Brownie Backs Brown-Noser

The White House has enlisted a new ally in the effort to seat Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court:

Conservative activist Michael D. Brown said internal GOP polling being cited by party and administration emissaries purports to show that "70 percent of self-identified conservative voters have a favorable impression of Harriet Miers."

The emissaries are warning that ordinary Republicans beyond the Washington Beltway continue to support the nomination because they trust President Bush, even after several weeks of conservative opposition to her, according to several conservative Miers critics who have been courted by the White House.

The administration is "disappointed that conservatives inside the Beltway are fighting among ourselves over this nomination, and it fuels the fires for our enemies, for Democrats," said Mr. Brown, the former Federal Emergency Management Agency director.

Brown also gave Miers 500 leftover bottles of water and $200,000 in federal relief to replace a tree outside her Dallas home that was toppled by Hurricane Rita.

Update: Miers withdraws nomination.


It's a different Michael Brown

The story identifies him as the former FEMA chief, whose name is Michael D. Brown. Looks like the same Brownie to me.

Brownie gave Ms. Miers $ 200,000 dollars for trees, how many orchards did she own ?

We need that $ 200,000 dollars back with interest.

if you are interested in truth and little bias in reporting then it would behoove you to not place links to ANY stories by the Washington Times. The article, to me, seems to be a conservative effort to stick a knife in the nominations back...why else seek a quote from Brown who obviously does not help her cause. Looks like it worked ;).

The old man says, "I believe we were talking about how 'The White House has enlisted a new ally in the effort to seat Harriet Miers...'."

Do you have a mouse in your pocket?

The historically ignorant ask, "What did the 'pubs do for black people or poor people then?"

Introduced by Democrat Michael J. Mansfield The bill divided both political parties and engendered a long-term change in the demographics of both. President Lyndon Johnson realized that supporting this bill would mean losing the South's overwhelming Democratic Party majority (which did happen, with some exceptions). After Dixiecrats led an 83 day filibuster against the bill, with WV senator Robert Byrd speaking for more than 14 straight hours, both parties voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Act, enabling its passage. One notable exception was Republican senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, who voted against the bill, remarking "you can't legislate morality". Other notable exceptions were Tennessee senator Albert Gore Sr. and Arkansas senator J. William Fulbright and John Tower (R-TX) . Wikipedia

A nice dovetail to Rogers comments about Wikipedia, notice that the Republican Senators voting against the law are identified by party, whereas the Democrats aren't...? Too funny in consideration of their 'media bias.'

When all was said and done. . .

"...[T]he Senate passed the bill by a 73 to 27 roll call vote. Six Republicans and 21 Democrats held firm and voted against passage." An excellent history of the 1964 Civil Rights Act fight

Republicans have always been for civil rights, from Lincoln to present...

...try a little study and leave your emotions in your pocket...

The Mouse says, "Some people wouldn't know a joke if it booted them in the arse."

What joke? That there was no conversation on point, given by the Pretentious Old Man, prior to his "we" comment? I laughed at that one, Vince.

"Tadowe is a sexually insecure Mavis, who can't see daylight, for having his head stuck in a bunch of sick bon mots."

Bon, are they? Thanks.

"It's obvious that he doesn't like women, or himself, either."

There you go again, trolling with such a faint hope -- I like women just fine.

"Here's to gelled-up-Guidos."

Thanks, again. As I've mentioned, I dote on freudian (projected) compliments.

Vince can't stop, "Are you in your dotage? Or is it just a fromage?"

I am in my dotage, Vinny. You should have seen me when I was prime. However, your cheese reference is a bit strained, isn't it? Whey out there, as it were.

I just removed a bunch of spoof messages signed as different users from the same IP address. This will make the discussion a bit harder to follow.

Thanks, Rogers. Tadowe's infernal quotes might help a little.

Sorry about all that. I had to deal with a virus attack.

Vince says, "Thanks, Rogers. Tadowe's infernal quotes might help a little."

You won't believe me, Vince, but to be censored would be a big compliment to me.

"Sorry about all that. I had to deal with a virus attack."

Is this a case of ignoratio elenchi? Or is it a revelation due to impos animi?

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