Adam Curry Caught in Sticky Wiki

Adam CurryFormer MTV veejay and podcasting entrepreneur Adam Curry appears to have been caught anonymously editing the podcasting entry on Wikipedia to remove credit from other people and inflate his role in its creation.

When someone edits Wikipedia without logging in to a user account, the IP address is recorded to guard against abuse. Four times this year, an IP address controlled by Curry,, has made revisions involving the early history of podcasting.

On Feb. 5, someone at Curry's address removed a sentence crediting Stephen Downes with distributing MP3 audio files over RSS:

The recovery of MP3 links from distributed weblogs and distribution of the aggregated list using RSS had been demonstrated by Stephen Downes's [5] Ed Radio [6], launched June 9, 2004.

On the same day, Curry wasn't getting sufficient props in another sentence, "Podcasting was developed, according to Curry [7] in August, 2004," and it was edited to correct this injustice: "Podcasting was developed thanks to Adam Curry's original iPodder script and the success it fostered since [7] August, 2004."

On Nov. 3, a sentence was removed that credited Kevin Marks with programming a podcasting script:

At the first Harvard BloggerCon conference, October 4-October 5, 2003, Kevin Marks demonstrated a script to download RSS enclosures to iTunes and synchronise them onto an iPod[6], something Adam Curry had been doing with Radio Userland and Applescript.

This paragraph also got the axe:

Curry's and Winer's podcasts, including several months of collaboration they called "Trade Secrets," spread interest in podcasting among other widely-read bloggers. Amateur blogs and open source developers continued as important factors in the popularization of podcasting before and after professional broadcasters and entrepreneurs with business plans adopted the form.

These edits were spotted by Marks and Wikipedia editor Jeremy Hunsinger, who remarked, "For some reason a person at keeps removing vital material that explains some of the history of the development of podcasting."

I was appointed to the RSS Advisory Board in 2004 at the same time as Curry, so you might expect that I'd have a personal perspective on the glory hog. But we've never really worked together. The only contribution he made on the board, appropriately enough, was to write his member bio.

By my recollection, Curry sparked the podcasting boom in three significant ways: He persuaded Dave Winer to add the enclosure element to RSS 2.0 in 2001, created a popular podcast and released an Applescript hack as open source that led to the first standalone podcasting client. But he was never a developer on iPodder (now known as Juice), so he might want to squeeze those guys into the encyclopedia on his next editing run.


And why does anyone care about the Winer vs. Curry feud? Why do YOU care?

Oh yeah, we have already established for the record that YOU, Rogers Cadenhead, are an employee of Dave Winer and his paid sycophant.

>>For example, 'troll,' a term for a person who disrupts a discussion by posting messages to trick other users into reacting in hostility or aggravation, dates back to Usenet.

Why do YOU care?

Because I am a bad person, Charles.

That's going to be my standard disclaimer from now on whenever somebody wanders in here to challenge me on professional, ethical, temporal, spiritual, astral, or ethereal grounds.

I was born bad. And I only got worse.

Is Charles his real name?

I want to have his baby.

For what it's worth, I really like tacos.

For what it's worth, I really like tacos.

Rogers says, "I was born bad. And I only got worse."

I guess to believers in original sin, that's the condition of most of us.

I like both Winer and Curry (and Cadenhead, for that matter), and greatly appreciate whatever their roles were in getting Podcasting into the mainstream. I listen to Adam Curry's podcast (DSC) pretty regularly, and enjoy it. He definitely sets a hight bar for production values.

The whole argument, however, is strangely similar to a couple of high school nerds arguing over who's calculator is better. I think these two have greater issues than just a couple of Wikipedia edits. I certainly hope they can get over the petty nature of this whole argument.

In related news, a bearded Al Gore has been holed up in a log cabin in Tennessee, wearing only a pair of tattered boxer shorts, where he has been secretly editing Wikipedia entries to make sure he gets props for inventing the Internet.

Irony - see my Al Gore Internet resources page.

Al Gore does deserve much credit for his legislative efforts on behalf on the Internet, and made a thoroughly reasonable statement. But a hack journalist smeared him, then gleefully worked with Republicans to spread the hatchet-job.

