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After leaving the Huffington Post, Andrew Breitbart has been getting huge traffic on his weeks-old news portal, Breitbart.Com. The Drudge Report links to his copies of AP and Reuters news stories, making his site more popular than Slashdot overnight.

Developing ...

WorldNewsDaily calls Breitbart a former employee of the Drudge Report, but my impression is that he's currently working as Matt Drudge's double super-secret coauthor.

Drudge has been coy about Breitbart's work for years, probably because the legend of one man fighting the mainstream media is a better story than two guys working together, one of whom isn't nearly as weird as the near high-school dropout who grew up in the '80s worshipping Walter Winchell and Luella Parsons.


Now that Breitbart's flush with click-through money, he's been more public lately, posting sneering dismissals of celebrity bloggers on the Huffington Post such as Art Emanuel and Bob Cesca.


He's also attacking Cindy Sheehan:

You offer no unique moral authority, you have no exceptional leadership skills. You were backed and guided by well funded political attack organizations who continue to use you in the most macabre sense. When you camp outside Hillary Clinton and John Kerry's homes instead of sniping at easy prey Delay, then you'll gain a modicum of authenticity. Until then most of the nation sees you as a tragic figure being manipulated by desperate partisans.

The accusation that she's a creation of "attack organizations" has been thoroughly discredited. I was familiar with Sheehan's efforts long before she showed up in Crawford and became internationally famous. Before that, her protest group Gold Star Families for Peace was a dinky outfit of 50-60 grieving military families that could barely afford a bus.

Impacting hard ...


To the extent that most people have heard anything about Cindy Sheehan, she has had considerable help from such organizations. I think that's the point being made, not that she wasn't already against the war.

What evidence do you have of that? Before Cindy Sheehan showed up on her own in Crawford and was covered by the press corps there, she only got coverage from the small number of progressive media outlets who give voice to anti-war activist groups. I know because I follow those outlets.

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