Don Feder Works in Mysterious Ways

Former syndicated columnist Don Feder, a well-known conservative writing for the Boston Herald from 1983-2002, believes that Hurricane Katrina was God's wrath, and he has run the numbers to prove it:

Katrina hit New Orleans one week to the day after the Sharon government carried out the forced removal of some 9,500 Jewish residents of Gaza and parts of Samaria. ... 9,500 Jews were driven from Gaza. Most are still homeless. Roughly half-a-million Americans were displaced by Katrina. Based on America's population ratio with Israel (about 50-to-1) this is roughly equivalent.

Numerology is important in traditional Judaism. Each Hebrew letter is assigned a number value. Many scholars believe the Bible has hidden codes that can be unlocked by this device. Written in Hebrew, Katrina has a numerical equivalent of 374. There are two relevant passages that share this number -- "They did unto thee evil" (Genesis, 50:17) and "The sea upon land" (Exodus 14:15).

By an amazing coincidence, Feder's biblical and numerological analysis has discovered that God's angry about exactly the same things that bother him: Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, same-sex marriage, the Pledge of Allegance decision, and the annual gay pride festival on Bourbon Street:

Katrina hit New Orleans days before the scheduled Southern Decadence " an annual ---- celebrating alternative death-styles, characterized by nudity and public copulation. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, welcomed the freak-fest with the following proclamation: "There is no place like this on Earth! Southern Decadence XXXII is an exciting event. We welcome you and know that you can anticipate great food, great music and great times in New Orleans." Not to mention great sodomy.

Of all the reasons put forward for why God destroyed New Orleans, this has to be the most theologically curious. Hurricane Katrina hit on Aug. 29, one day before Southern Decadence was scheduled to bring 100,000 celebrants to the city for a week of gay pride. None of them had arrived because of flight cancellations and evacuation orders in advance of the storm.


Clearly, Feder doesn't understand the Lord's plan.

If God wanted to kill 100,000 gay folk coming into New Orleans, He would have unleashed the Flood on August 30th during Southern Decadence. He's omnipotent after all. Instead, God let loose the tempest before the gays arrived - sparing them in an almost Passover-like way.

Why? Because God doesn't hate gay people - apparently he hates poor people, which is a big switch from his "meek shall inheret the earth" campaign promise. God is a flip-flopper.

That must be the answer, because otherwise the Almighty unleashed His wrath a day too early, and who would believe in a God who's useless without His Palm Pilot?

you're an idiot!

What did Texans do that has God sending Rita their way?

Curiously, this makes me feel better about Microsoft. I mean, if even God can't hit a target date...

Why am I an idiot?

i'm thinking that new orleans/ missisppi was just a warm up. rita is on her way to the shores of texass and then we will see the wrath of w'z god. what has texas done? let's play on the absurd side as w. & his croonies do on a daily basis ("good job brownie") : we could start with the kennedy assasination and work our way up thru bush sr. & w. himeself. six years of w's un-chrisitan policies could be brought up, of course ( he is, after all, the most un-christ-like president we've seen ). maybe god is going after halliburton! they're big in texas. i don't even have to mention the dallas cowboys!
tis funny that a blow job brought down clinton and is doing the same thing to w.

god needs to work on his smart huricane weaponry....or maybe this is just another one of those mysterious ways in which he works.

and he could also just have missed altogether and rita is the second attempt to get it right...

These judgments are taking place for the same reason that our army of abortion survivors is being defeated in Iraq. The people of this nation are being destroyed because we kill our own Children by abortion daily. The loss of breathing lives may be low at this time but we will wish we were dead before it is all over. In Scripture it tells about people eating their own born children when they tried to survive the judgments that they faced. we continue our open rebellion against Creator and He will justly destroy us for our wickedness.

wow! from hurricanes and god's revenge to abortion & wicked heathens in just a few paragraphs!?!?!! you are indeed broken, mr friend. even crazy glue couldn't fix your self affixed halo. if indeed the glue doesn't work, just sniff.
... & this just in...
"w is drinking agian" check the drudge retort (not drudge report)
now the source is the national enquirer so that leaves me just as suspicious as a w news conference but i can't help but wonder. if there's any truth to it at all, rove will spin it, bottle it and force feed it to us on fox news.
and we'll elect jeb in two years.
we never learn.