So who gets to write history really does matter.

Well, this has been enlightening.


Arguing on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded.

Do any of the comments here come from That would be cool

I'm sure when Adam is out talking to VCs about how he's the Podfather, its nice for him to jump onto Wikipedia and show them in bright lights on the internet. Heaven forbid they see someone else's name, they might actual consider giving them some funding.

McArthur's comment is unenlightening, in fact, it's darkening.

"Arguing on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."

Now THAT'S funny stuff!!


you know, it still doesn't change the fact that adam curry got busted. you can whois the ip for yourself...check it out here.

% This is the RIPE Whois query server #1.
% The objects are in RPSL format.
% Note: the default output of the RIPE Whois server
% is changed. Your tools may need to be adjusted. See
% for more details.
% Rights restricted by copyright.
% See

% Note: This output has been filtered.
% To receive output for a database update, use the "-B" flag.

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
netname: SILICON
descr: Silicon Polder Bv
descr: Office
descr: Guildford
country: GB
admin-c: AC5507-RIPE
tech-c: EH92-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered

role: Easynet Hostmaster
address: Easynet Network Operations Centre
address: Easynet Group PLC
address: 44-46 Whitfield Street
address: London W1T 2RJ
address: England
address: GB
phone: +44 20 7900 4444
fax-no: +44 20 7900 4445
admin-c: SMK-RIPE
admin-c: CVK6-RIPE
tech-c: SMK-RIPE
tech-c: CL60-RIPE
tech-c: PPD-RIPE
nic-hdl: EH92-RIPE
remarks: Please send abuse notification to
source: RIPE # Filtered

person: Adam Curry
[Home address and phone number edited out.]
nic-hdl: AC5507-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered

% Information related to ''

descr: Easynet UK
origin: AS4589
source: RIPE # Filtered

i guess i'm missing the part that conclusively links that ip address to curry. you know, evidence and such.

Do any of the comments here come from That would be cool

Adam's IP address has only been here within the last several days to poll the RSS feed with Radio UserLand.

I think I might have lost a subscriber.

"I was born bad. And I only got worse."

Damn, the internets is ripe with the BEST t-shirt slogans lately.

i guess i'm missing the part that conclusively links that ip address to curry. you know, evidence and such.

I linked to the RIPE database which shows Adam owns the IP. He also has just admitted that he edited the entry.

Curry looks just too pretty. Was the photo airbrushed, or is he wearing make-up?

Just for the record, I like Daily Source Code, I've said nice things about it in my blog, and I will continue to listen to Adam Curry. No grudges.

A Curry IP made "Anonymous" postings on my podcast blog earlier in the year after I posted identified comments on The comments implied I shouldn't be commenting if I didn't have a podcast of my own... duh--what was he doing at my site, it's pretty obvious?

Mr. Curry has also never played a single one of the promos I've put to him, either. Thick or thin skinned--his agenda has always been clearly transparent.

When I post something on a wiki that doesn't have a user feature (like Wookie) it puts my IP address next to it, the IP that I currently get from my ISP.

As far as I know is also hosted at Adam's place (hence the registered IP), do you know for sure that he's the only person using that line to connect to the web? Just thinking: could've been posted by anyone from that IP.

(the instant preview is a nice touch, btw)

Why the hell didn't he use a proxy?!


Adam Comments

Wikis can be confusing to newbies, especially when you're used to write XML/XHTML like me. I screw up on wikis too, but that's why there's a preview button on some wikis.

I'm not defending anyone here, but rather want to express that I can relate to that and have no reason to doubt Adam's statement at the moment. Learning from my experience on mailing-lists and boards I prefer to hear both sides before flaming anyone, even celebrities are human beings.

For what it's worth, I really like tacos.

If you check out his blog on, you can see that he admits to editing the wiki.
However he claims that he got frustrated after 20 minutes and did not finish.

Link To Post

Wasn't Adam Curry also involved in cybersquatting domains back in the mid 90's? I seem to recall that he registered when he was helping them set up and then tried to keep the domain for himself when cnet decided they did not want to use his services. If true it would fit in with him trying to rewrite the history of podcasting to be more favorable to him.

