Broadcasting live from the New Orleans Convention Center on Hannity and Colmes last night, Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera cried, holding a 10-month-old child as he discussed the extremely inhumane conditions 15,000 evacuees have been forced to live under.

Outside, a visibly despondent Shepard Smith pointed out locked exit doors on the center and road checkpoints that prevented the exit of people housed for six days without food, shelter, sanitation, and medicine.

"Let them go," Rivera begged.

View the 8-minute clip on Crooks and Liars.

When did the road to New Orleans go through the rabbit hole?


"When did the road to New Orleans go through the rabbit hole?"

When they let Geraldo in.

That's a cheap snark, Cirby: did you actually _watch_ the video? Geraldo's report was blunt, angry, and emotional; a far cry from his talk-show persona.

And Smith's response to Hannity's "I wanna get some perspective here" prompt was amazing: "THAT is PERSPECTIVE! That is ALL the perspective you need!"

Watch the video.

Shepard Smith I find genuine and believable. Geraldo is nothing more than a showboating a-hole. Most of the Fox crew had been there for days. Geraldo had his "breakdown" after being there a total of six hours.

I generally like Fox news, but whenever Geraldo pops up is my "fair and balanced" time. I usually pop over and see what CNN is saying then.

I think they should add another 10 billion in the Federal relief package and build more refineries here in America. After all the whole nation is feeling the gas prices go up as a result of Katrina. The President should have been quicker to act as well as the rest of our always fast acting and honest Governments around the world lol. I remember when gas was 89 cents a gallon and for 10 bucks you could get almost 11 gallons I put 10 bucks into today and got 3 gallons. I am only 27 years old so I am not talking about 1960, 70, or even 80 1990 just almost 8 9 years ago.

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