The evidence is all there. The things that are happening are unprecedented just as our killing is. The fact that the people of this nation will not stop killing innocent Babies as the disasters we are facing continue to increase will only bring further destruction. If we wanted to prove all these events are unrelated to the murders of Infants before birth we could stop killing Them and see if He confirms His Word. Are we willing to test Him by doing what's right instead of increasing our bloodshed around the world. No, we are sold on evil and will not submit to His righteousness but we will end up falling to His devastating judgments eventually.

Rita means "Child of Light" which just as the meaning of the names of the other major hurricanes indicates it is all about the Children of Light Who we destroy. The first thing Scripture records Him saying is "let there be Light"... but we love darkness and death because we hate Him.

New Orleans got wiped out because a natural phenomena developed, as it does many times every year. Then it headed for one of the same damn areas that get hit every damn year. Then a bunch of rednecks decide they are going to rebuild. Just like every other damn year since we colonized this continent. So the government will pay for it with our tax dollars. That way nature will have something to blow up next year.

Get a clue there is no god. God was created to be law today we have cops and judges to be law. God has no place in the world today. And to all of you that still think there is a god If there is actually one he has to be the most sick sadistic bastered ever. Or maybe just a little kid that like to kill puppy, or burn ants with a magnifying glass. Think about it people we have as pope an ex nazi solder. And leader of the free wold (yes our so-called president) a born again Christian. Yeah if there is a god he love sick jokes

"The fact that the people of this nation will not stop killing innocent Babies as the disasters we are facing continue to increase will only bring further destruction"

Good grief what a natiion of freaks.

all i can conclude is that the end is just beginning !!!

Nick Cannon, you are most certainly not an idiot. Thanks for good & sane, plus refreshingly funny, comment. Glad to see that some of us have not lost our sense of humor.

Katrina and Rita are destroying our oil refineries... maybe god is punishing us for starting wars and killing innocent people to steal oil??

Funny how god's wrath only occurs in response to liberal ideals. If you really think about it, Jesus was a total liberal hippy. I guess that would take common sense to figure out, which obviously, no bible beating, jesus follower possesses.

I look forward to the day when humans EVOLVE past narrow-minded religious belief/superstitions.

And another thing...

If god were really punishing us for the stated reasons, why would he send a hurricane towards the religious South/bible belt? If he were paying attention, he would send Rita up to Boston or New York where all of the "sinners" are. If anything, "god" is aiming to take out all of the pious jackasses claiming they know what god is thinking in an effort to further their political goals.

It's scary to think about how ignorant some people are. These are the same people who don't think we evolved from lower life forms. Hell, these people are those lower life forms!

I find it interesting that the Eastern Roman Empire fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, the year after Leonardo da Vinci was born.


What a Long, Strange Trip it's been.

The Luciferian Code is clearly explicated in Arno Schmidt's book,

The Egghead Republic.

It's a template for weblogs.

It was published in Germany in 1957.

Some day the human race will awaken from the persistant slumber state we exist in. As a race we operate in an "autopilot" mode. Religion is one of the reasons for this. Humans will not awaken from this slumber until we evolve beyond the need for religion. Some like me have already shaken off the stupor of religion.

The Wueger

It'a template for weblogs.

And I quote:

"It's all in the proper use of punctuation.
Today: colon and semi-colons.
"Uhh=could you p"haps tell
me....?":"';.-:!!"-: "Ah: Many thanks..").

May I remind "Broken" that when the big one hit Galveston in 1900, abortion was illegal, when the big one hit San Francisco in the early 1900's abortion was illegal, when the Chicago fire occurred abortion was illegal, when Hurrican Camille hit in the 1960's abortion was illegal. Why is it that whenever any natural disaster occurs everyone comes out and blames it on the "boggie man" of their own personal agenda, ie: abortion, homosexuality, global warming, Rebublican incompetence, Democratic permissiveness, etc., etc.?

What do you know, Don Feder's only about half as nutty as the commenters here.

"God has no way of personally registering his issues with abortion, so he's asked Poseidon to give you a thrashing." - Broken

"Look how smart and evolved I am. You're a bunch of idiots." - The Wueger

"Hey, look at me: I eat Daily Kos and shit self-righteous nonsense." - SK

My favorite thing is when people who have renounced religion tell me what Jesus was all about. Priceless.

Anyone ever heard of global warming? Hmmm...hurricanes happen when it's warm, when waters are warm. Maybe the universe is telling us to stop using so much oil and causing the depletion of our ozone.

Apologies, I misquoted from
The Stony Heart.

Can you find the textual error?