This is so boring.

Is it just me or does anyone have any idea who the hell any of these people are. The podfather? From the wikipedia article it seems he asked for some extra features to RSS. Newsflash: people ask for new features everyday on OSS projects. Seems to me like it would have been a natural evolution anyway.

Honestly, who listens to podcasts anyway?

Adam Curry is a media personality, and no doubt he has a large ego, otherwise he wouldn't be where he is today. Those of us without such large egos can feel insecure about those who do have them.

The edits made by Mr. Curry (at his own admission) don't seem to aggrandize his role as much as Mr. Cadenhead's article suggests.

As such we can also observe there seems some not so subtle editorial spin attached to this reporting by Mr Cadenhead. Thanks to Mr. Cadenhead for the due diligence and discovery and reporting of this interesting fact. However it might have been better (as it would be for all news reporting) if there was less spin and more reliance on the simple facts.

Adding characterizations to the facts like "On the same day, Curry wasn't getting sufficient props in another sentence..." is something that should be done with extreme caution.

All things being equal, I think Mr. Curry even with his inflated ego has made good faith attempts in the past to credit more than just himself for the advent of podcasting. He does deserve some credit for the creation and promotion of podcasting, and if he keeps his edits honest, I'd say he is one of the few people qualified to edit the Wikipedia entry on the subject, along with Dave Winer of course!

Thanks to everyone all around!

My calculator is definately better.

Adam Curry and all these so called podcast celebrities creep me out.

I heard first 10 seconds of Curry's show and had a chill running through my back. Never went back to listen.

I like to consider podcasting as an audiobook version of blogs, and I consider blogs to be a diplomatic form of a diary. It's a frickin' diary!! Tthat's the bottom line.

I am not a podcaster, but I love it! And I make theme music/sound effects for amateur podcasters who are trying to get started at no cost. Music is my hobby and I enjoy having audiences.

So all this nonsense is just my way of saying "Curry and the fame-mongers can shut up and go away and make money where rest of the community can mind our own business."

curry - get a haircut

This is already the #12 Story on Digg

News gets around quick

Come on, anyone with hair like that has to be full of shit.

coo. that was not very clever was it? it's not the first time he's forgotten the ip crumbtrails left behind on the web - i had some 'interesting' comments left on my blog once, which led to his hotel door.

I do think the RSS Advisory board entry is interesting though - apparently he grew up in the 'etherlands'! hehe. ;)

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Adam Currey is a pompus ass. I invented podcatsing, and he gives ME no credit!

Calling downloadable mp3's "podcasting" is ridiculous to begin with.

Jimbo, I really like tacos too.

I think it matters. After all America was discovered by the English and not by Columbus, right? at least so Wiki says...

Just to set the record straight, iPodderX, not iPodder Lemon (now Juice), was the first true podcast client. Everything up to that point had been command-line based...

No one really cares.

This is about hair.

Adam's is pretty, glossy and healthy.
Winer's is messy, greasy and hasn't seen the business end of a comb since Nixon was in office.

It's a shame that this blog even stooped so low as to get involved in this high tech hair bitch fight.

Shame on you.

You know, i'm looking at all of this.. And i'm seeing a bunch of borderline unemployed grown men bickering like schoolgirls over insignificant pieces of code, and probably poorly-written pieces of code at that..

You Apple twinks need to get a life. Seriously.

If you want to change the world, for God's sake, write up an RFC for "Transport Method For Delivering Whines, Bitchery And Complaint In Audio Form". From there, you'll have the market cornered on whiner-enabling devices like iPods.

Jesus..Just shut UP.

Caden why do you look like George Clooney? Seriously wtf

Seth says, "Al Gore does deserve much credit for his legislative efforts on behalf on the Internet, and made a thoroughly reasonable statement. But a hack journalist smeared him, then gleefully worked with Republicans to spread the hatchet-job."

Gevalt! Hack journalists smear Bush for saying, "Nucular!" Imagine what they would do if he said he created the "tax cut?"

