Justice Junction, What's Your Function?

The primary job of Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee is to run out the clock and help John Roberts say as little of substance as possible during the confirmation hearings. Some of them are better at this than others.

Sen. Jeff Sessions

Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions used his alloted time yesterday to make Roberts walk through the process of how a case reaches the Supreme Court and becomes a decision:

SESSIONS: So the lawyers from both sides then appear before the court, over in the Supreme Court building, and they answer questions and make their presentations as to why they think the court should rule the way they would like it to?

ROBERTS: They usually get an hour for the whole case.

So each side gets a half hour and that half hour is taken up almost entirely by the justices' questions.

I hope that Sessions, the former attorney general of Alabama, will test Roberts next on the three branches of government and how a bill becomes a law.


Ha ha! Good one! Zing!

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Keep it up.


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Gee, and I thought the questions I just made up were not very realistic. Jeff Sessions could have used one of mine.

If you listen to the entire exchange, you'll see that Sessions was in the middle of making a very good point. He forced Roberts to explain in detail all the work that goes into deciding a case as a means to highlighting why people who kept getting exhasperated that he wouldn't make snap judgements about possible future cases were lame.

The Unitd States Senate, in its wisdom, did not confirm Jeff Sessions when he was nominated to the bench. The people of Alabama, in their folly, sent Jeff JSessions to the Senate as revenge. That reminds me of Nero, who sent his horse to the Senate. The difference is that Alabama sent a horse's ass.
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