Keep an Eye out for Hurricane Philippe

There's a new tropical depression forming in the Caribbean at latitude 13.0 north, longitude 55.0 west.

Tropical Depression 17 has the potential to become Hurricane Philippe around the time it nears the islands of the Lesser Antilles on Monday, according to Jeff Masters:

TD 17 is here, and will likely be the first major hurricane of September. This storm will be with us for the next two weeks, since it is moving slowly and has a large area of ocean ahead of it. The storm is in a an environment favorable for intensification, and should be Tropical Storm Phillippe Sunday and Hurricane Phillippe by Tuesday. ...

It is impossible to say where TD 17 may go five days from now.

While looking up this depression's potential name, I found an experimental Yahoo Buzz game, where you can buy and sell fantasy shares in newsworthy and technical subjects. I now own 804 shares of Hurricane Philippe, which is Saturday's biggest gainer.


Ouch, I bought 357 shares and it immediately went down 1%.

I think I'm going to profit take at $16. Current predictions have Philippe staying over water and Katrina only hit $22.

This game is clearly punching our ticket to hell.

Hehe, as long as there isnt a "Who will be assasinated next" market, I think i'll be ok.

is the possible to reach the bahamas

is it possible to reach the bahamas

Do you guys know if this is projected to hit Bermuda this weekend?

As of yesterday, it wasn't expected to threaten Bermuda. But I don't know how definite that prediction was.

what hurrican Philippe has done is so sad I hope it's not the worst hurricane that weve had so far. I feel sorry for those who are or already have lost their houses.

Well done!
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