Here is Bill Clinton's comment about this heinous smear:

"Al Gore invented the Internet. For the record, I, too, am an inventor. I invented George Stephanopoulos."
(Source: Boston Globe, March 28, 1999.)

Of course, the complete statement from Gore was not that he invented the internet, but that he "created" it. This is such a great difference in terms, that I wonder how anyone could even begin to make fun of it! After all, "inventing" is so scientifically mundane, while "creating" is excitingly mystical, eh?

Of course, Gore sponsored the National High-Performance Computer Technology Act and which wasn't even the "creation" of the internet; although it certainly assisted its development. As to that, even if he was instrumental in "creating" the internet, then similar credit must be awarded to the co-sponsors of that bill: Mr. Jeffords (erstwhile Republican/Independent and Mr. Durenberger (Republican.)

Feh! That would be meshuganah, right bubele?

Downloading an MP3 of somebody whining about something = a "podcast".

If I took a shit in public and recorded it, would that make it an "buttcast"?

Surprise! You're unimportant, and your whining/blogging/podcasting won't solve that. It makes you no different, and no more important or unique than anyone else. If anything, it makes you a pompous ass for assuming that somehow your thoughts or views carry more weight than your neighbors.

The fact is, the internet has no celebrities. The "global village" contains only idiots. As difficult as it is to comprehend, and as painful as it is to realize, at the end of the day, you aren't much. You're the guy people see in their rear view mirror picking his nose, or on the subway who rheaks of ass and urine...a momentary global village idiot that will be forgotten by all the instant the next idiot rolls up.

Take your delusional self-important tripe and ram it where all the other wannabe attention whores do. /dev/null.

Ha ha ha, Curry caught editing Wikipedia, why am I not surprised. This is hilarious.


This thread has made my week. I like Tacos too.

I've always liked the guy.

who cares Adam Curry has done more for PodCasting than ANY other person.

I don't understnd this stuff. I'm not too bright - I don't even know what Podcasting is. I challenge this Adam Curry guy meet me on the corner of 89th and Amsterdam for a beating. Adam - bring your mom - I'm going to reintroduce her to my trouser trout.

"Podcasting: It's snob for 'streaming audio.'"

Someone left an 'S' in your name.

Fact: Curry caught editing entries on Wikipedia.

If he was in fact revising real history to give himself undue credit well that just means he is a weasel. He's probably a very nice and smart person, but at heart he's just a sh*t when it comes to getting glory.

lifting jokes from South Park is like competing in the Special Olympics.
Even if people laugh, you're still retarded.

'nuff said

People, Eleviate the boredom of this rather long, drawnout, pointless subject and click on the image of Curry, When the 'big' version appears check out the 'artistic license' that has been utilised on the photoshop'd image. Ha ha - he looks like a fuggin' mannequin.

...and the hair! oh, hoo hoo hoo... Looks like a reject from Pat Sharp's Gang... See you at Club Tropicana Adam. The Drinks are free!

podcasting is teh suck!

"After about 20 minutes of trying to figure out the interface of the editing system I became exasperated and gave up."

Yeah right Adam...
'cause a text box is so hard to edit...

Adam Curry was involved in a dispute over I still fondly remember Adam hosting the Headbanger's Ball as the new VJ that MTV was billing as Europe's Foremost Music Authority.

And I thought this whole thing sounded a bit familiar? A little searching around Dave's site found People with erasers. It seems like this will continue to be an ongoing story for quite a while.

Isn't posting Adam's home address in the WHOIS comment above, a little over the top?

Who gives a rip?!


I went ahead and edited that person's comment to remove Curry's address and phone number, which are reported by the RIPE database.

It's probably pointless to do so, since the database is readily available elsewhere.

Maybe you could mangle his IP? After all we've seen you've got proof of his mistake now, no need to leave it here for ever (unless Google got here first).

adam curry constantly gives credit where credit is due and genuinely believes he was a part of the podcast development, too.

but he's the only one who followed through with it. he's the guy that helped develop the format and then created his own popular podcast. he's the one that saw that there was more work to be done after the back-end was done. there's content and production and music rights. and he's not the only guy doing these things either, but he's probably the only guy that has devoted attention to so many different levels.

there's always somebody who gets the limelight. it's not curry's fault that he wants it. it's certainly not his fault that he gets it.

