St. Augustine Cages Tiger

A local man in a Bengal tiger costume climbed atop the 165-foot-tall St. Augustine lighthouse Tuesday morning, stayed up there four hours and placed a 4Myduke.Com flag on a lightning rod to protest Internet pornography and publicize his children's book.

Frank Feldmann, who's selling a self-published book about Myduke the magic tiger under the pen name Dusty L. Cage, published a "Legal Defense Fund" page on his web site before storming the lighthouse:

If you are visiting this page Myduke probably needs your HELP! As you know cats, even BIG cats, get into trouble and trouble usually means LEGAL EXPENSES! That is usually what happens when someone stands up for what is right. LEGAL EXPENSES. Many Legal Expenses.

If you support Myduke in his quest for Porn and Agenda Free children's entertainment, you can help two ways. Straight out contribution or the purchase of Dusty L. Cage's books. ...

Simply put. In the society we live in, sometimes it is necessary to do things to raise attention that some may see as a nuisance. When in the battle against child porn, unnecessary violence, and popular political agendas it is at times necessary to speak out in ways that may hold a progressively uncaring public's attention.

A parents section on his site contains examples of the porn he's protesting -- sexually explicit illustrations of Disney characters, over which he's added Mickey Mouse in some places to preserve what's left of their dignity:

We together as families, I believe we can stop this. Not only for the protection of our children, but for the protection of our own childhood memories. ...Don't be mad at me for showing this, I'm risking my life to stop this. What are you doing?

Feldmann's been charged with felony burglary and possession of burglary tools over the stunt. His flag's still flying over the lighthouse.

In 2003, he rode a local carousel 52 hours and 15 minutes to support the troops, raise money for the March of Dimes and publicize his children's book.


I, um, followed up on his rant about cartoon porn and I have a hard time figuring out how he found that stuff.

I did a couple of searches for Disney characters and didn't get any of the offending sites he mentioned in my results. I'm always suspicious when people protest about indecent material in non-obvious places: makes me wonder how hard they had to work at being offended.

To be sure, the stuff he complains about is nasty but some of his claims are a bit incredible. Popups that no software can block? Popups so ... whatever that you have to power off the computer to get rid of them?

Not to get all "Windows/IE sux" about it, but how hard is he working to protect his hard vs trying to get everyone else to do it for him?

I have trouble believing this guy is actually trying to do anything valiant, as the old saying goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I have a feeling that this guy is trying to get some free publicity, especially considering he self published the book.

I do agree with Paul, people do need to learn how to protect themselves and which tools will actually help them. I have actually seen a surge of people running 3 to 7 spyware protection tools and 2 to 3 antivirus tools on one computer, obviously slowing the computer more than the malware could dream to!

I just hope nobody ever asks my PDA to show on the doll where I touched it!

OK, I just looked at the myduke website, looks like 1994 mypuked all over it... poorly used frames, 5000 animated gifs... it game me flashbacks of hamster dance!

Mybizarre. He talks a lot about trying to stop child porn etc., but where is the action plan? Is buying his book going to help there? No explanation given for the name Myduke that I could find. Plenty of melodrama about "Dusty's" life and struggles as an artist. Can't say that his writing style or his web design are very engaging.

Hello I am the Author Dusty L. Cage. will be back in full swing by April 01, 08.

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