The Road Trip blog in St. Augustine reports that several gas stations in the area ran out of fuel this weekend:

... both gas stations in my neighborhood were out of fuel today. One (a Chevron affiliate) was completely out and another (a BP outlet) was out of regular. In fact, half the gas stations between here and Jacksonville on US 1 were dry Saturday night.

I haven't seen this myself, paying around $3 per gallon when I fueled up on Thursday. The Florida Times-Union reports current prices in Jacksonville ranging from $3.20 to $3.60.


Up in the south suburbs of Boston, there have been sporadic cases of stations running out of gas, but no sign of wide-spread shortages. It seems the stations with the lower prices are attracting enough business to run out of stock.

Most interesting, the price disparity between stations on opposite sides of the street is higher than I've ever seen before. In one case, an Exxon station charging $3.65 faced a Mobil charging $3.09. Those two stations are still $0.20 apart. What's going on? Is one station gouging, or is it simply unable to match its neighbor's price?

By the way, a number of news reports have encouraged people to check prices on the AAA web site. However, as far as I can tell the site has been useless: prices were changing too fast for them to keep up.

Gee, Roger's that's too bad...down here in Red State Clay County, there's not only pleant of gas, but the prices fell over the weekend.

I passed four stations (Gate, Hess, Shell and BP) in a three mile stretch of County Road 220 on Sunday on the way home from Mass. The prices were 2.99, 2.99, 2.91 and 2.95, respectively.

Yesterday moring, I took my daughter's car out to fill her tank for the trip back to Tallahassee. That same Gate had regular gas for $2.85. I don't recall the other sites' prices, but since the Shell and BP are within a half-mile of each other, I'm sure the others adjusted their prices accordingly. I'm glad I waited before filling her up for the trip back the school.

Don't get any ideas about coming down here...we're posting guards at the county line.

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