WOW. From conservative soap boxing to liberal drum circling. These range of comments on here have stupified me. At the same time however it refreshing to see we are still a diverse country... of self righteous idiots. ( I do not exclude my self from this category at all ). Thank you everyone for making my morning coffee more pleasent than usual.

For those of you who believe in intelligent design or creationism, then you believe that this is God's wrath upon us. Nobody can figure out why New Orleans or Texas is bearing the brunt of these storms. It doesn't matter where the storms hit but rather why they are upon us. No, I don't believe that the world is ending tomorrow but if you get into the Bible "just a little" and read revelations, then you will understand. I think we will start to see stronger storms and more chaos around the world.

For those folks who are non-believers or agnostic, then I'm sure you can mark this off as another natural phenomenon. Whatever our personal beliefs are, in the end, something is happening and it isn't looking good.

Uncle Mikey,

This world would be a much more advanced and peaceful place without religion. People following their religious beliefs has lead to more deaths than ALL natural events combined. Funny how you religious wackos kill and destroy in the name of jesus, allah, etc., when those people preached love, understanding and tolerance. Somehow you have taken their message and done the exact opposite. Self-righteousness has nothing to do with this. Just open your eyes to the world around you and you will see the contradiction and folly in the venom you and your kind spit.

I'm glad god only dislikes southeners, otherwise we'd have hurricanes in the bay area. Earthquake or Hurricane my choice let's rock and roll!

You got me, just came back from a bout of religious wacko killing and destroying. Boy are my arms tired. And thanks for yet another lesson on the nature of Jesus and Allah from an agnostic. Can't get enough of that.

And I can't open my eyes, too many bibles in the way. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure they float, so look for a bible-raft on CNN, I'll be the guy spitting venom at the unbelievers. Assuming there are any left.

They laughed at Noah and said he was crazy. They killed the prophets because they didn't want to here what God had to say about the way they lived. They stoned and put Paul in prison because he said God hates sin and that they killed God's Messiah.

Our land is calling out for the government to deliver the hurricane victims and we can't mention God in the pledge of alliegence.

Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, 9/11, back-to-back hurricanes, and what next.

Hey, could all of that dribble about God being angry be true after all? Maybe there's something to all of this radical Christianity. The Bible says He sends calamity, pestilence, wars... and He says we have ears that can't hear and eyes that don't see. Hmmmmmmm...what's that mean?

Im sorry to sound like a jerk. I am in no way trying to portray myself is that. The bible code idea is ok. Although I dont believe it, I do believe that what God is trying to tell us in the bible can be clearly read on its pages(without fancy computer programs and computers for that matter, if the bible code were the case,then about 1950 years worth of N.T. people would have never fully understood the bible). I do on the other hand object to using a Holy Scripture out of context or wrong usage altogether.
1)Genesis 50:17 - Thus you shall say to Joseph, "I beg you, please forgive the trespass of your brothers and their sin; for they did evil to you." Now please, forgive the trespass of the servants of the God of your father." And Joseph wept when they spoke to him.
If anything this verse would be saying that God fogive us(if we ask for it). It has no hint of jugdement in it.

2)Exodus 14:15 - And the Lord said to Moses, "Why do you cry to me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward.

The verse you have quoted is the wrong verse, unless you are using a differently ordered bible, which I highly doubt. Im sorry and if the verse you are using is anywere near this verse. The context is the splitting of the Red Sea. God did not attack the Israelites with the water, he used it as a sign so that they might believe and future generations might believe in the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

God is a loving God and a God of Judgment. He is just in all that he does. If Judgment is what happen to New Orleans then that is fine and God is just for doing that. But, please I ask you and beg you, Do not use the bible so grossly out of context as you did. As I can tell you are a Bible Believing Christian. So from one brother to another, please not use your fancifal ideas of bible code. The is not ment to be translated by men alone, but by the Holy Spirit and Man.

I hate to bring this point up, but it is true.