I like tacos, too, but for the "bored" or "who cares" folks, there is a broader issue here: The legitmacy of information on the Wikipedia. The Wikipedia should not be a vehicle for self-promotion/aggrandizement, and until the potential for this is addressed in a serious way, how can a reasonable person determine whether what they are reading there is useful or just crap? In other words, will The Wikipedia just become another vehicle for spam?

It's pretty much thanks to Curry that anybody outside of geekdom is interested in downloading something else than music on their ipod.

I believe people who not just invent the wheel, but also the ones who spread the word deserve credit.

Let's be honest. It was the McDonald brothers who invented the Big Mac, but nobody would have heard of it if Ray Kroc hadn't taken the idea and turned it into the McDonald's franchise we know.

We can whine about Curry, his ego and lack of judgement in this case all we want, but as an aspiring podcaster I sure as hell am glad he is building an infrastructure with Podshow that small or starting podcasters can use.

If other Podcast inventors are so wonderful, where are their franchises to help the next generation of podcasters?

To whom do I turn with my idea to start a Bill Clinton parody podcast and monetize it?

The only person I know is Adam and Podshow.

Bitch slap the guy a few times and let's move on. Right now Curry is Mr. Podcast. If he gets damaged it will damage the future of podcasting. Maybe not for the geeks, but don't expect any crossover without his visio and relentless boosting of the podcast medium.

Adam always credited the folks involved and allowed Drew to quit his job. You wouldn't be subscribing to podcasts from Yahoo, iTunes or anywhere but a difficult geeked out interface without his energy. Whatevah. Listen to Dawn and Drew and take a pill already. - Psycho Fan Jeff

Adam's story is nonsense. The system is confusing and he couldn't figure it out, and it just happened that all of his edits denied credit to others and gave some of that credit to himself? And it was so difficult to use that he went back repeatedly to do such edits? Curry's lying -- again.

Look I absolutely loathe Dave Winer, but facts are facts. All along Dave's been saying Curry's been rewriting history and Curry and his defenders say he's just misunderstood by reporters, etc. but this really underlines just how freakishly obssessed Curry seems to be with taking credit for podcasting (and really, who cares at all about this other than a few nerdish insiders.)

A lot of the comments are basically "who cares?" But it tells us a lot about the sort of person Curry is (just as Winer's flames tell us a lot about him -- though he seems to have mellowed out of late).

Seth: Al Gore's claims are still bogus. The Internet occurred in spite of Gore whose vision was for a very centralized system of networked computers. If he had been advocating TCP/IP-style interconnection he might have had a point, but Gore's vision was a long way from what ultimately became the Internet.

This would be a bit like a Senator who support the space program in the early 1960s taking credit for playing a pivotal role in the creation of velcro.

Um. Tacos are nice. Adam is nice. Rogers is nice. I like everybody, even Al Gore. Maybe everybody can come over to my house and I'll ask the nurse to make us tacos. And we can play Jenga and argue about who invented wood. I think I invented wood. I have wood a lot. In fact I have wood right now. Uh oh, here comes the nurse. I'm not supposed to touch anything with a plug....

> It's pretty much thanks to Curry
> that anybody outside of geekdom is
> interested in downloading something
> else than music on their ipod.

Um, I challenge you to poll 100 non-geeks and ask them "what do you think of podcasting?"

I'd be willing to bet money that 98-100 of 'em would look at you funny. "Podcasting... is that something with aliens?" "Is that where you use peas as fishing lure...?"

Unless I'm wildly mistaken, I'm betting even if non-geeks KNEW of podcasting, they wouldn't care. Hell, I'm a geek, and *I* haven't even found any podcasts compelling enough to listen to for more than one week in a row.

That does it! I am not inviting Adam and his fancy boots to my Taco Madness dinner.

Dinner Madness with Tacos without Curry Addam Is Not Invited. It Does That!

If you ever listen to Podcast 411 then you know that almost every podcaster wide or slite in fame started out listening to DSC. Apparently he knows it.

