becuase I am doing this for a project and need to know what it is.

thank you very much,
a student at SCLHS

C T Scan with contrast was recently done to my husband and radiologist suggest a metastasic disease. Biopsy was recommended but results have not come yet. Which is life expectancy for this kind of cancer.

Thank you

hey my dad was dignosed with lung cancer when i was in 9th grade. now i am in the 11th grade and he was just diagnosed with liver cancer. what should i do

Hey. My grandmother just got diagnosed with liver cancer and they said it might have come from her pancreaus. They said she had a blood sugar level of 600 and she was in the hospital two weeks earlier with blood pooling under her skin and low platelet levels. Really low. What does all this mean and what is life expectancy for this diagnosis? Thank you for your time.

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