Obscure Poker Terms

  • ANNA KOURNAKOVA -- Ace-King hole cards that ultimately don't hold up.
  • CANARY -- a talkative player.
  • CINCH HAND -- the nuts in Stud Poker.
  • CRANBERRY -- a person who calls against pot odds.
  • DOOR CARD -- the first face-up card shown during the flop.
  • HORSING -- when a player giving chips to another player after he’s won a hand.
  • KIMODO DRAGONED -- getting beaten on the river by a straight or flush.
  • LEOPOLD & LOEB -- a pair of Jacks.
  • MALE CHEERLEADER -- four to the straight, a busted straight.
  • PIGEON -- the best possible card one could draw to improve one’s hand.
  • RIBBON CLERK -- a small-stakes poker player.
  • STRINGER - another name for a straight.
  • WINDOW DRESSING -- showing one's opponent just one of your cards before you fold (usually an ace).

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