Get Podcasting, News, Files, and Reviews at

It seems to me the only thing Curry did wrong was to hold an opinion that differs from your own.

Wiki is open to everyone to edit, not just those whose opinions you are in agreement with.

The correct response to someone making an edit to a wiki page that you disagree with is to make an edit of your own that corrects the (in your opinion) erroneous data.

The correct response is _not_ to add biased editorial that declares the actions of the editor in question either positive or negative.

If an edit war ensues the correct response is to start a discussion outlining your views and inviting the other editor to outline theirs and for the community around the particular wiki to come to some kind of agreement. The wording of the discussion starter should be "X made edits A, B & C. I dont think they are correct because of D, E & F. Can X please respond with his reasons etc for the edits and can everyone else please chime in after that and lets come to an agreement". It should _not_ be "Ahhh X the egocentric d*ckhead makes edits A, B & C and so I discern him to be a motherless bastige with no sense of decency...blah blah blah...invective invective invective...innuendo and blantant attack.".

There is no place for your style of problem resolution within the wiki process Mr Cadenhead.

I understand that you made this post in your personal blog and so you have the right to print what you will, I'm just saying that by writing it about the goings on in a wiki you are also foraying into the realm of the wiki culture and should respect the social rules of that culture. Also just to be a decent journallist (and I dont mean professional by that) you should try to state your opinion as opinion, not as fact or inescapable conclusion. Notice I didnt say you should not have bias. I agree with Dave on that score, bias is unavoidable. But you should state you biased opinion as just that. You actually kind of broke the blog rule of making bias clear and up front by stating your opinion of Mr Curry's actions as fact or the obvious conclusion rather than simply as your own inevitably biased opinion.

Tony from Oz

Some people might want to listen to what Adam's has to say about exactly what he did and why in the first half this podcast:


yeah, like anyone (much less AC) would put their real info down. link to RIPE whois lookup is my sig.

I invented "LOL"

Adam Curry fucked up!

If you read any of the Russian tech press you get a different idea entirely. Vasilly Strelnikov is the Russian PodFather. And it's a vast MTV conspiracy because they like Vasilly once an MTV Russia VJ with Curry a former US MTV VJ.

This entire thing is re-writing of history on a big scale.

But we know don't we..

In my book, Adam Curry still rocks. And he was editing a WIKI!! Thats what they are FOR! Edit them back if you're not happy and stop your whining. And no I won't put my name. Oh shit.. You got my IP! Blah!

I've been listening to Adam's Daily Source Code for almost a year. I've heard him give Winer a lot of credit for his role in the early days of podcasting. But Dave Winer and his pal Rogers are just plain whining like a couple of teenaged brats who didn't get to take a girl to the prom. Dave actually posted that Adam owed him 50% of Podshow. Funny that this didn't come out until Podshow got venture capital funding. It's all about the money and the fame. Those who really want it whine when they don't get it.

Yep, Tony you got the point! That's how it should be done in a good wiki. I made similar mistakes before a friend took me by the hand leading me through wiki-land.

Wikis in general are a great idea but like everything, when money gets involved it doesn't make it easier.

@Glenn: I beg to differ ;) It's not about who took the girl to the prom, but who actually got laid.

FYI: i just edited my wiki entry (personal page) and it entered the IP that I have ... and a few hundred others as well. The local DSL linkup of my ISP :)

Can I order tacos from the pharmacy? You know you are getting a lot of traffic when the pharmacy phucks start adding links...

For what its worth, I really like tacos.

You know I have been listening to Winer and Curry almost since the beginning and boy, you talk about The Honeymooners! They are just two old married people constantly whining about who is the better half. And now their "son" Rogers Cadenhead has gotten into the act. Talk about a family of whiners!

Yes, history is important, but leave history to those who were there but not active participants. Yes, Winer (I'm sorry, but pronunciation of his name is appropriate) was an essential element. And it wouldn't have gone as far as it has as quickly as it has without Curry. Adam was the cheerleader, Winer the innovator. In the beginning it was a good team. You can't have successful innovation without effective cheerleading. Curry's group brought Apple to the table quicker than they might have. He has brought in a lot musicians that might have been hesitant to join.