I am a sinner, no doubt about it. The way I live my life will earn me hell regardless of what I do. By God's grace I will never feel Hell's fire. A thank God for each new day. He is good regardless of what anyone thinks. He is just in all that he does. And is will to save anyone who calls on his name. If you have any questions email me at

Daniel C. Mann

good ol' fashion banter.
soap box please.
it appears as though we all have our own gods, doesn't it? i know that mine is nothing like w's! thank god!
for my belief system doesn't encourage me to: lie to go to war and to help my friends financially and/or for a gain of power on every front, remain glutonous (as we americans are encouraged to be) while those around them live in poverty, and seemingly do everything possible in an unchristian manner while raising the god flag on every corner.
there hasn't been a civilization found on the planet that doesn't had a god. this might lead one to conclude that it if indeed god doesn't exist we will make one. that does not rule out the possiblity of one existing, of course.
and to paraphrase a quote (though i cannot remember its origin)... if god made us in his image, we certainly have returned the favor. i would make it a gender free statement, personally.
... & finally. wueger (apparently) is optimistic about our species 'waking up one day' and seeing thru to the truth.
religion continues to seperate us as it always has... as it always will. i am hopeful, however, that it is possible that each and every one of us has it in us to do what we can do on an individual basis. to lead by example.
i release my soap box for the time being. thank you.

Broken keeps talking about "innocent" babies - but how does he know they're so innocent? If they were so "innocent," then how come they gotta be baptized right away? Those babies were asking for it, man!


Uncle Mikey...

That was pretty funny. Wow, a "real" Christian with a sense of humor. Wish I knew more like you.

BTW... for all those who revel in "REVELATIONS.... Revelations is not even a part of the original Bible. It was added later by the gloom and doomers. And it is the worst in Christianity that it brings out. Van Impie, Pat Robertson, etc...

The Wueger

You have to wonder how people can claim it's god's punishment for the unjust or disbelievers. In 1998 hurricane Mitchell struck Central America creating a horrendeous death toll. Now you have to wonder why "god" would want to strike down such a devoutely christian region as Central America? Where abortion isn't legal and gay lifestyles are not recognized.
This area also had a significant population of very poor people. using the logic of some christians here in this country how could they justify such a catastrophic event occuring in such a religious region as Central America?

I think most folks are missing the "God" issue of whether He is mad or not. Simply put, since we have turned away from God, Then he is "allowing" these natural disasters to occur, believable or not. Just because Nebraska is a more Christian state than Florida is not the point. He has simply lifted his umbrella of protection over all of us, regardless of faith or upbringing, worldwide. He isn't directing his wrath per se but He isn't doing anything about it either.

this started out as a lark. i've never posted a comment before. after a day of watching this i am almost saddened to think people REALLY believe a god would come in and wipe out a town. if a god were seeking out unjust behavior, decadence and honest to god valid reasons to vanquish a people, new orleans would most assuredly not be a starting point. think vegas, people... washington dc!
christ on crutches, are we in america no deeper than the bottom of an oil can?
tis truly a pathetic group who've take literally a 2000 year old book; one which was written anonymously by and large, translated numerous times and edited by powerful and misogynistic groups (re: catholic church) and then use it as a guide for their lives.
after all of that, the 'holy' words are then bent and skewed to validate anything and everything including killing, discriminating, and using all of their powers to destroy any who do not subscribe to the same beliefs.
seems damned odd to me!

peace and good will to all.

if a god were seeking out unjust behavior, decadence and honest to god valid reasons to vanquish a people, new orleans would most assuredly not be a starting point. think vegas, people...

...ignorant gits without a clue how to utilize proper grammar and punctuation?

washington dc!

It is all in what you believe or don't believe. Nothing more, nothing less. That's the beauty of a democratic society.

oh, scotty... please excuse my improper use of grammar. not unlike the bible, just try to get the substance out of what is said.
... and i didn't mean anything about your poor little district of codumbia... it is just that is where evil has settled in this country. should a tragdy such as those seen in recent weeks hit you, rove, w & cheney would consider you nothing more than collateral damage. the fact that you actually used the word 'git' tells me that would be no great loss.

Gaile, ignore Scotty. He does not like to have his faith questioned so he resorts to personal attacks instead to divert attention for the real issue and questions.

The Wueger

Maybe we should see what the mormons and the scientologists have to say... does anyone have Tom Cruises number handy?

It is HIS mercy, love and desire for us to turn from our evil that keeps HIM from destroying this nation in a moment. HE laid HIS wrath on HIS only SON to save us but will not allow HIS SON's Name to be trampled on by nations that claim to believe but shed innocent blood as we are doing (both our own Children at home and innocent people around the world).

Why n.o. and texas and the refineries? It is a judgment upon the entire nation that will further crush our economy and impoverish us. If we do not have control and access to massive amounts of fuel we are a beggar nation (that is another Scriptural pronounced judgment from HIS Law).

bush is also a judgment against us and a murdering fraud. he claims to be a believer but kills as many people as he can. In that sense he is like the rest of us because we all allow and kill thousands of Babies every day.

