Feedster Contest: Music To My Ears

Workbench is dangerously close to winning an iPod in the Feedster Feed of the Year contest.

Feedster Feed of the Year FinalistI was told recently that my weblog was one of the top 10 finalists in the judging, which rates sites not for the size of their traffic, but what they do with it:

Most blog awards consist of nominations, reviews, and voting so naturally, the more popular blogs always rise to the top. Instead, a panel of independent judges rated blogs across a range of criteria, not just number of links or traffic.

Feedster is counting up to the winner one day at a time, so each morning I check the site like a 20-year-old watching the Vietnam Draft Lottery in 1969, hoping my number doesn't come up.

Four sites remain in a contest that awards an iPod Video for first place and iPod Nanos for second and third -- Grant Barrett's Double-Tongued Word-Wrester Dictionary, Andrew Moere's Information Aesthetics, the group-authored Treehugger and Me! Me! Me! Pick Me!

If the contest was played by Deal or No Deal rules, I would have panicked by now and accepted an offer of something like the Dell DJ Ditty rather than risk going home empty-handed.


Best of luck. :)

Out of morbid curiosity, I followed that “DJ Ditty” link, figuring that you’d just made it up and that no actual marketer could be so tin-eared as to hang a moniker that appalling on a real product, but Dell never fails to amaze.


Let me be the first one to congratulate you on your win.

But I guess Chris beat me to it.

Kudos to Rogers Cadenhead.

Congrats on being the Feed of the Year, Rogers! :)

Well, well, well. Some website I've never heard of thinks you're super-great. Fan-friggin'-tastic. Send the iPod to my PO Box.

Thanks, everyone.

Except for Bourne. I can't believe you haven't heard of Feedster, pioneer of RSS search with 20,081,118 indexed and searchable feeds. I've been using it since it was Roogle. I need to set up you with some blog software, so you can start obsessively tracking every mention of your site like the rest of us.


Dude, I'm still stuck in Dial-Up Land. I'm living in Disney's Tomorrowland future. It's hard to believe I ever worked at a cutting-edge interactive television company. On the other hand, it's easy to believe I worked at a bankrupt interactive television company. By the by -- Denver 2006?

Rogers: Congratulations. It's good to see you get some credit for your writing.

Inbound links are a dubious measure of a blog's value (Technorati's popularity metric) and feedster's choices are interesting and varied.

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