So let's get on with life. I like Wiki, but I agree with Dave Winer that one should be leary for the very reason of what we are seeing going down here.

So much for participatory democracy!

I thought this whole Curry vs Winer thing was over and done with...

But no, now that Winer sees that Curry is actually making some money with his Podshow he starts the fuss again.

Curry has a Jaguar Winer is jealous. So sad and childish...

Do you think that the Wikipedia podcasting page is serious? Have a look at the external links, it's a pity! Who knows about podcasting in the redactors list?

Boring kids, in the end it is not who done what or how or why, "Podcasting" is here, people have/are going to use it, giants are using it also, No one is bad vs good, no one invent nothing alone, i think even if the human being forget that all the time, we want or not, we work more closely then we use to imagine. people a close to each other, people are "participating" on building something nice and new for everyone, the rest is bullshit moved by Ego and I'm the only one to know kind of view!

the rest will be nothing, it just depend on the view point..

WTF is a podcast?
(serious question)

This is why I always do my wiki edits from my girlfriend's house.

I thought the more open-minded posters might be interested in the POV of someone who has actually spent time with the culprit in question.

(I don't know any of the other participants in this story except Adam. So I'm not going to speak to their personalities or motivations.)

I know Adam and spent a fair bit of time with him when he lived in NYC and I worked at his company.

My experience of Adam is that he was kind to me and generous with me.

My experience was also that he was always willing to admit his mistakes.

So when I parse this situation, I see it quite differently from most of the posters here.

Here's how I see it: Adam did a silly thing. And when he was called on the spot, he fully owned up to what he did and issued an apology. Sure, he might have done a little face-saving in his description of trying to edit the entry.
But the basic truths seems to be that he didn't deny he did it when confronted and he also properly credited a guy who deserved credit when confronted with the evidence of his contributions.

I'm not claiming that Adam's a saint. Just that my personal experience of him suggests that he's a better person than this single story or these comments from folks who've never known him suggest.

Re: Curry vs Winer.... from my business law class of 25 years ago: There is no contract without offer, acceptance and exchange of consideration. It's helpful, but not nec., if the terms of the offer acceptance and consideration are written down. There is no such thing as an implied contract. In west Texas the oilmen are reputed do things on a handshake basis... but of course they back it up with hand guns. That probably tends to limit fraud a bit, if not gun violence.

i pwn noobs.

Finally, I learn what podcasting means. As for Winer/Curry/Cadenhead disputes, deja vu.

I think it is very important to make every effort to keep Wikipedia as accurate as possible.
It is irrelevant who points out who is revising entries. Though the evidence is pointing strongly at Adam Curry doing the revising.
I will leave any personal opinions of Adam out of this post.

Ray Moore

This thread is certainly an interesting one, with the (predominantly) male effort to demonstrate that men are equal to bitchiness that they chauvanistically attribute to the distaff.

One poster says, "In other words, will The Wikipedia just become another vehicle for spam?"

And another declares, "Wiki is open to everyone to edit, not just those whose opinions you are in agreement with."

So, what is it that Adam has done? Spam Wikipedia? What's new?

If anyone one out there (Hello?) can objectively review the political "information" Wikipedia presents as some sort of "fact," they will certainly see the differences in "tone" in comparing the Bush entries with the Clinton commentary. In the former, the slant is negative, while the Clinton input is positive and slavishly excusatory.

And, it is not just political bias that stains this pretense to fact, but a myriad of other subjects which impact our lives; e.g., Global warming, abortion, education, and social issues, to name a few...all of it available to "editing" by the collective input of the dumbed-down, diluted "knowledge" of the internet mob.

Farcical facts from fictional functionaries...


All because the lady loves Milk Tray.

I think this is the best blog post about "Adam Curry trying to edit wikipedia about podcasting". I read other but this one is the best. Thanks, Rogers!
(the only wish I would have if you could provide links to wikipedia's website to specific editions - when you are talking about malicious editing of wikipedia in your blog)

This is about hair.