Our Creator is not just allowing disasters to happen to us. HE is doing them and they will increase. Scripture is clear beyond question concerning that. Almost all the prophets say over and over as they record HIS Words that HE says "I will" as HE pronounces HIS judgments. HE does it, and Ezekiel records that it is so we will know that HE is the ETERNAL Ruler over HIS creation. Chapters in the Law also announce exactly what HE would do if Israel turned away from following and obeying HIM.

Killing unborn Babies is a direct denial of HIS existence and authority. It is also the same crime that HIS SON suffered when HE was killed although HE was innocent.

The Scripture references are not included here due to space and time. If you want to know more look at The papers there cannot be ignored as the last one which is only Scripture was posted in the early morning of the day that Rita started to form that afternoon. HE does and has been confirming HIS truth and HIS Word.

HE will destroy us if we refuse to stop killing HIS Children. HE prefers mercy but will accomplish HIS justice when we in arrogance reject HIS attempts to bring us to repentance. Read Jeremiah and Ezekiel if you doubt that. The people of Judah were killing their Children at that time too just like we are today.

Broken, if what you say is true how come China has not already beed destroyed by God. As state policy, they have a "one child" policy and FORCE abortion on women who violate that policy... Why has God not destroyed China yet... Is he waiting for China to become a "Christian nation" first so that when they force abortions in a Christian nation then he would have his "reason" to destroy the "belivers". I suppose they for the moment are exempt from destruction via his (God's) wrath because they are not true believers yet. I suppose I should just move someplace where they do not beleive in Jesus so I can be safe from God. By your logic that would do.

The Wueger

I think the hurricanes are coming because we drink water. Now just hold on and hear me out. Okay, every single person that has been hurt, killed, evacuated due to these storms, well they all have drank water I most certainly guarantee. If they didn't drink water then they wouldn't have been punished I'de wager. The best part about this is that you can substitute 'drink water' for 'ate bread', 'watched television', 'pooped', and on and on. You don't need critical thought, you have yourself a transforming scapegoat!

If this was really god punishing us for not obeying his law, we should all have perished a long time ago. What the hell is "he" waiting for?

This will be my last post. Arguing about the existence of god with people who believe in all that nonesense is pointless. Only a fool takes up a fools arguement.

Enjoy your ignorance!

Is "Broken" a broken record?

What's the saying? Figures don't lie but liars figure?

In Genesis: God made a promise to never flood the earth again, NOLA flooded!
I think the killing babies part mentioned a few back was about all the Iraqi children dieing due to an incompitent white house.
If you read The Bible, you will understand that your judgement comes in the end of days. It mentions nothing about using weather and tectonics to carry it out.

Stuff and evolution happen we just have to live with or make the best of it!

News Flash-

The world does NOT circulate around the Jewish people like the earth around the sun.

Wake up, "your people" are not the only people on earth, and you seem to be saying that jews are more important than other people. Wow!

I'm glad that most world citizens are oblivious to your thoughts, as there would be one big back-lash.

-A World Citizen Seeking Justice & Fairness In All

Wow, do none of you have jobs/lives that you can spend time bickering about something so patently fabricated and farce? That's pretty pathetic...just as is the "amazing coincidence" that Feder things "God" loves/despises everything he happens to care about. Can you say DELUSIONAL??

Nick Cannon IS funny guy.

Don Feder isn't.

Don Feder IS crazier than a shithouse rat.

Nuttier than squirrel shit, Spud declares.

But the man DOES know Great sodomy when he sees it.

Some kinda connoisseur apparently.


Be Well.

its a good theory... however, i think you all need to re-consider who you are worshipping. a god who murders thousands of innocent people men, women and children alike for making mistakes is not a god i want to be worshipping!

Can someone please tell me what the christian people are doing to stop abortion? or to help people who feel they need to get an abortion. if you think its so wrong, why aren't you doing anything about it? the same goes for gays. im 100% positive they would not want your help but do you offer councelling or welfare to those you believe need to be placed on the path of righteouness??? is that not what your God would rather you do then bitch about it on the internet?

Katrina....the wrath of God? You'all got it wrong. 20 years ago, the Air Force said that by 2020, they would own the weather! Apparently, early experiments are going awry. And just why are they spraying the skies with unknown chemicals just before every weather front?

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