Stone Cold Lock: Jacksonville Over New England

I'm one of the founders of SportsFilter, a 4,500-member sports community weblog built on the MetaFilter code base that's been football-crazed as the NFL playoffs begin. I wrote a column this afternoon on Saturday's Jaguars-Patriots wild card game:

Before Super Bowl XX in 1986, all-pro defensive back Raymond Clayborn predicted that his New England Patriots would defeat the Chicago Bears.

I don't know who Clayborn likes in Saturday's wild-card playoff between the Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars, but the visiting Jags will defeat the league champs and end Tom Brady's perfect 9-0 record in the postseason. Mark it down. Stone cold lock. Guarantee of the year. Clean out your 401K, steal grandma's retirement savings, max out the credit cards, rob your coke dealer and put all of that money on the 8-point underdog to win.


You may be right about that, but college football is still better than pro.

You have taken leave of your senses.

First of all, New England will win the game and, second, only a fool bets on something in which the ball is pointed at both ends.

The Patriots were 10-6 but almost tried to lose their last game. The only lock here is that Tom Brady will make this 10 straight playoff wins. If that streak ends, it will be in Denver and not in Foxboro.

You know rcade, I wouldn't have known about this article if I didn't read your blog. Where's the link on SpoFi!?

Also, I can't wait until a post is made for me to comment in it: you are so wrong.

Erm, nevermind. I'm blind. Seriously. I thought you said you wrote it today.

Also, I can't wait until a post is made for me to comment in it: you are so wrong.

Probably better you posted that here. People who disagree with my stone cold lock on SportsFilter have formed a pretty long line.

Well, Rogers, looks like your lock was, shall we say, met with its demise via a rather impressive bolt-cutter.

People are calling me Stone Cold Rogers Cadenhead now.

A few observations from the game:

1. I was right: The weather wasn't a factor.

2. Take away just four plays, and it's a 3-point Jaguars win.

3. I said Byron Leftwich would hit those big targets in the Jags receiving corps. I didn't say they'd actually catch any of the passes.

4. My analysis underestimated the importance of touchdowns on the outcome of a playoff game.

5. I absofreaking nailed the under.

6. The next pope will pick the name Belichick the I.

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