I think Rogers' hair deserves a place in this debate. Sure it's short now, but back in the day it was the first punk mullet I had ever seen. It sturdily bestrode the line between the most avant-garde professional do ever known and the result of an attack by a blind guy with a weed wacker. As in all things to do with personal style, Rogers was a pioneer, and although I've seen that do many times since atop young & hip artists, musicians, it has never been done so well. If only I had a picture.

It went really well with the mural of a herd of wild hogs sodomizing the Reagan administration on the White House lawn tattooed on his back.

Please tell me it ain't so, Uncle Mikey. About the hair, I mean. The tatt sounds kinda kool.

On the issue of Wiki: It's great the way it is. Now that we have an encyclopedia that the common man can edit and add to, we no longer need experts, scholars, or historians. Just think, if everyone on the internet read every article on Wikipedia and added what they knew to it, we'd have a collection of information that IS known rather than what could be known ... or an amazing pile of crap.

what a dumbass!

A retarded gibbon with one arm can edit a Wikipedia article at the time of this writing. The interface is not often prone to "eating posts" or other errors. Anyone complaining of Wikipedia's awful useability either a)needs to get broadband and think about some strong anti-parkinsonian drugs or b)has some sort of secret agenda, in league with Al Gore's secret legion of robot illuminati, working from his underwater hideout and cackling maniacally...

Read your comments on Adam Curry.
Just saw that a new paragraph on the black hole in the original Wikipedia entry (1996-2004) was added, translated from the Dutch Wikipedia. Might be worth checking out before Curry blanks it out again. Explains why he keeps editing the page himself....

If Adam Curry says on the one hand that he's so smart that he invented podcasting, then how can he also claim that he can't properly edit a Wikipedia article? Sounds like a load of poo to me, but I don't know anything. As proof, I am entering the commenting here after the pathetically unenticing pharmaceutical ads, I am so lame.


For those that take the stance of 'who cares'...I do. I've got to write a report on the history of podcasting for college, and credibility of sources is IMPORTANT. Screw Curry and Winers for corrupting sources. blah. FYI, no professor accepts Wikipedia as a source of info so I'm relying on things like this to report on. Where have ethics gone? BTW, tacos are not so great. THATS where its at.

Interesting points, but does it really matter?

Curry's revisionist tendencies are well-established. With or without his hair and pink sunglasses, Curry seems to inspire negativity and the kind of "retarded" (I love that Olympics quote) argumentative nonsense that has appeared here.

Also check out the Wiki entry for the man himself which details his scams including the heisting of MTV.COM for which as the first cyber-squat case, he entered Intellectual Property Law history, and the illegally appropriated $2m which the Dutch courts ordered him to pay back...

Don't blame Holland. I invented frogcarting, then edited the amphibian Wiki until Curry got all the credit. Bless my soul. Mwahaahaaa...

Gosh I wish Adam's hair would fall out. (!)

So who gives a flying fuck about all this shizer?

As long as podcasts work, but why do they have to have dorky filenames, instead of just 'our program broadcast episode 412 of 31 feb 2015.mp3?

And taco's suck

So do enchiladas.

Aussie meat pies are neater and tastier, and you can have a choice of flavours

I can fix his bed-hair too, thanks to Mr Gillette...

Use a bowling ball as a model

This shit is stupid. Podcasting, myspace, all that shit needs to go. The internet is for looking at cool shit and buying things. Occasionally we should use it to get information. The information network that we've created has pros and cons, this is a perfect example of why it sucks. You all need to step away from the computer and get a goddamn life. Play a sport, do drugs, fuck if i care just DO SOMETHING. Thank you and goodnight

established. With or without his hair and pink sunglasses, Curry seems to inspire negativity and the kind of "retarded" (I love that Olympics quote) argumentative nonsense that has appeared here.

Also check out the Wiki entry for the man himself which details his scams including the heisting of MTV.COM for which as the first cyber-squat case, he entered Intellectual Property Law history, and the illegally appropriated $2m which the Dutch courts ordered him to pay back...

Don't blame Holland. I invented frogcarting, then edited the amphibian Wiki until Curry got all the credit. Bless my soul. Mwahaahaaa...

Really cool article, cool website and everything. But don't know how to pass one things. Hope to beat this time! :)

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